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  1. Yes, guns have killed many Americans, and not only in wars. I am happy living in England and far prefer that to a land which worshipos guns.
  2. Easiest salad Watercress. Also my favourite. If you have a pond with a filter you can grow watercress with practically no effort. You can buy plants at inflated prices at the garden centre, or seeds and follow the instructions, our you can do as I do and buy a bunch of watercress cut the bottoms off and plant them and eat the rest. You could plant them in a large tub of pea shingle ir gravel. If you buy it from a builders merchant wash it throroughly till the water runs clear, run the water from your pump into the shingle, makink an overflw into your pond.You can plant your watercress into the gravel and wait for the crop. Or you can just throw a handfull of watercress into your pond and again wait. The problem with thiis is that it will soon take over your pond.
  3. Here in England, Asparagus has the shortest havesting time for any vegetable from sometime in April till the middle of June, after that you have to let the plants grow to build up the energy in the crown for the following year. Peru does not seem tho have that problem as out of seaso, our stores have Aspargus from ther all the year. Had some from Mexico recently.
  4. For Aspargus. If you plant crowns you ususally have to wait 3 years, but you can buy three year old crowns that you can harvest lightly after one year. There is also an F1 hybrid seed, I forget its name, that you can (they say) cut one shoot in the first year, lightly in the second and normally in the third. Asparugus is usually grouwn in mounds as it doesn't like to be waterloged, but the trouble is, our garden is on heavy clay, that gets waterlogged when it rains a lot and rock hard when it dries out. I made a raised bed a couple of years ago and it cropped well last year so I have high hopes for this year.
  5. Happy Birthday! 79 Years old is quite an accomplishment. May the Lord bless you.


    1. 1Timothy115


      Invicta, God Bless you on what is left of your day. Let me see GMT+4 here so that makes it about a half hour of Birthday left. If your like me you're already in bed unless you got a nap this past afternoon. Again, God bless you sir.

    2. Invicta


      Thanks brothers.  Just picked up your message as we have been away for a couple of days and didn't take my laptop with me.

  6. Pepper spray is illegai in our country as well as CS gas.
  7. Not sure what that has to do with it.
  8. Getting blunt with them is hardly likely to help them to turn to Christ. They are told what they have to believe and not to think for themselves. The main thing is to try to get them to think. For intance JWs say Jesus is not God. Ask them to read from their bible Acts 25 "For David says respecting him, 'I had Jehovah constanty before my eyes' " You could ask them who they thought David was speaking about? They may say they will have to ask and then return, but that is unlikely, So ask them, "But what do you think?" if they give an evasive answer ask them to read from verse 22 and say again, who is David speaking about?" (Jesus the Nazarene) Ask them againn who they think David is referring to. Try to get them to think for themselves, don't try to tell them what it means. And only use their bible. If you use any other, they will just switch off. Same with Catholics. I once read a book entitled "The Catholic Bible has the answer" which showed you can preach salvation from their version. Remember that the KJV is hated and preached against by the RCC, It is the only version not on sale at the so called "Catholic Truth Society"
  9. I don't think the scripture says we have to accept, but that we have to repent and we have to believe.
  10. God was the first gardener, he planted a garden in Eden, then after the fall leeft man to continue tending the earth, so I see no conflict here.
  11. No worries, God is in control.
  12. I think Homesteading may exclude those who have a pocket handkerchief garden. I have quite a small vegetable plot about 4yards by 10. My garden gets overegrown with weeds very quickly and I cannot do a lot of bending these days so I have grown my winter lettuces and greens through black plastic weed supressing membrane, the sort that lets through the rain but keeps the light out. So far they have done very well. I get used mushroom comost from the garden centre and spread that under the plastic. I put plastic cloches over the crops.
  13. Well I am not an expert but I believe that hay is from dried grasses and used for fodder anf straw is from grains such as wheat, barley, rye etc and is used for bedding.
  14. Wasn't Kittel many decades after Josephus?
  15. I agree with this,