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  1. HappyChristian added a post in a topic: His hat is in the ring   

    I am so excited about his running!  He would make a great POTUS because he does love the Constitution and this country.  He is a born-again Christian also, which should make folks happy.
    As to his eligibility, it has been shown by a number of people - both liberal and conservative - that he is indeed eligible. The usage of the term Natural Born Citizen by the founders was borrowed from the idea Blackstone wrote regarding a country's citizens.  (People try to say that Vattel is the one who they borrowed from, but he was a monarchist and the founders would not have used his thoughts as they were getting as far away from a monarchy as they could).  Anyway, Blackstone defined a natural born subject as one who was born in the realm...and also outside the realm if the parents were citizens of the realm.  
    The founders intended this wording to stop a foreign born prince from coming to America and taking the presidency. They also intended for future congresses to decide issues that would come up after the signing and adopting of the Constitution.  In regards to citizenship, that would be US law code. Section 1401 delineates who is a citizen by birth - synonymous for natural born. According to US law code, Cruz is eligible due to the fact that his mother was a US citizen, and had lived in the US for (more than) the required 5 years before his birth, with at least 2 of them being after her 14th birthday.
    Some people are trying to say that Cruz was also born a Cuban citizen, but a look at their requirements for citizenship shows that he was not. He had dual citizenship - Canada and the US - by virtue of his birth (thus making him a natural born citizen...the only other way to become a citizen is to be naturalized). He rejected his Canadian citizenship.  Oh, and BTW - the founders never said anything about not being able to hold dual citizenship...Were Ted not an NBC, he would not be able legally to be in the Senate - simply by virtue of the fact that he was never naturalized.
    The founders looked on people here in this country as three classes: natural born citizen, naturalized citizen, and alien.  Ted is NBC.
    As to his electabilitiy - the same was said about Reagan. Now RR was not the conservative I hoped for when I voted for him, but he was better than what we had before and what we have now. He did a lot of good things. I do believe that there are enough people in this country who are tired of BO and his policies who, if they would get out and vote, would elect Ted. He might not be able to get everything done that he'd like, but if he could begin to set things aright, that would be very good, indeed!
    The rank and file GOP doesn't like Cruz because he won't kowtow to them. And Krauthammer is a big disappointment.  I would take his opinion with a huge grain of salt.  He voted for both Carter and Mondale.  As for experience?  The Constitution doesn't say it is necessary.  That document lists the three necessities: NBC, 35 or older (which would lend to life experience), and having lived the previous 14 years in the US.
    Nary a peep about Ted's birth?  Au contraire, it's been going on all over.  Liberals can't really say much because of the Obama situation, though. The "birther" movement actually began with Hillary's campaign, not with conservatives as so many people try to say. Although there are a lot of conservatives who won't accept Ted as being an NBC...simply because they do not understand that Congress was given the authority to create law in line with the Constitution. And that law is set unless Congress changes it, POTUS vetoes it and Congress doesn't override, SCOTUS rules it unconstitutional, or states nullify it. None of which has been done with the citizen at birth law.
    I'm hopeful. I know that only Christ can save this nation and its people. But wouldn't it be grand to have a Christian, Constitution-abiding POTUS?  Imagine....
  2. HappyChristian added a post in a topic: Introduction   

  3. HappyChristian added a post in a topic: Whats for Supper...   

    Barbecued chicken sandwiches and salad.
  4. HappyChristian added a post in a topic: Whats for Supper...   

    Happy belated anniversary, Invicta! 
    Yesterday hubs went to work party at church. The men were fed a meal of ham and scalloped potatoes before working.  I enjoyed a bowl of cereal. With a banana and blackberries.    
    Tonight we had salad and pizza. 
  5. HappyChristian added a post in a topic: Former Presbyterian -- Now IFB   

    Welcome, Claire! 
  6. HappyChristian added a post in a topic: Thou Shalt Not Grow A Beard.......   

    There's a man in our church who we met out door knocking a good number of years ago. At the time both his hair and beard were quite long and scraggly. He was saved, but sadly had been lied to about salvation.
    He was attending a Bible study led by a woman (mistake # one, but he hadn't been grounded in the Bible). She and the others were if a charismatic (I don't mean personality) bent. When he questioned something she said, they informed him he had committed the unpardonable sin and so was headed for Hell with no chance of redemption. So he dove back into the world, miserable and convinced he was going to Hell. Thus the scraggliness when we met.
    Hubs took him under his wing (he even lived with us for a while to get away from the bad environment he was in) and discipled him properly.
    First thing he did was get a hair cut and he shaved off his beard. His hair has remained short, but he grew his beard again. He keeps it trimmed and nice. He actually looks like Stonewall Jackson. (And he has been faithful ever since...and witnesses to everyone he meets)
  7. HappyChristian added a post in a topic: mike   

    No, I don't think it's a mod - if it were, I'm sure they would have 'fesssed up by now. BroMatt is looking into it. Hopefully we shall all be enlightened soon. 
  8. HappyChristian added a post in a topic: Take a Little Wine...   

    Mike, question for you - what salt do you guys use? Have you ever heard of sole (pronounced so-lay)?
  9. HappyChristian added a post in a topic: Take a Little Wine...   

    Somehow it got locked again. I re-unlocked it.  
    The ulcers are probably related to the stress, too. Does she take extra vit. B? I can't handle extra for some reason, but it's good for women who can.
    What about aloe vera juice? It's very good for ulcers, as is cabbage juice. Maybe one of those for the ulcer and apple juice without the vinegar for the other.
    I've been around home brew and believe me when I tell you the alcohol in it will bother the ulcer.   
    (If this gets locked again, we may need to talk with BroMatt)
  10. HappyChristian added a post in a topic: Whats for Supper...   

    Tonight we'll be having chili mac.
  11. HappyChristian added a post in a topic: Take a Little Wine...   

    Well, the topic is locked,  but I thought I'd reply.
    I believe what Paul advised Timothy to drink was new wine - eqivalent to grape juice today. Besides the teaching throughout scripture that it is wisest to abstain,  my reasons:
    Paul said a little. How much is a little?   Since everyone considers amounts differently,  it seems that Paul would be more specific so that Timothy wouldn't overdo.
    Second, alcohol doesn't help stomach issues - it exacerbates them. Grape juice, however, can help certain kinds. 
    I have issues, too. I don't drink much grape juice (though I love it) because it can get my reflux going. I discovered something a while back, though, that really surprised me. 
    I have used apple cider vinegar for a long time for reflux.  It works well. However, I still had digestive issues. After some research, I think I found the answer. 
    1-2 tablespoons of (Braggs) apple cider vinegar in 8 oz of apple juice. Drink it slowly after a meal (I sometimes do during the meal). Apple juice is too sweet for me, so the vinegar helped make it palatable.
    And best of all? Most of my issues have stopped.
    It might be worth a try.
  12. HappyChristian added a post in a topic: Whats for Supper...   

  13. HappyChristian added a post in a topic: Something Old and Something New   

  14. HappyChristian added a post in a topic: Merged!   

    So glad you're in one piece again. 
  15. HappyChristian added a post in a topic: New to the site   

    Welcome aboard.


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