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  1. Ask BroMatt or Jim_Alaska.
  2. Depends. I might be driving home to spend a day with my family, on the road to Hinton or some other destination for the weekend, working on the next project at the print shop, or just relaxing at home since I know Saturday will be full with various errands, church jobs, or just getting outside for a while. (I may watch movies, but I don't go to them.) Today, I'm tidying my house (got some out – of – town teen girls spending the night tonight), helping with the print shop work day (got a newsletter to create, and maybe a banner for the Good Friday conference), adding polyurethane to the desk I'm building for the church office, grabbing church supplies, setting up a few April fools pranks for my friends ;-) and I need to start reading over the ton of historical info I got for my volunteer gig this summer at the Fort. Oh, and I just got word last night that I'm going to be an aunt for the third time! (they like dropping fake hints about this… Took them a while to convince me it was the real deal and not an early April fools joke!) :-D
  3. How many points is an escape ladder worth in this game?
  4. Just realized I've been here, off and on, for almost ten years. Wow.

  5. I'm trying to find a picture from one of my camping trips to show you. I was out by Rock Lake (which is the absolute edge of the wilderness: it's an hour from the nearest paved road, down logging roads) for the long weekend one September. It was pretty gloomy out, and I was the last one left in the campground. Went to warm up some lunch at the camp kitchen, and found cat prints as big as my outstretched hand in the soot (looks like something was trying to get at something else in the chimney). Those were some pretty big paws... That's the main problem with hiking on one's own - I can only get about 20 minutes in on the mountain trails before I freak myself out (what with making noise for the bears and looking behind me for the cougars) and have to turn around. :-P
  6. Haha... not really. Long guns are legal to carry, but I wouldn't want to test the theory in town. :-P They're useful to have on hand for home and the country, though. (I take one when I'm out camping alone.) We're not even supposed to use pepper spray on people. That being said... if I happen to be carrying dog spray, and a two-legged one happens to bother me, well... ;-) The big issue here is self-defense. If you use any weapon in self-defense, you'll be in trouble. Gov seems to think that police will always be around to help when you need them. Nice wishful thinking in a country this size. Still, what is it they say? Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.
  7. Just a thought on living in 'dangerous places'... I live in a pretty safe community (for a city), in a quiet part of the world. Maybe it's because I'm a woman alone, but I feel the need to have a means of protection wherever I am - home, countryside or city. If in the city, it's because of the people. If the country, wild animals or people. And people are everywhere - no matter where you live. Bevauss you never know which one will turn out to be a threat.
  8. It's interesting to see the cultural division of views on this topic. I would have thought that the division might be colonial vs old world... but it's not, since Australia seems to share the same view as Britain. The history of America certainly give us a clue to why, by and large, the right to bear arms is so precious to them. Just look at the second amendment. I, for one, rather agree with that amendment, although its effectiveness is a bit outdated. Every government, even the ones that allow their citizens to bear some arms, has taken measurements to ensure that citizens do not have access to the same level of fire arms as the military, Thus ensuring that the government always has the upper hand in any conflicts – foreign and domestic. Maybe the division really comes down to: how much do you trust government? And do you consider it the right and duty of the citizens to stand up against unjust government? This question isnt just a political one, but has both scriptural and doctoral implications.
  9. I heard about that at lunch! It seems somewhat... ineffective.... as an attack (except for the poor folks who were hurt). I'm surprised there wasn't a car bomb involved.
  10. That's one smart chicken...
  11. Closing thread by request of OP.
  12. Well, I completed the interview (that was hard-core! 2 hours of interviewing with group, panel and written segments). Didn't go as well as I'd thought it might, but it must have been ok because.... they chose me as a volunteer! I'll be on the 1905 street. This Saturday I have to go in for a fitting so they can pick out a costume for me to wear. Looks like it's going to be a busy summer, but it should be interesting! Gotta start practicing my first person interpretation now...
  13. I would disagree with that first statement - about forbidding remarriage being a Catholic practice. The Catholics forbid marriage in the first place. It's a tough thing, though, especially in this day and age. I would love to believe that remarriage is ok (not for my sake, but for others I know)... but I just don't see it in the Bible. Welcome to Online Baptist!
  14. Totally off topic, but maybe you should try relocating. Up here the singles tend to be ladies, with a severe shortage of single men. Back to topic... The question tends to not be so much around 'is divorce ever permissible', but 'is remarriage after divorce permissible'. The two are different questions. BroStafford is right when he says you need to study it out for yourself.
  15. Bro Stafford, I'm just letting you know what the default has been over the 8 or 9 years that I've been on this site. The above may have been your experience, but it certainly is not SOP. There is an option at the top of each thread to 'Follow'. Click on it and it will give you specific options for notifications relating to that thread. You may wish to check it out as well.