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  1. Why are Christians voting for Donald Trump?

    Cruz did not drop out.He suspended. Big difference. And, no, he's not a dominionist. And what is clear, IMO, is that too many people accept the word of a liar like Trump and the word of a corrupt media about him. Sad, really.
  2. Why are Christians voting for Donald Trump?

    As Charles Spurgeon said: "Of two evils, choose neither." It is a fact that there is no lesser of two evils in the choice of Trump or Hillary. I agree totally with you, 2b (other than I believe they are equally evil). That is why we will be voting for Cruz. While there is a Libertarian candidate who seems to be for liberty, the Libertarian platform is a little too lawless for me. Full libertarianism equals chaos. And full libertarianism is for open borders. I'm against that, because I believe God set us up in nations. That is why I cannot vote for Gary Johnson (besides the fact that he is pro-abortion - only in cases of rape, incest, or life of the mother, but murder is still murder - and pro-same/sex marriage...both issues should be left to the states constitutionally, yes, but I will not vote for someone who personally believes either). I have always believed that one should vote for the candidate that is most constitutional. That immediately eliminates both Trump and Hillary. Biblical principle eliminates them even stronger.
  3. Why are Christians voting for Donald Trump?

    I'm still voting for Cruz. I don't care if folks think it's a wasted vote. It's mine, and that's where it's going to go. And it will NOT be my fault if Hillary gets elected. That was Trump's plan all along anyway, and folks fell for it.
  4. The book sounds fascinating, chantie! I love books written back in that era. I've found the series on Amazon, and intend to order at least book 1 as soon as I can.
  5. *waves*

    Hi, Chantie. Welcome aboard. I hope that via discussions on here you might come to the knowledge of the Holy, so that you no longer need to sit on the fence as an agnostic.
  6. a wife

    Well, John, I don't mean to be snotty in my response, but it doesn't actually matter if you see it as name-calling or not. Simple fact of the matter is that it is name-calling. When one's response to someone who disagrees with one's claim that something is a mandate from God - without dovetailing scripture to, as you put it "prove a position," - is to label that someone a heretic, that's, well, name-calling. And it isn't going to start up again. As I said before, it's not negotiable.
  7. a wife

    swath, don't start the name-calling again. Period. Non-negotiable.
  8. Has Online Baptist become Reformed?

    It's an ad, Mountain. As was mentioned, ad block plus can keep those from showing up. That's what I use.
  9. Please pray for the Cseh family

    Great news from Atilla: Today, we went for my one week exam after heart surgery. I took the men with me on the trip to the city, and we went early. We took about a 30 to 45 minute walk to the lake. Before surgery, I could barely walk 5 minutes without having to stop and catch my breath. I figured we were right near the hospital, and the goal was to stress my heart for the exam. If I was going to break what they repaired, this was the time. The great news was no irregular heart beats, a 108/70 bloodpressure and two happy sons that did share their happiness about their father getting closer to normal. I am very optimistic, as this was all without any medications since surgery. We serve a great God, and it was a fun day of sharing a place I love with my family. After back surgery, we hope to make more memories.
  10. Whats for Supper...

    Tonight we had hamburgers and potato salad.
  11. Why are Christians voting for Donald Trump?

    Her endorsement was a big disappointment (and let's remember that the majority of Eagle Forum leaders endorsed Cruz). Not just because I like Cruz. But because she has always been a staunch defender of liberty.And I have to wonder now, with Drumpf showing some of his true colors, if she's regretting it. I think others are. Knowing she endorsed him does not clarify to me how any Christian can support a man who has bragged about being a whoremonger, has been unfaithful to two of his wives, is pro-abortion (no matter what he says now), etc. No, I don't put any candidate I vote for on a pedestal. But I won't vote for someone who has the morals of an alleycat. Even if he were a constitutionalist (which Drumpf is not).
  12. She Said Yes!

    Well, not likely as far as restaurants go. LOL We are over on the peninsula. I haven't lived on the Seattle side since I was 12. Needless to say, many restaurants have come and gone since then! I'll talk to my hubs and get back with you.
  13. She Said Yes!

    Would you want to meet up while on your honeymoon or wait for a later time?
  14. She Said Yes!

    I am SO happy for you, 2b! What great news! If the two of you are ever up this way (northern Olympic Peninsula), let me know and the four of us can get together - we'll take you out for supper. Just congrats to you and felicitations to her!
  15. Why are Christians voting for Donald Trump?

    We'll see. The delegates do the voting. And more and more of them are aligning with Cruz. (and, actually, it isn't the media's fault that folks don't know how election results come about...it's the fault of each individual who doesn't take the time to find out how it happens)