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  1. There are people here who are happy to answer any questions, but as just advised, check everything against the Bible. Acts17 10 And the brethren immediately sent away Paul and Silas by night unto Berea: who coming thither went into the synagogue of the Jews. 11 These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so. Note here that Even the Apostle Paul commended these people for testing his own preaching against the written Word of God. That, and nothing else and no one else, is your authority.
  2. I just said to my son last night that it looked like we were having our "annual influx of Calvinists". It does seem as though they organise at a board to come here and "have some fun" every so often. I find it funny how there is often one who takes "the smiling assassin" role, who thinks that they can say anything they like as long as they start and finish with nice words. I found that with real life calvinists too...... The other thing that I find interesting is that when a good man falls to Calvinism they often leave other Bible doctrines and godly positions when try to find a Calvinist church. For instance, I have known some who end up going to Presby churches even though it follows infant Baptism, and/or uses modern corrupt versions (you know, versions that remove salvation from the picture: see Acts 8:37 - or not if you have an MV). I have always been amazed at what men will give up in their pursuit of Calvinsm.
  3. Deserves a double "like" in my opinion. ;)
  4. I issued a just warning against a false teacher - you disrespected the authority of this forum. Which of these is more in line with Scripture?
  5. Total lack of respect for the moderators......... How about an apology to the moderators. Salyan, OFP, and Jim are moderators, and the way you have spoken to each of them is disrespectful.
  6. Interesting study, worthy of a good investigation. Thanks.
  7. No need to be like that..... I stand by what I wrote, and I disagree with your explanation of what I wrote. I doubt Bob will understand it, but I am sure he will attack it and smile while he does. I was not really interested in becoming the subject of discussion, especially since this was supposed be an explanation if my warning against MacArthur. Bob has chosen to ignore my initial post and go on the attack, making this about Calvinism and ignoring any discussion about MacArthur while accusing me of treating MacArthur unfairly. I am just not interested in all this muck. And people asked me why I stopped posting recently......... EXACTLY how much false doctrine is enough to warrant a warning such as the one I posted in the original discussion, or even the listed points in my op here? And why has this become about me? MacArthur promotes the five listed points in the op which are ALL UNBIBLICAL. That is my warning, and if you don't think they are unbiblical, or you wish to follow his teachings, then I have warned and my job is done. Chew carefully, and don't whine to me when you start to feel the effects.
  8. If you had it ready to fire, why did you not just post it up?
  9. I thank you for the attempt, but your representation of my position is in error.
  10. Calvinism IS NOT A SECONDARY ISSUE. I prefer to align with the Bible than what you say about various people.
  11. Calvinism is not a "secondary issue" at all. In Calvinism salvation is through the choice of God - in the Bible salvation is by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. This is another Gospel. And no small issue at all. I have always found it interesting to see what other false doctrines people will accept in their zeal to follow Calvinism.
  12. Trouble reading Bob? Or are you only interested bagging me? How much false teaching warrants a warning in your eyes? Hey, enjoy yourself, just chew carefully. I gave my warning, noted some points - I'm done here I think. Not interested in arguing.
  13. Well, personally Jim I would only take MacArthur to the Rubbish bin, but some here appear determined to defend him and accept him, and hence my warning to be careful IF THEY ARE SO DETERMINED. Rat poison will get em if they insist on trying to eat the good bits.
  14. No I am not. I read it this morning on their website. They do not call it that, but they teach it. Just like I don't think you will find the name "Calvin" on their website, they are absolutely Calvinist. Look, I am not here to rag on MacArthur specifically, but yhe question was asked specifically of me about my general warning. You can argue about individual points all you like, the guy needs to be taken VERY CAREFULLY, if you want to bother to listen to anything at all from him. You do what you like.........