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  1. Salyan added a post in a topic: Messages and Notifications   

    ​It's doing that everywhere.
  2. Salyan added a post in a topic: Take a Little Wine...   

    I think OB just doesn't want us to discuss this topic.
  3. Salyan added a post in a topic: Take a Little Wine...   

    Hehe... just taking my turn to unlock it again. 
  4. Salyan added a post in a topic: Grace Vs Faith, Salvation?   

    ​This is it. Repentance is a requirement for salvation - but it is not, as some people try to make it, a physical action, whether that be a ceasing to 'do' (stop sinning) or an feeling.

    Faith is our trust in God. Grace is what He extends to us - whether we understand it or not. 
  5. Salyan added a post in a topic: Prophecy Debate?   

    Reply from Covenanter:
    I can't reply to the topic.
    My suggested format is - 
    an agreed specific topic
    5 posts each with no other contributors, after which, if we agree we continue for a maximum of 5 more posts & open the debate to others 
    no accusations of heresy
    no major quotes from the internet - links permitted
  6. Salyan added a post in a topic: ISIS academics   

    Wow. Just wow. I have trouble processing the very idea of such ignorance.
  7. Salyan added a post in a topic: ISIS academics   

    That reminds me of the verse that speaks of Satan coming to 'steal, kill and destroy'. Totally out of context, I know, but still.... destroying records of history that cannot be recreated...
    I feel so sorry for the archaeologists and curators who put years of work into that museum!
  8. Salyan added a post in a topic: Happy Birthday Happy Christian   

    Argh! You beat me!     
  9. Salyan added a church directory in North Dakota   

    Victory Baptist Church
    Victory Baptist Church
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  10. Salyan added a post in a topic: Way Of Life - Angry Birds - The Real Issue   

    Yah, but if the newsletters publish an opposing letter, they don't bother writing a play-by-play on how the letter-writer was wrong to oppose them. I hope. I'm getting awfully disappointed in Br. Cloud.
  11. Salyan added a post in a topic: Mangled Words and Sayings   

  12. Salyan added a post in a topic: Mangled Words and Sayings   

    iPhone spell checks are the worst for that! Once I was texting a friend, and tried multiple times to write the word 'feminism'. Silly thing kept auto-correcting to 'demonism'. Hmm...
  13. Salyan added a post in a topic: Do You Believe That Divorce And Remarriage Is Acceptable ?   

    You're comparing apples and oranges here. We're discussing the Biblical restrictions on a legitimate activity (marriage between a man and a woman). Using a forbidden activity (sodomy) as an example to discuss the first is a fallacious argument. It's like trying to say "If A=B, then C=D." Doesn't work.  Feel free to disagree, though.
    Pardon me, but you seem rather fixated on this subject. Why don't you tell us what's prompting this discussion on your end?
  14. Salyan added a post in a topic: Alphabetical Girls Names   


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  1. Salyan » HappyChristian

    Well, look what day it is! Happy birthday, Happy! You have been such a godly example and encouragement to me on this site, and I'm so glad for the chance I had a year ago to meet you in person. Hope you're having a wonderful, special day, with many blessings from our Lord!

    1. BroMatt

      Yes, Happybirthday!!! 

  2. Salyan » Kitagrl

    Hey - long time no see. Welcome back! :-)

    1. Kitagrl

      I know, it's been too long, sorry! I peek in here on and off but most of the time it's the same old discussions and I don't have anything to add. haha.

  3. Salyan » Ukulelemike

    Okay, now I'm really confused. Are you Mr. Green, Batman, or Superman? :frog:

    1. Ukulelemike

      Haha! I must keep you guessing? No, I liked this picture, because its OBviously Superman messing with Batman by wearing his cape and cowl. Just found it humorous.

  4. Salyan » Seth Doty

    Happy Birthday, Seth!

  5. Salyan » JerryNumbers

    Ha! You actually changed your name to JerryNumbers. I hadn't noticed before. That's great!

    1. JerryNumbers

      Yes, thanks to Carl. When i found out we could change our username I thought about doing that for several throughout the years had referred to me as Jerry numbers. Of course back them we had another Jerry posting & it could be confusing.

  6. Salyan » Zed

    Hey, Zed! Do you mind if I ask where you got your profile pic from?

  7. Salyan » Invicta

    I was playing around on Wikipedia and discovered that 'Invicta' is both the motto and symbol of Kent, so I came on to see whether you were from Kent - and you were! Interesting. :-)

    1. Invicta

      Yes, I am from Kent Salyan. Just noticed this message. Many businesses roun here have Invicta in their names, such as Invicta Radio, Invicta Motors. Invicta Tndoori, for instance

  8. Salyan » Kitagrl

    Happy birthday, kita!

  9. Salyan » HappyChristian

    Happy Thanksgiving, Luanne! :-)

  10. Salyan » John81

    Happy birthday, Mr. John!

  11. Salyan

    Hey - you won the contest, did you see? Make sure you choose your prize!! Congrats.

  12. Salyan

    From HappyChristian: You and I wake up in a psychiatric ward together. Using 4 words, what would you say to me? Note: If you comment, you must copy and paste this to your status, so I may comment on yours as well.. Be a good sport and play along... 4 words is harder than you think.!