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  1. WHY???

    I heard an interview with someone yesterday who was quoting Australian stats in relation to gun control as a justification for US gun control. They implied that since we brought in heavy gun restrictions there have been almost no school shootings in Australia. A couple of things: 1. BEFORE the heavy restrictions there were almost no school shootings in Australia. I don't think anything changed much after they were brought in. 2. Australia has a very different attitude towards guns and gun control. Australia is DIFFERENT to the US, and a direct comparison is not useful. The overwhelming majority of people here are not gun owners and have no interest in owning guns. Therefore gun ownership restrictions were able to be passed through with little issue. Not even a conservative/progressive political issue here. Even most gun owners here were ok with the concept of gun restriction. Not the details, but the concept........ because Australia is different to the US, and attitudes to guns are also different to the US. Not saying one is right and one is wrong - but they are different. My point is that to use the Aussie gun laws as an argument for US gun laws is not right. I do have one question in relation to all this: did school shootings increase when guns were made freely available in the US? Oh wait - guns have been fairly well accessible in the US since before you were a nation. When did school shootings start to be heard of in the US? The "rise" in school shootings is not related to any change in gun availability.
  2. The beauty of creation

  3. WHY???

    The Lord CAN do all of those things if He so chooses, but the principle of preparation is certainly a Biblical one. Matt 6 26 Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they? How does God provide for the fowls? Do they sit in their nests and wait for God to drop the food down their throats? No! God provides for them as they go are search out their food. However to say that God WILL NOT do these things, I believe is overstepping the mark. I do think that your preparation is commendable.
  4. Preaching Preference

    Yes, it is terrible when people misuse biblical terms and apply biblical words to unbiblical concepts.
  5. I have often wondered where this was ....

    Well, I am sorry to report that what seemed like revival appears in fact to me like this: It looked good on the outside but underneath the flashy and packed exterior it was....... lacking any true substance .... I guess it is back to your way Pastor Scott.......
  6. The beauty of creation

    Why are you even reviving this IRRELEVANT line in this thread?
  7. I have often wondered where this was ....

    OK first test.... This was us this morning: This is us this afternoon: Can I suggest that a small spray is enough at first.... start off gently - not like I did - a big spray all around the building and this is the result - and people still coming in even though we have finished the morning service!
  8. I have often wondered where this was ....

    Oh well - that is bad luck for you. I will try it today and report back when I have time. I expect it to be several weeks from now before things settle down..... If it works out maybe I can buy a case and send it to you to pass out to the others?
  9. I have often wondered where this was ....

    See, now I am gonna have to figure out how to fix it....... By the way, this is an absolutely 100% genuine product here - my wife picked up a couple for our home bathrooms and didn't pay that much attention, and then my daughter noticed it and came out with it laughing. From there, I couldn't help it......
  10. I have often wondered where this was ....

    I know right????? Just wondering though - it is bathroom spray - do I just spray some in the bathroom before church, or should I spray it in the hall before the people come in? I wouldn't want to overdo it..... Or should I just spray some on myself???? And how long does it last before I have to spray again? You know, I thought this would be the easy way, but as I think about it there are so many considerations, and so little instruction....
  11. I have often wondered where this was ....

    Ok, maybe this will make things clearer. Still sideways...... phones are stupid for this stuff....
  12. ....but I didn't realise all I needed was a bathroom spray! (Sorry it is sideways)
  13. Hunting yummy things

    I assumed it was from video, but when he pointed out the date, I fell into line with his thinking. Basically - "that Jim bloke is pretty amazingly good with a camera - and a rifle!"
  14. Missionaries

    My church has been blessed lately with visits from missionaries that we support. Where we are, it is unusual for people to stop by - Perth is not really on the way anywhere, so you really have to be going TO Perth. And that is Expensive! As a result we don't get visits from missionaries very often. So far this year - yes 2018 - we have had two missionaries able to spend time with us. What a blessing it is to be able to look after these people!!!!
  15. Matthew 12:40

    I mostly browse on phone which doesn't show post numbers, but I assume it is this post? To be honest you reject out of hand anything that people post so I thought it not worth pursuing any further. I didn't answer in this fashion reviously because I thought it would serve no purpose other than to offend you, but as you specifically requested an answer I now have.