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  1. Preaching Preference

    Yes, it is terrible when people misuse biblical terms and apply biblical words to unbiblical concepts.
  2. I have often wondered where this was ....

    Well, I am sorry to report that what seemed like revival appears in fact to me like this: It looked good on the outside but underneath the flashy and packed exterior it was....... lacking any true substance .... I guess it is back to your way Pastor Scott.......
  3. The beauty of creation

    Why are you even reviving this IRRELEVANT line in this thread?
  4. I have often wondered where this was ....

    OK first test.... This was us this morning: This is us this afternoon: Can I suggest that a small spray is enough at first.... start off gently - not like I did - a big spray all around the building and this is the result - and people still coming in even though we have finished the morning service!
  5. I have often wondered where this was ....

    Oh well - that is bad luck for you. I will try it today and report back when I have time. I expect it to be several weeks from now before things settle down..... If it works out maybe I can buy a case and send it to you to pass out to the others?
  6. I have often wondered where this was ....

    See, now I am gonna have to figure out how to fix it....... By the way, this is an absolutely 100% genuine product here - my wife picked up a couple for our home bathrooms and didn't pay that much attention, and then my daughter noticed it and came out with it laughing. From there, I couldn't help it......
  7. I have often wondered where this was ....

    I know right????? Just wondering though - it is bathroom spray - do I just spray some in the bathroom before church, or should I spray it in the hall before the people come in? I wouldn't want to overdo it..... Or should I just spray some on myself???? And how long does it last before I have to spray again? You know, I thought this would be the easy way, but as I think about it there are so many considerations, and so little instruction....
  8. I have often wondered where this was ....

    Ok, maybe this will make things clearer. Still sideways...... phones are stupid for this stuff....
  9. ....but I didn't realise all I needed was a bathroom spray! (Sorry it is sideways)
  10. Hunting yummy things

    I assumed it was from video, but when he pointed out the date, I fell into line with his thinking. Basically - "that Jim bloke is pretty amazingly good with a camera - and a rifle!"
  11. Missionaries

    My church has been blessed lately with visits from missionaries that we support. Where we are, it is unusual for people to stop by - Perth is not really on the way anywhere, so you really have to be going TO Perth. And that is Expensive! As a result we don't get visits from missionaries very often. So far this year - yes 2018 - we have had two missionaries able to spend time with us. What a blessing it is to be able to look after these people!!!!
  12. Matthew 12:40

    I mostly browse on phone which doesn't show post numbers, but I assume it is this post? To be honest you reject out of hand anything that people post so I thought it not worth pursuing any further. I didn't answer in this fashion reviously because I thought it would serve no purpose other than to offend you, but as you specifically requested an answer I now have.
  13. Hunting yummy things

    Yep, I get that - but that is exactly the point for me - sometimes the sitting is "interrupted" by the catching. But other days, I want the catching....... depends on my mood.
  14. Hunting yummy things

    I like fishing and find it relaxing , rather than boring. I actually enjoy the act of fishing more than the catching....... but of course I don't rely on it for food. I am actually happy to catch nothing, just so long as I get some quiet fishing in. Fishing with kids is NEVER relaxing.
  15. I have heard it explained roughly thus: I need to state CATEGORICALLY - that this is not my position, but it is what I have been told. Also, it is not specific to the Methodists - I don't recall the association of the person who explained it to me in this way.