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  1. Without wanting to play a numbers game, I think it's worth pointing out, especially since we're talking about Manchester, that most of the terrorist incidents in UK in recent memory have been to do with The Troubles, not the Koran or Islam. Nobody was killed by the IRA's bombing of Manchester in the 90s, I think because they issued a warning shortly before it went off, but many other bombings have been deadly.
  2. Loved Scarlett Letter. I haven't read it since I was a teen--should pick it up again.
  3. Hi NN, thanks for getting back to me. Yeah, scanning docs and photos. I don't scan much either, but my landlord does as part of his home-run business and a couple of years ago I agreed to help him with his ailing Pentium 4/XP combo. I told him a Linux distro might make his PC usable again and we could easily find equivalents to his Windows apps, since his workflow was pretty basic and he was already using Libre Office. But he really needed simplicity, since he wasn't confident using a PC and wouldn't be able to deal with endless workarounds and terminal commands etc., and it was this that foiled my plans in the end. For example, he needed scanning software more advanced than SimpleScan but simpler to use than XSANE. There was a really nice inbetween program available (can't remember name) but a bug meant it would crash when scanning in greyscale at medium or high resolution. Scanning in colour and then converting to greyscale was a potential workaround but the only simple photo editing program that could do that--gThumb--would sometimes not display changes made and other times display changes and not save them, i.e. it was also very buggy. These sorts of simple programs never seem to reach maturity on Linux distros. In the end I bought second-hand PC with Windows 7, upgraded it to 10 and gave it to him for his birthday.
  4. This implies my thinking on Linux too. I'm also a fan and prefer it for lots of things, for example GIS and database software and generally still being able to do stuff via the terminal. However, I find that standard bits of kit--photo editing software, office software, scanning software etc.--are bug-ridden despite being released and updated for years. And even though I stick to the popular distros, e.g. Ubuntu, I find I have to work hard to keep software running, since an app that's been fine for years may suddenly be incompatible with a new release of the distro, requiring me to spend time googling a workaround (it's always a known bug) or waiting six months for a fix. With 16.04 I found I couldn't VPN in to my work Desktop at anymore. The reason? A new bug in OpenConnect. I read that OpenConnect still worked if used via the terminal, so after half-an-hour of trial-and-error I got to my work desktop again and I set up an alias to make it easier in future. But there's always at least one thing like that...
  5. Invicta, but what about next time a thread on this topic appears, say in a month or three months--will you just make the claim again, as if this conversation never happened?
  6. I've heard that the Redwood is a good one for bonsai beginners.
  7. The forum used to have a statement of faith too but it seems to have gone.
  8. Oh, I see--sorry! Had no idea about that option. Maybe I'd use it if I owed another forum member money.
  9. Love it!
  10. Well, I routinely browse the forum anonymously. Not because I want to hide myself but because it's easiest. I only log in when I want to make a post. And then there's new visitors to this site who haven't decided whether they want to create an account yet...
  11. Well, that is a definition of being a supporter of the KJV. By that definition an atheist or hindu or a muslim etc. could be a supporter of the KJV. But given this is an IFB forum and given the history of folk coming on here to disagree with the forum's position about the KJV, which is that it is "God's preserved Word for the English speaking people", I expect what Dave meant by supporter/detractor is whether or not you agree with the forum's aforementioned position yourself. Might be wrong...
  12. Grateful for this, Orval. I responded to your post because I was interested in a particular argument that it seemed to me you were making about why a hypothetical Calvinist who professes faith in Jesus Christ may not actually have a saving faith, which is that their particular beliefs mean that the object of their faith is wrong. More particularly, that because Calvinists belief in a system, it must necessarily follow that they are putting their faith in the first 'step' in that system, or in the 'cause' as you call it above (bolded orange), which is Election, rather than in Jesus on the cross. I outlined a general form of the argument in my first post to you and asked you whether I'd got it right but you didn't address my outline nor my question directly in your answer. That's the discussion point I was interested in and I'd be happy to talk more about it, the reason being that, if I'm understanding you correctly, it's an argument I've heard often and at times in my walk with Christ hearing it has had an affect on my own assurance of salvation. As to the other things you bring up, I don't have any argument with these ones (paraphrased for brevity so correct me if I've got any wrong): --Calvinism isn't your own belief; --A person may get saved believing one thing and then go on to believe another, thus still being saved but having a different faith to the saving faith they once had; --Lots of Calvinists have got saved before becoming Calvinists, and therefore are saved in spite of being Calvinists; --You aren't saying D28 isn't saved; The two paras in blue: I don't think I understand them but they don't appear to address what I was bringing up. If we talk some more maybe those points will 'come out in the wash' so to speak.
  13. Unless "you all" really means a subset of "you all"... ;)
  14. Dave, I've heard there is one but it's 50 volumes. Including footnotes and an appendix.