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  1. CowboyPreacher added a post in a topic: Shooters   

    What about a tazer is that more ladylike or what about mace is that more ladylike, or is it just that you feel a woman shouldn't defend herself at all. Do you plan to be at your future wife's side 24/7 to protect her or is she just going to be left at the mercy of the world?

  2. CowboyPreacher added a post in a topic: Shooters   

    My wife and I are both gun owners, rifles, pistols and shotguns, we both carry .45 acp, because we both understand when seconds count, police officers are only minutes away. So we would rather have a gun in hand than a cop on the phone. Both of our boy have been taught gun safety, and proper handling techniques since they were very young, and both are excellent marksman. We shoot as a family, we hunt as a family, and if need be we can certainly defend our home.

  3. CowboyPreacher added a post in a topic: Alphabatized Descriptions of God   

  4. CowboyPreacher added a post in a topic: ~Collecting~   

    Firearms, lots and lots of firearms.
  5. CowboyPreacher added a post in a topic: Why is the KJV superior to modern Bibles?   

    I'm gonna give you a none to helpful answer but an accurate one, you go with the most accurate translation you can understand. The reason I say this is that, while God promised to preserve his word, he did not promise to preserve his word in any specific language or any specific language of any given time.

    I believe the KJB is the only Bible for english speaking people, but if english is not your primary language then it may not be the best bible for you.

  6. CowboyPreacher added a post in a topic: T H A N K S G I V I N G   

  7. CowboyPreacher added a post in a topic: Shooters   

    I build all my own now days I really enjoy gunsmithing. I own alot of firearms, rifles pistols and shotguns. My wife is an avid hunter and fisherwoman, so between us and our boys we do alot of shooting and I do alot of reloading cause my wife will run 100 to 250 rounds a week through her .45 ACP 1911. And I average a 100 or so through my .45 ACP and 100 rounds through my .45 LC Ruger Vaquero every week. The boys run a few hundred rounds a week through there .22's and this time of year since rifle season will be starting soon they are taking the hunting rifles out more these days.

  8. CowboyPreacher added a post in a topic: Questions Only   

    This is alot of pages to read through so I skipped a few, but can I join in?

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