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  1. I was posting as you were - as I mentioned in the edit, the photo wasn't appropriate, IMO. It was shrimp on the barbie (shrimp on a barbie doll). Funny idea, had there been more shrimp.
  2. You have to wonder why people need to do that kind of stuff. I guess life just isn't busy enough for them. I'm glad "she's" been banned - and hope "she" doesn't come back under another name.
  3. That's up to you, Rosie. It's most likely a good idea just in case you are the only one receiving one, just so we know there's a spammer aboard and can deal with it.
  4. Homemade hamburgers tonight.
  5. Thank you to all of you who reported the private messages you received from "celialove". Moderators also received them, and Jim_Alaska banned her as soon as he became aware of it yesterday. Sadly, this type of thing happens sometimes on the board. However, members who take the time to report things like this in a timely manner help us keep things clean - especially if moderators don't receive the messages. Again, thanks to all of you for the alerts.
  6. I was busy working on curriculum for school, which starts in just over 2 weeks. Back at it tomorrow. I'm working on interweaving American history and literature. And including things like the influence of Baptists on our founding (that is missing from most history textbooks) and family involvement in our history. It's a lot of work, but very interesting.
  7. God is good. All the time.


  8. Greetings and welcome!
  9. 'He is voting for the policies..." That is only partly true, at least it should be. Character ranks right up there with policies - or it should (and it used to...). Because someone can SAY they will do anything. but character follows through with what a person says. Sadly, Trump is quite well known to be a major flip-flopper. As far as Trump and Israel are concerned, there is major concern amongst folks in the know who realize that he will not be "good" for Israel. He made it clear that he was going to be neutral on the Israeli-Palestinian issue...until the complaints got through to him and he changed his stance. Again. Christians make excuses for Trump. "I don't think he understands..." Hogwash. He understands completely what he's doing. It's the Christians who support him who don't. http://www.nationalreview.com/article/437405/religious-freedom-donald-trump-christian-conservatives-abortion-marriage-gay-rights He is pro-transgender. He is pro-same-sex "marriage." Up until the day after he jumped into the race, he was pro-abortion. And once the general election is over, regardless of the results, he'll go back to being pro-choice. So many Christians are thrilled that he "picked" Mike Pence. it's proof that he's actually what he says he is (well, depending on what day it is that he says what he is...). Ok. The shenanigans surrounding the "picking" of Pence aside, there are some issues with Pence. First, as a congressman, he voted several times against helping our veterans. Second, as governor of Indiana (yes, we voted for him...and have regretted it ever since), he backpedaled on the religious liberty law, caving to the LGBTQ progressives, making things WORSE than they were before. Also as governor, he said he wasn't going to allow Common Core. Oh, yay! So what did he do? The same thing Jan Brewer in AZ did: left Common Core in place, but changed the name. Ew, I get goosebumps thinking about his ethical behavior. A good fit for Trump, actually. Vote for whomever you will. That is your choice. But take the blinders off. Trump is not a good man. He is not a fit man for the office of POTUS. He's playing Christians and conservatives. I'm not voting for a pastor. But as I said, character is important. Not BEING a character - HAVING character. Trump does not. The Bible tells us that a double-minded man is unstable in all his ways. Trump proves his instability on a daily (and sometimes several times a day) basis.
  10. I'm sorry I haven't posted recently...Mountain, here is the latest, in Attila's words (this is from August 9): "I went to see the director of Loyola yesterday, Dr. Wilbur. The other doctors at Northwestern and Rush do maybe 1-2 of these surgeries, that I need, per year. He is the expert on these and does 3-4 per month. He said that they could find a less risky route to my issue, based on his recent experiences. The goal would be to do the surgery, when needed. Interestingly, 3 weeks ago, I was feeling awful and I just stopped taking ALL my meds. Since then, I have not had heart issues. They are putting a monitor on me tomorrow, to see if the issues went away or if my recognition of them has went away." They are still in Chicago, and have recently joined a church there that is pastored by a friend of ours (my hubby went to college with him). The church has just finished up VBS, and the Cseh family enjoyed being able to participate. God is good!
  11. Tacos
  12. Tom Hoefling http://www.tomhoefling.com/
  13. Name: Happy Animal: Yak Girl's name: Katrin Color: Navy blue Movie: Easy Rider Something you wear: Robe Drink: Egg Nog Food: Goulash Item in the bathroom: Heater Place: Rehovot (Israel) Reason for being late: Traffic Jam
  14. Scattergories is one of my favorite games. This version is not as easy as it might appear The rules are: Answer the first word and then each succeeding word has to begin the the last letter of your last word. "Name" is first, and you can use your first, middle or last name, or even your profile name. Play as often as you want. I'll start so you can see how it goes. Name - LuAnneAnimal- EgretGirls name- TiannaColor - Amber Movie- Resistance Something you wear - Earrings Drink - Sweet Tea Food - Avocado Item in the bathroom - Oil of Olay Place - Yakima Reason to be late -Accident So, who's next?
  15. Hi and welcome. And happy birthday!