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  1. Way of Life:King James Only

    Yup for us as well.
  2. Whats for Supper...

    Grilled burgers.
  3. Refuting Verses of TULIP belief

    They do teach that we are depraved. The "T" stands for that, but it also actually stands for total "inability." While they teach that man fell and sin entered into the world, they go further (and, by the way, what Calvin taught, and what those who subscribe to what we call Calvinism, and the Reformed movement, originated with Augustine) and state that man is totally unable to choose to follow God or even accept salvation as it is offered. That thought is further explained with the "I" - irresistible grace, which teaches that man can't choose either way. If God has saved you, you can't reject it. As was said, unbiblical. Most people who hear the "Total Depravity" have no clue the depths of what is meant when someone is following TULIP (or the newer ones: ROSES and GRACES). That's why a lot of people say they are a 1- or 2- point Calvinist. They accept the T without knowing what it really means in that doctrinal system, and they accept the P, believing that perseverance is eternal security. But perseverance is not eternal security, it is actually a work. A person must keep to the right path, else they were never part of the elect (like the person Dave mentioned above). We are preserved by the Holy Spirit. Yes, we are to walk right. But we do not "persevere" to the end in order to prove we are part of the elect.
  4. Requirements for Pastors

    I was waiting for your input!
  5. Requirements for Pastors

    I'm taking away nor adding nothing. You are ignoring what the wording means in both the Greek and the Old English. In denying that, you are projecting onto me what you yourself are doing. Ergo, it is YOU that are taking away. As to my not reading and absorbing what's in that passage, you don't know what you're talking about. "MUST" does not mean he "MUST" have children, but that IF he does he MUST have them under control. To try and equate the command not to be a brawler to the command that if one has children they must be under his control is what is nonsense. You keep saying the plural definition of the word children. What I find highly amusing is that you are using the MODERN dictionary definition while you claim that you only use the KJV. Sorry, but that word does not always mean multiple kiddos, no matter how you try and twist it. To claim that every pastor who's never been given children by God is not actually called to preach is quite a bit of hubris on your part. You are treading on some really dangerous grounds there. Not using the Greek to learn what words mean is not any more spiritual than using the Greek is. But refusing to heed what a word actually means in its origin is a kind of stubbornness that is not holiness. (and, by the way - No, no, no, A CHILD does NOT have to obey his/her parents...the only time there needs to be obedience is if there are MULTIPLE children. Because the verse says, "children." If the translators had meant that those children who have no siblings are to obey their parents, they would have said so [please not: that was sarcasm]. THAT's where this type of thinking leads...)
  6. Requirements for Pastors

    Ok - yes, I did misunderstand. However, I have heard many a preacher who disdains looking anything up in the Greek (but who uses a modern dictionary) teach that those verses are talking about our speech. Yes, context should show that. But, for many people (how's that for making it more generalized? =D ), the only way they know what it truly means is that they are taught the meaning. Some people are taught the meaning of the word from the Greek, while others stick with the modern dictionary, not realizing that modern english is not comparable in many ways to Old English (and the Greek from whence those words come). hehehe - thanks for that, but I did want to specify so that folks don't think I've got an agenda against anyone. And I guess I didn't bow out, did I? LOL
  7. Requirements for Pastors

    Not meaning to argue, but if you look at the greek from which all three of those come (anostrophe) - it's talking about behavior. And I'm most certainly not meaning to bash anyone. I hope nobody feels that I am. I shall also bow out, because I think anyone who reads this knows I disagree that multiple children is required. Only a capricious God would call a man to preach and then not give him the "required" amount of children and keep them all alive.
  8. Requirements for Pastors

    Under the rules of grammar, proper diagramming means knowing what the words mean. Unless and until one knows what the words mean, it is a futile exercise to try and parse. An example would be that of the old english word "conversation." That word now means a dialog between 2 or more people. However, that is not what it means in the KJV. And, no, you cannot glean just from the context what it means. You actually have to go back to the old english AND the greek. I realize that to many people that is considered verboten, but that's the truth of the matter, else you will be teaching untrue things about God's Word. The old english "conversation" would include our words, but in the KJB, it means every action/lifestyle. Now, before folks get on their dudgeon and claim that they don't need the greek, realize one thing: if you know that the word "conversation" in the KJB means more than just speech, it is because someone who looked into the greek passed it on either to you or the one who taught you what it means. The word for "Children" in the KJB is both singular and plural. And there is NO mandate to have a certain number of children in order to pastor. That is a creation of man, and has become a tradition. It puts an onerous burden on people and is why Christ warned of taking for truth tradition of men. To tell someone who is called of God to pastor that he is not qualified because GOD (who, anyone who knows anything about the KJB knows is the giver of children) did not give him children (or only gave him 1', or took his children through death) is a cruel, ungodly trick of the devil.
  9. Requirements for Pastors

    It seems to be an occasional glitch, Invicta. Frustrating but not fatal.
  10. Requirements for Pastors

    The verses on children are not a mandate to have children, but, rather, a mandate to make sure those children (whether one or 100) under the pastor's roof are also under his control. To try and force into the qualifications passages the demand for having multiple children is crafting a tradition of man rather than just obeying the Word. And then comes OFP's point - if a pastor has children and some or all of them die, is he then disqualified? That's the trouble with traditions of men. Not only do they not hold up scripturally, they don't hold up logically.
  11. Starting a church

    I agree with this, but have a question...Can a church ONLY be a church when it is organized under the authority of a scriptural NT church that sends a man? The reason I ask this is because I know of churches that started out unscripturally (as in, not following proper doctrine. i.e., starting out as pentecostal or southern baptist) but, as the pastor studied scripture and grew in the Lord, God showed him that the doctrines of that group were wrong. And so the pastor led the church out of that movement, and the church became IFB. No scriptural NT church sent him. But God worked on his heart (and when I say "his," I am thinking of at the very least 3 pastors to which this happened) and changed him. And thus changed the church. I do believe that church (or those churches), if they are now following scripture, are scriptural churches.
  12. Requirements for Pastors

    Exactly, Salyan. The word used for children in both passages listing the qualifications has the meaning of both singular and plural. If, in fact, it is required that there be more than one child, then in a family with only one child, that child would not have to obey the admonition "Children, obey your parents." I know, that sounds silly. But that is the logical end of the thought. And 1 Cor 7:14 would only apply to people with more than one child. Etc., etc. When God calls a man, that man can disqualify himself. But God is the giver of children, and if He chooses to only give that man one child (or none), He would be a capricious God should He require multiple children for a man to qualify as pastor and then not give them to him.
  13. Question about looking for a local church...

    I do agree that churches may start out wrong and right themselves. There have been churches that began in the Southern Baptist Convention and then pulled out to become Independent. We know a man who was assistant pastor at a pentecostal church. Both he and the pastor, through study and prayer, realized the error of the teachings and became Baptist (the church did, too). He is now, after pastoring for many years, an evangelist). When people sincerely seek the Lord, He will right errors.
  14. Baptism and church membership?

    At the request of the OP, I am locking this thread. But before I do... There has been purposeful misunderstanding of the statement that began all of this. As I said in the other thread, LOCAL churches have the discretion to require or not require baptism before membership in THAT LOCAL church. You know, that "independent" thing. The local church IS an organized assembly of believers. MEMBERSHIP ought not be granted unless there is baptism BECAUSE that is an identification with the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ and a testimony to everyone else about the salvation of the one being baptized. In some churches, when one is baptized they automatically become a PHYSICAL member of the church. Other churches require that the potential member join by request. Again, up to each church how they are going to handle it. PHYSICAL membership is not the same as becoming a member of Christ's bride, i.e. salvation. To be doctrinally sound, we cannot conflate becoming a part of the bride (salvation) with joining a physical local church. (Invicta, the Jailer [and his house] and the Eunuch were both baptized immediately. Yes, there might be false professions, and that is not a good thing. But baptism is the first step in obedience and to make a new convert wait until they "prove" their salvation can actually hinder their growth. And to put non-baptized people into positions of leadership within the church is foolishness on the part of the pastor.) And now, locking this before it turns into a verbal conflagration.
  15. Faithful Baptist college

    Thank you for getting the thread back on topic, No Ni. Now let's stay there.