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  1. Interesting study, worthy of a good investigation. Thanks.
  2. No need to be like that..... I stand by what I wrote, and I disagree with your explanation of what I wrote. I doubt Bob will understand it, but I am sure he will attack it and smile while he does. I was not really interested in becoming the subject of discussion, especially since this was supposed be an explanation if my warning against MacArthur. Bob has chosen to ignore my initial post and go on the attack, making this about Calvinism and ignoring any discussion about MacArthur while accusing me of treating MacArthur unfairly. I am just not interested in all this muck. And people asked me why I stopped posting recently......... EXACTLY how much false doctrine is enough to warrant a warning such as the one I posted in the original discussion, or even the listed points in my op here? And why has this become about me? MacArthur promotes the five listed points in the op which are ALL UNBIBLICAL. That is my warning, and if you don't think they are unbiblical, or you wish to follow his teachings, then I have warned and my job is done. Chew carefully, and don't whine to me when you start to feel the effects.
  3. If you had it ready to fire, why did you not just post it up?
  4. I thank you for the attempt, but your representation of my position is in error.
  5. Calvinism IS NOT A SECONDARY ISSUE. I prefer to align with the Bible than what you say about various people.
  6. Calvinism is not a "secondary issue" at all. In Calvinism salvation is through the choice of God - in the Bible salvation is by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. This is another Gospel. And no small issue at all. I have always found it interesting to see what other false doctrines people will accept in their zeal to follow Calvinism.
  7. Trouble reading Bob? Or are you only interested bagging me? How much false teaching warrants a warning in your eyes? Hey, enjoy yourself, just chew carefully. I gave my warning, noted some points - I'm done here I think. Not interested in arguing.
  8. Well, personally Jim I would only take MacArthur to the Rubbish bin, but some here appear determined to defend him and accept him, and hence my warning to be careful IF THEY ARE SO DETERMINED. Rat poison will get em if they insist on trying to eat the good bits.
  9. No I am not. I read it this morning on their website. They do not call it that, but they teach it. Just like I don't think you will find the name "Calvin" on their website, they are absolutely Calvinist. Look, I am not here to rag on MacArthur specifically, but yhe question was asked specifically of me about my general warning. You can argue about individual points all you like, the guy needs to be taken VERY CAREFULLY, if you want to bother to listen to anything at all from him. You do what you like.........
  10. Door to door specifically I don't think is effective in every setting. Was it Adoniram Judson who only began to see people saved after setting up a "teachers box"? The people of Burma would not listen to anyone who tried to teach on the street, because their culture denied that as legitimate. He had to find a "culturally acceptable way" to preach the Gospel. Methods can change to fit the culture - the Message can not. There are some over here who still doorknock, but many do nothing at all. We changed some time ago to "letterbox dropping", because, quite frankly, that was what we were doing anyway when we were doorknocking. Culturally here in Western Australia, people do not like you "invading their home" like that, and most will shut the door as soon as they hear the word "church". That is if you can get them to open the door in the first place. Our doorknocking went like this in general: Knock knock. Wait..... Wait..... Wait..... 2 mins later...... Walk away and put an invitation tract (which included the Gospel) into the letterbox. That was 90% of homes. 9% of those that did answer, shut the door in the middle of our sentence, as soon as they realised we were from a church. It was genuinely less than 1% of homes that would give you any more than 30 secs at the door. So we decided to cut out the 2 or 3 mins of waiting at each home, and instead letterbox 4 - 5 times as many homes. If someone is out the front we try to talk to them. We still have had very few come because of letterboxing, but I have found over the years that when we stop, we also stop getting visitors. It is my conviction, from personal experience (in other words, I don't have a Bible verse for it) that God rewards the efforts we make, but not necessarily through those efforts. If doorknockling works in your area, then go for it. If doorknocking doesn't work in your area, then find another way to have a regular, dedicated outreach to your community. (I also understand that in some places it is illegal to put non-post items in the house letterbox. That is not the case here.)
  11. No argument, but they way it is presented by MacArthur is unbiblical.
  12. Because it was asked, and it is not appropriate to further pollute that thread. MacArthur promotes: multiple bible (per)versions. Calvinism (and I don't care what name you put on it). Progressive worship. "Elder rule". Universal church. Although I wouldn't recommend going to his site, if you do, all these things are cleatly evident. He does get some things right, but 90% of rat poison is good food - it is the 10% that is dangerous.
  13. Look at Paul's gospel presentation in Athens compared to elsewhere. In Athens his approach is different although the Gospel is the same. There is no such thing as a "one size fits all" Presentation method. You need to assess the person and convdrsation and vary your approach to suit. Note that I am talking about method and approach, not gospel. There is, was, and always will be only one Gospel. And I would warn people to be very wary with Macarthur.....
  14. Yes, John Piper is one to warn about, as he has made a career out of publishing books on his own way. It seems from your report as though handled the matter properly at the time. Maybe you could have talked to a few others about the issue of Calvinism, but you were there and made the decision at the time. If he is a Piper fan then they will be Calvinist full on before too long, and a few other things that man likes to promote.
  15. A personal example of what you are talking about: A pastor I know has changed his worship style. Several other pastors sent letters around condemning that ministry for the change. I read them, was saddened by the news (it was presented in a credible way, and appeared to be truthful, with evidence presented). I didn't bother passing it on, or warning my people. Why? Because that church is on the ither side of the country and that Pastor was not reaching out with his new ways. I WOULD have warned someone going over there on holidays. But then this pastor publushed a book about his new worship style and sent letters around promoting the book. Now, as this guy had potential to lead astray people with whom I am concerned, it became necessary to give a wider warning. As it turns out, one of my own kids was given the book as a prize, but rather than reading it, she gave it to me - the warning was not only valid, but in this case also timely. There is a time to name names, and there is a time to ignore. Sometimes the more fuss you make, the more people get interested.