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  1. (he's chomping at the bit to win...)
  2. I'm sorry, MC. Praying for you.
  3. Welcome aboard, Jake.
  4. And they think that throwing a gospel song or two out there makes them special Christians. Sadly, many people fall for that and believe that these singers are great, godly people.
  5. All I have to do is go to a grocery store or a restaurant and I know rock-n-roll is still very much alive. Rap music actually can be said to be a derivative of rock, since it was pulled from funk and disco (both of them being offshoots). As Uke said, country is pretty much like rock music now, too. When I was younger, preachers preached against country as actually more dangerous because it was supposed to be so family-oriented. I never could figure out how a genre that sang about the kind of stuff many country songs did could be considered family-oriented, though.
  6. The latest news: "They are planning Attila;s surgery for 2-3 weeks from now. Since this will require a more invasive procedure, they will map it out and then perform the surgery. We do have concerns from between then and now, and we are praying that God provides for the rough moments and calms Attila's heart until the surgery date." Their finances are in jeopardy as well. Attila had just gotten going on a furniture refinishing business which was seeing some good results. Now that's come to a standstill. That, and the added expense of once again traveling to the hospital, parking, etc., is putting an extra strain on Kimberly. I know we all face times of ill health and financial crisis, but this family is really going through it. Please pray for the financial aspect of it as well as the physical and spiritual. The children have the opportunity to see God work in ways many children don't.
  7. This wasn't during devotions, but rather this past Sunday during church. My hubs preached on "Our First Mother" (of course, Eve). He talked about Adam naming the animals and yet God seeing him without a help meet for him was not good...and it hit me: Adam was created perfect. And yet he was lonely.
  8. It's worth another read as an adult. Life experience adds to it.
  9. JON IS AWAKE!!! AMEN and PRAISE the LORD!  I posted the most recent video in "A friend's son" prayer request. THANK YOU for praying. Please continue.

  10. HE HAS EMERGED!!! HE IS CONSCIOUS, in 2/3 the time alloted! Praise God! Thank you for your prayer. Please, now, continue to pray for his recovery, which could take years.
  11. Parying, WellWithMySoul.
  12. Have you read The Scarlet Letter? I am reading it again with my niece for school. I love the way he has written it, in such detail, but her education up until 9th grade was in a public school. She has neither the comprehension nor the vocabulary to read it without constant explanation. So it is taking more time than I really wanted to take for it. While he uses a lot of verbiage and could be much more succinct, I think it's been good for her to have to try and work through it. It's actually a good lesson on hypocrisy. But I agree - I'm not too impressed with his short stories. Although I have an OLD copy of it that I keep more for the value of the book than the contents. =D
  13. How wonderful! Many congratulations!
  14. Things have been quiet on the Attila front until this past week. Here is an update. I thank you for praying for our friends. "Update on Attila. During the past week, Attila has had some new and very intense issues with his heart. On Friday, he felt worse than at any time during the past 17 months. He is now in the ICU cardiac area, and the doctors shared with us that he has a new heart issue. They recognized that the way his EKG looks, this is a completely new issue. Tonight, they started him on a "black box drug" (given that name because it can cause death when first taken) and he has to stay in the hospital while they monitor his heart activity. They are giving him EKG every two hours. The next step is surgery - the cardiologist just left his room, and he will watch him all night, but they also discussed next steps and surgery. The idea is to try the new drug and to see the impact on his erratic heart and to have the surgery this Wednesday or Thursday. He will be off of his feet for about 14 days, at least. Please pray as this came at a tough time for us, and it caught us completely off guard."
  15. Be appropriate - in your dress and in your words; not just the words you use to present the gospel, but in the words you use to introduce yourself and any "small talk." No slang usages of God's name (that's a real biggie in this area - even the Christians use it like crazy...drives me crazy!), don't try to be "cool" or "with-it".