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  1. What a moronic question..... I can't possibly "follow them" if I don't know what they are. I may walk a similar path - that I wouldn't know - but I cannot follow if I don't know. But it is never beyond you to twist anything you like to try to make me look bad. And this is, quite simply, nothing more than a deliberate attempt to belittle me. However, all you have succeeded in doing is to once again display the lack of basic logic that you show in many of your posts. And it shows your propensity for false accusation and deliberate misrepresentation.
  2. Spiritual discernment is two words..... Hey, you are a member here now, so post these in the lounge. This section is for non-baptists to post without becoming members. Sort of like "what would like to ask a baptist about?" By the way, I hope this doesn't come accross as any sort of rebuke - it is information only. You are free to keep posting here as well if you wish, but you will get more discussion in the main forum area. Dave
  3. Actually, what I wrote IS EXACTLY TRUE. You made a partial quote for the purposes of presenting my information in such a way that you could oppose me, but the fact is that I set the time as "the first half of the 1600's (about 1630-ish)", and I am talking about the actual division into particular and general baptists, not some local arrival of a particular group, which is what you have presented. Prior to this time there was no division along those lines, and as such there was no such thing as a "Particular baptist", or a "General Baptist". For you to state "Not exactly true" means that you are calling me a liar, but you then present absolutely no evidence contrary to my information, in spite of your deliberate attempt to misrepresent me. It seems as though your only reason for posting in this thread was to oppose my points without presenting any opposing information. Baptist Senior, I apologise for having a rant in your thread, but this is the guy I was alluding to in the post which he misquoted. He consistently rewrites history to suit his own theology, and I would advise you to ignore pretty much anything he says about history, and absolutely anything he says about prophecy. Search his posts and you will see what I mean. And watch out for his childish response which will say something like: And that, by the way is also a lie, and he knows it. (I will post nothing further about Invicta in this thread. I will only respond to the original point of the thread.)
  4. G'day, nice to meet you. UCLA....... not the one I was thinking of.
  5. Don't count your turtles before they are hatched........
  6. Like I said...........
  7. I guess to answer your question a bit better than just saying "Move", which I know is not always possible........ You really need to just try them one by one - when you visit, let them know that you are looking, and will not make a decision until you have checked them all. Personally, I would stay away from any that refer to themselves as "particular" or "Reformed", as they will almost certainly be Calvinistic. Where I am, any church that prefixes its name with "Free" is also highly likely to be Calvinistic, but I understand it is not always used that way in the US. The point is really that there are some associated with the not so good groups of baptists which are on the better end of the scale, and some who might name themselves right, but are on the wrong end of that scale. You can't tell until you sit in a service. One of the good things about the tech today is that many churches have websites - If you know the name of the nearby churches, then you put that into your search and check them out - the websites are not always accurate, or not always well done, but it gives you an idea. Particularly if you look at their "Statement of faith".
  8. General Baptists came into being when the division was made of Baptists into "general Baptists" and "Particular Baptist" which was a division along calvinsitic lines. The Particular followed Calvin's teaching of a "Particular call to salvation", whilst the General Baptist refused Calvin's teaching and believed in a "General Call to salvation". It is important to note that it was ONLY WHEN Calvin's teaching began to infiltrate Baptist Circles that this division was made - there was no distinction prior to this because the teachings of Calvin were not known among Baptists prior to this. One member here likes to claim that all Baptists were Calvinistic prior to this time, but that is simply not historically true. The division came about in the first half of the 1600's (about 1630-ish). Prior to this Baptist didn't talk about "election" in the Calvinist sense. So it would follow that a church that calls itself a "particular baptist church" should be Calvinistic, since that is the origin of the name. That doesn't mean a "general baptist church" will necessarily be any good, it simply means that they shouldn't hold to Calvinism.
  9. I would move to another area.......
  10. Hmmmm - if you hover your mouse pointer on "jimalaska"'s name in a post, you will see a "send message" pop up under his pic. Click on that and send a PM (That's a private message) to him. Or just wait.... now that you have posted this, he or one of the mods will see it and contact you. Oh, nearly forgot........ Welcome!
  11. Or maybe I am..... Now!
  12. I have never seen an actual real physical altar in an IB church. Normally people come forward to the edge of the platform if there is one, but in some the setting is stadium style where the seats are terraced and the preaching done at ground level, so when the "altar call" is given, the people come down to nothing and kneel on the floor at the front of the call. This is representative of the person presenting themselves IN THEIR HEART as a sacrifice to the Lord. No physical altar........
  13. Funny how threads like this go through cycles - it was months since anyone posted prior to my first post of this recent round, and now even Pastor Markle has posted this time........ What is OLB coming to?