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  1. DaveW added a post in a topic: A glitch?   

    Well we seem to have a glitch in the system somewhere.
    It has become apparent that there are members who are not IFB who have access to those parts of the forum which are for IFB only.
    I sent a pm to brother Matt about my suspicion, but he has not read it yet (He is a busy man).
    But in fact I am not certain my PM's are working as I don't seem to be getting replies.
  2. DaveW added a post in a topic: Baptist and Calvinism   

    That is a lie - he exposed this foul doctrine for what it is. He did not devise arguments - each and every argument he refuted has been proffered to him by teachers of this false doctrine.
    He was banned because he lost patience with the false teachers.
  3. DaveW added a post in a topic: Baptist and Calvinism   

    John, you will be familiar with the fact that we occasionally get invasions from other sites and those people have intent to cause trouble.
    They are normally dealt with quickly because their position is blatantly obvious.
    Well just check the last lot of new members and see the subject and tone of their posts.
    If this guy is genuine about wanting fellowship, all he has to do is stop pushing a teaching which is clearly against the forum doctrinal statement, and start enjoying fellowship.
  4. DaveW added a post in a topic: Baptist and Calvinism   

    I think there is value in discussing the matter, but not with someone who has so obviously come here to promote this false doctrine, not to discuss it.
  5. DaveW added a post in a topic: Baptist and Calvinism   

    I will point you to the forum doctrinal statement and particularly:
    "Doctrine of Salvation:
    We believe all men are born sinners and deserving of hell. We believe God sent his only begotten Son Jesus Christ into the world to make a substitutionary sacrifice by his death that was sufficient to atone for the sin of the whole world. We believe man was dead in sin and unable to come to God yet the true light, Jesus Christ , "lighteth every man that cometh into the world" and through that universal grace of light every man is freely afforded the opportunity to repent and come to the light. We reject the doctrine that God has chosen some to go to heaven and has not chosen others. Rather we believe that God, who is rich in mercy, has chosen all mankind for salvation but unfortunately some will go to hell because they, by hardness of heart and self will, chose to frustrate the grace of God by rejecting his free gift and trampling under foot the precious blood of Christ. We believe in order to truly pass from death to life a person must repent of their sins and call upon God to receive salvation and remission of sins by grace through faith in Gods promise and Christ's blood. We believe good works do not and can never have any part in salvation, truly all our righteousness is as filthy rags, however if a person is truly saved good works will follow because their heart has been changed by the operation of God."
    ​and suggest that IF your purpose is to promote the vile doctrines of Calvinism then you may find a more welcoming forum elsewhere.​
  6. DaveW added a post in a topic: Reverend?   

    Unless you take it as a title.
  7. DaveW added a post in a topic: Reverend?   

    And it is not Biblical to take that attribute which is applicable to God himself and apply it to His servants.
    In fact humility is the proper place for a servant of the Lord.
    To take the title "Reverend" for himself is to lift his heart up in pride.
  8. DaveW added a post in a topic: Baptist and Calvinism   

    TULIP is 100% a lie, formulated by an unsaved man, based on the teachings of an unsaved man, and the only way any Bible verse even vaguely fits is if it is twisted out of all recognisable shape.
    The Calvinist board has sent their jokers in for another round.
  9. DaveW added a post in a topic: Reverend?   

    Here in Australia I don't know of one pastor who uses the term "Reverend", either for himself or for a visiting Pastor or evangelist, yet a few guys I know, when they have been to the US have been called "Reverend" when they have preached at IFB churches over there.
    Personally, aside from not being a Biblical term, I find it a little offensive to the Lord, as He is the one due reverence, not His servants.
    Any thoughts?
    Is this common over there?
  10. DaveW added a post in a topic: ...and all this time, I thought David killed Goliath!   

    And let's not forget that aside from the care they took in comparing Scripture with Scripture (which certain other translators did not bother with), they were also honest enough to note (by italics) that these words were added for clarity.
    A thorough and also transparent process and result.
  11. DaveW added a post in a topic: I have a Bible question   

    I should probably add that that Revelation does also reference these witnesses as having power to stop rain and bring "all plagues" which some take as extra reference to Elijah and Moses.
  12. DaveW added a post in a topic: I have a Bible question   

    Well, if you believe what the Bible actually says you will likely end up with NN.
    They are not specifically identified,  so we can not be certain, but it is likely to be either Enoch and Elijah as suggested above, or Moses and Elijah due to their appearance at the transfiguration.
    However, there is no direct link between either pair and the two witnesses of Revelation.
    One thing we CAN BE CERTAIN OF is that they are two actual men - the record in Revelation leaves no room for any other understanding - unless of course you are happy to ignore what the Bible says and make up your own understanding of words.
  13. DaveW added a post in a topic: Palindrome   

    I will ask my daughter Hannah - I think she might know.
  14. DaveW added a post in a topic: Unable post on forums, reply, or even PM   

    That happens intermittently on my phone - sometimes going to the main page then back into the thread sorts it, sometimes I have to go somewhere else entirely.
    But most of the time it is fine.......
  15. DaveW added a post in a topic: Notifications   

    I am getting notifications, but I am not getting replies to PM's