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  1. Soul Mates versus Arranged Marriages

    I think one thing we can learn from the Bible is that there is no one particular required way when it comes to finding a spouse. Some people God told who to marry, some had marriages arranged by family or friends (or Pharoah!), some married someone of their own choice (whether with or without parental blessing), some married childhood friends, some married absolute strangers! The only constant we are told is that the person we marry must be a believer - of the same mind when it comes to salvation and doctrine. Your view of marriage & finding a spouse seems to be a very Biblical one. To be honest, I'm a little jealous of y'all - how neat that your parents got involved and actually found someone for you to marry! That kind of active participation by a single person's family & community is sorely lacking over here.
  2. Put Your Bad Jokes Here...

  3. The Spiritual Progression of Human Souls.

    Ha... I have no issue with the words 'innocent' or 'innocence'. It was the use of the word 'innocents' in place of 'innocence' I was objecting to (that word is legitimate if used to describe multiple innocent people). The grammar fiend in me just can't handle seeing grammatical errors - intentional or otherwise. Just remember that Scripture was not originally given in English - it was translated into 1600's English. I figure it's fine to update it into 2016 English - provided an equivalent word/meaning exists. Which in this case does. YAY!! IT POSTED!!!
  4. The Spiritual Progression of Human Souls.

    Grr... why won't this thread let me post!? Well, now THAT it posted... I guess I'm not supposed to reply to you today, John Young. Every time I try it disappears into cyber space.
  5. The Spiritual Progression of Human Souls.

    I'm curious what edition of the KJV uses such a weird spelling for 'innocence', but that's inconsequential. Please, PLEASE don't use inaccurate and archaic spellings just because they may have appeared in the Bible. Misspellings in an article such as yours can severely limit the authority of the article, as they cause the author to look uneducated or careless. For those looking to disagree with the content, it can give them an excuse to ignore the content due to this perceived lack on behalf of the author. It really diminishes your work and causes it to lose authority - and by extension, reflects on all Christian writers. (Spoken by one who herself will discount an author's authority on a subject when their spelling/grammar is incorrect.)
  6. Can we count to 50 before a Mod posts?

    Like I said... number of perfection.
  7. Yeah. That important message is that we no longer have a conservative party at the national level. Liberal, quasi-liberals and socialists are now our only reasonable options. Unless I want to turn into a separatist. (With nonsense like this, I bet the number of Alberta separatist supporters will sky rocket.) And such foolish statements. Don't they realize that by their support they are, in fact, in the bedrooms already?
  8. Can we count to 50 before a Mod posts?

    7 is the number of perfection. You wouldn't really want to pass it, would you?
  9. Pre-Trib Rapture

    Thank you for the warning, DaveW. I'd like to redirect discussion back to the topic now, please.
  10. I just wanted to let you know that I am a member of and attend GraceLife Church here in Edmonton. It is a Reformed Baptist Church. I hope that is ok.GraceLife Church of Edmonton

    1. Salyan


      That's fine. Due warning, this is not a Reformed site. We allow some discussion, but if the moderators feel that Reformed doctrine is being 'pushed', we will ask you to stop discussing it. It's usually a good idea to listen to the mods. :-D

      That being said, you are welcome here! Poke around and make yourself at home.

    2. gracelife


      Thank you! God bless!!!

  11. Hello From Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

    Welcome! Nice to have a fellow Albertan visit.
  12. Amen Kirk.

    I know it wasn't what you had in mind. The problem is that the issue of abuse never seems to be raised when things like that are taught, leaving women to think that, as you said above, they've got to 'just be better and it'll fix everything.' (Also, you see how abuse could become viewed as the woman's fault, because she supposedly isn't submissive/meek/godly enough? That's damaging.) A sociopathic, abusive man is not going to stop because his wife is quietly submitting to abuse - he will escalate. Telling women otherwise is very, very dangerous. I think that is the best solution too. I guess I was viewing the act of leaving as ceasing to submit, in a sense. Since odds are the husband wouldn't like it and would try to forbid it, she is likely to need to defy his wishes in order to get herself and any children safely out.
  13. Whats for Supper...

  14. Brother Cloud & RSS Feed

    Well, that's just my sense of the result of his teachings. Like I said, there's nothing I can put a finger on... but the fruit is rotting. Anyways, that's my opinion, and worth what you paid for it!
  15. Brother Cloud & RSS Feed

    I didn't say teaching repentance in general is wrong - cause you're right! It's part of salvation! - just that David Cloud's teaching on it is problematic. Um... let's see if I can explain this clearly. The reason I used that particular wording is that there's nothing cut and dried to point to - his teachings aren't wrong, per se, just problematic, and the problems I see have arisen primarily out of experience and observation. You see, a number of years ago, I was reading through his article against lordship salvation (which itself is a twisted view of repentance). In that article, he was teaching against lordship salvation - yet somehow the way he presented repentance came across to me in a very confusing manner. Because of that article, I began questioning my own salvation. I was very young when I was saved - I'm not actually sure when exactly I did get saved. (Before you ask, yes, I have made sure of salvation as an adult and yes, I know I am saved. I still believe that I did get saved when I was quite young, but God has not seen fit to let me know exactly when that was yet!) The crux of the questioning centered around repentance - did I repent enough? did I repent properly? All that confusion came out of that article - which, confusingly enough, was supposed to be teaching against the very kind of twisted ideas on repentance that it produced. Because repentance is not us ceasing to sin. It is not even promising not to sin. It is simply the change of mind/attitude/worldview that must occur when a sinner realizes that his sin is not okay, that it is separating him from God and deserving of hell, and that he needs and desires Christ's salvation, and turns to Christ for that salvation. Yes, it has the sense of turning from sin, but it is not the actual cessation of sin - for how can a sinner cease to sin? It is not committing to stop sinning in the future (although we know that as a believer, the Holy Spirit will help us to sin less as we walk by faith), for that is the heresy commonly termed 'lordship salvation', and is really a works salvation ("If I do this, stop doing this, I will be saved") The last few years we had a schism develop in our church over the definition of repentance. Our pastor taught repentance as described above (only probably more clearly than I've described it), but a group developed that added... something... to it. (I actually avoided discussing it in detail with them, as it was during that time that I realized I needed to know what I believed in this area regardless of other's teachings. So I avoided talking to any people about it until I could thoroughly study it out in the Scriptures for myself.) It was like salvation couldn't be simple for them. Repentance needed to be the putting away of all known sin - a great beast of a hurdle that must be crossed before someone could simply trust Christ for salvation. This group caused much division before finally leaving the church. And they were all the staunchest David Cloud supporters in the congregation; they used his materials religiously. After my own experience with the confusion about repentance that his articles caused in my life, I can't help thinking that the connection between David Cloud's writings and the twisted ideas of repentance that group developed cannot be a coincidence. So there you have it. I cannot unilaterally say that Cloud's writings on repentance are wrong, because I don't know of any spot that I can put my finger on and identify categorically false doctrine. But they are problematic, because something about them has caused confusion and division in my own life and my church.