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  1. We had 8 on Friday. Over the 3 days we had 8 youngsters who were new to us. Small beginnings.
  2. We have a man who is a prison chaplain preach at our church and he holds bible studies with the prisoners. Last time he came he was doing Romans.+
  3. Thanks Dan and Alan. My friend says they hate our church and will try to take it over. The local church they have taken over is not listed on their map buut is mentioned here. under Martin Bentley. My friend says since they first moved into the church it has taken them about 10 years to take over the church and change it. They sold the old church building to be pulled down to be used for housing and bought a large former printing works called the Riverside Press on the outskirts of town, and called it the Riverside Church. Although when passing it I don't remember that it mentioned a church on the building, just the Riverside Café and the types of coffee they do.
  4. Does anybody know anything about Bethel Sozo? It seems that this charismatic ministry is taking over many churches in the Uk. I have been told that they take over a church and turn it into a bsiness selling their books and trainging courses, etc. It seems they are run from Bethel Church, Redding CA. My friend who was formerly associated with a local church taken over by them says it is pure witchcraft. I could not find from their site, what a Sozo is but it seems you have to sign a liability release form before undertaking their "training" See 5th item down on this page,
  5. 1611mac .. The link to Read full article rarely works which is probably why some add a link Read more or something similar.
  6. It sees the witer is anonymous.
  7. Link just takes you back to this pape. Does he mean want to get cake? whoever he is?
  8. Sorry I did not get back before but because of work my son in law is doing the electricity has been off and my battery was flat. Wednesday, the first day, we had only seven children 3 from our families, and one from Sunday School, and three new children, one from the Catholic school who brought fis younger brother and a friend. My s-i-l said they shouldn't be disheartened as their church started with only a few and gradully built up over the years. Last summer they had 53 and only two of those were new ones. They do have a larger group of young families in their church than we do. The three saia they would not be able to come back today as they thought it was only for one day. Today there were only five. Two from our families came, the third had family commitments. The friend of the catholic also returned. and one who had been to our mothers and toddlers when he was younger. We will pray for tomorrow.
  9. Probably their witnessing would do the immigrants no good. If Catholics, for instance testified to them, they would probly be farther from the truth. (Testify is the word you should use, not witneess, as that is something that happens to you.)0
  10. But would it be beneficial to the preaching of the gospel to refugees, or do you not think they need the gospel?
  11. I seem to remember John Paul 2nd saying that Mary was a co redempter. {n fact one Catholic by the name of Narman St John Stevas had a newspaper article at the time supporting the encylical, saying "Only the most rabid protestant would disagree."
  12. It starts on Wednesday Bob. It runs from Wednesday till Friday. Your retired former pastor Mike, is a member at our church, His wife Maureen is the main mover behind it. Our youth leaders, David and Tom were down the church today, setting up equipmet. I arrived and they asked if I had arranged for Jewsons, the builders merchant next door, to loan us some bags of sand and some bricks to weigh some of tables down which they have on end to mount displays. When I said that I had, they said they would go and collect them, I said I would go and se them and see if they would bring them. They arrived with them all in about 10 minutes. I am not actually involved but my son in law is coming over from Ashford to help. When he has finished for the day, he plans to rip out my kitchen and install a new floor.. Pray for all the children who will come and all the helpers, that they may be led by the Lord.
  13. And very often they don't reply.
  14. We have had a UBM sleepover a couple of times at our church when they were doing outreach in Canterbury. The most recent was last summer.
  15. Hello Bob. We have met before. Your son Ben used to preach at our Church in Whistable before he became a pastor. Do you know Julie, or Julliette the Czech girl, or Peter and Kathryn Lowe? Who I believe have all been involved in the outreach in Canterbury.