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  1. Invicta added a post in a topic Question About Preterism   

    You do make up a lot of nonsense.
  2. Invicta added a post in a topic The Judgment of Babylon   

    Actually Daniel 11:39 does not mention Antichrist.
  3. Invicta added a post in a topic Source of Doctrine   

    How very true.
  4. Invicta added a post in a topic Source of Doctrine   

    We were in a church once where the attitude seemed to be "We leave spiritual matters to the pastor."  We tried to change things but without much result.  A friend said, "They have had a whole string of Godly pastors, but the system beaten them all"  If you suggested something was not right, the answer was always, "We've always done it that way."  My wife said it should be written in a banner over the town "WE'VE ALWAYS DONE IT THAT WAY."  She called it  "The Law Of The Medes And Persians, Which Changeth Not."  We didn't want to leave as it was the local church.  However we eventually we decided to leave and went to a church in Canterbury where there was a good minister, but when he left we went to a church in Ashford.  After the pastor there was forced out, we came to our present church  where we have been for over 20 years, and 8 years ago moved to the town.
  5. Invicta added a post in a topic Defective Orthodoxy   

    You could listen to Duncan Campbell on the Isle of Lewis revival.
    It is about an hour long.  You may like to read a transcript as you listen as his accent is not easy to follow,  Those who transcribed it obviously found the same as they have frequent [?]s
  6. Invicta added a post in a topic Defective Orthodoxy   

    If I remember correctly, revivals were the work of God, not man, usually a surprise to those involved in them.  I know American churches hold 'Revivals'  but these are not revivals in the usual understanding of the word.  
  7. Invicta added a post in a topic The Judgment of Babylon   

    "I've heard,"   'Some would.'  'Technology will.'  'oil prices will '  
    Building your theology on hearsay.
  8. Invicta added a post in a topic Free Will   

    Oh, I thought the KJV was without error.
  9. Invicta added a post in a topic Cuba   

    My nephew was doing christian work in Mauritania some years ago.  Any christian work was illegal.  He had to be careful but shared the gospel with the locals.  One man told the police chief that my nephew had given him a copy of the gospels in Spain. The police chief said the gospels were a Muslim documents and he would like a copy.
    Then came the first Gulf War.  People were in the streets shouting "Death to the Americans, death to the English."  They were escorted to the airport by French troops.  As they were leaving, their neighbours said "Why do you need troops to escort you, we are peaceful people," But nephew said "You were chanting 'Death to the Americans, death to the English.' "  They said "we didn't mean you."
    I may have posted this before, if so, sorry.
  10. Invicta added a post in a topic Free Will   

    If it makes you happy.  But not as I see scripture.
  11. Invicta added a post in a topic Two news items for today   

    My wife was on a course for teachers in Paris 1964-5.  She loved Paris.  We have been there a couple of time since.  We will be in the region on Monday next week.  I asked her if she wanted to stay a few days. She said she didn't want to as time we went it had changed and she didn't like it anymore.
    In France there are numerous stops on the Autoroutes called aires de repos.  In German restplatz.  Aires have plenty of parking spaces; toilets and sometimes picnic areas.  In the UK we have motorway service areas which are supposed to be rest areas but have become large commercial centres, not much rest there.  But I digress.  
    There have been reports that tourists stopping overnight in aires have been targeted by French criminals. We have stopped overnight in a caravan (trailer)  and just in our car and have never had any problems.
  12. Invicta added a post in a topic Free Will   

    Why don't you believe what God says rather than trying to make it mean what you want it to?
  13. Invicta added a post in a topic Free Will   

    It is not what I think but what God says.  
    We/  know or should now, what predestination means.  
    Eph 1:5  Having predestinated us unto the adoption of children by Jesus Christ to himself, according to the good pleasure of his will,
    Eph 1:11  In whom also we have obtained an inheritance, being predestinated according to the purpose of him who worketh all things after the counsel of his own will:
  14. Invicta added an answer to a question Mrs.   

    In our church the pastor will recommend the candidate to the church officers after an interview with one other member, if they agree they will give a baptism lessons and then it will be presented to the next members meeting, if the members agree, which they usually do the applicant will be baptised on an acceptable testimony.
  15. Invicta added a post in a topic Free Will   

    That is a cop out as we say. Trying to make the scriptures say what you want them to.
    Rom 9:15  For he saith to Moses, I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion.