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  1. Jeny added a post in a topic Jeny Lyn's Dad   

    God is truly merciful, I really thanked Him everyday of His mercy. Everlasting mercy.
  2. Jeny added a post in a topic My Dad and Grandma need salvation.   

    will be praying...
  3. Jeny added a post in a topic Jeny Lyn's Dad   

    Hello Brethren,
    First, I would like to thank you all for your prayers to my family. God has heard us and in His mercy my father is about to be discharged in the hospital tomorrow. The amputation of half of his legs did not push through. Only his dead 3rd and 4th toes were cut off. The doctor says that if the wounds would still not heal, they would resume the amputation. For now they postponed it and have the toes removed instead. They said that the too much bleeding might be a risk so they do not go for the amputation.

    His pneumonia is now under control too and the doctor wants us to be discharged so that he will not be prone to other diseases in the hospital.
    Thank you all for your prayers and thanks to God for His amazing grace and mercy. A few weeks ago, I really thought that he will not make it because he is really weak. He is now a little alert this time but please continue to pray because his blood pressure is always high. I really praise God, he is truly merciful.
    Thank you brothers and sisters.
    Sister Jenjen
  4. Jeny added a post in a topic Jeny Lyn's Dad   

    Thank you brothers and sisters for your prayers and your kind words.
    The surgery did not realize as his blood pressure go up when he was at the Operating Room. When the doctors want him to take medicine so that his blood pressure would be controlled, he become hysterical, so the doctors decided not to push through the operation.
    When asked this morning (Philippine time) why he become hysterical, he says he thought he is in a different place with lots of other people that are not doctors and he sees witches and other ugly sight. I believe he is hallucinating.
    He has lots of demands, he wants everything to become easier which is not possible since we are in a public hospital.
    Please pray for him, we do not know when can we be scheduled again for surgery. Been here in the hospital for 1 month and 1 week now.
    God is sovereign in all our trials, I thank Him for His faithfulness and grace.
    Thank you all.
  5. Jeny added a post in a topic Jeny Lyn's Dad   

    wow thank you Luanne for this post. I did reset my password just now.
    As I am writing this, my father is in the operating room for surgery or amputation of his right leg. This is his second amputation. Please pray that God will keep him safe and saved.
    I am really worried, he is not feeling well, he has pneumonia too.
    Some pictures of us:

    Papa and Mama

    Thank you all.
  6. Jeny added a post in a topic Please pray for the following:   

    Brothers and sisters,
    I am requesting again to please join me in asking God for mercy. Please pray for my father, he is in the operating room right now for surgery and amputation of his right leg, this is his second amputation. Hope you can pray for him most especially his salvation.
  7. Jeny added a topic in The Lounge   

    Any suggestion of an activity for our fellowship?
    I am the president of a small young adult and young professional group in our church, though I am not young anymore . The group is called Ambassadors for Christ Fellowship. As the president, I have to come up of ideas for an activity for the Ambassadors after the worship service. We have a fellowship once a month. For this month, our theme is: A Good Financial Steward. Can anyone suggest a good activity related to this theme? It  could be a game, a seminar, or any that you can suggest of.
    By the way, the church created this group so that our young adults can be useful to the ministry and to at least keep them from worldly activities.
    I hope you can help me.
    Thank you brothers and sisters.
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  8. Jeny added a post in a topic Prayer for me please   

    will be praying Rosie... hope this verse can encourage you.
    Matthew 6:8
    ...for your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask him.
    I was in need a few weeks ago but when I read this particular passage, it gives me hope and assurance that God already knows what we need, even our need for good health.
  9. Jeny added a post in a topic Prayer Request For The Salvation Of My Father.   

    Hi All,
    First of all, I would like to thank you for your prayers and encouragement. My father was discharged from the hospital last December 27. I apologize for not updating right away. God is really good and I praise Him for sustaining our family for the whole year of 2014. I thought I would have a prOBlem with the hospital bills but really thank God that it was shouldered by our government insurance including the medicines when he was hospitalized. The only medicine that we will have to buy is his maintenance medicine for diabetes and have to buy nutritious food for him too.
    I praise God for his provision and thank you all for your prayers even though we have not seen each other in person and we are thousands of miles apart.
    My only concern now is that his eyes will be open to the free gift of salvation in Christ by faith alone.
    Please pray for my sisters too..
    Thank you and God bless.
  10. Jeny added a post in a topic Prayer Request For The Salvation Of My Father.   

    Thank you Covenanter,
    My dad's left leg is already amputated and his right leg is already dark in color. One of my prOBlems is medication. We do not have regular supply of insulin. He only take metformin but not on a regular basis. Also, we have a prOBlem controlling his eating. He wants to eat from time to time and gets angry if he is not served with food. He would listen to me but I am not staying in my house as I am having an office in another city. It is my mom who takes care of him but my mom cannot control him too. He likes to exercise a lot but it is the eating and the regular medication that we can't take control.
    I really hope God will still extend his life until he gets to know the Saviour by faith.
    Thank you for all your kind words. I would research more on diabetes as I am showing sign of having high blood sugar too.
  11. Jeny added a post in a topic Prayer Request For The Salvation Of My Father.   

    Thank You John. Salvation is very important.
  12. Jeny added a post in a topic Prayer Request For The Salvation Of My Father.   

    Hi brothers and sisters. Thank you all for your prayers and God has heard it all. My doctor said that my father's lungs are now clear, no more phlegm but he still has to stay in the hospital as he still chill every 5 pm, his sugar is very unstable and his kidney is not okay anymore. It is my papa's 64th birthday today, I thanked God for his mercy and compassion to him. I am always praying for his salvation. Please continue to pray also for financial resources as there are medicines that still need to be purchased. It is really a burden when someone in the family get sick but thanked God for his provision. We will be celebrating Christmas eve tomorrow. You know Christmas is big here in the Philippines
    Have a wonderful Christmas to you all, thanked God for His love that HE sent JESUS to save us.
  13. Jeny added a post in a topic Prayer Request For The Salvation Of My Father.   

    Thank you Rosie.
  14. Jeny added a post in a topic Prayer Request For The Salvation Of My Father.   

    Thank you all for your prayers. My father now is in the hospital ward, thank God. Some of the medicines were shouldered by our public insurance but some are not available at the hospital and have to be purchased outside . Really out of budget here. He is battling pneumonia and diabetes right now. He is chilling and sweating a lot last night and this morning, I wonder if this is normal for a person with pneumonia. Hope someone can share information.
    Please continue praying...
    Thank you all.
  15. Jeny added a post in a topic Prayer Request For The Salvation Of My Father.   

    Know of any Christian organization that can possibly help someone from the Philippines? Please send some information. Thank you.