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  1. Yes we all do. We recently had a visiting preacher who was a prison chaplain who aid he was at a meeting of all the other chaplains from various denominations and religions. He said that there could only be one true religion. the only one who agreed with that statement was the Muslim. All the others including CofE and RC were very much against him. It was a while back and I can't remember his exact words.
  2. The beauty of creation

    I believe that dogs refer to human dogs, but I have been told by literalist teachers that dogs mean dogs.
  3. http://www.christian.org.uk/news/thousands-call-ousted-christian-chaplain-get-job-back/
  4. Whats for Supper...

    Our fishing industry has been decimated by over fishing and the EU common fisheries policy. Also the waters are warmer so herring have moeed somewhere else; When we were children the only fish we ate was herring which my mum used to fry till it was crispy, but now our herring fishery is decimated. Due to the fishing policies, fisherman are only allowed to land a certain quota of each type of fish, and no undersize fish. The result of this if they are fishing for one type of fish and they catch another type for which the quota has been reached, they have to throw them back with any undersize fish. These fish die . i cannot see the point of that. Our salmon is mostly farmed in Scotland, sea bass (French call it loupe de mer, that is sea wolf) I noticed recently is sometimes farmed in Turkey.
  5. Mid Tribulation fleeing of Israel

    I thought he would be destroyed by the brightness of Christs coming.
  6. Whats for Supper...

    Thanks Jim. I did read a review on the web and it said that it was tastier than cod, Cod is not bad but not my favourite, I like Haddock, Sea Bass, Salmon. When I go to our fish and chippie, I usually get the senior citizens cod and chips, as it is somewhat less expensive than haddock, which I prefer. There was a spat in recent year of our supermarkets selling Vietnamese River Cobbler. I have never bought it as such but I think is was the smoked fish I once bought in a pack of fish pie mix. I don't know how our supermarkets get away with selling Extra Large Cod, or Haddock battered fillets which are half the size or less as the regular fillets in our chippies. I did crispy aromatic duck for lunch. I had some left over and some stir fry left over from yesterday, so for supper I had Duck and vegetable in black bean sauce for supper. No leftovers for tomorrow.
  7. Killing for God

    Sorry, I don't understand. Where do you find that in the scripture?
  8. Whats for Supper...

    @Jim_Alaska Jim, when i was looking at fish in the freezer dept of a supermarket, I saw some which was just labelled White Fish. When I looked closer it said it was Alaskan Pollock. Do you know what this fish is like? It was about ½ the price of any other fish.
  9. Whats for Supper...

    Yesterday I did paella. I added a good pinch of saffron but although I could taste it there was very little colour. Today when I took the leftover out of the fridge it was bright yellow. This evening I did stirfry vegetables in blackbean sauce with egg fried rice.
  10. Whats for Supper...

    Today I had salmon for lunch with baked potato and roast vegetables. It was a large fillet I had in the freezer which I was keeping for when somebody comes, but nobody did. so I did it today, Still got enough for another two meals, and there is still one salmon side in the freezer.
  11. Whats for Supper...

    Grasshoppers and locusts are scriptural. I wouldn't eat them, though, but my cat likes eating grasshoppers.
  12. My granddaughter

    Thank you. I have looked into this further and it seems it is not malignant type. I have an outpatients appointment at the hospital on 16th March, that is a week after our 50th Wedding anniversary. My dad was one of a family of 14. Some died as infants. I have managed to trace 10 on census on line. One died by being run over by a horse and cart when he was 9, one had Parkinsons disease, and the other 8 all died of various forms of Cancer, including my dad.
  13. My granddaughter

    As to my health, I had a lesion removed from my head about four weeks ago and I had a letter from the hospital today that confirmed it was skin cancer. They say it was completely removed and I don't need further treatment but I have an out patient appointment in about a month. I have memory problems and had a blood test recently, and my doctor phoned me to say I had a severe vitamin deficiency and I needed to take three extra tablets a day, or have an injection once every three months, but would have to have an injection three times a week for two weeks first. I am not sure which is worse, I elected for the injections. If it helps my memory it may be worth it. I can't remember which vitamin the Dr said it was.
  14. Hunting yummy things

    In the Ashdown forest there is a cull of deer as many have been killed by collisions with cars, and one motorist has been killed by collision with a deer. There has been outrage by the animal lobby who say there should be a low speed limit through the forest.
  15. Whats for Supper...

    Left overs this evening.