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  1. Do you care to elaborate, Swath? I'm not sure what Calvary Chapel's theology is.
  2. Victory Baptist Church

    Victory Baptist Church is independent: we are not affiliated with any denomination or convention. We do fellowship and cooperate with other churches of like faith and order. We are fundamental – holding to and defending the historic foundational truths of the Christian faith. We use only the King James Bible (AV 1611) and sing the traditional songs and hymns of the faith. Furthermore, we are Baptist – believing and practicing the historic and Biblical distinctives of the Baptists. We are non-Calvinist in our theology.
  3. She Said Yes!

    That is exciting, 2BLJ. Congratulations!
  4. Baptist Church Sign Heresies

    If y'all want to debate the date of the crucifixion, feel free to start a new thread. I think this one's gotten a little far off topic.
  5. So is anyone...

    It seems that every beekeeper's family I know has at least one member allergic to bees - in one, it was the beekeeper! Not sure whether the allergy is that prevalent in the population, or whether it 'develops',or whether you just discover it quicker with bees around. In my family - I was the 'lucky' one! And it did, actually develop - got stung once really young and was just fine, but a couple of stings later had me in the hospital unconscious.
  6. So is anyone...

    I have a little community garden plot, about 4' x 10'. Last year it grew rhubarb really well. I Kinda didn't pay itenough attention for anything else to grow well. Haven't started making plans for this year's garden yet. Up here, we can't plantuntil the May long weekend. I do like growingzucchini and onions - they make the best fresh stirfry for rice!
  7. Alphabet Boys Names

  8. Dancing Squid

    Ahhh!!! Why did you have to bring that abomination here? I can never unsee that....
  9. From old England

    Trust you to figure him out, Alimantado!
  10. No need to Go To Prison___Gay Wedding Vows

    No - my heritage is Welsh. I grew up near Wood River, which was a huge Welsh settlement back in the day. Just thought it was cool if you were Welsh.
  11. All Preachers Should Have A Conceal Weapon Permit

    And that is why the best way to defend against bad guys is for everyone to be armed. There is no way to stop criminals from being criminals, but disarming the populace ensuresthat there will beno one around to stop them. (Not saying this will necessarily work for suicide vests - just maybe for the ones that aren't so keen on dying.)
  12. All Preachers Should Have A Conceal Weapon Permit

    Hahaha... Joke, guys. Joke. Seriously, though, Canada is almost as bad as the UK. Except we can still carry pocketknives. Whatisit with our governments trying to outlaw everything the common citizen could use to protect themselves from everyday assault? They can keep the rocket launchers and automatic weapons (to be honest, the level of firepower generally kept by citizens would not be sufficient to defend themselvesshould the government choose to turn the army's resources against the citizenry. It's not like a couple hundred years ago where the level of technology of the common person and the army was basically the same (apart from maybe a few cannons - and they used the same black powder that muskets did).
  13. posting a photo in directory

    Lol.... I was searching for a church near Yellowstone the other day, and I found one whose webpage link took me to a different church (same name) in Missouri or some such place... apparently they believe in a geocentric earth. O-kay...
  14. Alternative Method for Finding New Content on OB

    I think stars are ones we have commented in... Ithink!