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  1. My apologies - Although I did read exactly what you wrote, I inferred from it something that you apparently did not imply.
  2. There is plenty on this site which is not IFB - this guy is at least undeniably an independent baptist, and although I have not read the book nor downloaded the chapter, it is likely that it has a biblical basis. Have you read the book or at least the chapter to state that it is in no way baptist? Yes it is basically an add, but it is most likely biblical and baptist in its viewpoint. There are people posting here who are far less baptist and far less biblical than this guy........
  3. Glad to hear your drought is broken, I was wondering how things were going for you. The other day I jumped into the car and the outside temp was 43°C (that's around 110°F) - the first hot day of the season. The last week or so has seen temps over 30°C every day, and this month has been fairly mild with more than a few days down in the mid 20's. But now we are moving into fire season - I am sitting here at my desk and the wind is howling and the temp is not too bad, but it feels warm. With low humidity, high sun UV ratings, the grass and bush dries out, and then we get a few hot days, the idiots come out lighting fires, and the wind blows hard - we get huge fires on occasion. We have fire bombers based here all year round, and bring in extra for this season each year. Water is never really our problem, as this place has always been dry, so we have dams built and water restrictions in place for as long as I can remember. We have never run out of water, partly because when it starts to get low-ish, the authorities hit panic mode and make sure everyone knows that we are low, with daily updates on dam water levels on the nightly news, newpapers etc. But bushfires are a problem every year for us. Most of the time the normal suburbs are ok from the actual fires, but the smoke causes respiratory problems throughout the city, and of course there are people living in the bush areas. Last year a whole town basically burned down, and that fire was started deliberately............
  4. Remembering that these are mentioned in the context of the shepherd, all other definitions of rod and staff only serve to confuse. Sheep are herding animals, and all herding animals naturally look to a leader to keep them safe and guide them properly. They will regularly look to the leader and as long as he is there and calm, the sheep do not worry. They are comforted by a calm and confident leader. In domesticated sheep, and particularly in the middle east, the sheep look to their shepherd. The staff and the rod are his tools which he uses to guide and protect them. The Lord is our Shepherd. When we look to Him, we can know that He is equipped to protect us, to guide us, and care for us. The rod and staff in this Psalm are pictures of that fact - He loves us, protects, and provides for us. If wenlook to him, we know we have nothing to worry about, therefore we can be comforted. The rod and staff are not direct individual pictures of direct individual realities, but more akin to the principles behind them. The primary way the Lord guides and protects us is His Word. 2 Tim 3 16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: 17 That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works. Hope that helps a bit more.
  5. They are the tools of the shepherd. The Rod was used for protecting and rebuking the sheep, the Staff was used for directing and rescuing the sheep. The Psalm mentions that these are a comfort to David. The Rod was used as a weapon against attackers, and was also used to give the sheep a whack when they are going astray. The Staff was a longer stick, usually with a sort of "crook" in the end, although not always the nice curve that you often see in the pictures. The staff was used to direct the sheep with a guiding nudge on the side, and it was also used to hook back a sheep or lamb from danger. So they are for protection, guidance, correction, and safety. There is more, but that is a basic run down. By the way, this sort of info is not directly from the Bible, but rather from historical and even current information from the middle eastern shepherding practices. They don't deal with sheep the same way that "Westerners" do. The differences between biblical shepherding and western droving (as it is called in Australia) is a really interesting study.
  6. Which church are you talking about?
  7. I personally know an IFB missionary in Romania and an IFB friend whom I trust to be truthful tells me that he is one of hardest working missionaries he knows (he visits many missionaries regularly), and this missionary certainly has not been living the high life. Your broad attack slanders this man along with those who MIGHT deserve it. This is the problem with your posts - you make it sound like ALL IFB missionaries fit your description - and that is simply not true.
  8. We are heading towards our summer now (southern hemisphere) and it is unlikely that we will get any more rain until say...... April???? We may some storm rain, and there may be a few late rain days, but there will not be much rain if it does. But we are prepared for it, for that is normal here. For places that are not they very quickly find themselves in trouble. And it is big trouble.
  9. A good read through Galatians will yeild some fruit - after all the subject matter is false teachers - particularly law vs grace.
  10. Why am I not surprised...................
  11. Exactly like you didn't in the "Lucifer" discussion. Why is it ok for YOU to use other passages in that instance, but not ok for him to use other passages in this? Any reasonable bible student KNOWS that no single passage is enough to build a doctrine, but cross referencing must be used - AS YOU have done elsewhere. This simply smacks of you trying to cause trouble over this - if you genuinely wanted information and explanation you would not put unreasonable restrictions on Alan which YOU YOURSELF do not sick to in other discussion. And by the way, it takes very little effort to at least make reference to "the Larkin thread" rather than making blind quotes which appear designed to slander by their lack of reference - people have to search to find any sort of context for your accusation, and without context for the remarks who knows whether they are reasonable or not. You quote passages which SEEM to say that Alan has lied, but the context - which you not only excluded but made it difficult to find by your total lack of reference - the context shows the subject to be more complex than a simple "I never said that" "Yes you did."
  12. I have had people talk about it in terms of ONLY lifestyle evangelism without active evangelism. That it was the only form of evangelism that they "practice". THAT is wrong, but of course our light should out and give people cause to ask us the reason of our hope. We should live like saved people.
  13. This again. This has been clearly covered in this site that you constant accusation of "brethren teaching" are false. These trachings were around long before the brethren existed, and you know it. Stop with the lying accusations.
  14. John, if I can intercept these questions: Your first is not well worded - to include "body" in this is strange, because at conception a body becomes alive. So "No" would be the answer to that particualr aspect of the question. Also, the way you have worded it sounds like the way calvinists use the term "dead" when talking about being dead in sin - it implies "total depravity", which I know that Pastor Markle does not hold to. You might want to figure out a better way to ask that question, because I don't think you mean either of these things the way I am reading them. Of course it may just be me reading it wrong. Your second is actually the point that Pastor Markle is addressing with this thread, but he is doing so by building a structured argument, meaning that he has to establish certain things along the way. If you give him time to build his structure, I think this will be answered. Just my thoughts. Dave.
  15. Actually, I think it is Chinese, but it is set to Aussie because that is where I am searching from. You should be able to set it to USA somewhere on the site....... maybe...... I was just trying to show that there are cheaper alternatives - but keep in mind that cheap can also sometimes be nasty. $250 is steep for a service that they should provide, but a $50 version might do the job.