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  2. Colin Stolzer added a post in a topic In a Dilemma   

    I'm just going to give you an example from my personal life and hopefully it will help you decide what to do about this fella in your life.
    When I was 25 I went to seminary, with a wife and 2 boys trailing along. I worked 50 hours a week in industrial construction and went to seminary by taking evening classes and online classes, I was also the teen group leader/teen sunday school teacher at our church, it was hard and required extremely long hours between working and class and drive time and youth group, I hardly ever slept and had very limited time for my family BUT my wife never had to work and she was able to stay home and homeschool our children. She also helped immensely with the youth group. Nobody but God helped us financially, I paid for all my schooling, all the normal bills and needs of a family of four with just the one job and at the end of it I had no debt to speak of, and we never missed our tithe or church comittments/obligations.
    I guess the question I would ask is, why isn't he able to put himself through school and preach? From my viewpoint based on my experience getting through seminary, it would be a breeze to be a single man working and putting myself through school, without the responsibily of being a father and husband. Either some information is lacking in your description or something is lacking in him.
  3. Colin Stolzer added a post in a topic Using Geocaching for evangelism   

    About 5 years ago I was asked by a friend of mine to relief carve/engrave a master coin for him(I'm a fairly decent engraver). On one side it had his ministry symbol and website and on the other side I engraved a verse(can't remember exactly which one now but it was about being lost and found). He used the steel coin I carved for him to make master cast molds out of some kind of latex stuff that comes in a kit. Then he would die 2 part epoxy and cast epoxy coins to put in geocaches. I have no idea how many he has hidden all over the country but he is really into geocaching...his family spends most of their spare time and their travel vacations geocaching all over the country.
  4. Colin Stolzer added a post in a topic The Supreme Court June 2015   

    I think my original questions might have been misunderstood, I was being rhetorical.
    The reality is most people are upset about the wrong thing just like most people ask the wrong questions.
    The question isn't, should sodomites be allowed to get a gov't sanctioned marriage license, the question you should be asking is, why is the gov't allowed to have any say at all in the institution of marriage.
    You shouldn't be wasting your time speaking out against sodomite marriage, you should spend your efforts removing gov't from marriage period.
  5. Colin Stolzer added a post in a topic The Supreme Court June 2015   

    I have a question...
    Black Eighth Edition Law Dictionary:
    Merriam Webster Law Dictionary(via Findlaw):
    When did God's institution of marriage become illegal?
    And Why would you want to put the Gov't between you and God in your marriage?
    If there was no Gov't marriage license, then the issue of sodomites getting married would be a non-issue.
  6. Colin Stolzer added an answer to a question How A Signature?   

    Glad I could help.
  7. Colin Stolzer added an answer to a question How A Signature?   

    In the upper right hand corner is your display name with a little arrow pointing down, this is a drop down box. If you click on your display name the drop box will open and you will see things like "profile", "messages", etc... click on the one that says "account settings" and it will open a page that has a header with tabs like "overview", "email address", ...and "signature".
    Click on that tab and change as you desire, when you are done be sure to scroll down and clck on the "save" button.
    Hope that helps,
  8. Colin Stolzer added a post in a topic Been gone a while and I changed display name   

    Thank you all for welcoming me back..
  9. Colin Stolzer added a topic in Introduce Yourself   

    Been gone a while and I changed display name
    For a while I participated here on a fairly regular basis, but two members in particular on this forum always seemed to be in contention with me so I chose to quit participating. Every so often I would stop in and read up on things but I haven't commented on anything in a long time. As time went on I became more busy with our ministry, and my business and family so I stopped by less and less frequently.
    Recently I was sent an email by a long time member here asking me if I was okay and if I would be interested in participating again, so I did a little checking and the people I had a problem with don't seem to have made any new posts in quite a while so I figured I would give it a try again.
    I'm also at a crossroads in the ministry and I've been in diligent prayer for several weeks now since I witnessed a Holy Spirit moment and had a lot of others praying for me to know the will of God so that I can decide if what I am feeling about starting a new ministry is of God or if it is just something I have rattling around in my head.
    I also changed my display name to my real name, since my business is posted on the internet and I use my real name to do business it doesn't make much sense to use anything other than my real name on the forums I participate on, so all the ones that have allowed me to change my name I'm either using my real name or my business name to post.
    In any case thanks for keeping the light on while I was gone and hopefully I'll have time to participate more in the future.
    Colin(formerly CowboyPreacher)
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    What about a tazer is that more ladylike or what about mace is that more ladylike, or is it just that you feel a woman shouldn't defend herself at all. Do you plan to be at your future wife's side 24/7 to protect her or is she just going to be left at the mercy of the world?

  11. Colin Stolzer added a post in a topic Shooters   

    My wife and I are both gun owners, rifles, pistols and shotguns, we both carry .45 acp, because we both understand when seconds count, police officers are only minutes away. So we would rather have a gun in hand than a cop on the phone. Both of our boy have been taught gun safety, and proper handling techniques since they were very young, and both are excellent marksman. We shoot as a family, we hunt as a family, and if need be we can certainly defend our home.

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    Firearms, lots and lots of firearms.
  14. Colin Stolzer added a post in a topic Why is the KJV superior to modern Bibles?   

    I'm gonna give you a none to helpful answer but an accurate one, you go with the most accurate translation you can understand. The reason I say this is that, while God promised to preserve his word, he did not promise to preserve his word in any specific language or any specific language of any given time.

    I believe the KJB is the only Bible for english speaking people, but if english is not your primary language then it may not be the best bible for you.

  15. Colin Stolzer added a post in a topic T H A N K S G I V I N G