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  1. Thanks Bob, I will do. Maureen runs our womens monthly prayer breakfast. Yesterday they went for their Christmas lunch. It was late because one of our members, Luke, who is a chef was opening a new cafe/bistro called Salt and Light in Herne Bay and they went there.
  2. Bob. I remember Judith. We lost touch with her some years ago when she moved to Essex somewhere. My youngest daughter managed to contact her via the Baptist Church, we wanted her to know that a common friend had had a road accident and was killed. He had felt unwell and stopped the car, and passed out. His wife tried to revive him but she is blind and didn't know the car was in gear and it went forward had hit another car and she was badly injured and so was the other driver but her husband was killed. Our eldest daughter is 47 this year and the younget is 45 with five children all home educated and the eldest two are at university. Their teenage years seem an age away. I think you said before that Ben was 2½ and in a pushchair when you came to our house. That should date it. Best wishes, David & Kay.
  3. Thanks Bob, that information is correct except for the Saltmine. I believe the Saltmine were doing a mission in Herne Bay at time, yes I did commute to London. Mike and his wife are now members of our church.
  4. All good answers, but my thoughts were Gen 1: 1 ¶ In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. because if ypou don't believe that, you undermine all the teaching of the scriptures,
  5. OK. I met the real Bob Hutton many years ago when I lived in Faversham and we invited the visiting Hutton family back to lunch, after our morning Sunday service.. If you are the real Bob Hutton, you will remember the details. Please give them. Will the real Bob Hutton stand up? Further info you can give, Which church do you attend? Who was your last pastor who retired?
  6. Welcome from England. Many preachers will say you have to believe what they teach. Don't beleive them if you cannot find what they say in the scripture. A good preacher will say, "If you cannot find what I say in the bible, don't believe me." The apostle Paul says in his first epistle to the Thessalonians 5:20 "Despise not prophesyings.21 Prove all things; hold fast that which is good."
  7. Revival and soul winning are not the same. Have you ever read accounts of Revival?
  8. I sometimes wish it was here. So many leaflets and flyers, sometimes the same handful two days delivery notices, hinese os curry takeaways as well. Oh and envelopes addressed to the "Occupier" , and cards saying "We have just sold a house in your road and are looking for more."
  9. Thanks Alan Which do you think is the most important verse in the bible. No correct answer but it would be interesting to see what others think.
  10. Zophar the Naamathite,
  11. I once had a book called Doorstep Evangelism. The author became pastor of a church with only four members. In four years of door knocking they had built the it up to quite a numbr, I can't remember how many. I don't know what happened to the book, I expect someone borrowed it and didn't return it.
  12. John 6:43 Jesus therefore answered and said unto them, Murmur not among yourselves. 44 No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day.
  13. We had 8 on Friday. Over the 3 days we had 8 youngsters who were new to us. Small beginnings.
  14. We have a man who is a prison chaplain preach at our church and he holds bible studies with the prisoners. Last time he came he was doing Romans.+
  15. Thanks Dan and Alan. My friend says they hate our church and will try to take it over. The local church they have taken over is not listed on their map buut is mentioned here. under Martin Bentley. My friend says since they first moved into the church it has taken them about 10 years to take over the church and change it. They sold the old church building to be pulled down to be used for housing and bought a large former printing works called the Riverside Press on the outskirts of town, and called it the Riverside Church. Although when passing it I don't remember that it mentioned a church on the building, just the Riverside Café and the types of coffee they do.