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  1. That's a great idea--never encountered those. What happens when you polish them though?
  2. Well it wouldn't be a knife to a gunfight, would it. That would be ridiculous. It would be a fire extinguisher.
  3. And since you mention fire extinguishers, I wonder whether one might actually be better than a gun in this scenario where foes are coming from more than one direction at once. Maybe one could create a large CO2 cloud and then sneak away, like a squid.
  4. Well I'd count those as part of the thugs arsenal, not an independent threat. No thugs, no pit bulls. I thought Jim was describing a scenario where, let's say, he was staring down his adversaries when suddenly an angry moose appeared to the side.
  5. You got attacked by bad guys and a wild animal at the same time? That's really bad luck.
  6. Yeah, including in the home itself. A year or so ago I glanced through a report into the 1,000 or so incidents in the US that year (think it was 2015) where police had shot people dead. Gotta say it made me more sympathetic towards police over there, since although 1,000 a year sounds like a lot, most of the cases I read described police turning up to a call only to find that guns were already out and they or the public were being fired upon. Anyway, the second thing that occurred to me was just how many of these cases were domestic: a husband, wife or child grabbing the household weapon and going postal on their family and neighbours. Perhaps one cost of having a weapon in the home is how easily sudden insanity on the part of a family member can turn deadly. About 20 years ago, a law was passed here in UK that meant paracetamol had to be sold in small quantities instead of the jumbo bottles of 1,000 pills that were common. Some described it as pointless over-regulation and although I'm not totally sold on that law change myself, I can see the logic. If someone at a low ebb suddenly decides to kill themselves, not having a deadly supply immediately within arms reach might buy enough time for them to get help instead. My main point, though, is that there are areas--UK is one I believe--where violence, sexual assault, murder etc. is more often caused by family than stranger danger. Of course, you could argue that once you've got your sidearm, cannons on the roof and land mines in the garden then the only enemy left is bound to be within the home, but anyway just offering up these thoughts...
  7. Don't forget cleaning the chimney...
  8. Terrible. :( Praying for Jonathan and family.
  9. Offensive/defensive weapons were made illegal hundreds of years ago to put down some sort of revolt. Since then, I guess folk have just got used to it. Perhaps if the rate of violent crime was much higher in UK than elsewhere and one of the major parties thought there was an appetite for change, they might go into an election with a promise to repeal those old laws.
  10. Well you don't have long if you change your mind--UK will be gone in a couple of years. ;)
  11. You're not allowed to carry any weapons at all in UK--nothing that's designed to cause injury or that you're carrying for the purpose of causing injury. For example if someone mugs you and flees and you chase them with a brick, the police would consider the brick to be a weapon.
  12. If I lived in USA, my choice would be a blunderbuss--simple as that.
  13. There are some benefits to not having a wife, Florida--I would give examples but I don't want to run into the post length error that Pastor Markle encountered last week.
  14. Yeah, and even when it comes to closet calvinists on here, Salyan's the only one I can think of--oh no!!