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  1. Howdy
  2. Done deal.
  3. But salad DOES have meat, if made right ----- lettuce, tomato, cuke, onion, jalapeƱo slices, bell pepper, sunflower seeds, pineapple chunks, spinach, peanuts, bacon bits, croutons, ham, turkey, chow mein noodles, ranch dressing. It goes in a BIG bowl, not these little excuses for a salad bowl.
  4. Welcome back, I don't think we have anyone any closer than we did back in 2012. (Connecticut, Ohio, AB Canada). Anyway, howdy.
  5. Many of these types of questions are unanswerable. Why? Because it is similar to asking if an individual in the Western Hemisphere can walk into the store with a small (15 inch) machete on his side. It depends on where he lives. Even if all the countries in the hemisphere made it illegal, a country can change its mind and make it legal without a central hemispheric power telling them it's prohibited. By the same token, Independent Baptist churches are INDEPENDENT of any central governing body of the individual church. Their realm of governance begins and ends within the confines of the church body.
  6. To the best of my knowledge, the mods cannot help you on this. Bro. Matt needs to look into it. Now, if there is a moderator who has access to the necessary controls, they are encouraged to make their name know so we know to flood with requests!
  7. Hello, free. Interesting screen name. So, "free"..... what prompted the name, or what is its significance?
  8. Realize that if you (and/or) she ask for parents to be on the lookout for a godly spouse and they find one --- and both you and she decide you are wanting to marry one another ------------- that is NOT an arranged marriage. Now if you have NO choice nor say in the matter ----- THAT is an arranged marriage.
  9. The Kindle comes with MobiShield which has antivirus protection (I have a Kindle Fire)
  10. Hmmmn: please excuse my apparent clueless-ness here, but as I see it: 1) The OP here was yours, not someone here claiming such idiomatic usage. Why should we source it??? 2) Maybe nobody has sought to document such because they don't believe such and therefore can't bring themselves to the point of being bothered with the research??? 3) If the Lord had said 3 days, the idiom argument might has some valid consideration. However, it was Christ Jesus who said 3 days and 3 nights. So seeking to apply the above referenced logic to justify a Friday crucifixion runs as follows: Crucified on Fri pm (2nd half of 6th day) and buried (for sake of illustration) @ 5:59pm --- 1 day and counting. In tomb Fri pm and Sat am (the evening and the morning were the seventh day), now 2 days and one night - and counting. Resurrected at 6:01am (again, for sake of illustration) Sun am - so the evening and morning of the first day of the week now gives us ------------------- 3 days but only 2 nights . Remember, it was Jesus who was so picky as to distinguish 3 days and 3 nights for Jonas and again 3 days and 3 nights for Himself. Conclusion: Wed or Thurs crucifixion may be "debatable" but to have a Friday crucifixion requires either a fallible Scripture or an ignorant Jesus. With that in mind, I (personally) don't care if there is such an idiomatic usage or not since Scripture shows that Jesus was NOT speaking idiomatically or else didn't know exactly what He was saying.
  11. Bro. Matt receives the email or whatever results from the contact link. Bro. Matt WILL answer sometime in the future but seeing as he has a real life (one removed from the internet), it may take a while. He is starting a church in CT, I wouldn't count a 4-5 week delay as unreasonable. So, who is this Bro. Matt? The guy who owns this website (Online Baptist) and forum.
  12. IFB charismatic church? I don't know about now but in the mid to late 80s there was an Independent Baptist church in the Gainer's Mill area of Chickamauga, GA that at the end of Sun pm service had a healing line. The pastor even went as far (on that particular night anyway) to say, "Now if you know someone who needs healing, come on down to the front and let us anoint you and pray over you for them." I told my wife, "Check it out, healing by proxy!"
  13. I enjoyed Windows 7, couldn't stand my wife's 8.1, am thrilled with 10 -- now you've heard TWO good reports on Windows 10 -- actually, since it is now on 7 computers (home, church, wife, school, work) does that count for EIGHT reports?????
  14. Don't know if it has any effect on things but 1) I type horribly slow --- Biblical Method, seek and ye shall find. 2) After typing about 1/3 of that post my computer (or server or elves or gremlins or little gray ducks who won't stay in a row) glitched (hiccuped or took a power nap) and kicked me out of OB. I went back (after watching the cursor make me dizzy from going round and round and round and --- oops, sorry) and finished my post possibly. resulting in time stamp discrepancy. Again, I don't know if either or these can result in that or not.
  15. Whoa, reign in, dismount, throw the reigns around this here post, walk inside, take your boots off, have some ice tea. This thread AIN'T about GP. It AIN'T about Dave. It AIN'T about Alan. It AIN'T about why the Geneva Bible. It AIN'T about why KJV preferred. It AIN'T about why NOT KJV only. It IS titled "Why King James Only" --- let's keep it about why KJVO. Do threads run off course in OB? Sure, even the game threads do. This one however has built half of a national infrastructure instead of a couple of rabbit trails.