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  1. I would move to another area.......
  2. Hmmmm - if you hover your mouse pointer on "jimalaska"'s name in a post, you will see a "send message" pop up under his pic. Click on that and send a PM (That's a private message) to him. Or just wait.... now that you have posted this, he or one of the mods will see it and contact you. Oh, nearly forgot........ Welcome!
  3. Oh yes you will....
  4. Or maybe I am..... Now!
  5. I have never seen an axtual real physical altar in an IB church. Normally people come forward to the edge of the platform if there is one, but in some the setting is stadium style where the seats are terraced and the preaching done at ground level, so when the "altar call" is given, the people come down to nothing and kneel on the floor at the front of the call. This is representative of the person presenting themselves IN THEIR HEART as a sacrifice to the Lord. No physical altar........
  6. Funny how threads like this go through cycles - it was months since anyone posted prior to my first post of this recent round, and now even Pastor Markle has posted this time........ What is OLB coming to?
  7. Sorry gotta pull you up on this one. The Bible says: Gen 6:4 (4) There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown. Notice that there were giants in the earth in those days; and ALSO AFTER THAT, when..... The Giants were not the offspring of "the sons of God" and the "daughters of men", but were pre-existing that event. Those offspring became "Mighty men", "Men of renown", but there is no mention of them being giants. As to Giants: 1Sa 17:4 (4) And there went out a champion out of the camp of the Philistines, named Goliath, of Gath, whose height was six cubits and a span. In 1 Sam, 2 Sam, 1 Chron. Goliath and his brothers are referred to as sons of the giant. A Giant is certainly referred to in the Bible as a large man, but not as anything more than a large man. Six cubits and a span is roughly ten feel tall, which is far taller than the average man today, but it is not far off what has been seen in modern times. Robert Waldo was just shy of nine feet tall. (around 1940) Look at Yao Ming, the Chinese basketballer standing next to Shaquille O'niell and tell me taht he is only 7'6" as stated - Shaq is 7'2" (I think) and is waaaaaay shorted than Yao Ming, Giant in the Bible never means "Jack and the beanstalk" giant.
  8. Now, I fully expect you to be rude to me, and I don't care, but I am not the only one who questioned your meaning with these posts, so unless you are accusing several others here of being ignorant, maybe you should back off a little and take some advice - such as EXPLAINING YOURSELF CLEARLY instead of posting random verses and expecting everyone else to know what you are referring to. My first post here asked you to do just that, but instead of responding properly you showed no respect and answered with a jibe. Then you accuse me and others here of ignorance....... You really are arrogant.........
  9. Ohhhhhhhhhh - I knew I should have made the text smaller so no one would see it, but noooooo would I listen? No, of course not - old stubborn britches here wouldn't listen to good sense would he???????? And look what happens.......
  10. I wonder if I can sneak one in and declare myself the winner?
  11. He keeps telling us that he is not a Calvinist, but he often sounds like one. He also keeps telling us that he is not a replacement theologist, but he often sounds like one. If only he would explain himself properly the first time, then we wouldn't mistake him..............
  12. Yep - linky please.... I will have to find the browser then - should be no problem. I will give it a go and see what happens - will be good to have the little box running again if I can make it happen. My oldest son has played more with Linux than I have, and I think he can probably help if I get stuck. We have run a few Linux versions from USB before so I have an idea, but any help would be great. Thanks, Dave.
  13. Hey NoNics, is there any chance of getting your "portable OS" sent through? I have an old netbook which we tried loading a couple of Ubuntu versions onto, because the Windows it came with (XP) bloated to the point that it is basically so slow it is impossible to use. It has 1 or 2 Gb of Ram - it has sat shut up for so long I can't remember..... If I could get it running just as a browsing machine, that would be great. But if I remember correctly, one of the problems we had was finding a graphics driver - it is a Dell mini 10, and apparently it was available with a Linux option when new (I got it from a friend second hand), but we could only get it to display occasionally - most of the time it would only show the top half of the screen.........