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  1. Revived laptop

    Well, I found Secure Boot hidden away under advanced settings, I then chanced UEFI to the other option which was something like CRM, and it booted but I couldn't connect to the internet, I closed it down took the Linux card out rebooted but wouldn't boot into windows until I changed back to UEFI. I assume that that laptop had the same wireless card as this one. I also followed your instructions re Samba and have it on the menu under System Tools. When I click on it I get a popup which says The application "System-Config-Samba" lets you modify essential parts of your system. Password ............ When I enter the password it just dusappears.
  2. A simple request

    We have as well. We had a smell of gas about a year or so ago and called the gas company and they said "Turn off all gas appliances and don't switch any lights or electrical equipment on, and open windows. Soon a representative came but didn't seem too worried and said he had also to see a neighbour. I asked what it was and it appeared to be a leak from a gas main about a quarter of a mile away on a main road. "Opposite the spud man, he said" The spud man sells potatoes from his van by the side of the road, He added "If you look over there you can see the cloud of gas." And I could, it looked like a mist.
  3. Revived laptop

    Thanks Bro I have not used my Windows laptop for over a week. I am getting attached to Linux. Yes the mouse and memory cards work and when I go into the bios setup it shows the USB as a Sandisk. It is top of the boot menu. A strange thing I have found is that my mouse usually has one USB port where it doesn't work. I have noticed that on a number of laptops over the last few years, I have not been too well this week so not been doing too much. We also have our house on the market and we have most of our work cut out to try and keep it clean and tidy for viewings, We have had a number but we chose not to be in when at the time and prefer to let the agent show them around.
  4. Revived laptop

    I would like to try the USB stick to boot on my revived laptop, but although it is set to boot from USB it doesn't. It seems that some windows laptops from Win 8-10 expect a USB hard drive when boot from USB is set. It seems I have to adjust the settings to Legacy or EFI or UEFI, but that is greyed out in the boot menu. Any Idea what I can do next, I would like to access the files on my hard disk. I would also like to use Linux on my newer laptop, Alternately can I network Linux with my Windows laptop?
  5. A simple request

    It seems the Landlord had the relevant certification. The HSE* said the gas had leaked from the gas meter outlet in the cellar because of the weak joint where a pipe had been soldered An HSE spokesman said: "The gas spread into the ground floor rooms to create a flammable mixture, which most likely ignited when the occupant of the property switched on a kettle in the kitchen." The property was rented, but the HSE said the landlord had met all obligations under gas safety regulations to have appliances checked. BBC News * HSE, Health and Safety Executive.
  6. A simple request

    A few years ago, about 8 miles from here, there was a gas explosion in a house where an elderly woman lived. She was found by neighbours i under wreckage in her garden.ad, and the house she lived in was destroyed together with the ones on either side, and several others were damaged including some across the road. Remarkably the lady was not badly injured as far as I remember. Her landlord did not have the house insured. If you let out a house to a tenant you have to have an annual gas safety certificate for every gas appliance. I doubt whether the landlord had that either. Our church also has to have a gas safety cert. Ours is due on 2nd Oct. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1463820/Woman-83-is-saved-as-blast-wrecks-homes.html
  7. A simple request

    Yes they have tightened up the law after many accidents. TV show Rogue traders has shown several plumbers claiming to be Gas Safe (but who were'nt registered, who gave fake registration numbers) installing gas heaters incorrectly. This must be a recent regulation, as one of our deacons installed his before the regulations came in.
  8. A simple request

    In France, only tankless are allowed. Our church has 3 tankless heaters one only does the central heating for the main hall. The other two are combination heaters supplying radiators and hot water. One supplies the kitchen and the rear hall, the other supplies the corridors, side rooms and conveniences.
  9. A simple request

    In our country it is illegal to install a gas appliance or service them if you are not registered as Gas Safe. Not all plumbers are.
  10. IF you can pronounce correctly every word in this poem, you will be speaking English better than 90% of the native English speakers in the world After trying the verses, a Frenchman said he’d prefer six months of hard labour to reading six lines aloud, and we’ll be honest with you, we struggled with parts of it. You’ve been reading “The Chaos” by Gerard Nolst Trenité, written nearly 100 years ago in 1922, designed to demonstrate the irregularity of English spelling and pronunciation.
  11. The beauty of creation

  12. Does Anybody Have Any Music Videos That You Care To Share?

    I remember them well, I think they were called harmoniums.
  13. New Forum Area?

    I would be interested in reading, but not posting as my musical knowledge is limited..
  14. A simple request

    Modern gas boilers over here don't have pilot lights, they light electronically when the water or heating comes on. We legally have to have condenser boilers on new istallations. They use much less gas.
  15. A simple request

    Our heating, water and space heating is from piped natural gas. They sell it by KWH, the meters register cubic metres and the convert it via calorific value and by some mathematical mumbo jumbo to kilowatt hours, Back in the old days of coal gas the meter read it in cubic feet and that was what it was sold in. We knew what it meant then.