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  1. HappyChristian added a post in a topic: 2 Thessalonians 2:3 - "falling Away" Or "departure"?   

    Again I have to say enough? Really? Stop it. 
    GP has abided by board rules by not quoting the Geneva after we pointed it out to him. Referencing a definition from there - in response to the the originator of the thread - and is no different from someone else mentioning something from another version, as is done on here often.
    Now. Back to topic.
  2. HappyChristian added a post in a topic: Any suggestion of an activity for our fellowship?   

    A game night could be fun. Gather a number of board games and let folks choose which they want to play. There are a lot of money-related games like Life and Monopoly. I don't know, though, what games you like to play there in the Philippines. 
  3. HappyChristian added a post in a topic: Republicans There Is Still Hope....   

    His union busting is the reason I said he was just right of the RINOs (and, yes, you're right - RINOs would reject anyone who is anywhere right of them!). He actually tried to stop the state legislature from voting on it. He claims it was just while the broo-ha-ha recall was going on. But he's awful quick to explain things away, IMO. 
    I couldn't swear to it, but I really think he's rather like a weather vane. I hope I'm wrong, but immigration and common core are biggies right now and could very well tank Jeb. Walker would not want to die before getting out of the gate.
    I don't know why he left his Baptist roots either. I have to admit I am curious about that.
  4. HappyChristian added a post in a topic: Republicans There Is Still Hope....   

    Walker has done some good things for WI - most notably the victory over unions. 
    But, well...He has made it clear that he favors a path to citizenship for illegals. Now, most might say that's ok. But it isn't.  His usage of that terminology was not accidental. It is nice-speak for amnesty. Even though he's kind of back-pedaled on it.
    He also has been soft on common core - for it and agin it.
    To me, he is just to the right of RINOs. I know people will say that everyone can change their views.  And that's true. However,  when those views change according to polls, what we have is wishy-washy.
    He does claim to be a Christian - his family attends a Community church. Because I have no reason to believe otherwise, for now I accept his word on that. The media can't attack him on morals, etc, so they get him on other points.
    He and Rubio have received quite a bit of coverage lately, as has Rand Paul. Cruz tends to be ignored by the media. I believe the reson is that they know if people hear Cruz, all the others won't stand a chance. 
  5. HappyChristian added a post in a topic: Republicans There Is Still Hope....   

    Maybe this time around,  we can Cruz to victory.    Unashamed to let folks know he's a Christian and loves America.  It's been a while...
    Just as Carter gave us Reagan,  mayhap Obama will give us Cruz.
  6. HappyChristian added a post in a topic: Whats for Supper...   

    Homemade chicken soup. First solid food other than crackers since Tues. morning.  Recovery is sloooowww, but coming along.
  7. HappyChristian added a post in a topic: 'Minor-Attracted Persons' PEDOPHILES! Cake pans?   

    I haven't thrown up since Tuesday night, but reading this has certainly made me feel like it again.
    Such a sin-sick world. Ugh.
  8. HappyChristian added a post in a topic: Whats for Supper...   

    Nothing last night-was very sick. Feeling a bit better tonight so had some Ritz crackers and powerade.
  9. HappyChristian added a post in a topic: 5 Surprising Facts About Marco Rubio's Faith   

    Rubio also cried with joy at the "symbolism" when BO won in 2008. And he was part of the Gang of 8 pushing for amnesty. 
    I do not trust him. I'm leaning towards the thought a friend of mine had: that he is in the race to pull hispanic votes from Cruz.
  10. HappyChristian added a post in a topic: 'Minor-Attracted Persons' PEDOPHILES! Cake pans?   

    Yes, it was. But the reason I don't think this will take as long is that they have been trying to push it for awhile already, kind of in conjunction with the homosexual movement.
    Because the homosexuals are making such headway, the door to all kinds of perversions has been thrown wide open, so "normalization" of this and polygamy - and very likely bestiality - is not far off.
    I, too, hope and pray Hillary does not "win". Mayhap Trey Gowdy will be able to bring charges against her and she'll go to prison. Please, Lord!
  11. HappyChristian added a post in a topic: 'Minor-Attracted Persons' PEDOPHILES! Cake pans?   

    I don't think it's gonna take 30 years...
  12. HappyChristian added a post in a topic: Four Blood Moons on God’s Feast Days   

    Enough,  guys.
    Ian, taken just on what it says, the first paragraph of your answer does come across as snide toward Eric as well as defamatory to Israel - whether as a nation or the Jewish religion.
    It stops now.
  13. HappyChristian added a post in a topic: ...don't run!...don't even move!   

    Ok, thanks, John. I can't open articles or watch most vids on my phone,  so can only go by what I can read. Someone had suggested a conspiracy of some sort - that something was recorded before this video and that someone else was in the car. And this person said there was no blood when the man was shot. I think what this person was insinuating was that the whole thing was faked to stir up more racial problems. 
    I heard the same nutsy thing about the Michael Brown case. So I was wondering if the videographer had come forward other than to release the video.
  14. HappyChristian added a post in a topic: ...don't run!...don't even move!   

    I'm curious as to who was videotaping and why.
  15. HappyChristian added a post in a topic: Rosie turned 91 today!   

    Happy birthday to your mom!

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    Well, look what day it is! Happy birthday, Happy! You have been such a godly example and encouragement to me on this site, and I'm so glad for the chance I had a year ago to meet you in person. Hope you're having a wonderful, special day, with many blessings from our Lord!

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      Yes, Happybirthday!!! 

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    It started snowing Saturday night and it hasn't stopped yet. Snow day! :-D

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    Have a blessed new year!

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      I and my family send the best to you and yours, and we expect one thank you.

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    Merry Christmas!

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      Glad someone noticed and cleaned house. Thank you!

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      It wasn't just me...I think it kept a few of us busy. Welcome, though.

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    And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name Jesus: for he shall save his people from their sins.

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    Counselor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

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    And His name shall be called Wonderful...

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    ..unto us a Son is given...

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    For unto us a Child is born...

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    Praise ye the Lord!

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      For his name is worthy to be praised!

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      Praise Him, o ye servants of the LORD.

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    Happy Veteran's Day: Thank you, veterans, for your service.

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    And now it's November...almost Christmas time. =)

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    I cannot believe OctOBer is almost over!

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      No kidding, eh? Just think, in less than 60 days it will be... wait for it... Christmas! (duck)

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      I know!!!

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      Try praying, "help thou mine unbelief" :-)

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    We are praying for a miracle. That's all I can say about it. But if you think about it, we'd appreciate prayer. =)

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    Let's remember, folks: constantly posting the same thought in different threads is spamming...no matter the subject.

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      John 3:16

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      You're cruising...=P ;)

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      In the rain! ;-)

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    spent 3hours in emergency with hubby. getting his meds now. poor fellow. please pray for him

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      That doesn't sound good. Praying for your hubby and you.

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      What is the prOBlem?
      May God restore him to full health and strength.

    4. HappyChristian

      He has another kidney stone. This time it's a pretty good size one. He's drinking vinegar and coconut water (not together heh) to try and dissolve it some so he can pass it. If he doesn't, he'll have to have surgery. That isn't a hard thing, but it is out of our $$ range...We so appreciate your prayers!

  18. HappyChristian

    Constitution Day...have you read yours lately? Ever?

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      Trying to read it now, if you could just get OBama's foot off of it...

    3. HappyChristian

      For sure!!

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    today is National Chocolate Milkshake Day...I just might have one! =D

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      Missed it!!!

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    Today is National Hot Dog Day...enjoy!

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      Too cool out for our doggies to get hot. :D

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    Finally got to meet Jordan yesterday.

    1. Jordan Kurecki


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      How many of us have you met now, HC?

    3. HappyChristian

      Well, let's see. BroMatt and Ben (who doesn't post often). Kitagirl. You. Miss Daisy. Pastor Scott. Jordan. Milkman Dan (who doesn't post anymore). Hmm - I'm thinking there's someone else but I can't remember...

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    This is the day which the Lord hath made...God is good!

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      All the time!

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    Feeling sick....blech.

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      sorry to hear that. take care

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      Get well soon, HC.

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    Finally able to get back on...whew! =)

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      It's a conspiracy!!!

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    Ladies' forum is open...pm kitagirl, salyan or myself for the password.

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      Ladies, that is. Men need not apply. heheh