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  1. I need some tiling done in my new kitchen, I had an estimate and ordered the tiles to arrive next wek and have just got an email from the tiler I had chosen and he has now sent an email that he cannot fit us in till the ned of Sept. Not too good as we erer hoping to put our hous on the market next week. Just had the kitchen instlled, less the tiles, and my daughter has found a housed with an annex which we can have as she is worried that we can't cope too well in our current house.
  2. Baked potato and chili con carne.
  3. Thanks Alan. Parham et al did not start the tongues movement. Rev Wm Goode writing in 1833, about the tongues movement at that time, said after listing many similar instances throughout history said there were probably always pockets of such appearing, but have been, perhaps unwisly, swept under the carpet, as it were. Goode was writing about the Irvingite movement, later known as the Catholic Apostolic Church. This church continued into the 20th century. One of my dad's sisters attended one of their churches in the 1920s in London. Charles Wesley shared a hotel room with one of the French Prohets, he said that the man gobbled like a turkey cock all night long.
  4. Nearby Camden is evacuationg 1000s of people from similar blocks. Julian said the cladding which is blamed for the blaze conformed with building regulations and it is these regulations that need to be changed.he also said that theere was a layer which should have made a firebreak but for some reason it didn't. Many tower blocks around the country are being examined. Also public buidings and hospitals may have similar cladding.
  5. Welcome.
  6. When Luther held a conference with the Swiss reformers, Zwingle etc, he came into the room and wrote on the table "This is my body" and would not budge from that. Think! was Jesus actually holding hie body in his hand when he said that? He followed by saying "Do this in remembrace of me. Jesus also said of the cup. "This is my blood" One of the martyrs to the Catholic Church, Nicholas Shetterton, had long discussions with the bishops over this. He said If the bread was the Lord's body then the cup, not the contents were his blood. He was burnt to death in Canterbury only about 8 miles from here. I am going to ask two you more questions Do you believe the Catholic teaching that Christ is present in the conscrated wafer, (the good god) in body soul and spirit? or do you beleive the Christian teaching that, as Jesus said ,"Do this inremembrace of me."? You know, we forget so soon. The Jews were given the passover meal to remind them what God had done for them, Christians were given the Lord's Supper to remind us what God, in Christ has done for us.
  7. Thank you for clarifying that. Remember that a little leaven leaven's th whole lump. Remember that the Jews tried to worship God and Baal at times. Also they worshipped in the temple but held sunrise services facing east towards the rising sun. All are condemned as false religion. The mass is NOT Holy Communion or the Lord's supper. It is the worship of a wafer. A man made god. When the priest raises the wafer, the host, the people worship it. You will probably say you don't, but then you are differing from Roman doctrine.
  8. I ask again. Which do you consider to be a fale religion?
  9. He was in grave error in this. The vast majority who went to the front were not saved. BG himself recognised that and stopped calling them converts and just called them "enquirers.". Christians throughout the dark ages avoided the RCC, partly because of the mass, but also of their heretical teaching of baptismal regeneration as well as other false teachings. The Waldensians claimed their separation from Rome from the time when Sylvester was Bishop of Rome. They were not known by that name at the time but were given many other names, but for about 1,100, or so years they kept their witness against all the errors of Rome while standing firm in face of many attrocities inflicted on them by Rome. About 40-50 years before the refprmation, the accepted the mass, agreeing to attend once a year. They were no longer considered witnesses by Rome. Rome has murdered millions of Christians throughout the ages, but says she doesn't persecute saints, only heretics and she has the perfect right to do that, and given the power she would do it again. If you attend mass you cannot be a witnessing Baptist.
  10. I have not heard of hornworms. We have leatherjackets whih are the larvae of the crane fly, a.k.a. daddylonglegs.
  11. Mine are first early, very quick maturing. I don't plant the late ones as they usually get blight..
  12. Thanks Alan Not to do with scientific facts but archeology. Day One Publications have a book, Through the British Museum with the Bible. When the British Museum heard of this book they ordered 900 they also ordered 250 of a larger book on evidence for the bible. they have since ordered more. Day one do tours of the museum detailng the objects which confirm the bible. They just ask for travel expenses for their guides and any extra gifts are voluntary . They are not KJV. If you ever visit London it could be profitable to visit with this book and/or their guides. Either way the book would be profitable. They also do a pocket booklet on the same subject called Is It True Evidence for the Bible. This costs £1 and is meant to be given away,
  13. That would not qualify you for baptism in our church. I stated our position. When you are saved you leave your past life behind. It seems you are trying to take it with you.. The scdipture says "Come out of her my people."
  14. I have tried kale at times. Sometime it was very bitter, others it was very tasty. The fake chinese dish called "cripy seaweed" is finely shredded deep fried kale.
  15. I have never tried them but I have seen recipes for them