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  1. The beauty of creation

    Not very artistic, but saw this fella on my morning walk. Around here he is known as a "stumpy tail".... never could figure out why? A kind of blue tongue skink. This guy is about 1 foot long (if he was straight), but they get about half that size again. He is a young adult at a guess. And this where I was walking:
  2. Three Grandsons Saved Today!

    Praise the Lord!
  3. Song of Solomon 2:1 (1) I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys. No URL - just Bible...... Commonly understood to be referring to Jesus.
  4. To put aside the context, the two terms are not mutualy exclusive. Even your own definitions agree with that. You stated it is AN ATTEMPT.... You can try to convince somebody of something, but unless you have a way of FORCING your will on them REGARDLESS of their own views and wishes, then they still have a choice. In other words, an attempt to convince does not in any way negate free wiill choice. The only things in this discussion that would be mutually exclusive are free will and forced conformity. I am trying to convince you right now, but you have the free will to refuse or agree with my view. In my view, this is a confusion of terms, not a disagreement of concepts. (By the way, it is incredibly rare that anyone accuses Pastor Markle of misusing words - and ever more rare that they are right.)
  5. Dude..... don't overthink things...... I meant the Rose of Sharon..... I have never even heard of all that stuff you are talking about........
  6. Welcome friend. I rhink you will find that most here prefer the Rose to any sort of tulip. How about you drop into the intro section and let us know a but about yourself and your salvation testomomy.
  7. Are We Teaching the Bible Well in Our Churches?

    On the contrary, if we accept the church age theory, then we can ONLY apply the current church age to the current church, by the very definition of each church representing a particular age. However, if we accept that each letter" was written to a particular church, it follows that it applies only to that church, EXCEPT for the fact that each church letter includes this: Rev 2:7 He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; ..... This then makes each letter to each of the CHURCHES to apply in a secondary way to every individual church.
  8. Put Your Bad Jokes Here...

    Two atoms meet up one day for lunch, and the first one says to the second one" So how are you?". Atom 2: "Not feeling the best - I've lost an electron." Atom 1: "Are you sure?" Atom 2: "Yep. I'm Positive."
  9. Purposing My Mouth

    Just looking on the PC and the formatting is fine - to format using spaces like that is an issue for mobile, but fine on PC.
  10. Put Your Bad Jokes Here...

    Two blondes are walking along in the country when they come upon some tracks. The first blonde says "They are rabbit tracks". The second says "No, I think they are deer tracks". The first says "No, you are wrong. They are definitely rabbit tracks." The second, speaking adamantly now proclaims "No, they are without doubt deer tracks". Then they got hit by a train...........
  11. Are We Teaching the Bible Well in Our Churches?

    But most people who hold to the church age thought on this passage do as has been done above and relate, for instance, Sardis to the RCC - but this implies that Jesus recognised them as a legitimate church with the mentioned problems, whereas I and I suspect the majority here would not agree that the RCC was EVER a legitimate church. Furthermore, there is no indication in the passage that it relates to anything other han seven actual, physical, real churches. I won't have a knock down drag out over it, but that is my opinion.
  12. Are We Teaching the Bible Well in Our Churches?

    But to accept the " church=age" theory one must accept the RC "church" and reformation "churches" as legitimate churches. One must also accept that since we are now in the "Laodicean age" that the previous ages do not apply to us fir we no longer in those ages - they are past.
  13. Purposing My Mouth

    The formatting of this makes it incredibly hard to read on the phone. The "word wrap" has all the lines of different verses mixed together.
  14. Evolution Evangelism

    I'm sorry, I have been thinking about this since I first read it, and I simply have to ask, How is talking about the whole purpose and reason for Jesus Christ coming an "aid to defilement and discrimination"? It is the reason, the whole reason, for the Lord being made manifest in the flesh! If this is a divisive issue for you, then we really do have some big things to deal with - FAR MORE IMPORTANT than whether or not you trust fallible scientists more than the words of an infallible God in the matter of creation. As to it being "our own between ourselves and God", I am certainly glad that Jesus Christ did not share your sentiment - otherwise we would never have known the reason for His coming. I am glad that Paul didn't think it a matter to be kept between "ourselves and God"; and Peter; and Philip; and John......... A testimony of salvation can be a way to bring someone else to Christ; a way to encourage a brother or sister who is struggling; a reminder to a wayward brother of the path that he should be walking. You belittle a wonderful and potentially powerful spiritual tool, and you do so, because why? because you don't want us to know any truth about who you are and why are really here? This is the only reason I can glean from your words. Tell us, please, how you came to be saved, and who you are now learning from in spiritual matters.(Not the specific name if you would rather not, but what group?)
  15. Evolution Evangelism

    It took you an awefully long time to "change your mind" from being apparently willing to share to an absolute refusal. If this is your opinion, why did you not simply state it at the outset? Can I ask you how we can possibly attain to unity of faith when you refuse to share your faith? Amo 3:3 Can two walk together, except they be agreed? All we know about you is that you don't believe the whole Bible is true - how can we know what you believe from the Bible unless you tell us? I am concerned for your soul - do you believe the parts of the Bible that talk about salvation by grace, or do you believe they are only figurative? Do you believe the parts that tell us who Jesus really is are literally true, or are they only figurative? How do you decide which parts are true and which parts are figurative? These are important things to know, and I really wish you help us out and share your opinion n such matters.