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  1. I've only ever used the hot-water pack style to can. That is simply the large canner that can hold 9 quarts. Food is packed into the jars (sometimes hot, sometimes cold, depending on what is being canned), seals put on, and then they are boiled in the water for hours. Not fun when in a humid area without air conditioning. =D We are interested in looking at pressure cookers, but I don't know if there are any that will can quarts.
  2. Oh, NoNi, we'll be praying.
  3. Hi, winca/m. Why not head on over to the introduction forum and introduce yourself. We'd like to learn more about you, your salvation testimony, etc.
  4. No man can make moldy dough holy. And God doesn't do it, either.
  5. "Is not this the carpenter, the son of Mary, the brother of James, and Joses, and of Juda, and Simon? and are not his sisters here with us? And they were offended at him." Besides her firstborn - Jesus - Mary had 4 other boys and at least two girls (sisters being plural indicates more than one). The next verse says: "But Jesus said unto them, A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house." Jesus makes it clear that He understands they are referencing His brothers and sisters - kin, own house. They could not be His brothers and sisters if they were not Mary's children because Joseph was not Jesus' father. In context, John 3:7 is clearly teaching that "ye" is talking about all men. "Ye" is a plural personal pronoun. "Ye must be born again." Plural form of "you", and in this context meaning mankind.
  6. Welcome aboard!
  7. D-28 has been banned. Had he given the appearance of actually discussing instead of dissing, he would have been allowed to stay. That begs another new word - "supergoodbyeism." And, by the way - "after" is not, in the purest definition, a polysyllabic word. It has two syllables and so someone COULD say it is poly...but the generally accepted polysyllabic word would have three or more syllables.
  8. Knock it off.
  9. Welcome, Tyndale. Glad to have you with us.
  10. Heard from the doc. He's not concerned with the clots because they are small and not in the pelvic area. As long as Randy stays on his Warfarin and wears his compression socks things should be fine.
  11. Emmaus Code by David Limbaugh
  12. Randy had the rest of the ultra-sound he was scheduled to have done. It's not good news...more clots have formed. They are in his groin area, on both sides. The results have been sent to the surgeon who ordered the test. Randy thinks he'll likely have to have surgery again. We won't know until we hear from Dr. Nathan. He has been having some pain, but it was different. And his INR was in the range that is supposed to indicate that there are no clots forming. Apparently, with him, that isn't a good indicator. We rather think that it has something to do with this other clotting problem he may (probably does) have. We would appreciate prayer for wisdom for the doc, for protection for Randy, and that God will work in us what He desires through this. I just have to say again how wonderful it is that we can turn to brothers and sisters in Christ and know that they will pray.
  13. Hubs is teaching Sunday School and preaching in the main service today. I'm excited. We are also singing...not quite as excited. =D 

    1. Alan


      God has blessed both of you and I am sure the church also.

    2. HappyChristian


      Things went great. I was privileged to lead a young lady to the Lord today. We've been praying for her for a while, and I've dealt with her two other times. This morning, she came to church ready to be saved! AMEN!

  14. At home with my hubs and my mom in the evening on Fridays. On Saturdays it varies. Sometimes just busy at home, other times grocery shopping, ladies' lunch at church, and pretty soon visitation. Yay!
  15. It's been over a month since I updated, so I thought I'd catch everyone up. First, the cost...Randy was approved for the hospital charity. Since he has insurance, they have submitted the bills to the insurance, and what that doesn't take care of, the hospital will. WHAT A BLESSING! On March 6, we took a trip over to Seattle for doctor check-ups. We knew it would be an entire day because there were three doctors he had to see. First, he saw the vascular surgeon. The doc was pleased with the progress. He did want Randy to have an ultrasound, but since Randy had two other appointments that day, the ultrasound would have to wait and be done here because it was a lengthy test. Next we went to the hematologist. It took quite a while, because that doc was so backed up. He told Randy that it was likely Randy had Factor V. He had several tubes of blood taken for the testing he had to do. The doc told us to call him in two weeks and that the results should be in. Then we were off to the cardiologist. Randy had to see him because of the two tachycardia events he experienced the night of the surgery. The cardio said that he thought the tachycardia was most likely a result of the surgery and the possibility that some of the clot particles passed from his lungs to his heart (such wonderful news to hear...). When he found out that Randy's dad had a heart attack when he was just 3 years older than Randy is now, he decided that he wanted to check the cholesterol and lipid levels in Randy's blood. So he had the hematologist tack those tests on to the blood already drawn. He wants Randy to wear a heart monitor for a couple of weeks in May so that he can get a sense of his normal rhythm. We are hoping that he will be able to be taken off the beta blocker after that. So we fast forward to today. When we called the hematologist, there was still one result he was waiting on. He called Randy on Tuesday night. Randy does, indeed, have Factor V Leiden Deficiency. With it being genetic, our son needs to be tested to see if he has it as well. But the doc said something else as well. And here we go with things not taking God by surprise... The doctor saw signs of Antiphospholipid Syndrome (APS). The doc called it Lupus Anti-coagulant Disease (same thing). It is not the Lupus that causes renal failure, but there are many people who have Lupus that have APS. APS is an auto-immune disease that causes extra blood clotting. The clots with this are usually in the lower limbs and causes dark purple veins and ulcers on the legs (bingo for Randy - his right leg developed an ulcer after the clot he had about 25 years ago, and both of his feet are dark, with very purple veins). The regimen for APS is virtually identical to what he is currently doing, so that's good at this point. It is scary to think that he has two clotting issues. INR is supposed to be between 2-3. Lower than 2 allows clotting, higher than 3 can bring a brain bleed. Until we can talk to the blood doc, I assume that this remains true if he does have APS as well as Factor V. APS is more noted for causing stroke, too. The hematologist wants him to head back over to Seattle sometime in May for another blood test, this time to test specifically for APS. He had the ultrasound, but apparently it wasn't complete, so he has to go in this next Tuesday for the rest of it. Then I hope we'll find out the results. Prayer is still appreciated. He has to be careful of being on his leg too long - it begins to hurt and he has to prop it. Thanks!