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  1. Hi. We used to have a minimum posting requirements before one was eligible to enter the IFB forums. We'd like to get a sense of the individual before letting them in. Why don't you go ahead and post in the general forums for a while (honestly, that's where most of the activity is)?
  2. Actually, there's a third option! Protestants, by definition, are those denominations that emerged from the Roman Catholic Church during the Protestant Reformation. Although you may find a couple baptistic groups that trace their origins to the Reformation, there were baptistic groups in existence previous to the Reformation - all through the medieval period!. Most IF Baptists trace their lineage to these free congregations, and thus do not consider themselves to be protestant.
  3. (My coworkers are going to think I'm nuts. I can't stop laughing at that conglomeration of words I just created!)
  4. The true and most accurate representation of Calvinization would involve the significant and profuse invocation of a multi-syllabic vocabulary, whether accurate or developmental. Your initial attempt at creating fresh and complicated definitions is a worthy endeavor, but ultimately quite insufficient and incomplete, as the true Calvinizationist's response must involve multiple paragraphs and extensive constructions.
  5. Oh ho... them's fightin' words!
  6. 0! Wait... wrong game...
  7. Um... wow. That was unnecessarily hostile. Lutherans/Protestants/Baptists are not the same thing. All Lutherans are Protestants, but not all Protestants are Lutheran. And Baptists are neither Protestant nor Lutheran. If you want to understand us (which apparently you don't, as you seem to think you know everything already), it would be useful to stop confusing these very different denominations.
  8. Some have a table, yes, and they might even use the term 'altar', but it is NOT an altar of sacrifice like the Bible refers to. Their use of the term 'altar' is basically a misnomer. I'm sensing that you are connecting the term to its correct connotation (which is an altar of sacrifice), and may be giving more importance to the table than it really deserves, and that's why I'm trying to clarify things. It is not necessary to celebrate the Lord's Supper on any piece of furniture in particular.
  9. Lol... I think instant compliance would be the dream of every parent. Kids are individuals, though, and don't always do what we want or expect of them. I have a feeling that when we become parents, we'll find parenting isn't as simple as we singles think it's going to be! ;-) Be sure your planned justice is tempered with mercy.
  10. Yah, I've heard the 'altar call' used as a turn of phrase, but I don't know any church that actually considers there to be an actual altar in the church. Sometimes you'll see the little tables at the front - these are often used to place the communion dishes on (looks nicer than resting them on the stage - and more sanitary!) - but they aren't altars. Just tables. We had one built a few years ago, but before that, the communion dishes were just placed on the stage when not in current use. What UkeleleMike says about the altar call referring to a place of dedication is spot on. Preachers give the congregation a chance to respond to the Holy Spirit's working in their lives - whether for salvation, or dedication, or to deal with whatever needs dealing with. This response can be done anywhere - in your seat, at the front, at home in bed! - but sometimes it is useful or needful for us to physically go forward and bend a knee. It can make the discussion with God more serious to us, somehow. But it's not a required thing for one to go forward for salvation or anything else. Perhaps the phrase 'altar call' is a poor one to use, since it can cause such confusion. John, some terms are shared by Baptists and the RCC, but mean different things to the different churches. I think the term altar is one of them. And that is GREAT NEWS to hear of your baptism!!
  11. I've only canned pickled carrots and multiple types of fruit/berries, and those you can do in hot-water baths.
  12. Hmm... we have no laws to that effect, but a growing number of retailers are now charging you for plastic bags. $.05 cents/bag. Pretty good cash cow for them...
  13. They must be using plastic cells. There's no way wax can shift like that without completely destroying the entire cell.
  14. I've seen that before... can't figure out how it's supposed to work. Generally there's this thing called wax that has to be removed before honey can just flow out of a cell. (And wax usually gets combined with the honey, meaning that you don't get nice clean honey like that straight off the bat - that's why it has to be extracted.)
  15. Just... no brood pictures. Please.