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  1. That was one thing that made my crew noticeably different (Musician4God1611 was part of my crew), we got MORE done on Fridays to try to get finished. I've also come to the conclusion based on morning and evening traffic volume ---- EVERBODY works on Wednesday!!
  2. You "gave your life to Christ" 20 yrs ago. 10 people might define that 6-10 different ways. What do you mean? How does that work? If someone came to you and said, "Hey how can I get all my sins forgiven?", what would you tell them? Yes, I asked 3 separate questions.
  3. Hey, there's a doctor in the house. I think we have a nurse, too. Are you hiring any receptionists? Signed, One of the resident cut-ups.
  4. What caused you to want to be baptized in a Baptist Church? What happens to you in the first 2 minutes following death? Let's not continue a sidebar in this thread, please go to the introduce yourself section and you can answer these questions, ask about the differences between Catholic and Baptist belief, tell us if you are 100% certain that you are going to Heaven (and why you believe you are - or aren't) ---- all in one fell swoop.
  5. Jesus didn't "get His inspiration" from the O.T. - He predates it! He said "Before Abraham was, I am." (John 8:58) He is the Creator (John 1:1-5,10-14; Colossians 1:14-16)
  6. So then, are you saying God did not create but we evolved instead? Or I might ask, do you not believe the Bible? Or indeed, are you just wandering around looking for chains to yank?
  7. No problem, Ivan was 2004. I've been sitting on it. If you decide later, it may still be available. I don't have any current plan to put any real effort into selling it until about 2020 or 2022 (if I'm still residing on this side of Glory.) The current property taxes are around $200 / yr.
  8. I own an acre and a half in NW Fla (also known as L.A. -- Lower Alabama). It has a 200 amp service, septic and water (used to have a home until a tornado from hurricane Ivan). Livestock allowed, houses allowed, mobile homes allowed. It's in the country, 5 miles to the convenience store, 12 miles to Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Office Depot in Milton -- 20 to Crestview, 30 to Pensacola (90 miles to Bro. Webb --- "heartstrings"). It's in East Milton -- between Milton, FL and Harold, FL. 20 miles to the Gulf, 7 miles to the boat ramp (no charge) on the Yellow River. If you think you might be interested send me a PM and I'll give you the address (and Lat / Long coordinates so you can look it up on Google Earth), my cell phone number, and a price.
  9. Your teachers larned you the 3 Rs? I larned the three Fs -- Fightin', Flirtin' and Fritterin' away time.
  10. Haha, feelings? I heard I don't have any.
  11. Actually, I was playing with people's natural tendency to make assumptions --- but didn't get any bites. It's not my upcoming 40th birthday but rather 40th anniversary. My mother-in-law was actually afraid I would end the marriage within 6 months by killing my wife (her only daughter).
  12. Even here, if they flee and you chase them with (fill in the blank) -- you're going to jail.
  13. You B#? I C.
  14. Correct
  15. November 5, 1977 to Nov 5, 2017. Wow, it doesn't seem possible. 40!! Against the odds initially given -- I'm looking at the end of 4 decades and the beginning of a 5th. Celebration plans have already begun.