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  1. The Biblical Tithe: Cash or Crops?

    Yep. Right on schedule...
  2. A hole in the water

    What a treat for your grandson! One of my favorite memories is going out on a boat fishing with my grandpa.
  3. The Biblical Tithe: Cash or Crops?

    Where did I say that one who doesn't tithe is robbing God? I did not even imply that in any way, shape or form. (and, honestly, you don't know how Abraham would have been seen today re: robbing God had he not tithed, because he did tithe...) Did you read the part where I said there is no curse attached? That very verse you're referencing that talks about robbing God (although I didn't quote the verse, it comes from the same passage in Malachi)? Yes, Abraham chose to give because he wanted to. And what he gave was called a tithe. And, lo and behold, it wasn't just crops, either. It was "of all." There is such a thing as "law of first mention." It's interesting to note that many people who subscribe to the idea of law of first mention ignore or explain away the first mention of tithing by grouping all tithing under the law God gave to Israel. (I don't know if you accept the idea of law of first mention or not, so I'm not pointing at you particularly, just making an observation) A tithe only implies law when the person who teaches against it wants it to. Because Abraham is still an example of a pre-law tither, whether folks sacrificed cattle before the law or not. The only time a church attaches legality to the teaching of tithe is when they add the curse God put on Israel for robbing Him. "Pointing to Melchizadek" is completely proper - God saw fit to record the instance of Abraham tithing for a reason. In both the OT and NT.
  4. The Biblical Tithe: Cash or Crops?

    One reason that threads on this topic have been locked in the past is the manner in which folks address each other. Regardless of our "status" on OB, let's keep this discussion civil, or it, too, will be locked. That means not addressing the thoughts of someone who disagrees with adjectives that are demeaning. It also means not getting up on our spiritual high horse because we do or don't tithe and everyone else who doesn't do as we do is a liar and not following God. And, BTW - the entirety of scripture is inspired. And the entirety of scripture applies to us, in one way or another. Tithing was done before the law - before any "national tax". ergo it cannot be lumped under the idea that only law-keepers tithe. Claiming that a person is CURSED if they don't tithe, however, DOES come from the law, and we are not cursed if we are in Christ. We CANNOT be free in Christ and cursed at the same time. We tithe. Of our money, because we do not live in an agrarian society - and you can say what you will, I don't care - not meaning to sound snide. It's just that your opinion of our actions won't sway us from doing what we believe God would have us do. We tithe. And we give freewill offering. And we do both cheerfully, thankful that we have something TO give. God is good. Even when we mortals can't agree.
  5. Why were they chosen above all other?

    They were chosen because God wanted to choose them. I think that's the most succinct answer.
  6. Lester Roloff

    Ok, while this is an interesting discussion, it is not what the OP is about. Let's get back to discussion of Roloff (who, BTW, would come down squarely and correctly on the side of repentance is necessary for salvation and is most definitely NOT a work). I don't know where the icon for it went, but back to topic... Anyway... Roloff was well known in his heyday as a man who stood on biblical principle against unjust government intrusion. He was a no-holds-barred, no-apology Baptist preacher. He had a love for people that was pretty amazing. He reached a lot of young people through his ministries. But he had weird eating ideas. LOL (He was a health nut of sorts)
  7. My heart is broken as I write this...

    Yes, Jordan. It was Paul, Sr. ___________ The autopsy is today (has to be done because he died at home). It is believed that he had a heart attack or that it was an aneurysm, but it could be related to his blood sugar. The funeral will be Friday. Again, thank you for praying.
  8. Our circle of friends and acquaintances is quite large, so we know there will be lots of reasons for prayer, times of grief, times of joy, etc. Well, this is one of those times of grief. I just found out that a friend of ours has passed on to glory. Yes, I'm thankful he is with our Savior, but my heart breaks for his wife and children. His wife and two of their daughters (one married, w/their first grandchild, the other probably never leaving home) were back east visiting their third daughter, who is interning at a church for the summer (helping with the children's ministries). They arrived back home in IN this morning to find him dead. It is believed that he died some time after Thursday night. The reason is, as yet, unknown. They have two sons, also. One married, the other not. All of their kids are adults. I would appreciate prayer for the family. The last name is Payton. Unbeknownst to both of us until years after we had met, Mrs. Payton and I were in the same high school, the same year, in OK. She was a senior and I was a junior. Small world! The girls all worked with us in our nursing home ministry for a number of years. I taught them how to tell their first Bible stories. They are friends, they are brothers/sisters in Christ. And we hurt for them greatly. I thank you in advance for the prayer. I know the family will appreciate it as well.
  9. A Member Having Major Surgery Tomorrow

    First surgery was successful. Please keep praying.
  10. One of the members of our church has an aortic aneurysm. It began in her groin and the doctors found that it had grown or spread, whatever they do, up to her throat! In a very short time. She had to be flown to Seattle and is being prepped for surgery tomorrow. She has to have 3 stents put in, in 3 locations. So it is actually going to be 3 surgeries. It is major, and it is very dangerous. She is saved, but we aren't sure about her husband. Please join us in prayer for her, and please pray for family. There are some lost family members, so it would be great if they got saved. Her name is Debbie. The surgery begins tomorrow morning at 8:30, Pacific time. Thanks in advance.
  11. Cardiologist Results

    The clot in his leg is gone (it was the one that went all the way from his groin to his foot) thanks to surgery. The pain from the vein getting back to normal size is also gone. He's still on Warfarin - for life - and as far as I know the other little clots in his groin and the pieces in his lungs are dissolved or nearly. His INR is usually right in the range it's supposed to be, which indicates that no new clots are forming, praise the Lord! Thanks so much for the prayer, everyone.
  12. Cardiologist Results

    My hubs wore a heart monitor for a couple of weeks and went in today to get the results. They aren't what we were hoping for. He has A-fib as well as atrial flutter. Both of these cause fluttering and heart racing, just in a different way. So the cardiologist told him he should probably have an atrial ablation. She is referring him to a cardiologist who does ablations. This cardiologist is based in Seattle but comes to her office in Sequim once a month. He'll be in town next Friday, but Randy figures he's probably already booked up so it'll likely be next month before he can get in to see him. If he does have the ablation done, he'll have to go to Seattle for it, and will likely be kept all night. I spent a bit of time crying when he told me this today. Of course we know that God is in control. My hubs is not at all worried. I do trust the Lord, but I am concerned. Prayer is appreciated.
  13. The beauty of creation

    The local paper posted this on Facebook this evening. I love this sunset through a dandelion! It was taken by someone named Dan at the end of June.
  14. Making America Great Again

    I know you didn't, and I'm sorry if I sounded like I was rebuking you. I wasn't - just wanted to explain. ;)
  15. Making America Great Again

    I don't reply to this thread because I do not adulate Trump, but I wanted to address this. Our country was set up as a federated republic, which means we are composed of (supposed to be, anyway) independent republics (states) with a (relatively weak) central government. Of late, more and more power has been taken by the feds, and far too many people have ceded that power to them. However, the Constitution grants the authority to the federal government regarding things like immigration. Article 4, section 4 states: The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government, and shall protect each of them from invasion"...and that would include Hawaii. Illegal immigration is indeed an invasion upon our country. IMO, the travel ban doesn't go far enough. We need to adopt Ted Cruz' plan, which would make it untenable for illegals to stay here and they would self-deport. That would be a good companion to the travel ban. I neither like nor trust Trump, but when he does something right, it should be acknowledged. This travel ban is a good first step, and should have been done long ago. I also want to correct an incorrect statement made in an earlier post. Kate's Law is NOT "Trump's bill." It was written and introduced by Sen. Ted Cruz as a companion to a bill introduced in the House by Rep. Matt Salmon. In 2015. Before Trump ever became a Republican or threw his hat in the ring for POTUS. Bills like this often take time to get passed. This one only took 2 years, which is kind of amazing, actually. As I said, I don't post in this thread, but as a moderator I do have to at least skim it once in a while. ;) When Trump does something right - like the travel ban - he deserves the credit. But he does not deserve credit for something he had nothing to do with, like Kate's Law.