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  1. Whats for Supper...

    Our seniors lunch today/ We had roast chicken breast, roast potatoes and green beans with Lemon Meringue Pie and Ice Cream for dessert. We had home made vegetable soup this evening with homemade bread.
  2. My granddaughter

    I had my appointment on Friday and the nurse said it was healing well and I have to go for another appointment in four weeks. I asked Rachel how her treatment is going and she sent the following reply. "They are not sure yet, but they're not giving up so that's good news."
  3. Whats for Supper...

    When my wife was on a course in Paris. Someone offered her some more food, and she declined saying she was full (in French) Thy reacted with shock telling her she shouldn't say that as it means she is pregnant. Today I had salmon with baked potato, carrots parsnips and extra fine green beans (they come from Guatemala. a long way to bring them.)
  4. Whats for Supper...

    I understand it was from the past when they high tea and low tea. They were meals which tea was also served. Not sure what the difference is. I did look it up once but have forgotten now.
  5. Whats for Supper...

    I drink more coffee than tea. But we don't like instant coffee, We only buy pure arabica, which we buy when we go to France. It is own brand from Auchan hypermarket (hypermarché) They do two versions douce which is the milder and degustation with is stronger. We buy the degustation both for home and for church which we do after the morning service. One person who has been attending our service recently asked us to get him some as he doesn't usually like coffee but he likes ours.
  6. Whats for Supper...

    Here in England we call our evening meal 'tea' but I used supper on here as that is the title of the thread. Tonight I had the same as yesterday.
  7. One of our sheep had four lambs :)

    Both are cute. There have been quite a number of dogs worrying sheep around here recently. Many have been killed or lost their unborn lambs, and one shown on local TV recently had both ears bitten off. Why don't dog owners control their dogs?
  8. Whats for Supper...

    Thanks Alan. We had two beautiful daughters and 6 grandchildren. We had a number of foster children but only two we keep in touch with. Dan in Nevada said he was hoping to come for the celebration, but in the end didn't make it, but Graham the other did. He came to us when he was 14 and could only read three letter words. He sent us a card saying "Thank you for being the best parents a young man could have." At the meal a number of grandchildren gave memories which we had long forgotten. Graham said he came to us as an angry young man and we taught him to read mainly through Asterix books. We had had him for odd days and once for a week to see how we got on, but when we were supposed to have him regularly we were on holiday in France and Social Services flew him out to Dijon airport. He recalled that. We met him at Dijon International Airport. We decided to arrive early so we could make sure we could park. "Dijon International Airport. " is a bit of an ambitious title. The reception was about the size of a small railway station waiting room. The car park was a fraction of the size of that at our railway station. In August when we were there the airport had only two return flights a week, one to Stansted and one to Marseilles. Today I had a light supper, French Bread with Camembert cheese and French smoked garlic sausage,
  9. Whats for Supper...

    Egg bacon tomatoes and fries.
  10. Whats for Supper...

    Thank you. We had about 26. Just about the maximum for Luke's place. Over half had steak, some had cod and some had vegetarian. Luke and his staff did a good job considering he only had a small domestic cooker. His large catering oven should arrive tomorrow. Our granddaughter Jemimah was 18 last week and got engaged to the son of a pastor, who sometimes preaches at our church.. In fact he is due to preach next Lord's day. So his family were also there. I did slow cooked beef stew today, with roast celeriac, butternut and parsnip with steamed charlotte potatoes and carrots. I did multicoloured carrots. Plain ordinary everyday carrots, yellow carrot and violet carrot all sliced together. The problem was the violet one leached its colour over everything else like beetroot or red cabbage.. When I grew some like that the colour was only in the skin and they were deep orange inside.
  11. Whats for Supper...

    I did Pot au Feu on Monday and there was enough left for several days. It is an old French dish which means pot on the fire. Recipes I have read give several cuts of beef, but I just used brisket. Some recipes also add lamb so I added a bit of lamb. It is cooked slowly in a pot with vegetables and herbs. I got a smallish joint of brisket and a shank of lamb half price in Sainsburies supermarket. I did it in the slow cooker. It should have a marrow bone but I couldn't get one. It is said to be three meals in one. You have the marrow spread on toast. the meat and vegetables as a meal and the broth as a soup. I had the latter for supper with French bread for supper today. I have cubed a bit of the left over meat and frozen it and intend to make a curry with it later. as we are hopping across the channel to France tomorrow for a couple of days to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary on Friday. On Saturday my younger daughter has booked for about 20 to have a meal at Salt And Light Bistro in Herne Bay, owned by one of our church members as a joint celebration as one of her daughters who was 18 on 9th March.. Our former foster son who lives in Nevada said he would come over but he has not confirmed that. Another who lives about 30 miles away said he is coming. Of all the foster children we have had, they are the only two who keep in touch.
  12. Who is the army that comes with Jesus?

    The time of tribulation mentioned in Olivet. Futurists always misquote these scriptures. The scripture nowhere says it was the worst ever, it says `And there shall be never was since there was a nation,` It was a tribulation "such as" there never was since there was a nation. The city and temple were desolated, the high priests were all murdered. The priesthood abolished and the kingdom taken from them and given to another.
  13. Who is the army that comes with Jesus?

    You have both got it wrong here. Daniel 11 is a complete prophecy of the Jewish nation from Alexander to Herod and the Romans. Chapter 12 goes straight on from that and Michael stands up for his people at the first coming of the Lord Jesus when he came to confirm the covenant with many. After that the tribulation of AD 66-70 when Daniel's people, the believing Jews whose names were written in the book of life were written in the Book Of Life, escaped the city according to the Lord's commands when they saw the abomination of desolation, that is the Roman Armies surrounding Jerusalem, were to flee Jerusalem and Judah. Only Christians will have everlasting life, verse 2. The wise at that time were the Jewish Christians who understood the command of Jesus to flee the city.
  14. Whats for Supper...

    Steak is good. Today my daughter and some of her family came to lunch. I wasn't sure if they would come due to the weather, so I got some beef out of the freezer and made a beef stew in the slow cooker, and some baked potatoes in the oven. Mushrooms sautée with herbs in butter, and steamed broccoli, (Used to be called Calabrese ) At the last minute I heard that they were coming as the snow was thawing and they were thinking of changing their car which we have trouble getting in and they wanted us to try some other seven seaters because they think we may be relying more on them in the future. This afternoon we had heavy rain. The weather warning is now for floods due to melting snow, high tides and heavy rain in our area. In the south west they still have many places cut off by snow and in the north, there is thick ice. Our readings this month are from Job. I am sure that must apply somehow. Oh by the way the beef stew was very successful and popular, but with one glitch. My eight year old granddaughter said she hadn't got any stew, and I knew I had done one for her. Then we noticed that my wife had been given her plate and she is a vegetarian. Soon sorted out though. For supper, I did egg, bacon and tomato with French bread.
  15. Whats for Supper...

    I had to go to the health centre this morning. My car had solid ice on all the windows, which took a while. We had a rainy drizzle which froze on the snow and made it very slippery. I only had to have an injection but when I got back to the car it had Ice all over it again. later in the day it was snowing again. Today I had ready meals which I noticed had been in the freezer for a long time. Lunch time I had Thai Green chicken curry and rice and for supper I had Chicken in black bean sauce with egg fried rice.