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  1. Glad to see you are still getting rain.
  2. How can we unite in evangelism when we don’t even agree on how to be saved? How can we unite with those who hold unscriptural views on marriage, sexuality, abortion, health-and-wealth, etc.? Doesn’t it matter what a new believer is taught? Is being safely in the fold all that matters? Most importantly, the world appears to be nearing Christ’s return and we are warned about the increase of apostasy and deception. The experiential emergent movement, Chrislam, etc. are rapidly transforming the world’s religions by incorporating Roman Catholic traditions and encouraging religious unity. Aren’t Bible studies like this one leading in the same direction? Yet churches like mine seem completely oblivious. Should we not warn them, or at least raise suspicion? How indeed.
  3. 3 And as he sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? The tings Jesus was speaking about and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world? An unrelated question to the comments by Jesus, He didn't say anything about his coming or the end of the world as you full well know. In Matthew 23 and in 24 etc Jesus says this would all come upon that generation, Why? That generation was the one that they crucified the Lord an Christ. Not unbiblical rubbish at all.
  4. HC, Herbes de Provence are available on Amazon,com as are many other herbs, The main herbs I use are as above, and Persillade (From the French persil = parsley) my jar says 40% parsley, 30% garlic, 30% shallot. so easy to make yourself if you have a Magimix or similar food processor. I also use a lot of basil and oregano (the French call this the pizza herb, sprinkle it over your pizza with a little olive oil before you cook it.) 2 spices I use for cous cous are ras el hanout and harrissa, I try to buy the latter in a tube if poss as it keeps better.
  5. I was brought up during the war and there was very little meat so we had to eat vegetables. The only vegetable I remember were potatoes, carrots, parsnips, onions and cabbage. My dad used to grow some of these. I hated cabbage and parsnips but had to eat them Apart from potatoes which were sometimes roasted, they were always boiled. Today we never boil anything, we either steam or roast vegetables. When we were first married my wife used to cook vegies conservatively. This method preserves flavour and vitamins. Today for lunch I did a small chicken on the rotisserie in our mini oven. I always use the same spices and method for chicken. Firsly I prick the skin all over to release the fat, then cut the skin at the joints where most fat seems to congregate, I then rub the skin all over with a little olive oil, then add a shake of salt and black pepper, then a little dried garlic, a little milled bay leaves ( French laurier = laurel. these don't seem available any more, so mine are well out of date. I have an unopened packet dated bbe April 2008.) and a little milled celery (THis is not available in uk as far as I know but we do have celery salt which is the same only salt is added.) Rub all these spices into the olive oil. If roasting put on a roasting rack over a pan. Quarter some small onions an put in the pan. boil some water and dissolve some chicken stock granules or cubes in the water and add to the pan. Roast in the oven at your usual temperature till done. Skin should be well browned all over and juices from the legs run clear. The gravy will be very tasty but don't try to thicken it as you will spoil the flavour. You may need to add more water as it is cooking as it will evaporate. Bon Appétit
  6. My reading is a literal understanding of the passage. You just ignore history. "When ye shall see Jerusalem compassed by armies" They did see that, "then know that its desolation is nigh." They understood that and fled the city as the Lord commanded. They also knew that the abomination that would cause the desolation was the (Roman) armies surrounding Jerusalem. B UT of that day and hour knoweth no man. The previous signs were for the destruction of Jerusalem, this was notified in advance to enable believers to escape, The answer to this second question is of the Lord's coming. It would be suddenly and there would be no sign.
  7. The meat is completely different from chicken. It is a brown meat, and much more dense that chicken., there is also a great deal of fat under the skin. The received wisdom for roasting duck breasts is to score the skin deeply and put it skin down in a hot dry frying pan or skillet until the fat has mostly drained, then place it flesh down in baking tray and roast in an oven at about 180-200C I am not sure what that is in F, but before we went metric my wife used to cook most things at 375F so I expect is somewhere about that. Goose fat is supposed to be the best fat for roasting potatoes, and you can buy that for the purpose, but duck is supposed to be second best. Neither is suitable for me though as my wife is vegetarian. Here is my way with roast potatoes. The best potatoes are floury ones. Peel your potatoes and cut them into portions.a very large potato will cut into about 6 portions of about equal size. If you like them very crispy, you can boil or steam them till the outsides are slightly done then rough the outsides a bit by draining them and then shaking them about in the pan. Either way, put them in a baking pan. and add salt and pepper and a shake of garlic powder or granules and a little Herbes de Provence. (I like the H de P to be very fine so i put them in a beaker and grind them very fine with a stick blender. Put your hand over the beaker as there will be some very fine dust.) Then toss them in some olive oil, not too much, you don't want to boil them in oil. Roast them at the above temperature for about 50 minutes. The above also works well with Parsnips. Unless the skins are not good, I never peel parsnips, just scrub them. Small ones you can roast whole, larger ones slice lengthwise, very large ones quarter lengthwise. Season as with potatoes above. Roast as above for about 40 minutes or so.
  8. I will not respond in similar offensive language, I have already addressed that point. That was the second question which was answered separately, of which we are told there would be no sign. You are in error in connecting the two points. Take full notice of the word "But" which signifies a change of subject.
  9. Apart from the Temple it was The end of the Jewish economy and the judgements pronounced in Deut 28, Matthdews 23. Isaiah 61.2, confirmed in Luke 21:22.
  10. Eric, The end was the destruction of Jerusalem.
  11. I may buy the $25 one to try in a few months time. I am a bit skint at present due to unexpected expenses, Car repair, lost mobile phone to be replaced etc. I will have to pay postage to UK and income duty on it,
  12. This link doesn't work. It would help if the origin of the article was given in the title.
  13. The end of the original discussion, the destruction of the temple. The sorrows were those that occurred before the temple was destroyed which was what the discussion was about. And yes there were wars and rumours of was before that time, many areas of the Empire were revolting including the Germans, so much so that Nero was considering suicide. And yes there were earthquakes, and yes there were false Christs, Paul himself was suspected of being one, The Egyptian who led many into the wilderness, and yes there were false prophets that continually prophesied that the Jews would defeat the Romans. And yes it did come upon that generation, all of it. Luke 21:20 ¶ And when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies, then know that the desolation thereof is nigh. When the Christians saw the Roman armies surrounding Jerusalem, they knew that that was the abomination of desolation and the the desolation was nigh. I agree that there was a short break after Matt 23 until they arrived at the mount of olives, but the conversation was a continuation and the subject was the same.
  14. Thanks NN. I am not familiar with Linux. I did try Ubuntu some years ago but didn't manage it to work. I thought this may be an introduction to it.