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  1. Which is yet another reason your view is unbiblical.....
  2. Baptism.....

    Well, I am not talking about "an authority", but the authority, the right, the responsibility, the "charge", to baptise. Who can do it? Anyone at all, or is there a restriction on who is "allowed" to baptise. That is the point of the question.
  3. Baptism.....

    So then, who exactly has the authority to baptise?
  4. England/Wales

    I have never been, but mt in laws have been across a couple of times. As far as driving is concerned, it took them a lot longer to get anywhere then they expected. I don't know what it is like driving in Canada, but country driving in the UK has heaps of little towns to slow you down - that is what they found anyway. An "outsider's" point of view of driving in the UK. Have fun!
  5. I think I put this one up in the other thread but...... And now this one as well. These are Wedge Tailed Eagles, and this pair have been injured and are being kept in an aviary at Cocklebiddy until they recover and can be released. They eat the roadkill, but are not always fast enough to get away as a car or truck comes. Not small birds either - can have wingspans of 8 - 9 feet.
  6. I will put more photos up when I eventually get home, but we thought we would check our directions on the GPS - easy to take a wrong turn when there are so many options....... There is only one true road across the bottom of Australia. How many of you would ever have seen this kind of "distance to next turn"?
  7. The beauty of creation

    Great Australian Bight, taken today, 3rd October 2017 with my phone. On the way home now with an overnight stop, then 1450km tomorrow.
  8. So today is my 10 year anniversary...

    By the way, it was Jerrynumbers. And it was funny.......
  9. Hey...... that was not that way up before......... (I assume thanks are called for now?)
  10. Ok now turn your monitor upside down so you can see what it really looks like..... I am not up to sorting and posting the photos etc yet - maybe tomorrow when we are settled in Canberra if the motel has wifi.......
  11. Three long days of driving and we are finally in Sydney. Day 1 - 4am leave Perth. Arrive Madura 7.30pm. Cheap motel. Day 2 leave Madura at 5.30am Stopped at a little place called Morgan in South Australia nearly at midnight. Tried to sleep in the car as no vacancies anywhere (three towns) Day 3 leave Morgan at 3.30am - hardly slept. Breakfast in Mildura, Victoria, around 7am. Around 9am we passed into New South Wales. Making good time until the Hume Highway was closed due to bushfire 2 hours drive from Sydney. 2.5 hour diversion through some of the twistiest roads you can imagine, in the dark. Arrive at Sydney destination 9.30pm. The trip is around 4000km - and we filled up the car at Coolgardie, Madura, Ceduna, and a little town near Renmark, and used a total of about 140 litres of fuel. The car was telling us it used 5.3l/100km which is better than 44 mpg. A decent night's sleep, and now about to head to church with my Sister. Will put up more photos when I have time and have the energy. Sunrise somewhere in New South Wales. I don't know what's happening here - but remember that Austrslia IS called the land down under......
  12. This is at the start of the Great Australian Bight - the concave curve that "bites" into the south coast of Australia. Will get a photo from the actual bight on the way back.
  13. Breakfast. Bacon, egg, cheese sandwiches. About 1400km east of Perth. A full day and another hour of driving and still inside our own state. Nearly got several Roos last night and early this morning. Also seen several Emus with chicks.
  14. Sorry - the middle bit of the country does not have great mobile signal.... Sunrise east of Madura pass. Hmm... photo is sideways - will see what I can do about it when I can get my pooter online. Phone in the car just west of Poochera is no plave to play with this.
  15. The beauty of creation

    So as not to sidetrack this thread: http://www.onlinebaptist.com/home/topic/27002-my-pics-thread-and-right-or-left-side/