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  1. Coffee addiction

    Haha, I'm an oddball -- Former military, truck and bus driver, electrician and pastor BUT don't like coffee!
  2. Old Fashioned Preacher,

    I revised and put the Titus study onto PDF format and then uploaded in onto my website as a free study.


    If OnLine Baptist would like to have the PDF on the study on Titus than I can either upload the PDF onto the Titus Study, give a link to the webpage, or have a seperate thread for the PDF.

    Please let me know if you would like to do any of the above, or, nothing at all.



  3. christmas blessings

    November 2010 After it is about 20-25 years old (around 2030-35) the wood will have aged a bit and it will have a mellower, richer, deeper tone than it does now.
  4. christmas blessings

    Yamaha generally stamps it (in black) on an internal brace visible when looking in the soundhole. Sometimes on the back of the headstock (the name Yamaha is one the front of the headstock).   The original owners probably didn't have anything accurate to tune from, or made the mistake of thinking that since the 3rd to 6th pair of strings are tuned an octave apart (E/E octave, A/A octave, D/D octave, G/G octave) that the first 2 should be done that way (instead of in unison - B/B, E/E). Not sure they can do that without breaking strings, but stranger things have happened. Again, I recommend tuning the strings Eb, Ab, Db, Gb (F#), Bb, Eb and capo on the 1st fret when playing with someone in standard tuning (G capo 1st when song in G, etc). OR, better yet, tune D, G, C, F, D and capo up two (D capo 3rd when playing Eb -- other guitarist may be playing C capo 3rd or D capo 1st [or less often, Eb no capo])
  5. christmas blessings

    Even those who play by notation actually play by notation AND ear. Need proof? If they miss a note, ask them how they knew they missed it, because they SAW that they missed it or they HEARD the error. Case closed. Now if they would put up with the frustration of fumbling through their errors as they play songs they know the tune of (but don't have the music emorized), while blindfolded, they will increase their ability to play "by ear".
  6. christmas blessings

    The serial # on the Yammer is probable stamped and I can't see in that portion of the sound hole, therefore can't determine the year of manufacture -- however,it is a thin body (which doubles my recommendation on not using 11s or "silk and steel" strings). It has a flamed maple top, nato back/sides/neck, Indian rosewood fingerboard. The color is listed as "Oriental Blue Burst", hence the OBB designation, FM shows flamed maple top (APX500M OBB). This is a discontinued model.   On to the Epiphone: March 1986, laminate spruce top, Indian rosewood back/sides/fingerboard, mahogany neck.   I saw some of these listed online used, of course) at $275-350.
  7. christmas blessings

    That is definitely over-stress damage. It probably holds the strings really high above the fretboard from the 3rd fret and beyond. Curiosity, would you take a photo of the label area inside the soundhole of each instrument (I'll try to tell you what year they each are.)
  8. Hammered Dulcimer

    I may be mistaken, but I believe the hammered dulcimer is one of the 11+ instruments that Musician4God1611 plays. If he doesn't show up on here by Friday, I'll try to remember to call him and ask him to zip in on this thread.
  9. christmas blessings

    I introduced my middle son to a 12 string several years ago and he fell in love. You say you need strings? So, I take it this is a used instrument? Stings lose tone long before breakage. Don't go off of an individual's "time frame" for string life. It depends on (among other things) humidity, care, frequency of playing and primarily the make-up of an individual's body oils. Good rule of thumb is if the strings get to where they don't hold tune or won't solidly tune accurately, they need changing. Obviously not counting right after changing, they will take a little time and playing to settle (how long depends on the string make-up and little factors in installation technique). If he's going to be utilizing a finger type playing style instead of a plectrum (pick) then I recommend a set 12s (so called due to the 1st string diameter being .012"). Some manufacturers call this a set of "lights", some call it a set of "mediums". Being a cutaway I'm loathe to recommend 11s (some call "light", some call "custom light") because I don't think the increased brightness will compensate for the loss of top surface created by the cutaway.   I, personally, use 12s (sometimes 13s) on my 1994 mahogany Washburn and 11s on my 1967 sunburst Silvertone.
  10. christmas blessings

    Don't put nylon string on it! It won't damage it but you'll not have anywhere near the projection nor tonal quality. He can still learn the same technique on a cutaway dreadnought (which is what he has) even though the strings are closer together than on a classical. If he ever gets a classical or flamenco guitar, DO NOT put steel strings on it because the wood is thinner and the tension on steel strings is MUCH higher and can warp the neck and potentially split the top! Down the road he may want a classical and the dreadnought both. Also, if he ever gets a 12 string -- I recommend tune 1/2 step to a full step LOWER than standard (again due to total tension issues). Linear tension:   Nylon = +/- 103 lbs,   6 string Bronze/steel = +/- 179 lbs,   12 string Bronze/steel = +/- 258 lbs   The effective overall pressures are much greater when direct (string) and induced (body) vibrations are factored.
  11. Jewish days and creation

    Sorry --- M.A.R.S. = Military Amateur Radio Station, R.O.K.= Republic of Korea (S. Korea). We could connect to another M.A.R.S. station and they would do a phone patch to any landline (there were not any cell phones) and your long distance fee was only from the terminating MARS to the phone (if local call, no fee). As an example:  Osan AB, ROK -- Cecil NAS, FL.  A phone call to Jacksonville was local, one to Lake City was long distance @ going Jax - L.C. rates. You were limited to 5 minutes on followed by a minimum 5 off (generally longer off since you were now back of any existing line). Contrast was an overseas phone call @ $5/minute at a time when chicken was 19 cents/ pound in the US.
  12. Jewish days and creation

    Due to diminishing apparent size as distance increases, a ship would seem to sink into or rise from the sea even in an expansive sea on a flat plane Earth. However, when placing a M.A.R.S. call from R.O.K. @ 3:00AM on Tues (boy, it's dark) in order to catch someone in the States @ 1:00PM on Mon (wow, the sun's bright) tells you that either EVERYONE both American continents are involved in the same massive conspiracy ----- OR --- the whole inhabited area of the planet CAN'T be on the same horizontal plane. Not to mention the seasonal reverses between the northern and southern hemispheres (most noticeable in the temperate regions of such respective hemispheres.
  13. Jewish days and creation

    Actually (if you want to split hairs), the order of Gen 1:5 is not due to the Jewish reckoning of days. Instead, the Jewish reckoning of days is DUE TO Genesis. The reckoning of days in Genesis would be due to the order of time keeping God stated.
  14. Teaching Kids Music

    No crazier than me teaching myself guitar at 35 years of age with no one around to help me.
  15. Hello everybody