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  1. A true believer wll be regenerated and should give evidence of such.
  2. Possibly such a person is not a christian.
  3. Asparagus and grilled tomatoes with home made whole wheat bread.
  4. She has now been told the school won't be doing German this year, but they will give her the books and enter her in the exams.
  5. At least it is honest. Other religions worship Satan but their followers don't realise it.
  6. I don't think he is standing for president
  7. In our church we have a grand piano and a pianist. We have four people who can play the piano. For various reasons up to three may not be available.Their ability varies. We are only a small church but in the evening service we only have about 10 attend but the singing is better than one church I once visited with about 100 attendees. We don't have a band, choir or music director, and especially not a" worship leader".
  8. I have not changed the speed often but it seemed OK when I did. Not sure if I used it on music, but may have only used it once or twice to slaw a preacher down who spoke too fast to catch all he said. May have used it on music but I can't remember.
  9. But that is not the gospel.
  10. Regarding the speed of online music. If you download Audacity you can load your music files in and speed them up or slow them down without altering the pitch. Or you can alter the pitch without altering the speed. If you do downloawd becareful from which site as some can have malicious software with them.
  11. my question on Isaiah 60:2 was because I could work out if it referred to Israel or perhaps the Lord Jesus.
  12. Ham with red cabbage slaw and a bit of other salad .
  13. sorry Alan I ca;t view your reply as I have no permission.
  14. Was the lamb killed two days before the feast?