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  1. I like male voice praise music, I prefer it without accompanyment, but then you can't have everything. You don't even have to learn Welsh to listen to this.
  2. If they were masons I doubt if they were born again.
  3. Much of the charismatic 'signs' are hypnosis.
  4. About 50 years ago I bought a book called Modern Gardening. Looking at the pictures and the plant varieties recommended it doesn't seem so modern now. Most of the chapters are on flowers and shrubs. Vegetables occupy just a small section at the back. Many of the chemicals mentioned are banned now,
  5. So far I have just got my early potatoes in. I had decided not to grow them again, but I bought a bag of Rocket reduced from £4 to 50p and couldn't resist it. I am still tryng to harvest the last of my leeks. The ground has been so hard, I could not dig them, but a few days ago we had some rain so some have been easier, the rest I will run my Mantis Tiller near and should be able todig them from there. Now my asprargus, overwintered letuces and watercress from my small pond. Still have one celriac and one Fennel to harvest.
  6. Would seem so considering the verse you quoted. But witness is to see or experience something and to testifie is to bear witness, I believe.
  7. Thanks, I will contact you in a couple of days anyway.
  8. The CofE 39 articles were Calvinistic. In fact it was said the were based on Calvin's teaching,not Luther;s.
  9. Hi Dan. If that was directed at me I will send you a pm in a couple of days.
  10. Ardennes paté with salad and Frenchbread.
  11. while we are speaking about the misuse of words, Who first used the word witness incorrectly as in "I am going to witness to him/her". Or "I have been witnessing to so and so?"
  12. AS I said I don't follow Calvin, but I do have a book of some of his commnetaries, although I vave not read a great deal of it, I did read a comment he made on Ephesians, that when we consider the claims of Christ and thee claims of Christ, even a ten year old boy could see that the pope is antischrist. What a ten year old could see in Calvins's day, many can not see today. I also once borrowed a biograhy of Calvin from the library. Because some peple in our then church mentioned him but didn't seem to know a great deal about him. I can't remember much about what they said, but one thing, that was that Calvin wanted to be buried in an unmarked grave as he didn't want anyone to rever him.
  13. If you read what I actually said that I had read that Augustine was the first, then said that Clemment taight it. Stop twisting my words. Yes, Paul was a murderer but I follow him.
  14. Mt 1:25 And knew her not till she had brought forth her firstborn son: and he called his name JESUS. Lu 2:7 And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn. If Jesus was her firstborn she must have has other children.
  15. Your post would be easier to read with some punctuation.