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  1. Yes, here too. You get good at identifying '...BAPTIST church' really early in the conversation, before they can shut the door on you.
  2. Activity on Online Baptist

    Wow, people are coming out of the woodwork on this thread! Nice to see you all are still alive!
  3. He did it to the library in the lounge

    Don't think anyone ever used it anyways..
  4. He did it to the library in the lounge

    Didn't we used to have a book/movie forum?
  5. England/Wales

    Have you heard Westerners say it that way? Cause we think we say 'about', and that its Newfoundlanders that say 'aboot'. But maybe we can't hear ourselves right. ;) Sherwood Park
  6. England/Wales

    Ha! When I'm around folks from the Southern US, they think I have an English accent. ;)
  7. England/Wales

    It was a very interesting digression! If I do any driving, it'll definitely NOT be in London. And traffic circles are one of the things I'm most scared about - I hate those things in my country, where I'm used to the traffic flow! Our traffic cameras are hidden as well, like in France. Having them visible sounds more like a traffic calming plan than an actual speeding deterrent. That's quite the anecdote about your nephew's wife's father! My great-grandfather came from the Ceiriog Valley, and we have family there (extremely extended family, that I don't know, but the aunts keep in touch with them). If I happened to come to Kent, I'd very much like to meet you and your wife.
  8. England/Wales

    Hi, all I am seriously thinking about visiting England for 3 weeks next May/June, and I'm looking for advice! Does anyone have information on must-see sites, tourist traps to avoid, or transportation tips to share (or just your random thoughts)? So far my (very rough) itinerary includes time in the Dales and Lake Country, Hadrian's Wall, Glyn Ceiriog, and maybe York, Bath, and Walton-on-the-Naze (this itinerary has been heavily influenced by the writings of James Herriot and Arthur Ransome). I don't really like cities; I'd like to see medieval sites, Roman remains and prehistoric sites (hill forts and excavated villas!). Tentatively, I'm planning on purchasing a BritRail Pass, but may look at renting a car out of York to explore the Dales and Lake Country. Aside from the obvious adjustment to left-hand-driving, what's it like driving in the UK? (lot parking prices, congestion, etc.) Also, does anyone have suggestions for churches to visit? I can do the deep research, but need ideas of where to start. (Alimantado, Invicta - any thoughts?)
  9. The Never Ending Story...

    The end!
  10. "Ban The Person Above You" Game

    至少你听从了 gwahardd dim nicolaitans لأنه عيد الشكر
  11. "Ban The Person Above You" Game

    Ban NoNic for continuing to utilize the English language despite declaring himself an American with no affiliation to that language and refusing to honor the grammatical guidelines thereof. He is therefore and forthwith banned from any further utilization of the English language… or of this thread, for that matter.
  12. "Ban The Person Above You" Game

    Ban Jim for misunderstanding my intentions. :P
  13. "Ban The Person Above You" Game

    Ban Rosie for thinking English is American. :P (And ban NoNic for breaking the Internet! 'Sillicisipherous' doesn't even exist as a word on the Net.)
  14. My pics thread - and right or left side.....

    Ha! No, you got us beat there!
  15. New Forum Area?

    I dunno.. we have the IFB lounge already.