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  1. DaveW added a post in a topic: Revelation chapter 19-22 Study.   

    No, you are wrong.
    It is national Israel as the context plainly indicates.
  2. DaveW added a post in a topic: AD the Series   

    Interesting - never heard of it. Hopefully it won't make it over here. 
    Is James also a black man? Otherwise There might some questions for their mother.......
  3. DaveW added a post in a topic: They Are Servants   

    But to serve as leaders.
    The problem is they have forgotten the servant part of leadership.
    For instance, if all the people wanted to legalise murder (for a stupid example), should the representative simply serve the people's will, or should he stand and lead them into a right course?
    This is the problem - they have twisted these things around and neither lead NOR serve correctly, for they tend to serve the people's will in unrighteousness and impose their will for their own profit.
    The men in these positions need to serve the people in righteousness and lead them in righteousness.
  4. DaveW added a post in a topic: They Are Servants   

    But are they not elected to lead the nation?
    Is that not the form their servanthood takes?
    I understand what you mean when they have forgotten that they are servants,  but their service takes that form.
    A bit like a pastor, who is the servant but in a place of leadership - AND he is warned not be a "Lord".
    It is definitely "out of whack" in the way most national leaders regard their job and are regarded in their job. In this we are in agreement.
  5. DaveW added a post in a topic: Thou Shalt Not Grow A Beard.......   

    Moustache is a sustenance filter, a beard is a scrap catcher.........

  6. DaveW added a post in a topic: Holding wages overnight   

    The emphasis of this passage is the not defrauding, not the timespan for payment.
    It is about holding back what a man has earned, not about paying someone every day, but paying them for every day.
    This is a gnat......
  7. DaveW added a post in a topic: Was This Really a Miracle? Pope Francis Turns Vial of Blood Into Liquid   

    Didn't read the article because I don't care. .........
    But....... isn't  blood normally liquid??????
  8. DaveW added a post in a topic: 11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:   

    I need to get a car....
    Car is singular,  but it could any one of many separate and different cars that I get.
  9. DaveW added a post in a topic: Dumber than a.......   

    No worries HS, all good as far as I'm concerned - I just thought I might have been missing something.....
  10. DaveW added a post in a topic: Dumber than a.......   

    This is going to sound wrong, and I don't mean it to, but why is this in "Biblical Issues"?
    I thought at first you were going somewhere with it, but no one has brought up any biblical application as far as I can see.
    I don't mean it to sound critical - it is an inquiring question.....
  11. DaveW added an answer to a question: When a FBC decides to give to a new mission, should the members of the church have the opportunity to vote or should that just be up to the Pastors and clergy?   

    On the bald facts that you present, it would seem inappropriate, but, if you will forgive me a moment, making a decision on information from only side of the matter is not safe.
    You may not even know all of the details, let alone be sharing all that you know.
    We recently had a situation where a non member questioned a decision made by a majority of members. We had enough members present according to our constitution to legally make such a decision, but I guarantee that he thinks it was done wrong. Other members who could not be at that meeting were also contacted prior, so almost every member of our church was involved in the decision.
    He simply does not understand biblical church membership and therefore while he thinks that it was not brought before the church, according to biblical membership it absolutely was.
  12. DaveW added a post in a topic: ...no rising up.   

    I would suggest that it is not saying "a king who can not be risen against", but rather a king who is so good that people would not consider rising against him.
  13. DaveW added a post in a topic: ...no rising up.   

  14. DaveW added a post in a topic: What does your church call it?   

    We call easter "Easter" and we call Passover "Passover".
    That is what we call them when we teach on them. 
  15. DaveW added a post in a topic: welcome   

    Good morning, I would like to welcome you all to this week's meeting of plastic surgery addicts anonymous. 
    I must say that I am a bit disappointed to see all the new faces here this morning........


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