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  1. need uplifting

    When we do what is right, even when it is hard and/or brings about animosity from others, God will  undertake. Trust Him and God will bless - and all three of you will grow in the Lord. Think of the good example you and your husband have set for your son: severing ties that need to be severed, going through a storm and trusting the Lord.  
  2. Any Interest in a Forum Bible Study

    Well, I'm sad...I have not been on much due to life here, so I just noticed this thread. I was not aware of the reading commitment, so did not do that. However, I will read it now. I will just observe for the first while (maybe the entire time), to give myself time to read it more than once and once.
  3. Were old testament believers indwelt?

  4. For me please

    Praying, Rosie. Keep us posted.
  5. The Priesthood of New Testament Believers

  6. Which king

    Neat. Thanks!
  7. Hello everybody

    Hello and welcome.
  8. What makes a Church IFB?

    Well, I'm sure you got a taste for what the "I" in IFB means to folks, Matt. 
  9. Conclusion to my post on other thread

    Not to be contentious or even grammar police-like, but the word "for" actually has a few meanings, depending on its function in the sentence. As a conjunction, it does mean the same as because or since. As a preposition, it had different meanings that are somewhat similar but not the same. Here is a copy and paste, rather than just typing it out (it's still early, first day back at school and I'm tired ...although by the time I finished typing out my  "reasons" I could have typed out the definitions, no? snicker). with the object or purpose of: to run for exercise. 2. intended to belong to, or be used in connectionwith: equipment for the army; a closet for dishes. 3. suiting the purposes or needs of: medicine for the aged. 4. in order to obtain, gain, or acquire: a suit foralimony; to work for wages. 5. (used to express a wish, as of something to beexperienced or obtained): O, for a cold drink! 6. sensitive or responsive to: an eye for beauty. 7. desirous of: a longing for something; a taste for fancy clothes.    
  10. Which king

    Sure, sure, Invicta...use bedtime as an excuse to leave us all hanging...
  11. Feeling Used

    Pray about it first, and present it as being for her benefit. And maybe once in a while, when you bring the kids home, bring dinner done for her. In other words, kill her with kindness. 
  12. Any Interest in a Forum Bible Study

    I've been chatting with Ronda. She is currently locked out of the forum and we are working on getting it reversed. But she wanted me to let you know she is very interested in a study. Maybe on Heaven? or Hell? or even the characteristics of God?
  13. IP Blocked: Need help

    @LindaR could you let Ronda know that I sent her a message on FB regarding this? Thanks. HC
  14. Sorry I haven't posted...

    Good new year to everyone!
  15. Genevanpreacher = Nobody Ever??????

    And so we bid GP or NE adieu.