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  1. Jesus' coming Kingdom on land.

    I've skimmed through this thread just now and found just what I, sadly, expected to see. GP - watch your attitude. Many of your comments have been dismissive and smart-alecky.That is not to continue. Period.  And let it be herewith known: just because one of us might not like a question about the Bible does not make it "fatuous." Be mature and simply answer the question, without unnecessary appellation.  Here's another "f" word that seems to be going on on a couple folks' part: "fractious."  Enough already.
  2. All Preachers Should Have A Conceal Weapon Permit

    Oh brother.
  3. Errors of Calvanism

    Neither a necessary question nor an addition to the conversation.
  4. Do Baptist subscribe to calvinism?

    I meant that you could start a thread. If you aren't sure how to do that, just go ahead and post your study here. Since it's long, if you break it up into different posts, it will be easier to read. I'm interested in reading it. 
  5. All Preachers Should Have A Conceal Weapon Permit

    Disagreeing in peace was the purpose of my post from the other day. Too often it seems that Christians (not just on the forum) feel that because they've studied scripture they know all the answers to everything - even things that are not included in scripture. And then they work hard at making it seem as though those who disagree are stupid or unspiritual. Or at least not as spiritual. And it ought not be. Dictionaries are a wonderful thing. 
  6. Do Baptist subscribe to calvinism?

    You could copy and paste it here if you'd like - or you could even start a separate thread for it. However you'd like to do it. Just don't put it all into one post. That would make it very hard to read.
  7. All Preachers Should Have A Conceal Weapon Permit

    Thanks for the clarification, GP - and I'm glad to see you believe in defense of your home. I, personally, would go one further and say that even outside the physical boundaries of the house, protection is the responsibility of the father. Whether he equips in some way his family to protect themselves or is with them when they leave the home in order to protect them (probably not something that can be done in this society nowadays due to crazy schedules on everyone's parts). And that would include in church, as well, IMO.  Please note that I never called for any uprising on any believer's part. Let's look at the most recent church shooting. The shooter who entered the church in Charleston did not come in planning to shoot people BECAUSE OF THEIR FAITH. He shot them because of their color. So, being in church was incidental. He simply knew that there would be a number of black people there. So they were not shot as a form of persecution for their faith in Christ (in fact, I do believe that the church was on the liberal side religious belief wise). In that case, had even one of the people there carried, the carnage could have been avoided. It could have been done without killing the shooter, as well - a well-aimed shot at the shoulder of his shooting arm would have decommissioned him nicely. And there would be no uprising. However, after this fellow did the shooting, the haters came to town and tried to create a riot. There is the only uprising that would have happened, had the town not resorted to prayer and praise instead of vengeance. Self-defense is not vengeance. In or out of a church building. As to verses that don't apply: I never suggested that any didn't apply. I said the verses given were not in context - meaning that the context surrounding the given verses were not at all about a preacher carrying a gun in church.  Of course you think I'm stretching...you don't agree, so you would think that. That's fine. I'm not sure which parts your think are stretching, but that's okay. Because I think it's all apropos. =D
  8. Comment On Current Debate

    Since the debate is no longer in process, there is no need to keep this thread open. 
  9. Comment on the Larkin Thread

    Invicta, I'm sorry, I just saw your request to close this thread. It's taken care of now.
  10. All Preachers Should Have A Conceal Weapon Permit

    I Timothy 5:8 " But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel" Yep, the context of this verse centers around taking care of widows. But since verses that have been quoted to support the idea that defending oneself with a gun is unbiblical aren't in context, this one will do for defending oneself...with a gun, a bat, or a sock full of coins, etc. Same/same. And, since it's God's Word, the one is quite enough. And "those of his own house" would indicate that is speaking to more than just a widow for whom he is responsible. A man is to provide for his own - especially those of his own house. Providing doesn't just mean food, clothes, and a roof. Or even Bible teaching and training. There's a whole lot more that goes into taking care of one's family. PROTECTION being one. And, don't worry, GP - I'm not one who says OT verses don't apply. So if you were intimating that I was being hypocritical, you're wrong. If not, okay. ________ Fine and dandy if folks want to believe that it's not loving for someone to use a gun against someone who has broken into one's home and is in the process of raping or killing a loved one. Doesn't seem to me to be too loving toward one's supposed loved ones, but, hey. It is what it is. The excuse for it would be that God protects. Okay. Then make sure you don't ever lock your doors. House doors or car doors. Don't lock your windows, either. Because locking doors and windows isn't trusting God to keep bad folks out... And if you seriously think that someone who is intent on raping or murdering is going to stop and listen to you witness, go for it.  Accepting being persecuted for your faith is NOT in any way the same as not stopping someone from hurting you or your loved ones. Neither is it stated anywhere that a pastor cannot carry a gun to protect his flock. After all, he is the undershepherd...and shepherds DO carry things to protect their flocks. David used a rock to protect his sheep...people, who are made in the image of God, are more important than sheep.   
  11. All Preachers Should Have A Conceal Weapon Permit

    And all the while let's ignore the verses that teach that men are responsible for their families. To be spiritual, according to what seems to be the idea of a few men on this thread, means to sit back and let someone who might be lost do whatever they want to anyone they want. So long as you witness to them, it's all okay, because we're going to heaven anyway. The truth is, not everyone who gets attacked dies. At least not right away. Some live in agony, whether physical or mental, for many years after an attack. But, hey, the Lord protected them, right? Really? Then why did the bad thing happen to them? Simply put: we live in a sin-filled world. And because of that, bad things do happen. Being able to physically "equalize" a situation is in no way not trusting the Lord. Each one of us has to make a decision as to whether or not we will carry a gun, a stun gun, a baseball bat, or a sock filled with coins, etc. Or nothing at all. That's the beauty of of God leading the individual - including pastors.  It's kinda silly to claim in one breath that having guns comes from the notions of our rights, and then say that our rights come from God. SMH. The fact of the matter is, we do have the right - even under God - to defend ourselves. I guarantee you that if someone were to come and try to attack me, or my mother, or my nieces while they are under my care, etc., I'm not going to sit back and just pray. Why? Because God has provided a way for me to defend myself and my loved ones (if my hubby is not home...if he is, he'll take care of us, as the Bible instructs men to do). And I'll do that without apology and without sin. It's a real  shame when folks try to make people who believe that it's okay or even correct to have defense of some sort out to be unspiritual. There is no biblical basis for it. You can use any verses you want to try to paint the person who has a gun as not trusting the Lord, but you don't know the heart of the person.  If you don't want to attend a church where the pastor has a gun, don't. But don't try to come off as more spiritual because of it. The Pharisees thought they were more spiritual, too. _______ By all means, apply scripture that you want for your personal reasons, but stop trying to make folks that disagree with your thoughts (in other words, folks that have guns or approve of having them) appear unspiritual.
  12. Clarence Larkin - Revelation

    Sigh. Here I go again. I don't get on here much lately because I'm very busy teaching my nieces and a couple of other young ladies who have been bullied unmercifully at their "schools." And I come on here and have to read threads like this. First of all, this thread is in the book/movie review forum. That means, for those who don't seem to understand it, that it is to REVIEW a specific book or movie. Hence, the OP began review of a SPECIFIC book. But a few posters decided that it was ok to bring all kinds of thoughts into it - much of it presented in a derisive nature, even after claiming that would stop. I get that not everyone is going to agree with everyone else, but this is nonsense. I don't agree with Larkin on everything. But he is a good reference to have. Now, because he is incorrect in some areas does not automatically follow that he will be incorrect in other areas. Were that the case, there are some who have commented on this very thread whom we would have to ignore because they, too, are wrong in some areas. Areas of doctrine. Am I always right on doctrine? Well, of course I am!  At least, to my  own mind. And I've reached that conclusion because of scripture. So you're wrong if you disagree with me. Now.., That was a bit of sarcasm. And yet it is the idea of many. Problem is, we all err in ways. Even when we try to stick completely to scripture. Because, like it or not, at times we apply our own thoughts and ideas to what is written. And, whether we want to admit it or not, we ARE influenced by others. So what we say is not always original either with us or even scripture. I guess what I'm trying to say is STOP.IT.  Now, this thread that was SUPPOSED to be a review of a particular book is now closed. 
  13. Things Guaranteed by God at the Instant of Regeneration

    There's a good start there, though, for someone who might have the time to put a devotional series together!
  14. Curiosity

    Wow. This thread is something else.  I want to weigh in, and then I will exercise my "powers" and lock the thread simply because the arguments will continue regardless. Technically we can say that eternal life begins at birth. Why? Because every person born will live somewhere forever. It is what we do with the Lord Jesus Christ that determines our eternal home. When we realize that we are sinners and that Christ is the only one who can forgive our sins and we turn to Him, we are saved. We are forgiven. Our names are written in the Lamb's Book of Life. Forever. We have everlasting life, an abundant life in the Lord Jesus that begins at the moment of salvation. The Bible is full of assurances that our everlasting life will not end (that word alone should tell us: everlasting). We are promised that we are sealed by the Holy Spirit. No man - not even oneself - is able to unseal what the Holy Spirit has sealed. We are in Christ's hand, who in turn is in the Father's hand. No man - not even oneself - has the power to open those hands and "fall out."  One cannot renounce salvation. One can, however, renounce something one never had in the beginning.  We have the blessed assurance that we are, indeed, children of the heavenly King. Still in the body of flesh, and therefore capable of sinning. But with God dwelling within us we can - and should - have victory.  Discussion of this subject is good and necessary for learning. The end comes, though, when some choose to use foul language and disparage rather than discuss. That end has come. One day, when we are in Heaven, we can resume this discussion. Then we will all know that, indeed, the gift of God - Jesus Christ and everlasting salvation through Him - will never end.
  15. Clarence Larkin - Revelation

    Thanks,OFP. I've been ready more than once to say this is not the forum to discuss eschatology.