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  1. This is at the start of the Great Australian Bight - the concave curve that "bites" into the south coast of Australia. Will get a photo from the actual bight on the way back.
  2. Breakfast. Bacon, egg, cheese sandwiches. About 1400km east of Perth. A full day and another hour of driving and still inside our own state. Nearly got several Roos last night and early this morning. Also seen several Emus with chicks.
  3. Sorry - the middle bit of the country does not have great mobile signal.... Sunrise east of Madura pass. Hmm... photo is sideways - will see what I can do about it when I can get my pooter online. Phone in the car just west of Poochera is no plave to play with this.
  4. The beauty of creation

    So as not to sidetrack this thread: http://www.onlinebaptist.com/home/topic/27002-my-pics-thread-and-right-or-left-side/
  5. Now at a place called Madura. My son and I left home 15 hours ago, have driven near to 1300kms, and still have about 200 more to get out of our state. Western Australia is a big place. Sunset from Cocklebiddy.
  6. The beauty of creation

    No I'm not. We drive on the right side of the road which is the left side, not the wrong side which is the right side. We do this so that we can sit on the right side of the car which is of course the right side, instead of the left side of the car which would obviously be the wrong side........ I might start a thread for this......
  7. The beauty of creation

    300 km east of Perth
  8. Last one to post in this thread wins

    Oh congrats to you then........ Lurking around to steal the first post of the new page.........
  9. Does Anybody Have Any Music Videos That You Care To Share?

    Booming bass voice there in the video! He is certainly strong down low there - would be great in a godly quartet. I have a real soft spot for good old fashioned gospel quartet music. I love the four part harmonies. Of course you can get some good basic harmonies from our hymn book, amd there is nothing like hearing the harmonies come strong on a good hymn. We have tried a quartet on occasion, but it is really hard to get it really right.
  10. Last one to post in this thread wins

    Hey, no fair posting "blank" sentences......
  11. Last one to post in this thread wins

    Plan no worky........
  12. A request for rain

    You quoting Mike made it look like you were being criticle of his post. Modern farming methods are destructive to the environment, to economies, to employment, to famikies, to nutrition.......... etc
  13. A request for rain

    Quite plainly you have absolutely no idea about living in this kind of area..... He is not talking about cutting down trees, but removing bushfire fuel. Over here we do cold weather controlled burning to remove the fire fuel when it is relatively safe. It doesn't kill the trees and in fact many plants over here seed better after fire. But it does reduce the intensity of summer fires - which can be devestating. Good winter makes a lot of bush grass and small shrubs grow, then a dry run into summer dries it all out - perfect for starting fires in, whether by lightning, cigs, even broken discarded bottles can catch the sun and light it up, and boom! You lose thousands upon thousands of acres of bushland, and the trees die because of the intensity of the fire.
  14. Does Anybody Have Any Music Videos That You Care To Share?

    I posted some audio - if I can stumble through some guitar, I am sure you can trundle across the keys for us!!!!
  15. Does Anybody Have Any Music Videos That You Care To Share?

    All evidence to the contrary....... That's a lovely arrangement. I did go looking for a video or two, but the sound from our camera was wonky on them. We record services for a family that is living remotely, otherwise you would get very little from us. I might be able to find another audio somewhere......