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  1. Salyan added a post in a topic Happy Dominion Day   

    Them's fighting words...

    Thanks, John81!
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    (what's a Kerry joke?)
  3. Salyan added a post in a topic Warning . . . . Blond Joke   

    Why is it that these jokes came to be always about blondes? Why not brunettes?
  4. Salyan added a post in a topic [Video] Addams Family Spoof -The Homeschool Family   

    I have a feeling, Saint, that you have misrepresented the motives of those women somewhat. As I am not personally acquainted with then, I can't say for sure. In the future, should I post any videos not taken by a bona fide, qualified IFB individual, I will be sure to warn you so you will not have to sully your eyes by viewing it. 
  5. Salyan added a post in a topic Moohamadans get their just punishment!   

    That just makes me...    
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  7. Salyan added a post in a topic Music In The Independent Baptist Churches   

    Can you give us references for those studies? Not that I disagree with the problematic effects of CCM, but its always good for us Christians to have  proof for the information/stories we share. 
  8. Salyan added a post in a topic Revelation chapter 19-22 Study.   

    I think this we need a break from this thread. Alan, would you mind picking up your study later (if you so wish)?
  9. Salyan added a post in a topic [Video] Addams Family Spoof -The Homeschool Family   

    Really? That is so not the point of this thread. 
  10. Salyan added a post in a topic Eve's Transgression?   

    Whether Eve lied or not, she did technically sin first when she 'did eat' - which, whether she was deceived or not, was direct disobedience. Right? 
  11. Salyan added a post in a topic Baptists that came out of the Reformation   

    I don't quite understand why people seem to think the John the Baptist was the first Baptist. Yes, he baptized. But it was before the cross. He died as an Old Testament believer - still looking forward to the finished work of Christ on the cross. That puts him in an entirely different dispensation than us as New Testament believers. 
  12. Salyan added a post in a topic [Video] Addams Family Spoof -The Homeschool Family   

    That is one of my favorites. For another good 'homeschool' song, trying googling the lyrics for 'The 12 Days of Homeschool'.
  13. Salyan added a post in a topic Bible Quiz   

    2 Tim. 4:14
    Alexander the coppersmith did me much evil: the Lord reward him according to his works:
  14. Salyan added a post in a topic Mormonism   

    ​Thank you so much for that. I rather suspected that, but it will be a huge help for me to be able to tell my friend this from one who attends a Mormon church.  
  15. Salyan added a post in a topic Mormonism   

    ​Thanks, 20JC12. I was hoping you'd respond.  It was not my intention to cause any offense to you with this post.  What I meant by the above is that, while IFB do endeavor to follow the Bible as the only Word of God, my understanding is that the Mormon church gives precedence to its other scriptures, resulting in the official doctrine of the Mormon church being different from plain Bible teaching. For example, the Bible says that Jesus Christ is God (John 1:1) - part of the Trinity (three persons in one being - 1 John 5:7). He came to earth and took upon himself a human body (John 1:14) - but He is completely God. He is the only begotten son of God (John 3:16), and yet one with God - his human body created by the power of the Holy Spirit in the womb of a virgin woman (Matt. 1:18). As God, He is eternal - always was, and always will be (Rev. 1:8).  He always was and will be God (holy, all-powerful, all-knowing, immortal), and He created the earth (John 1:3) Jesus is the only part of the Triune God that has a physical body (John 4:23-24).  Man has sinned against God, and as such is separated from Him. Our penalty for this is death and eternal hell. Jesus Christ came as a perfect man, and died and shed His blood in order that the penalty for our sins could be satisfied. If we trust in Him and what He did as our only salvation, God will lay His righteousness to our account and forgive us the penalty of our sins. Our own works are as filthy rags and cannot earn us salvation - in fact, the very effort to try to do good works (including baptism) to earn salvation proves that we are not trusting Christ alone - without which we cannot be saved. 

    On the other hand, according to what I have studied of Mormon doctrine, the official teaching about God/Jesus is something like this (and I do apologize for the rather rough summation). God was once a mortal being. By whatever process, he became a god and got to run this planet. Jesus is not the only son of god - he is brother to Lucifer. Jesus was conceived by god having physical relations with Mary.  There are many gods - not just one. Jesus is not one being with God - the teaching is that are three different gods that share a job called the Godhead. Jesus is the Christ because he had a better idea than Lucifer on 'salvation'. God is not a unique being - in fact, if humans live perfectly (good works), they can become gods and rule and populate their own little planets. Lorenzo Snow summed it up in 1840 when he stated: "As God once was, man can be. As God is, man can become."  Everyone will end up going to some level of heaven. Hell is temporary.
    Therefore to sum it up, official Mormon doctrine (as determined by the Standard Works and the accepted teachings of church leaders & prophets) and the Bible disagree on the following:
    Bible -  Mormon church
    One God - Many gods
    Man is not god - Man can become a god
    Jesus is the only Son of God (yet one with God. Yes, it's confusing.) - Jesus is not the only son of god
    Lucifer (Satan) is a rebellious, fallen angel - Lucifer is a son of god and brother of Jesus
    Jesus miraculously born of a virgin by the power of the Holy Spirit - Jesus born as a result of physical relations between a father god and a no-longer-virgin woman.
    Salvation (from penalty of sins) by faith alone - Salvation (from penalty of personal sins) by good works & baptism
    Hell eternal - Hell temporary
    Trinity as three persons in one God - trinity as three gods in one job
    God the Father is a Spirit - god the father has a physical body

    The Jesus of the Mormon organization is not the same Jesus of the Bible. (President Hinckley has stated the same thing.) Their god is not the God of the Bible. And their teaching of salvation and man's very destiny is completely contradictory to what the Bible says.
    The reason I made mention of twisting is that the Mormon church uses the same terms that Christians have historically used, but have redefined them. This creates confusion, and leads many people both within and without the church to believe that the Mormon church believes/teaches the same as historic Christian churches, because of the similar terminology.  I offer the following article as an example:

    I don't know what you exactly believe, 20JC12, and I am by no means saying that you believe any of this just because your church teaches it. (I would be very interested in finding out exactly what you do believe about these things! )  But, so far as I can tell, the above statements are a truthful representation of the official teachings of the Mormon church. You can see for yourself that they do not agree with the Biblical account.