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  1. I love turkey...
  2. No problem, and I wasn't meaning to sound corrective. I'm sure hoping this flames completely out, especially since Hillary wants it to happen.
  3. The fault doesn't lie with the states. It is Jill Stein (green party candidate), who is insisting on the recounts. Stein has no standing, because no amount of recounts will change her next-to-nothing results. Ergo, the states should tell her to go jump. She did, in fact, wait too long to file in PA, so that's one less state they can count on. Progressives want to destroy the electoral college. Popular voting is exactly what our founders did NOT want, and it is precisely because they knew what a majority vote would bring about. Sadly, Trump is not helping the situation any, by claiming that he would have even won the popular vote, had it not been for the "millions" of illegals who voted. If his tweet is taken seriously, that will call in to question the votes in EVERY state. I agree. I'm tired of the mess, too.
  4. Pork steak, potatoes, and salad. I'm not crazy about pork steak, so I'll be having leftover meatloaf.
  5. I'm enjoying it, honestly. It's a review of what I learned in high school and college. My girls, however, are not. Especially the math part of it. I have to remind my niece that if she wants to be a nurse, she's going to have more math in higher sciences. She's thrilled. Not. =D
  6. America in Crimson Red by James Beller. Different textbooks for school (just LOVE Physical Science...hahaha). And, of course and always, the Bible. Right now, for school, we are looking at the prophecies of the coming Messiah as a prelude to His birth. So we are in various places in the OT. The girls' memory verse last week was Gen. 3:15. This week it's Is. 11. (one of the girls was quite disappointed last week when I told them we were going to take a break on the life of David until after the new year...she can't wait to find out what happens to him next. =D But she's enjoying our study of the prophecies so far)
  7. Hi, Andi. Welcome aboard.
  8. I didn't see this thread until just now. I'm going to lock this thread because it seems to simply be a thread to start an argument. This entire thing could be done via PM if there were real interest in resolving rather than attacking.
  9. We didn't vote for Trump either (or Hillary). But the election is over, and he won. I hope he turns out the way some folks think he will. I have my doubts, based on his past. But we will see.
  10. Voter ID is a good idea. In states where this is implemented, not too many dead people vote. However, I have to disagree with the idea of the feds butting into this. They have no constitutional authority to mandate a voter ID law in the states. The citizens of the states that don't have the laws need to step up and push their legislators to craft the laws. Except states like WA, where ballots are mailed in. And I don't like that at all!
  11. Perhaps you should study up on why the founders instituted the Electoral College.
  12. This morning's update: Last week, Attila's irregular heartbeats restarted, and he had a fainting episode. This Thursday, he collapsed and was admitted to the hospital for two days. Aside from his heartbeat issues, he has a partially separated shoulder and cracked a rib (and a slight bump on the head).We were able to bring Attila home this evening, and we have cardiology and orthopedic surgeon appointments this next week. Please pray for healing and wisdom for the doctors, as he has now passed out three times in the past five weeks. Attila is in good spirits, and it is hard to tell how much pain he is in, as the kids and I have learned that the more he makes jokes and kids around, the worse pain he is in....at the hospital, they gave him IV pain meds (Dilaudid), and they were higher doses, so he was able to get some relief from the pain.We are very blessed, as God has provided for our needs in so many ways. I am always amazed at how our children look at this situation like a new adventure. At the hospital, Samuel, Daniel and Esther would share Attila's bed space, and they are so loving to him. Today, we had a hospital picnic in Attila's room, and we had a great time with our pastor and Mrs. Teesdale. They feel like family to us and our children. We are so blessed!!
  13. Well, dinner plans have changed...the steaks are rescheduled to Monday evening. Tonight it will be cleaning the leftovers out of the fridge (hubs is looking forward to his hot meatloaf and gravy sandwich =D ). Tomorrow is still up in the air.
  14. Tonight will be pork steaks.
  15. Good morning LuAnne, I am copying you on my email to Bro. Matt. Just to keep you int he loop.

    1. HappyChristian


      Hey - just saw this. I got your email.