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  1. Can there not be error without sin? Surely it is not sin for Eve to mis-state the command without intent? Maybe she did not intentionally change the command of God, but rather just got it a little bit wrong? The plain fact is that all we know is that what Adam was told and what Eve told the serpent were slightly different - we do not know why they were different, or if it was an intentional change - we just have the factual record that they were different. Anything beyond that is speculation (including my speculation that it was a non-sinful "mistake" rather than a deliberate embellishment!) The trick is to decide what is reasonable speculation and what is not. We DO KNOW that neither Adam nor Eve were disciplined for the wrong recollection of the command (as far as is recorded in the Bible), and therefore we can be pretty certain that whatever the cause of of the mis-stating, it was not sinful in God's eyes.
  2. I agree so vehemently that I have not read any of the comments in this thread and I would advise that no one else read any of the comments in this thread, including this one. ( And by the way, I bought several of his books and paid the postage too, which is very fierce to here.) (Oooppsssss - it might seem from that last comment that I may have read some of the other posts in this thread, but can I say that my comment about paying for books was entirely incidental to any comments by Happy or Jordan - not that I know what their comments may have been because I haven't read ...... oh........ maybe I should just stop digging this hole.......
  3. I mostly browse on my phone but don't always turn off the browser. I often just "change apps" and I think it keeps running in the background. I always wondered if it shows me here when I have it like that, but every time I go to see if my name is listed as here, it is.......... But is that because I was still here or because I came back to see if I was still here???????..............
  4. Not listed in the actual board guidlines, but the last line of that page says: the guidlines say: This board is owned and operated by Independent, Fundamental, KJV Baptist believers. We are not interested in arguing or debating. This board is set up for IFB to fellowship and uplift our Lord Jesus Christ. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Note that this forum IS NOT A PLACE FOR ARGUING OR DEBATING, according to the owner of the board. Fellowship and discussion yes, but debating, No. There is a specific place for moderated and controlled debates if that is what someone wants, but it has very specific rules. And it is up to the Moderators to decide when a discussion has gone beyond discussion and into debate. Just my 2c worth, and I should probably get change from it.
  5. You might try some nice gentle meowsic first. It is said to calm the savage beast......
  6. Watch out Ali - I think he is packin" heat......
  7. I wonder if you would care to point us to the forum rules where it lays out "proper quoting proceedure"....... Your basic arrogance knows no bounds.
  8. No, not logged in shows as a guest. There is an option to be anonymous which is a deliberate choice that someone makes - logged in but name not showing. There are legitimate reasons, as NN pointed out.
  9. I have ridden a few bikes - mostly trail bikes - but never got my licence. Still want to but.........
  10. I directly answered your question about etiquette. I doubt very much that I will join your discussions for the simple fact that I do not much care for your manner. You might consider such things if you wish people to discuss with you. But I will now leave 'your' thread so you can be as uncivil and bad mannered as you please.
  11. Well now it is only 1........
  12. Ooooooh. Just noticed....... three before, only two now.
  13. Not a matter of dictated etiquette, rather just plain, old fashioned good manners. If you walked into church and just started trying to teach stuff (anything) without first allowing us to get to know you, you wouldn't find a welcome reception. (And I know this isn't a church but the principle is not that different.) Whatever, you act as you like. Unless you DO cause trouble or act offensively, the mods will let you play. But you might consider that basic good manners go a long way.......
  14. Great, thanks. That wasn't hard now, was it? Some of your phrasing and terminology reminds me of someone here, but I can't remember who. Maybe it will come to me later.
  15. Always makes me laugh when I look at the "people on line" stats and see anonymous users. I wonder what they have to hide. Makes me laugh even more when they post whilst anonymous and think people won't notice that they are not listed by name despite having OBVIOUSLY (by their posts) been online. Does make me less inclined to trust them too. But mostly gives me a chuckle.