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  1. Salyan added a post in a topic: HappyChristian   

    Well, she posted something on Wednesday, so she must be alive!
  2. Salyan added a post in a topic: Holding wages overnight   

    ​You do realize that IFB church are not SBA?
  3. Salyan added a post in a topic: Holding wages overnight   

    Um... I don't know about that, Potatochip. The way our modern society is structured, most workers expect to receive reimbursement for their work
    biweekly or semimonthly. It is expected and planned for. I think maybe the modern equivalent of that instruction would be that wages not be withheld
    for a month or longer - holding the money longer than culturally expected. (Hmm... I think I just made a cultural argument for interpretation of the Bible.  )
    Of course, if you're dealing with day laborers - which most churches don't - that could be different.
  4. Salyan added a post in a topic: Was This Really a Miracle? Pope Francis Turns Vial of Blood Into Liquid   

    Interesting... haven't heard of any other popes resorting to parlor tricks lately. Wonder what they're planning?
  5. Salyan added an answer to a question: When a FBC decides to give to a new mission, should the members of the church have the opportunity to vote or should that just be up to the Pastors and clergy?   

    Back to the OP - it could depend where the money is coming from. In our church, any significant donations are run by the church during the business meeting (although love offerings for visiting preachers are not), because that money is coming from the general offerings. If the pastors (assuming a larger church) have a personal ministry fund that they are choosing to send money from, I'd consider that money to be 'theirs' to use or give away as they see fit.
  6. Salyan added a post in a topic: The moderation tools   

    OFP, are those the Moderation Actions available to everyone or are they just for Mods?
  7. Salyan added a post in a topic: What does your church call it?   

    You'll hear both at our church, but Easter is more common. Shorter.
  8. Salyan added a post in a topic: Northern Lights tonight?   

    I miss the Northern Lights. I used to see them all the time growing up in the country, but haven't seen them since moving to the city 9 years ago. Too long!
  9. Salyan added a post in a topic: Western Canada Revival Conference   

    A Revival Conference is being planned for Easter Week, April 5-10. It is being hosted by Beulah Land Baptist Church in Prince Albert, SK.
    Anyone planning to be around Saskatchewan at that time is most welcome to attend! Conference 2015.html
  10. Salyan added a post in a topic: Russian and ISIS connection   

    Having taken a closer look, I have noticed the following comments. AlanTaiwan, you have called John bitter, deceived, hateful, a 'secret Russian plant' (ha!), a liberal, a liar  and a hypocrite. You've called Pilgrim a hypocrite as well and stated that he is misconstruing the scriptures.  You've implied that your opponents have the spirit of the devil (!). Calling someone a traitor is a very serious allegation - but it was you who made the statement that could clearly be implied as such, not someone else. You have not been called a traitor, or indeed anything worse than 'angry' - which is not a pejorative term, in my books - and have absolutely no reason to feel as 'persecuted' as your posts indicate. Cease and desist the personal remarks towards others, and do stop taking things so personally yourself. They were not meant so.
  11. Salyan added a post in a topic: Russian and ISIS connection   

    Zero! Ha!

    I'm finding it very interesting that it is non-Americans (I'm assuming here based on your locations) accusing Americans of being anti-American. Shouldn't Americans be making that judgement call?  It is hardly treasonous to point out issues in one's own country - treason would be calling for the overthrow of that country or its lawful government. And who better to see and understand those issues than the Americans themselves?

    To be honest, from what I understand of my neighboring country, the America of today is in no way what America was designed to/should be. It has departed so far from its intended path that it is pretty much unrecognizable. Is it treasonous to wish it would return to what it was  supposed  to be? (I've been reading 'The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History'. Very interesting.)

    Now... as far as mod posts... please remember, AlanTaiwan, that this is a discussion forum and occasionally threads depart from their 'intended' bent. As the topic starter, you have the right to close the thread if you so choose. You cannot, however, tell people they shouldn't be posting because you don't like what they're saying. And please, stop calling your brothers in Christ on this forum liars simply because you do not agree with them. I have never known John 81 to post anything I would consider to be anti-American. Seriously, though, we - you and I - are not Americans. It is not up to us in any case to define what counts as 'American'.
  12. Salyan added a post in a topic: Old Fashioned Sugar Cookies   

  13. Salyan added a post in a topic: Former Presbyterian -- Now IFB   

    Hi, Claire! Nice to have you on OB. 
    I came from a new evangelical background. When I first visited an IFB church I was amazed to find a place that actually had good music and dress (and such thorough teaching) - I never knew such churches existed before. I've been here 9 years and am so thankful for my church home. 
    What UkeMike said reminds me of what I was told in my early months by the family that first introduced me to my church: If you find a perfect church, don't join it, or it'll cease to be perfect!
  14. Salyan added a post in a topic: Messages and Notifications   

    ​It's doing that everywhere.
  15. Salyan added a post in a topic: Take a Little Wine...   

    I think OB just doesn't want us to discuss this topic.


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