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  1. George Washington. A Christian and moral man. Knew strategy and wasn't afraid to retreat if necessary. Wise. Discreet. Self-controlled. Ah, for a man with half his character at the helm of our country.
  2. There is no ROFL emoticon, either, but this was funny! No, I've never attempted to rob my house - by pulling out the windows or any other way. I'm still chuckling as I write that (picturing myself robbing myself LOL). Tell you what - you can give it an attempt. Then you'll find out if we have any weapons or not. hehehehehe
  3. They stay put. Extra force has to be applied, more than when cleaning them, in order to get them out. My folks have had the place since 2004 and never needed to get out through the windows, but they've been washed many a time (good thing, eh, in 13 years! LOL ) and stay in place. I don't know that my little grandma would have had the strength to push a window out had there been need, but my nephew's room was right next to hers and my folks taught him that, if there were a fire, he would be the one to get to Grandma first and help her. He would have had the strength to push them out if needed. I'm just glad that we've never, to this point, needed to try them!
  4. Homemade burgers for supper tonight.
  5. My folks specifically chose these types of windows because when they got the house, they had my then-almost-95-year-old grandmother and my 11-year-old nephew living with them. They were then in their mid 60s as well. They thought this type of window would be safest and easiest egress for the disparate age groups. We have a ranch-style, so none of them are far off the ground. I personally like a little more wall, but it definitely gets light in here. That's nice, too. Fire alarms were mentioned earlier. We have a number of them. One in the sitting room, one in our bedroom (formerly my grandmother's), one in my mom's room. They not only sound - very loudly! - but they also have a light alarm. My folks got these because my grandma was almost completely deaf, so they wanted to make sure if there was a fire she would wake up some how. We also have a carbon monoxide detector and a smoke alarm. Not gonna talk about what weapons we may or may not have. =D
  6. Have prayed. Will be praying.
  7. Our windows lift up to open. What I meant by "push out" is that, from the inside, we can push on the windows and they will go out of their frames. They are also a bit lower than most windows, so that, in an emergency (like a fire that blocks the way to an exit), anyone can push the window and get out that way.
  8. Our windows were designed to push out easily (they don't push in, though). How's that? =D
  9. Celina, here is the address: Mel-Rose Building, Unit no. 19, 6 Gen. A Luna St., Tuktukan Taguig And the phone number: 63 915 494 8573 I'm sure if you contact the Hardeckers, they can help you find a church closer to you if this is too much travel time. Let them know Mrs. DePriest told you about them.
  10. Biscuits and hamburger gravy. Num-num!
  11. Hey, Celina. Glad to have you back with us! Where do you live? Maybe between us, someone knows of a good church near you. Friends of ours just started a Baptist mission in Taguig City. Are you anywhere near there?
  12. Just got this update: "Jon is stable. They did an MRI yesterday and were able to identify no neck injury so they could take off the neck brace. This morning they did a tracheotomy and a direct feeding line into the stomach so all tubes are out of his mouth and he looks so much better. He looks like he'll be perfectly fine, but the doctors always let us know they have no idea what will be when he wakes up. Some severe brain injuries like his come out fine after a time, others less severe were vegetables."
  13. Since board policy is to not do this type of thing, editing is the direction we wanted to go. Thanks for your input, BrotherS.
  14. I just received word: "It was difficult yesterday and not looking good, but he was stable so they took him off the sedative drugs. He maintained through the day and night so they took a pressure sensing "bolt" out of his head this morning. He is breathing on his own which is good, but still in a coma. He may be in that state for days, weeks, or months. When he comes to, they have no idea what is state he will be in. They do know the brain damage was severe. All are here, Hannah coming tomorrow, and Ben on Thurs. His wife Laura will hardly leave his side, but trusting God and will be with him to the end, whatever that may be. God certainly is orchestrating all this and part of his plan. Pat Gordon sent a pastor he knows from here to visit. They are having a prayer meeting tomorrow afternoon for him. The military is amazing, wanting to cover all travel expenses. We have a peace but don't know what the outcome will be. We are planning to be here till Friday." They appreciate the prayer. As do we.
  15. I just found out today that the son of other friends of ours has passed away. I don't know the details, but I do know that he was only in his mid-20s. The family name is Hammond. Please be in prayer for the parents and his siblings, as well as other family/friends. Thanks.