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  1. All Preachers Should Have A Conceal Weapon Permit

    And that is why the best way to defend against bad guys is for everyone to be armed. There is no way to stop criminals from being criminals, but disarming the populace ensures that there will be no one around to stop them. (Not saying this will necessarily work for suicide vests - just maybe for the ones that aren't so keen on dying.)
  2. All Preachers Should Have A Conceal Weapon Permit

    Hahaha...  Joke, guys. Joke. Seriously, though, Canada is almost as bad as the UK. Except we can still carry pocketknives. What is it with our governments trying to outlaw everything the common citizen could use to protect themselves from everyday assault? They can keep the rocket launchers and automatic weapons (to be honest, the level of firepower generally kept by citizens would not be sufficient to defend themselves should the government choose to turn the army's resources against the citizenry. It's not like a couple hundred years ago where the level of technology of the common person and the army was basically the same (apart from maybe a few cannons - and they used the same black powder that muskets did).
  3. posting a photo in directory

    Lol.... I was searching for a church near Yellowstone the other day, and I found one whose webpage link took me to a different church (same name) in Missouri or some such place... apparently they believe in a geocentric earth. O-kay... 
  4. Alternative Method for Finding New Content on OB

    I think stars are ones we have commented in... I think!
  5. Alternative Method for Finding New Content on OB

    To go to the last unread post, click the round button to the left of the thread title. Title takes you to the top of the thread, round button takes you to your last unread.
  6. Guy Fawkes Day Nov 5th

    I realized that a few years ago.  Makes Guy Fawkes Day something to really celebrate. Hmm.... wonder if I can find a scarecrow to light up?     P.S. you should post pics!
  7. Curiosity

    But the Bible doesn't say 'no man other than the believer'. It says 'no man.' You're adding a qualifier that just isn't there. Don't you see?
  8. Curiosity

    RVFIF, I'd like to share a different point of View of the statements you have been reacting to. You are angry because you think the people here have been accusing you of promoting it works salvation, and of calling Jesus a liar. I recognize that it is not your intent to promote such, and you would never knowingly call Christ a liar. The problem is that the logical conclusion of the views you promote do indeed make Christ out to be a liar. He has said that no man shall pluck us out of his hand. Are you a man? If you could take yourself out of God's hand, you would be refuting this verse.  Your view of salvation/sanctification is very Calvinist, and as you have discovered, this site is decidedly anti-Calvinist. You see, we have examined its claims, and found them to be antithetical to what the Bible teaches. I would encourage you to take a good look at sanctification in the Bible. Calvinism confuses sanctification with salvation. There is a difference. (as for your last post, Romans 6-8 answers that.)  Repentance does not mean - cannot mean - to stop sinning. That is an impossibility and would be a work.    OSAS is not the same thing as easy believeism. It is not either/or. We would define easy believeism as being a fruit of that kind of evangelism that does not explain sin, call for repentance, or adequately explain what one is actually believing in. That's not what we believe at all.    Now, no cursing is allowed on this site. The word 'damn', when applied as you have been using it, is a curse word. Please mind your language.   
  9. Please Share

    I don't think that's how it works... if God has told you to be somewhere, it would be disobedient to go somewhere else!
  10. Testimony about Homeschooling .

    My brother and I were homeschooled too. While we can't claim any great accomplishments, we turned out fine.  He is happily married, raising a family and has a good job with training and advancement, and I got my college diploma in one field and am working in another, able to support myself near the church I want to serve in. Can't ask for more than that! I'm thankful for Mom homeschooling us instead of sending us to school - pretty sure I would have hated it there.
  11. family trip

    What was his name?
  12. family trip

    Oh, dear, what a horrible surprise! I hate it when trees and old places come down too, and this place had all those additional emotional memories for you.  So sorry, TH.
  13. Salvation Confusion

    Just remember that, at the end of the day, we are not capable of truly seeing what is inside a person. Only God can do that. We can make reasonable assumptions based on Scripture, but we cannot know who really is and isn't saved. I think some people, in the attempt to discern the heart (something only God can do), end up making additional rules and restrictions (i.e. "if they are really saved they wouldn't ___") that God has not established. (Before assumptions are made about me for this statement, I should share that I have some terribly strict ideas of what is and isn't 'correct' behavior for a Christian, so I am not saying that rules and restrictions are wrong - just that they do not the heart reveal.)
  14. Salvation Confusion

    Wow, this thread is sure covering the territory! Matthew24, if you have a problem with the OB statement of faith, I suggest you take it up privately with BroMatt. It is, after all, his forum and his statement of faith. The opinions of the forum members at large (including myself) have absolutely zero influence on what the OB position is. That being said, 'OB' is not a contiguous group. We have all sorts of differences in beliefs represented here - even among fundamental, Baptist believers. For example, you have seen some in this thread say that repentance is a forsaking (physical departing from) of sin. I personally believe that such a thing would amount to a work (I think you might be saying the same thing?), and I reject that definition of repentance. Repentance is a change of mind - toward sin, righteousness, and judgement (the three things the Holy Spirit has been sent to convict the world of). To add anything else to it is a work. (And seriously, how can an unsaved person be expected to quit sinning anyways? He is a slave to it.)  We also have to be careful that we do not confuse the work of God in our lives in sanctification with the act of salvation. Salvation involves only repentance/belief. Sanctification, on the other hand, if it is to be active in our life, requires us to live by faith in obedience to Christ. Sometimes people confuse the two things and require of the unsaved person before salvation that which is really part of the process of sanctification for the believer.  All that being said - repentance is required and is a part of the salvation process. You cannot remove it in the hopes of being simpler or preventing misunderstanding. For without a person first repenting, they will see no need for trusting Christ by faith for salvation, or they will be 'believing' the wrong things for the wrong reasons.
  15. Salvation Confusion

    That's talking to believers, SFIC, not the lost. Don't confuse sanctification with salvation.