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  1. I didn't wait. The guy is banned.
  2. Were you in OK during the winter of '78? I was a senior in high school living in Norman. THAT was an icy winter!

    1. Orval


      No.  My wife and I moved here from San Diego in 1993,  I am retired from the Marine Corps (medically).  I went to BBC Springfield, Mo. 1980-1983  Thanks for asking.  Hard to believe Oklahoma ever had a winter.  lol January and February this year are like 60 to 80 every day.

    2. HappyChristian


      I know - usually really nice winters. But that year! Shudder!  Thanks for your service, BTW. 

  3. I think, too, regarding schools it is rather open as to pointing out heresy. Many here believe that nobody should go to Bible college but rather should be trained by their own pastor. That's fine. But there are many and likely will always be many who do attend Bible colleges (there are a few really good ones out there). Because these Bible colleges take in students from all over the country, their practices and teachings do indeed need to be scrutinized and, if unbiblical, warned against. JMO.
  4. Eight is great! Starting small, training them. I'm glad your church was able to do this.
  5. And now, praise the Lord! - my hubs has insurance! The hospital he was in has a great charity program, but they want to see patients who have no insurance at least attempt to get it. The attempt worked! Randy is now insured, and so between that and the hospital charity, the bills will - hopefully - be manageable. Having insurance might make it easier to find a primary care doc, too. Randy is planning on being in both morning services tomorrow, as long as the pain continues to lessen (one service if not). And then, prayerfully, tomorrow night he will resume teaching the soulwinning class. We've had no further word on Everett, but that old saying, "no news is good news" comes to mind. Again, thanks so much for praying. It is very appreciated.
  6. He actually lives in Circleville, which is just south of Columbus. Thank you so much for praying. Everett came home from the hospital, and they have him on anti-coagulants to help dissolve the clots. They will be doing a pet scan on the mass - at this point they don't think it's cancer. So we are thankful about that! Randy was able to go to church last night. And he's done with the injections! Praise the Lord! He didn't have a lab today or yesterday, either. Tomorrow will be another lab, and hopefully they will be able to set the amount of Warfarin he'll need on a permanent basis. He is walking better, and the pain that causes him to have to stop and rest is lessening as well. Praise the Lord for improvement! We still haven't found a doctor, though. Crazy, in this area there are doctors and medical groups all over the place and we can't find one. sigh. But the Lord knows...
  7. Whew. This thread has been quite, um, interesting. 1611, you have been thoroughly trounced for the wrong choice of adjective - "most" should most (heh) likely have been "many", since that would not seem to indicate that the majority of IB are going soft...Please say 35 mea culpas as penance (just joking...). I have to agree with the majority (that would be "most", right?) that using that adjective indicates that it is the majority of IB. And, since none of us has met ALL IB, we really can't say "most" definitively. However, I have to agree with Alimentado (ok, did I spell that right? It's really good to "see" you back here, but it's been so long I FORGOT how to spell your screen name. LOL) as well. We can certainly assume that the "most" means of those with which one is personally acquainted. As for me, I know a good number of IB churches that have gone soft (sadly, I think I could say "most" that I know have...) I think, mayhap, that we can all agree that soft separatism is a killer. And it is invading churches (let's think about the Piper phenomenon and how his teachings have affected so many IB churches), sadly. I don't think the churches represented on this site are (and I think that might be at root of the upset - the word "most" would seem to imply that some of the churches represented here are going soft - whether by intent or not). I'm thankful that we have pastors that participate on this site who are determined to walk with the Lord and lead their congregations correctly. And I'm thankful that we have laymen who are determined to walk with the Lord posting here, too. And so, let us bid adieu to this thread. And, by the way, this is not an indictment of 1611. He is genuinely concerned and I appreciate that.
  8. Randy goes in for another lab this morning. His number was up yesterday, so the woman told him he would likely be done with the injections he's had to give himself twice a day. Enoxaparin is what he's been injecting - it's a bridge from the Heparin to just Warfarin. It is REALLY expensive, so we are most certainly hoping and praying that he doesn't have to continue with it. I got an update on my brother-in-law, Everett. This is from my sister-in-law, Kim: "For those who are attached to a prayer chain please put Everett DePriest on your list of folks to pray for.. he requested to have people pray for him. He has a blood clot in his right lung and now they have also found a mass in the same lung. Along with the 3blood clots in his left arm. I have no doubt the Lord is able to take care of every issue. I am in expectation of answered prayers! Thank you everyone!"
  9. I am coming to you again, asking prayer for my brother-in-law Everett once again. He is on his way to the hospital as I type this. They found another blood clot, this one on the lung. They live in OH, and we are clear here in WA, so it's hard on my hubs to be so far away. However, we have a prayer-hearing and a prayer-answering God. Everett is saved, and we are thankful for that. I believe I mentioned before that Randy's oldest brother died from a pulmonary embolism a number of years back. I would ask that you pray that God spare this brother. And that they will be drawn closer to God through this. Thanks.
  10. His walking gait is much better today - still a good ways away from being back to normal, but it's coming! He was not able to go to church this morning, because the way the church is set up, he couldn't prop his leg (a couple of the ladies talked about bringing in an armchair for him). Also, since it would involve several hours of weird sitting, he thought it probably wouldn't be wise. So he live-streamed the sermon from the church we attended in IN. Interestingly enough, both messages touched on Esther. Anyway, since we don't have a pastor yet, when someone wants to be baptized and/or when we have the Lord's Table, the pastor who helped found the church helps out. There were two folks who needed to be baptized, and so we trooped over to the other church for the baptism and partook of communion. Randy was able to go with us! Simple thing, but such a blessing! Since we began attending the church, 5 people have joined (of course, that counts us). The first people to join since the previous pastor left 4ish years ago. Talk about excited to see that the church is moving forward!
  11. Welcome aboard!
  12. Thanks for giving us the needed info, 1611.
  13. We were able to bring Randy home yesterday. It was late in the day when we finally got here, but praise the Lord! He has to go in tomorrow and get his INR checked so he can begin getting regulated on his warfarin. We aren't able to find a primary care physician right now, so he's going through the Urgent Care here. There is one place that he can apply to and maybe in 8-10 weeks he can get a doctor. Unless he wants to pay $65/month for a concierge doctor who then charges anywhere from $34-$248 per office visit. sigh... I would appreciate (I'm saying this an awful lot lately) continued prayer. For him - he has to walk often and it is still very painful; for his meds adjustment; and for our finances. We do not have insurance at this time and so we are rather flattened with this. Randy's hours have been cut of late, even before this. And I have just found out that the second girl I homeschool may not be coming back - very little money from that, but it helped a bit. But we know our Father is in control and is more than able to help us. Hence the request for prayer.
  14. I highly recommend the book America in Crimson Red by James Beller. It is an excellent book on the history of Baptists in America.
  15. Mom uses both medium cheddar and cream cheese in her mac n cheese. If you were closer, you'd be welcome. =D