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  1. nucreature added a topic in Biblical Issues   

    Community Vs. Fellowship Or The Same?
    Can someone please explain to me this fairly new (less than 20 years) church term "having community" or "finding community"? I always thought there was the fellowship of the brethren, but I am hearing this coming from the more modern-leaning church members. Not trying to cause offense here, just trying to figure out what the terms mean.
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  2. nucreature added a post in a topic Best Kjv Bible App?   

    Thanks everybody!
  3. nucreature added a topic in The King James Bible   

    Best Kjv Bible App?
    I recently switched cell phone carriers & obtained a new android phone. Up until that time, I was using what I jokingly called my "dumb" phone, which would browse, but at a price--no data plan. Now I am trying to learn to use my new phone & I would very much like to add a KJV app, preferably one which I can read, but will also do audio, so that I can listen while I'm doing other activities. I have noticed there are SO many apps. I need a little advice. I appreciate any input on this.
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  4. nucreature added a post in a topic The war is on ....................   

    I'm southern, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  5. nucreature added a topic in Book & Movie Reviews   

    Book-Anybody read "Radical-Taking back the American Dream"?
    This is written by David Platt.
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  6. nucreature added a topic in The King James Bible   

    Which Strong's concordance to use?
    I have been noticing the new "Strongest Strong's Concordance" for the 21st Century. I looked to see that Zondervan published it. I have a couple of the older ones. My question is: which one(s) are more true to the KJV? Or is there even a difference? I wanted to give my children concordances for gifts, but I want to purchase the right ones.
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  7. nucreature added a post in a topic Questions Only   

    Can I jump in and ask a question??
  8. nucreature added a post in a topic What Christian Women should be   

    :amen: :goodpost:
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