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  1. Haha, feelings? I heard I don't have any.
  2. Actually, I was playing with people's natural tendency to make assumptions --- but didn't get any bites. It's not my upcoming 40th birthday but rather 40th anniversary. My mother-in-law was actually afraid I would end the marriage within 6 months by killing my wife (her only daughter).
  3. Even here, if they flee and you chase them with (fill in the blank) -- you're going to jail.
  4. You B#? I C.
  5. Correct
  6. November 5, 1977 to Nov 5, 2017. Wow, it doesn't seem possible. 40!! Against the odds initially given -- I'm looking at the end of 4 decades and the beginning of a 5th. Celebration plans have already begun.
  7. Hey, that's what I got --- special ed! Cool, thanks. And remember: Even though I didn't ride the little bus ---- I DRIVE the little bus!!
  8. My avatar pic speaks for me.
  9. Whoa, wait right there, hold up, rein in, halt ------ Did you just say that a moderator can take a hike, you'll do as you jolly well please and move on when YOU are ready to?????
  10. You said there aren't any Baptists in your area. What area might that be? I would not normally point this out except you said you taking college level English, however, collage is an artistic display or several pictures in a single print or frame, college is an institution of higher learning. (Better for it to be pointed out before you you make that mistake on a school paper, I'm assuming English is not your native tongue) More import than these items is the following: please explain how a person can ABSOLUTELY be assured that they are reconciled with God, be cleansed from their sin and have Heaven as their destination upon death?
  11. Check out H.O.P.E. (Helping Others Put off Entanglements) started by Bro. Rick Carter when he was in Oregon (He now pastors Beth Haven Baptist in OKC) http://www.hope4addictions.com/ http://www.okcbaptistchurch.com/hope-addictions-program/ As for your proposed ministry -- sounds good.
  12. Or for "the one I was dean of is now defunct" (different one from HC's reference)
  13. The last one was labeled "The White Guy Voice". As this black guy seeks to imitate a black imitating a white preacher he ends with "Okay, we're going to have to end this because church is 17 minutes". Was that a generalization of white US churches today? Yep - but that statement was way too funny!!
  14. Just my input on a few things mentioned by various ones through the course (heretofore) of this thread. 1) The 'extras' shouldn't (and don't need to) limit sermon length. If the sermon is 32 minutes and the 'extras' are 90 minutes or 7 minutes it just changes your departure time --- so what? 2) People don't complain about a 2 hour sporting event or a 90 minute movie but complain about a 75 minute church service. 3) I've seen people who had to stand through a service, get up and move to the back for a while during the service, bring a cushion for the seat or even bring their own seat, or make other accommodation for health limitations, etc. 4) I don't know how people justify the "30 minute or less rule of thumb" for a message from God's Word. Public school class instruction is set up on a 40-45 minute guideline. I teach a state class that is structured on a 50 minute instruction followed by 10 minute break guideline for a total of 8 hours of instruction that day. I also hold a secular seminar that is structured 50/10 for 4 hours. 5) Truth be told, they probably don't spend much time reading their Bible or listening to preaching at other times either ----- but, have a 2-3 hour sing and they'll be there for the whole thing!!
  15. Pet rock? I don't pet my rock, I talk to it occasionally. Isn't that normal behavior? Not pointing fingers? I bet you had fingers pointing at and poking your keyboard.