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  1. Pre-Trib Rapture

    When a liar lies a lie that he knows is a lie, there is no want in his heart to learn and grow, only to corrupt others and lead them astray. In such cases warning is necessary, especially since in this case a brief explanation has already been given by another member. It is right to make it plain that such a one is deliberately and knowingly lying so that the unwary are not inclined to accept his false teaching in any way. He has shown by his repeated lies on this matter that he has no interest in the truth in this issue.
  2. Pre-Trib Rapture

    Invicta with this lie again, which he clearly knows is a lie because it has been shown previously in discussions in which he was involved to be a lie and yet he continues repeat it KNOWING it is a lie. How dishonest is this man?
  3. A Forum Bible Study On 2 & 3 John

    Brother Markle, I feel I must apologize to you. In my last post on this site I made the statement that there was finally something worth posting about. I was not aware of this fine thread, because although you notified me of it, I was not regularly visiting this site for various reasons. Whilst many of those reasons are still valid this thread is a shining exception.
  4. She Said Yes!

    Finally a good enough reason to log in again! Congratulations!! And also great to see someone who holds so strongly to their convictions. The Lord has honoured your faithfulness. David
  5. Comment On Current Debate

    I haven't logged in for some time, and have only looked at the actual debate thread itself. The reason for this is that Covenanter, Invicta, and Genevan Preacher, were previously getting away with blue murder in their false teaching and misrepresentation. It is apparent from this thread also that they are still simply allowed to push their vile false doctrines, and Genevan Preacher in particular has posted nothing in the last two pages of this thread except what can only be seen as personal attacks against brother Scott. Add to this the misrepresentations of Bother Scott that both Covenanter and Invicta have added to Genevan Preacher's personal attacks, and there you have the reason that I have not logged on here, and why you will rarely, if ever again see me posting here. I am disgusted that this can be allowed on a site that proclaims itself to be Independent Fundamental Baptist. Liars and false teachers are allowed to do as they please, and good solid people are leaving because of it. I have copied out the Debate thread and it will be invaluable in showing the ridiculous arguments and twisted interpretation that these replacement, covenant theologist cranks push. And just so that I am plain about this - Covenanter, Invicta, and Genevan Preacher, the false teachers and liars referred to above can answer any way they like - I will not be back to visit this thread and read it so I don't care what you say about me.
  6. Comment On Current Debate

    Okay - so Covenantor the proven liar and false teacher is allowed IN THE DEBATE to accuse Brother Scott of falsifying God's promises - in other words of lying about what God has said - in a post which has as its entirety that purpose and intent? THAT is in the spirit of the debate, isn't it? Covenantor has constantly made a joke of the debate and apart from showing how ridiculously inept he is at understanding both plain language and more importantly God's Word, he has again proven that he has no respect for Brother Scott, nor for Brother Matt and the forum in general. But he is allowed to get away with it. Constantly.
  7. Problems with Evolution (I hope this works......)
  8. Free Will: An Atheist's Question

    You have stated that your purpose here is to cause doubt. Your replies to my post prove the truthfulness of my post. Therefore there is no point answering your questions, as you will continue to dismiss the answers you are given based on your presuppositions and your directive intent. Any answer given is deemed by you to be irrelevant as it "makes the experiment null". Further, if you were "brought up in the southern baptists" like I think you said elsewhere, then you have all the background you need. You know the answers to the questions you are asking. Therefore, your questions are not to gather information, but to cause trouble. It is therefore incumbent upon you to prove that there is value in your questions - convince such as NN and I that it is worth answering your questions. Or you will get less and less replies as other people come to the same conclusions. Do you actually want to grow from your time here, or is this a game for you?
  9. Free Will: An Atheist's Question

    You have the fall back position that "the illusion of free will" is real, but not necessarily the "fact" of free will. This is very convenient to your argument as pretty much ANY proof of free will can then be dismissed. Therefore, the discussion becomes about as useful as the "tree-forest-sound" conjecture. There is no way to prove that a tree makes sound if no one is there to hear it, for any way of recording that sound in itself makes the experiment null. God's Word is full of indications that man has free will. God does not lie. Therefore man has free will, not just the illusion of it. If you reject God's Word as being true and hold to the "illusion" premise that you have proposed, then it is not possible to prove free will. If you abandon your presupposition that free will does not in fact exist, then you have proof plenty of the free will of man.
  10. Free Will: An Atheist's Question

    This section is really for non-members to ask things. You, being a member of this board, can ask questions in an appropriate section of the main forum. But yes, you can continue here too.
  11. Help! Sermon Recording X 3!

    I doubt it. You may be able to suppress some of it as "noise" but if it is the same person in each it will be really difficult. With the program I use it is easy to add tracks, but once added to the main track there is no way back. Maybe a professional - but it might cost.......
  12. Only that the verses quoted above - and particularly the asterisk marked point - only supports the idea that it will not be known UNTIL THE ACTUAL EVENT. Even a woman with child as used in the passage, knowns it is coming but not WHEN until it actually happens. So yes, that passage does indeed help us to have a proper understanding of the theif concept - that the theif is not known until he exercises his craft. Exactly what you and I have already said, and what the Bible teaches. Secret before, results seen afterwards.
  13. Scriptural Election?

    The anabaptists did not "reject institutional church" in the way you appear to be inferring. They were never a part of "institutional church" - they rejected it from the start.
  14. Atheists and delusion

    No argument - but the RESULT was good for the people.
  15. Didn't Know This

    I should probably explain: Are semaphore flags pagan? They are a form of distance communication, and as such are a tool - not pagan in any way. No more than a telephone......