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  1. 1) They should have NEVER gotten tied into government money (vouchers, grants, etc). 2) Make it clear that NO societies, alliances or similar groups are to be started in those two schools (no Student Council, no Honor Society [you either made honor roll or you didn't, no 'society' needs to be formed ], etc.
  2. I told someone once that. if I were to try, I couldn't even motivate a depressed man to commit suicide.
  3. Thank-you. "Hey ma, I learnt sumptin, you didn't think I could, didcha?"
  4. Now, I'm not saying one way or the other concerning LBC because I'm not at all familiar with them (don't even know how to pronounce the pastor's name -- like 'chapel', like Chap-L with the accent on second syllable, or like 'schap-el or Schap-L'). I'm also not sure how many IB churches you have been intimately familiar with. I, however, have seen several IBCs do more than people would imagine with less budget than people would think possible. (Some of these are all one church, some are in different churches) I have seen week long meetings with 70-75 people fed 3 meals a day (not continental breakfasts and soup/sandwich lunches- REAL meals) at $0 costs to the church for the food. I have seen 1800 sq ft new addition to a church and the existing 1800 sq ft remodeled at a TOTAL cost of $10K - in 2002A.D.(the complete electrical - including moving the service entrance only cost the church $130!!). I know a church of less than 150 members that owns a radio station. I have seen a church with a total annual budget of only $30K yet gave $6K to missions, had a K-12 school, a ministry at the county fair, a nursing home ministry, a missionary every other month present his ministry, a Bible Institute, a food pantry ministry, a recording ministry and a bus ministry, they had a meeting and housed and fed several guest preachers at NO costs to the church. I could go on if I took the time to think about it, these are just off the top of my head. .
  5. I must admit, I also did not watch. Why? About 30 years ago, I got sick and tired of "business models" being used as pattern for ministry implementation and evaluation. (10 minute rant avoided).
  6. I worked in a place once that required 48hrs/wk, they didn't care how we got the 48 (the plant was 24/7). I used to work four 12hour days. We had one guy who worked 24, take 2 days off, work 24, off 3 days.
  7. As to impeding flight ops, I doubt you would. H37 (KHER) Herlong and Amedee AAF (KAHC) on the military installation (inside RESTRICTED airspace) are both listed as having no beacon, KAHC only has portable runway lighting and is listed VFR only, KHER has unlighted runway. The next closest public runways have no less proximity than 20nm. Also, airport beacons have a green light as well as the white in order to ID it as an airport
  8. Hard preaching? See 1st quote in my signature. There's such a thing as inaccurate preaching and contentious preaching. Hard preaching? Doesn't exist - just hard hearts.
  9. We bought our building from the Mormons. We have the adjustable pulpit -- you'll like it. I like your lighthouse idea, we label ourselves as "A Lighthouse on the High Plains". I may have to incorporate the idea (depending on city ordinances, we unfortunately are inside city limits)
  10. My father-in-law sounded a bit drunk (slightly slurred speech) for 20 years. Hmmmn, could be a result of the stroke that he had at that time. He also sounded rough to borderline rude. Hmmmn, like a full blooded man of German descent who spent 20 years in the USMC. It's not just the written text that can be emotionally misleading, the phone can too.
  11. Will pray. Our building used to be the local RLDS building. When they sold it, furniture (pews, chairs, etc) were included.
  12. Don't know of one ----- fair warning about WESTSIDE BAPTIST CHURCH in Janesville, they specify that they are not KJV exclusive.
  13. I have it also
  14. Howdy
  15. Done deal.