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  1. 282Mikado added a post in a topic Wedding anniversary   

    I was all of 1 year old when you got married and I've had a hard enough time living with myself for that long. Isn't it amazing how God can place us with just the right person that will overlook all our shortcomings and key in on that little bit that is pleasing in their eye (I'm speaking of my wife looking at me). Little is much when God is in it.
    Congratulations! It sure is a sweet blessing from God to be in a godly marriage. Enjoy each moment!
  2. 282Mikado added a post in a topic One man's description of the United States?   

    I believe Bill Watterson best illustrated the reason for the rapid decline of America in his cartoon Calvin and Hobbes, with Calvin speaking as the average American today.
    "Some people are pragmatists, taking things as they come and making the best of the choices available.
    Some people are idealists, standing for principle and refusing to compromise.
    Some people just act on any whim that enters into their heads.
    I [today's average American] pragmatically turn my whims into principles."

  3. 282Mikado added a post in a topic Gas Prices   

    That's funny right there!
  4. 282Mikado added a post in a topic Pure Flix   

    I'm glad you posted this. We haven't had outside t.v. reception for years (cable, satellite, or aerial). Our total experience is either Netflix, DVDs from the local library, or an occasional Redbox movie. After a little over a year of Netflix the material worthy of viewing is getting pretty scant.
    I started looking into Pure Flix last night and it looks like it has potential. My wife will look into it today and we will discuss. I really dislike spending money on something I use as little as the T.V., but there are some days, especially after a long hard day, that I only feel like vegging in front of the screen.
    Isn't it a shame that we have to work so hard to find a service that offers only morally clean content? You would think that every parent would want to have nothing less for their children (not to mention for themselves). We certainly have witnessed a steep decline in values over the past 50 years.
  5. 282Mikado added a post in a topic Gas Prices   

    Filled up yesterday (Western New York), regular unleaded @ $2.73.
    My wife used to work for a fuel oil, gasoline distribution company some years ago. You want to see the main reason for the disparity in gas prices look at the taxes each state charges. NY fuel taxes are very high (as are all our taxes). When traveling across the PA border you see an immediate drop of $.20 per gallon. That is not cost of delivery driving up the prices there.
  6. 282Mikado added a post in a topic Purge Continues   

    Back in the 90's after 14 years active duty Navy I considered cross-rating to Religious Program Specialist (RP) and serving my remaining 6 (or more) years in the reserves. That idea quickly dissolved when I learned that the chaplain corps is not about true faith at all. Regardless your personally held faith, as a chaplain or RP you are required to cater to those of all faiths as if you were of their faith. This includes performing religious services, counseling, etc.
    Could you imagine being a chaplain or RP in the Navy, (as a true and faithful Christian) and having to council someone from the Qu'ran or the Sutras? Neither could I and so I remained out. The retirement idea came at too great a cost.
  7. 282Mikado added a post in a topic Baptist and Calvinism   

    I understand where you are coming from, but would not God (who is outside of time) have that special understanding even prior to the creation of the soul in question? Why create the soul if you already know it is doomed to hell?
    I agree with your "chance" assessment. If God is all knowing (and He is) and if He is outside time so He can be witness to all events past, present, and future (which He is), then I do not see how there can be any "chance" in Calvinism. You are either created for Heaven or created for Hell; and if it's Hell..., well it stinks to be you... for eternity.
  8. 282Mikado added a post in a topic Baptist and Calvinism   

    You need to be honest with yourself here. IF Jesus “chooses those who will be the elect”, He is also, by default, choosing those who won’t. There is no logical way around this truth. As an example I went to the car dealership a couple weeks ago to help my daughter buy a car. We chose a specific car to purchase. By default we did not choose any of the others.
    You also stated in an earlier post:
    I submit to you that accepting the TULIP doctrine opens the door to very evil deeds. What evil deeds you ask? Why the evil deeds your TULIP doctrine dictates that God performs by creating billions of viable souls that are doomed to eternal hellfire and damnation simply because Jesus didn’t reach into that “big lottery bowl up in the heavens” and touch them.
    You keep telling us in your posts that TULIP is absolutely scriptural and yet I have yet to see any scripture from you in support of it. In fact the only scripture I have seen you reference is Psalm 5:5 and that was in reference to the way you like to street preach by telling everyone “Jesus HATES you”. How nice.
    No Nicolaitans gave some very good scripture refuting Calvinism, but you never came back with any evidence on how he misapplied scripture, so I have to assume he has it right.

  9. 282Mikado added a post in a topic New "evolutionary" Find! Being Called A Missing Link. Hmph   

    They got the below from a pig's tooth. If these people are anything at all it is imaginative and artistic.

  10. 282Mikado added a post in a topic Pa Couple Beat Three-Year-Old To Death   

    Well, you have the evil, evil right. I don't think they qualify as people.
  11. 282Mikado added a post in a topic Nonhuman "rights" Soon To Be A Reality, I Betcha   

    Seems like Disney was ahead of his time:

  12. 282Mikado added a post in a topic Oh...that's What It Means!   

    I was going to study to become an Horologist, but I didn't have the time.
  13. 282Mikado added a post in a topic The Never Ending Story...   

    ..."Happy snails to you"...
  14. 282Mikado added a post in a topic Oh...that's What It Means!   

    We were going to put on the play "Snow White", but we were short dwarves.
  15. 282Mikado added a post in a topic The Never Ending Story...   

    ... in a picture entitled My Wild Yiddish Rose. I arrived early so I went to the concession stand to get some kosher pickles and unleavened bread when what to my wondering eyes should appear...