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  1. Matthew 12:40

    We know exactly how long a day was in NT times. John 11:9.
  2. The 7th Shemita is here

    Not all of any tribe returned. As I said there as one person from the tribe of Asher mentioned at the time of Jesus, so it is not true that none of the Northern tribes returned. Not all of those of the Southern tribes returned at the time of Ezra. They all became part of the diaspora.
  3. What is a "Landmark" Baptist church

    I don't disagree with that but that raises an interesting point. I believe that current futurist teaching is that the OT saints will be raised after the tribulation.
  4. What is a "Landmark" Baptist church

    I do not consider that because they are mentioned separately they are necessarily different. I think Matt. 22:2-15 would apply here.
  5. What is a "Landmark" Baptist church

    I did read the post and the question. I still don't understand your reasoning.I also read most of I gave up because his reasoning is so twisted. No I do no believe the true church is only Independent Baptist. No doubt there are many in the IB's that are not saved just as in any other denomination. He also has a strange teaching that the guests cannot be the whole church because the "tribulation saints" are not saved yet. The alternative and better argument on that point is that there can be no tribulation saints because the breakfast has taken place.
  6. What is a "Landmark" Baptist church

    Are you seriously both saying that all true believers won't be called? As our preacher said this morning, quoting the hymn. Have you heard the voice of Jesus, softly calling in your heart? He said if you have never heard that voice, you are not saved.
  7. What is a "Landmark" Baptist church

    I cannot agree with you. The bride will consist of all true believers in Christ.
  8. Whats for Supper...

    Steak chips and onion rings.
  9. Scientific Facts in the Bible.

    A local Baptist church leader here had leeches applied in the early 1850s
  10. Billy Graham

    The Vatican considered Hitler's war against the USSR as a crusade.
  11. The 7th Shemita is here

    Of course the 12 tribes are gathered in Israel. There always were 12 tribes in the land even before the exile. There probably were in the time of Jesus as the tribe of Asher is mentioned.
  12. UK Votes Out

    Stalin was a Jesuit as were many of the leading Nazis
  13. I did read a book on the pyramids that said the pyramid cubit was 26 inches, but how he knew, I don't know. It seems different countries had different measures for the cubit. Then there were palms and hands, not to mention the inch, or thumb as the French call it. These must have all been fixed measures as in scripture weights were sacrosanct so measures must have been also. Then there is the yard which is said to be from the tip of your nose to the tip of your outstretched finger. I have seen people measuring material like that. But the official yard is fixed and if you ever come to London you will find it on a wall in Trafalgar Square.
  14. I don't think we know what the cubit was at the time of Noah. Deut 3.11 The common cubit. From that I understand that there was more than one cubit measure. I think it somewhere it also mentions a cubit of the old measure.
  15. Creation or not?

    Our two eldest granddaughters, Rachel 19, and Jemimah 16, speak to each other in French. French is Rachel's best subject but German is Jemimah's. French is her second subject. She has been teaching her friends German. Jemimah and her brother, Luke, 12, were also getting Latin lessons. I am not sure how they got on.