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  1. Whats for Supper...

    Do you peel your potatoes when you roast them?
  2. Whats for Supper...

    I didn't enjoy it. Just after I posted that, my daughter phoned to say her and her youngest were coming over, as she was going to help me to complete some forms from our lawyer to do with the sale of our house. We did not have enough for all of us so my wife suggested Pizza, and got some out of the freezer and I was dealing with them and they were just about finished cooking when my daughter called me to answer some questions, and I forgot about the pizzas, till they were well overdone. Had the salmon this evening with fried potatoes with garlic and parsley. Most salmon here is farmed in Scotland. Filling in forms is not my forté, I tend to put them in a file and hope they will go away. My daughter was filling them in for over four hours and still hadn't finished when she had to leave.
  3. Whats for Supper...

    Thanks. LuAnne I hope it lasts. I have got a salmon steak for lunch, and we will have steamed baby potatoes, and Extra Fine green beans and probably carrot. I rarely buy red potatoes. I bought some desirée potatoes years ago, and they tasted very soapy. I never bought them again, but I have sometimes had some they call reds. One of my gardening books said potatoes can taste soapy if they have too much chemical fertiliser.
  4. Whats for Supper...

    Our seniors lunch today. We had shepherds pie. I was feeling much better and managed to serve the meals at the tables. First time for weeks, We went shopping after and I got some Southern fried chicken bits from the Hot Deli, and served them with left over potatoes from the lunch, fried in a little olive oil and tossed in Persillade (Parsley, garlic and shopped shallots)
  5. England/Wales

    Once when we were on a ferry to France, my wife got talking to a family, as she does, and during the conversation, the husband said to her, "Where do you come from?" My wife answered "Same place as you." He said "Is it that obvious? I thought I had lost my accent., I have family in Halifax,and when we visit them my children say, "Dad why do you speak like that up here? and I say that is my natural accent." When I first met my wife I thought she had a northernaccent but I don't notice it now, She went to teacher training college in Durham and said she was teased for her southern accent, but down here she was teased for her northern accent. She has at times met people and asked "Is that a South Yorkshire accent?" and she is usually right, or it is a north Derbyshire one, Lots of traffic on the roads Avoid anywhere near Heathrrow, the M25, M1, M6 if you can. 2 years ago we went to our grandson's wedding in Lancashire and used the M6 , The traffic was horrendous and it took hours longer than it should have, We came back via the M61 A1, M11, Dartford crossing, , A2, M2, and it was a much quicker and more pleasant journey Most roads are toll free, but some bridges and tunnels have tolls, The Dartford crossing you have to pay by internet in advance or soon after. There is an additional part of the M6 which is a toll road, but I don't know of any other,.
  6. England/Wales

    That would be nice. If you are in York,you will be in Yorkshire and they have a very distinctive accent, In country areas it is almost like a dialect. On Ilkla Moor baht'at is the unofficial anthem of Yorkshire. The tune was written by a Kentish man, or was he a man of Kent? His name was Thomas Clark and it is a hymn tune, Grace 'tis a charming sound, harmonious to the ears. But don't tell a Yorkshire man that.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUsQ9Qs2DQo Kent is traditionally divided into West Kent and EastKent by the River Medway. This division into east and west is reflected in the term "Men of Kent" for residents east of the Medway; those from west are known as "Kentish Men". The female equivalents are "Maid ofKent" and "Kentish Maid". I am not a native of Kent, I was born in London but the family moved to Surrey in in the war and I moved to Kent in 1964.
  7. England/Wales

    Parking charges vary a lot. In our town we don't have many car parks, so visitors usually park in residential streets free. In some streets you can only park for an hour or two unless you are a resident. Many towns have a park and ride where you can park for a fee which inlcudes a bus into town. If you visit London there is a congestion charge, I have never paid it as I have not been in the centre for years. Where my daughter used to live was just outside the charge area so we had to be careful which way we went in. There is a route marked RING ROAD which is not part of the charge area and part of it goes from north to south but if you turn off into any other road a charge applies.
  8. England/Wales

    Hi Salyan, You don't see to be coming our way, I am in the South East near Canterbury. I don't often go to places the other side of London these days. The lakes are beautiful, I went camping there in my 20s with' a Church youth group. .Camped in the Derbyshire Peak District with my wife and two young (they were then) daughters. My Wife comes from Sheffield and we used to go to visit here family and friends. But her family are no longer alive. And she only has one friend up there now who is a bit senile. We went to Wales several times once to our nephews marriage. That was in Neith near Cardiff. The Bride's father gave a speech in which he said, "When Sian said she wanted to get married I was very pleased, but when she said she was going to marry an Englishman, I wasn't so happy" Cornwall is very pretty. I only went there once. My wife had a friend who moved there and we went to visit as she was very ill. They have their own language similar to Welsh, also to the Britons in France, Brittany. Many think they are not part of England and want independence. Here the main attraction is Canterbury Cathedral. But I would rather take people to see the Martyrs Memorial, and the West Tower, where many were held and some starved to death. I don't drive far on English roads these days, I am too old and the roads are too overcrowded. My daughters won't let me drive too far, if I want to visit my sister in Somerset, they make me wait until one of them can drive us. It will only be my younger ones as the elder has just moved to Dudley in the midlands. Driving The speed limit on motorways and dual carriageways is 70 mph unless a lower limit is indicated. In some places they have variable limits depending on the amount of traffic, These are shown on a gantry overhead, Main roads outside towns are 60 mph unless a lower limit is indicated. In towns the limit is usually 30 mph but in some places it can be 20 mph, usually after campaigns by residents who use the slogan TWENTY IS PLENTY. Speed Cameras. Speed cameras are in a number of places and are painted yellow, and have lines on the road to give you time to slow down. On motorways the sometimes have average speed cameras, but in my experience they are usually in places where the traffic is usually so heavy you can't reach the speed anyway, Don't forget you will have to drive on the left. If you have never done it don't worry, we had to do the same when we first went to France. I did have to take our car to the garage and the mechanic opened the left door and then realised it was on the other side and wouldn't drive it. The main problems may be with roundabouts or as the US pastor we know, calls them traffic circles. You have to give way to the traffic on the right, We usually go to France if we want a break. The traffic there used to be horrific, but they have a completely different approach to speed cameras, they are hidden and you are not allowed to have warnings on your sat nav. or radar detectors. or you and get a large fine. This has made a great difference to their driving. It is much more leisurely now. We can get a day return on the ferry for £27 this time of the year, that is for the car and up to nine people, It gives us time to have a meal and do the shopping. OK as long as there are no school parties on board. If we go for a longer break we go to Laon these days or Soissons. There is a small Bible Baptist Church in Laon. The pastor is American and is disabled, I think he is over 70 and has been in a wheelchair for years. About two years ago friends asked him why he didn't reply and he said "There is no one to take over the ministry," about 6 months ago his wife wrote that they thought he would have to retire in two years, but the last newsletter said that he had been to hospital in Paris, and they wanted to do a full body scan to find out why he was in constant pain, but couldn't do it as he was too bent over, and ttat they may have to retire in days rather than years. Sorry Salyan I have digressed. Sorry I have not been much help but I hope you have a great time.
  9. Whats for Supper...

    http://woodenlegsoup.blogspot.co.uk/ This seems to be copied from Paul Bocuse. Word for word. He said it was given to him by Henry Clos-Jouve and that it has been made in Lyons for a very long time. The editor of my English Edition says it is delightful reading, but not to be lightly undertaken
  10. Whats for Supper...

    It doesn't have any toenails in it any more than wooden leg soup was wooden legs in it. I have never made it. It is a sweet steamed pudding topped with raspberry coulis or jam and sprinkled with desiccated coconut, which resembles toenails, Leftover curry from yesterday with mango chutney as I ran out of pineapple,
  11. New(old) tractor

    There was a bit on the TV this evening about a rare sort of sheep on an island off Scotland. There is a rare breed of dwarf sheep on there, Many year ago the Laird of the island built a wall (a dyke) around his land to keep the sheep away from his cattle, The sheep only had the rocky seashore to live on with no grass etc. The sheep survived by adapting to the only food available to them - seaweed. One of the people spoken to was the great great great granddaughter of the laird. (May have been a few more greats than that)
  12. Whats for Supper...

    My mother never made anything like that, the only rice she used was for milk puddings. She hated currants, vinegar, and pepper, and had no sense of smell. Her two sister had a limited or no sense of smell, She was a very fussy eater, When my wife introduced her to Courgettes/Zucchini she called them 'those cucumber things', when I said that they were just baby marrows and you like them, she said "They don't look like it." The interesting thing was when we introduced her to pizza.. Sometimes people use strange names for their dishes. French chef Paul Bocuse has Wooden Leg soup. Welsh chef Tom Norrington-Davies has Toenail Pie and Rabbits in Jackets.
  13. Whats for Supper...

    Thank you I passed out a couple of weeks ago and since then have had dizzy spells. Today I had Stir Fry Beef strips, with a jar of Levi Roots Caribbean Curry and pineapple chutney.with rice. The curry was a bit tasteless but the chutney gave it some flavour. The jar said chicken, but I had some beef in the freezer that needed to be used.
  14. I've decided to join the Masons

    Mortar (and pestle)
  15. Whats for Supper...

    I prefer one Ras el Hanout that I buy in France under the brand Ducros, it is mildly hot, but I have tried other brands but they never taste the same. Some have chili in and some don't, one I bought locally does not have chili but black pepper. Cous cous is a type of pasta but very small grains. In France they sell two grades, fin (fine) and moyen (medium) we like the latter, but here. they just seem to do one grade and that is about the same as fin. We usually try to get a day trip to France once a month for my wife to keep up her French, but is also our day out and cheaper than going to London for the day. We are about ½ way between London and Calais including the channel. I have not been too well recently so have put off going. Today I had lamb's liver and bacon in gravy with baby potatoes and green beans. That is a very cheap meat and it was ½ price so even better.