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  1. I browse a lot on my smartphone. However whilst doing that, I have sometimes accidentally hit the flag that reports a post. When it is clear that I have done this, I hit the flag again to remove the report. So first of all I want to apologise if you get notification of a report from me that then disappears - I am not sure how that works at your end. Also, there may be times when I hit the report button accidentally, and DON'T notice, and you wonder why I am reporting an innocuous post. I fear that what happens occasionally is that as I am flicking the page up quickly on my phone, I hit the report button accidentally, and then clear the text window that pops up by my continued flicking to get to the last posting, but I don't notice it happen. Please be assured that if I do report a post, I will ALWAYS include the reason. So if you get a report from me without an explanation, it is an accident. And since I fear this has happened, I wish to apologise for unintentionally wasting your precious time - you have quite enough to deal with here without wondering why I am reporting a post about a toasted sandwich or something.......
  2. I thought that was what you were trying to avoid!
  3. Thanks for the link. A bit of digging shows this is an independent baptist ministry, but it is not obvious from the original site.
  4. Well as an outsider, I think at least Hillary is an "honest" reprobate. She is open about her support for immorality etc. Trump to seems to be saying he is more moral, but I just can't help but not believe him. Overwhelming feelings that once he gets the job (if, of course) he will conveniently 'forget' what he is pretending to be during the campaigns. I am just glad I don't have to make that decision. In our elections "voting is mandatory", but we also don't actually vote for our PM. In our own area vote we had something like 78 candidates on the sheet and about 12 parties. But ours is also a "preferential" system where you vote 1 to 78 in the order you like them, and if your number 1 doesn't win they look at your number 2 and so on. In reality mostly the two big parties win once this convoluted count is done, so you must consider which one of biggies you put higher as that is most likely where you vote will end up. Upshot of all of that....... I don't envy your choices..........
  5. Paul also did not say "let believers curse them". I would urge you do as the Bereans, who were more noble, because they searched the Scriptures daily to check what they were taught. Act 17:11 These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched thescriptures daily, whether those things were so. I would point out that this Paul commending them for checking what he himself was preaching. No preacher is greater than the Scriptures, and it is the responsibility of every saved person to check and test what they are taught. Any preacher who does not like that is a man to be wary of.
  6. Actually for me the dressings are the problem. When I have a salad, I like to taste the freshness - but when you drown it in dressing it loses that fresh feel and texture, and you can't taste the sweetness of the lettuce for instance - all you taste is the dressing. What's the point? No dressing on my Caesar salad thanks!
  7. I was going to like this, but I couldn't eat just a salad as a meal.
  8. Hypocrites! Have you ever had someone say to you that they won't go to church because it is full of Hypocrites? Over the years I have had several people say something like that to me. My usual response is something like: "You're right, churches are full of hypocrites, but so is your work and you still go there!" (Note: substitute "Sport club", "knitting club" etc for work as appropriate.) Funny how they rarely have any sort of good response to that........ But I have also found that it rarely convinces them to come along....
  9. Just occurred to me that the absolute best tablets you can get are "stone tablets" - from them you can get all the best advice and information you will ever need! There was an upgrade available some time after the original tablets were made available, and it improved the resolution vastly - you could see some of the things clearly, when previous to that they were sort of like a shadow. ( Heb 10:1 For the law having a shadow of good things to come, and not the very image of the things, can never with those sacrifices which they offered year by year continually make the comers thereunto perfect.)
  10. The examples you cite of arranged marriages indicates that God is not against the concetpt. It is not the normal way in many societies, and indeed I married the woman of my choice based on my feelings of love (and a conviction that the Lord brought us together). I do see one advantage of arranged marriages - you know from the start that you have to work at it, that it won't all be easy. Many people get married based on romantic love thinking it will always be that way, but it is not. That's when people often get divorced - when the "love" stops. They don't undetstand that real love is more than feelings and marriage takes work to make it work. Having said that, we do not intend to arrange our kids marriages, but we have been trying to teach them that a godly marriage takes hard work, and real love grows from that effort (with a lot of help from the Lord.)
  11. I take no tablets or medicines if I can get away with it - I just don't like to. Not even paracetamol for a headache unless I am absolutely out with it - which is rare. I am not opposed absolutely, and we do have various medicines in the house, I just personally don't like to take anything. Even with my back - which is incredibly painful when it really goes wrong - I won't take anti-inflammatories unless there is no improvement after three or four days. I can't even really tell you why, but I just do not like filling myself up with artificial stuff. My wife has to take a couple of medicines, and the kids will take paracetamol for headaches, but not me......... Maybe I am really just a bit dumb?
  12. I used to be quite fit - I used to ride 400km per week to work and back, but then I injured myself and was not able to ride for some time. When I started up again I had another health problem which stopped me from getting back into it. But about two weeks ago I determined to start doing something about my general health - I will not be riding like that for some time, but shorter rides should be do-able. I have started some diet changes - although my diet in general is not bad - it is the exercise that is the problem. Last time I started to exercise I re-injured my back, so I will be taking it easy at first, but I know I have to do something. My blood pressure has never been a problem, until the last few years it is on the high side - not medication high (Which I would probably not take anyway), but "better keep an eye on that" high. But I don't want it to become a problem.
  13. I gave blood the other day, and my BP was 143/96. I am also making some changes, but the BP is an extra incentive. Oh year - I meant to say "well done"! (I liked the OP but then forgot the congrats! )
  14. I have no idea about that link or whoever you are talking about. I asked a simple question with no implied pointof view. The passage I referenced speaks of the bride and also speaks of "they which are called to the marriage supper of the Lamb". It indicates that there is a bride and also another group, those called to the marriage. My question (with no implied point of view on my part) is: who are these two separate groups, the bride, and those called to the marriage?
  15. Did you bother to read the question, or even the verse? Why don't you go ahead and do that, then reply.