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  1. Or for "the one I was dean of is now defunct" (different one from HC's reference)
  2. The last one was labeled "The White Guy Voice". As this black guy seeks to imitate a black imitating a white preacher he ends with "Okay, we're going to have to end this because church is 17 minutes". Was that a generalization of white US churches today? Yep - but that statement was way too funny!!
  3. Just my input on a few things mentioned by various ones through the course (heretofore) of this thread. 1) The 'extras' shouldn't (and don't need to) limit sermon length. If the sermon is 32 minutes and the 'extras' are 90 minutes or 7 minutes it just changes your departure time --- so what? 2) People don't complain about a 2 hour sporting event or a 90 minute movie but complain about a 75 minute church service. 3) I've seen people who had to stand through a service, get up and move to the back for a while during the service, bring a cushion for the seat or even bring their own seat, or make other accommodation for health limitations, etc. 4) I don't know how people justify the "30 minute or less rule of thumb" for a message from God's Word. Public school class instruction is set up on a 40-45 minute guideline. I teach a state class that is structured on a 50 minute instruction followed by 10 minute break guideline for a total of 8 hours of instruction that day. I also hold a secular seminar that is structured 50/10 for 4 hours. 5) Truth be told, they probably don't spend much time reading their Bible or listening to preaching at other times either ----- but, have a 2-3 hour sing and they'll be there for the whole thing!!
  4. Pet rock? I don't pet my rock, I talk to it occasionally. Isn't that normal behavior? Not pointing fingers? I bet you had fingers pointing at and poking your keyboard.
  5. But I post more on here than I correspond with anyone in any other means of remote (impersonal, distanced) communication including email, text and phone.
  6. Error: OFP Or as my mother-in-law told her husband once: I'm sorry, I was wrong, I forgive you. (he didn't catch it for a while)
  7. Duolingo is good. However, like any language learning (including ASL, semaphore, etc) it must be incorporated with interaction with speakers of said language to retain it. Also, Duolingo does not impart idiomatic phrases.
  8. Lo siento, no hablo espaƱol.. Mi ingles no es bueno tampoco.
  9. This is as close to scripted as we got. Daniel had come up with a 4 measure lick he didn't where to use until he played "This Little Light of Mine". We had a quick conference on how and where to use it and I still didn't get it right. But it was fun.
  10. Musician4God1611 really did like Physical Science, probably the only student we had who wasn't ready to commit Seppuku (hara-kiri) over it.
  11. FWIW, here goes...
  12. He is light handed and I have a more aggressive attack so I opted not to use a pick lest I overpower him even though he is using a pick. After church I'll see if I can get a couple up.
  13. One of my sons pulled out a guitar so I grabbed mine. We just goofed off some and played a few songs. He never tells me what he's starting or how long he plans to go with it (# of times through). It got videoed and reduced to several short clips. I entertained the idea of posting some but only if there's any interest (if so, remember you can scream NO MORE!!! at any time). All songs were impromptu and unrehearsed, they are complete with flaws, warts, cracks and other blemishes).
  14. When I was 12 I asked my Dad to teach me guitar, he didn't even give me a chance. He just said "It's hard on your fingers, you won't stay with it". After I was grown and had kids, I asked him again. He said, "I don't know that much and wouldn't be able to teach it." At age 30 (not knowing anyone that played) I sought to teach myself with a couple of books (pre-internet). I manage to accompany my wife when she sings. Good enough for me.