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  1. Susan Warner / Wide, Wide World - Looking for discussion

    Just picked up the book on Kendall, will read when I have the chance and get back with you on it. btw: Howdy
  2. Amen Kirk.

    I don't think he was questioning whether there is such a mandate in Scripture. Rather, knowing it is a Biblical mandate, where is the evidence of it being adhered to in our churches (for the most part) today.
  3. Colorado court: Ruling stands that baker can’t cite religion

    Courts ruled (several ears ago) that a senior citizen's discount is allowed but a "ladies night out" discount is not -- one "discrimination" is okay while the other isn't.
  4. Colorado court: Ruling stands that baker can’t cite religion

    So then a black owned Mom and Pop bakery can be forced to bake and decorate a cake for an anniversary meeting of the KKK, a Muslim owned Mom and Pop food store can be forced to order pork and a "????Pop and Pop????" owned print shop can be forced to produce flyers for a Westboro Baptist anti-same sex marriage rally? First: I don't see it happening. Second: They shouldn't be required to do so, anymore than the above mentioned Colorado bakery should be restricted.
  5. She Said Yes!

  6. Getting into a ladies board

    Sure, top of this page shows "Home" "Sermons and Devotionals" "Browse", etc. Scroll over "Browse" and it will show "Staff" directly under that. Click on "Staff" You will see "HappyChristian" and "Salyan" along with myself and others. Pick one (or both) and click on the icon labeled "message" -- like my brother says on his voicemail, "you know what to do next".
  7. Getting into a ladies board

    If you email or PM either "HappyChristian" or "Salyan" (the 2 female mods) they can grant access.
  8. Me

  9. Why hide if you have the truth?

    No, actually I didn't ----- please read s-l-o-w-l-y and c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y. It wouldn't matter if you were banned for saying Catholic doctrine on salvation will send you to Hell, your ONLY recourse for re-admission would be "Talk to the owner". If a job site superintendent said that your drywall company wasn't allowed on the site then it wouldn't matter if you changed the name of the company and repainted the trucks -- you and your drywallers would be forbidden. Your ONLY recourse would be to go to the top of the chain -- the OWNER of the property. Now, you can tell people you were thrown out again because of a doctrinal disagreement (or whatever other lie you want to tell), but you are leaving (in an hour or less) because you REFUSE to seek re-admission properly (through Bro. Matt). I would ask if you were born this stupid or if it was an acquired trait, but I'll refrain.
  10. Why hide if you have the truth?

    Just so there is no misunderstanding, the following has NOTHING to do with the KJV, White, or whatever else you mentioned in your posts (I'm not backing up to re-read them because it is not relevant to the subject of this post.) There are warnings, temporary suspensions and bans (permanent). I don't know who banned you, I don't know why they did and honestly, I don't even care. While you are to be commended for being up front with who you are (as was Ian Day), it doesn't change the fact that if you were banned it doesn't matter how many names you wish to create. Here is the way to be allowed back - appeal to the owner (Bro. Matt). If Bro. Matt allows you (or any other banned individual) back, it doesn't matter if a mod or other member doesn't agree, it's Bro. Matt's site. Is that really all that hard to understand?????? If he doesn't get back on your e-mail or PM or whatever for few weeks, so what?? Your house ain't burning down, you're not bleeding out, the bill ain't past due, you ain't dying. He's busy with real life. This has NOTHING to do with anything posted, this has to do with your presence here after being banned without first obtaining proper re-admittance (you know, "Go talk to the boss [Bro. Matt]")
  11. Rapture and Pregnancy Questions

    There have been other discussions concerning Calvinism, election, rapture, dispensationalism, etc. She laid out the parameters she desires to keep this discussion within - right, wrong or indifferent. Anything outside of her set parameters if off subject for this thread. Don't bother excusing yourself, find another thread.
  12. Rapture and Pregnancy Questions

    Rhonda started the thread, Rhonda set the requested parameters, I questioned certain restrictions, her restrictions do not violate any OFB rules. Whether I agree or disagree with the parameters is a moot point. I deferred to her request, you WILL do the same or you WILL remove yourself from the thread (or have your posts deleted). Or to put it another way, anyone coming into this thread is subject to her thread guidelines, how's that for accountability?
  13. Rapture and Pregnancy Questions

    Did you not see the the requested parameters for response for this thread? OR did you just choose to ignore them? I'll be awaiting your response to my question.
  14. Rapture and Pregnancy Questions

    Though I am pre-trib, I am curious as to why someone who is mid-trib or pre-wrath (not always the same time frame) would be excluded from the answer considering that any perceived effect would be the same regardless of timing withing the 7 years (only someone who believes in NO rapture would not view a possibility that the question postulated in the OP is valid.)
  15. Hello from Trent at twoedgedsword.org

    Senility, first requirement to moderator qualifications! Oh btw, howdy Trent.