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  1. I want to meet more christians

    Hi and welcome. And happy birthday!
  2. Hypocrites!

    When folks say that to me, I usually ask them what better place to be than in church...if hypocrites come to a biblical church, they can hear God's Word and possibly get things right.
  3. Saved for about a year

    Welcome, Andersonite.
  4. Please pray for the Cseh family

    Yes, he is waiting on the surgery. I've not heard anything new yet.
  5. Why are Christians voting for Donald Trump?

    I'm sorry, but principle trumps (no pun intended) for me. I cannot and will not vote for either of them. It will either be a write-in for Ted or a vote for Darrell Castle (Constitution party). While I don't agree with all that Darrell stands for, at the least he truly supports the Constitution. Unlike either Hillary or Donald. (and, really - Ivanka promises that in January all things will be possible with her dad? That surely isn't what my Bible says)
  6. Whats for Supper...

    My uncle took us out for Mexican tonight.
  7. Whats for Supper...

    We had breakfast for supper tonight. Pancakes, bacon, and scrambled eggs. Good stuff!
  8. Please pray for the Cseh family

    Atilla was having problems again, and then they saw a surgeon. Here's what's up: We met with the surgeon yesterday, and we now have two options: A. Have the riskier surgery, where they go through my chest cavity and the heart sac, to work on the heart. B Have a pacemaker put in and take higher doses of medication.We are leaning on option A, as the doctor shared that even after 5-6 years of being on the medications, they will stop working effectively, and we will be back at the same point we are today.
  9. Just Joined

    Welcome aboard, Stella.
  10. Newbie

    Hi, CaitiBloo. Welcome aboard.
  11. Pastor Leaves New Church Over Gay Marriage Stance

    Well, now. I'm just a wee bit put out at your attitude, GP. And with your research ability. Here is a link you need to read: http://www.crossroad.to/heaven/Excerpts/books/in-name-of-purpose/hartzell/18-0ne-god-many-paths.htm#7 It is chapter 18 of a book written in response to Warren's garbage book A Purpose Driven Life. Now, take the time to read the page - it really doesn't take long. In it you will find the quote: and it is a direct quote of Rick Warren. Notice, as you read it, that it is annotated with the number 7. Scroll down and find the number 7 at the bottom of the page and you will find the source citation. A live interview of Rick Warren with Larry King. I realize that Ronda credited a Time magazine article with the quote. And it is entirely possible that the quote wound up in an article for Time. Regardless, there is your source. You owe Ronda an apology for your snarky attitude.
  12. Reference Bibles

    Rosie, I think you're pretty well set, as per your earlier post. I just wanted to throw in my 2 cents. I agree with those who've recommended the Thompson Chain Reference Bible. It is excellent. I've used one since I was in college (got my first one from my grandparents when I went to college) many moons ago.
  13. Have you heard about the Burlington revival?

    Will you be going? If so, let us know how it goes!
  14. Have you heard about the Burlington revival?

    Yes, it does. We are friends with someone who is a friend of the evangelist - he's pretty excited about it. I've been praying for it, too.
  15. http://www1.cbn.com/cbnnews/us/2016/june/nc-revival-draws-thousands-to-burlington-and-god-rsquo-s-word http://www1.cbn.com/cbnnews/us/2016/june/ongoing-north-carolina-revival-is-making-a-worldwide-impact https://www.facebook.com/burlingtonrevival/ If even half of what's being reported is true, this is great! There are 32 pastors praying for revival in upstate SC now, and revivals elsewhere. So, what do you think? Do you know anyone involved in this?