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  1. DennisD added a post in a topic: Verizon Wireless Customer Information Handed Over To The Nsa   

    Most likely, seems most people are blaming Verizon for all of this but put little blame on the government.  Or, they put equal blame.  There might be some minor blame with Verizon, they technically could say no (but they would face charges of some sort I'm sure).  I put most if not all of the blame on our government and politicians.  They do not care for us, we are just numbers to them.
  2. DennisD added a post in a topic: Alphabet Place Names   

    Had to look that one up...
  3. DennisD added a post in a topic: Alphabet Place Names   

    Dead Sea
  4. DennisD added a post in a topic: Alphabetical - Hymn   

    Kneel at the Cross
  5. DennisD added a post in a topic: Alphabet Place Names   

  6. DennisD added a post in a topic: Alphabet Place Names   

  7. DennisD added a post in a topic: Pre Tribulation Rapture Of The Church   

    I think I saw a locust the other day that looked like a horse.
  8. DennisD added a post in a topic: Marine Allegedly Mistakes Vet's Wheelchair As Costume, Assaults Him   

    Wonder if the Marine has PTSD...does seem insane he would do something like that.
  9. DennisD added a post in a topic: Why Romney...more Biblical Reasons
  10. DennisD added a post in a topic: Why Romney...more Biblical Reasons   

    Interesting perspective:

    Borrowed From Dr. Stinnett Ballew

    For those who are still hesitant to vote for Mitt Romney because he is a Mormon I offer these thought. I have done some studying of world history and church history in my life , and I do not know one nation in the world where the personal freedoms and liberties of the people are suppressed by the Mormon religion. I can not tell you how many nations live under religious persecutions and suppression because of Islam and Catholicism.

    Yet many of those who complain about Mitt Romney being a Mormon would have voted for Rick Santorum or Newt Gingrich who are all three professing Catholics. To not vote or to vote for some "off the wall" person instead of voting for Romney is in reality a vote FOR PRESIDENT OBAMA. If you willing choose to vote for President Obama that is your choice, but vote for someone else that means one less vote for Mr. Romney and one vote more for President Obama.

    I am not changing my position on Biblical Christianity at all, but as has been stated by so many people, we are voting for a president, not a preacher. We are not voting for someone to lead us to worship, but some to get our people back to work. We are looking for someone with a moral compass to guide our nation in the direction of renewing our friendship with Israel and our standing as the leader of the free world.

    I encourage you to pay the debt you owe to your children and grand children. Exercise the freedom and take care of your responsibility. GO VOTE. We must take advantage of what we have or we will lose it. Thank you and God bless you.
  11. DennisD added a post in a topic: David Cloud On Target?   

    Whoever gets elected/re-elected...I pray they get saved. Man, how glorious that would be.
  12. DennisD added a post in a topic: Halloween   

    I despise this "holiday". I used to really enjoy it when I was younger though so I understand the mindset and their appeal to this day. I am just glad God saved me and opened my eyes to this wickedness.
  13. DennisD added a post in a topic: Sandy   

    I am just south of Baltimore and it's been pretty bad but we still have power and nothing major has happened in our area (flood, fallen trees/power lines, etc) Praise God!

    Might still be some bad wind through out the night but so far, so good.
  14. DennisD added a post in a topic: The Germans Still At It   

    When I was living in Germany, it was actually fairly common for the normal German citizen to try and "justify" some of the crimes that were committed against Jews and others during WWII. Things said like, "Well, it was terrible what happened but they owned so many businesses and had lots of money...". Germany is ridiculous. When I thought of Europe in the past...I thought, liberal, freedom, etc but after living in Europe for several years I have seen the extreme restrictions there. Now I realize why the U.S. has become so much more powerful than all of them. Of course, now I see the U.S. going down the same path.

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    The cold rain isn't even bringing me down, I just feel great.

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    Sister-in-law got saved tonight, wife witnessed to her...praise God!

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      That is awesome!! Praise the Lord!

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    Yes...laminin. If our Lord forgot us for even a second that bind would be lost and we would become part of the dust around us.
    Colossians 1:17 And he is before all things, and by him all things consist.

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    I very much appreciate your threads on John Calvin/Calvinism and Arminianism. God bless you!

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    Computer issues stink

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      I hear ya! They are possessed and have a mind of their own.

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    Good to see an old friend at Weds service.

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    Can't shake these back issues, been unable to work out for over a week because of the pain.

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      So sorry! Back pain can be so debilitating. I have prOBlems, too, that literally put me down at times. Have prayed for you.

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      Praying for you. I have prOBlems with my back as well. Earlier this year I went for about two weeks unable to do anything but very simple stuff and that in lots of pain.

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      Bless your heart, or rather, your back!

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    Thanks for the heads up on our "Articles of Faith" link. I'll look into it.

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    Well, it is a play on my last name. Last name is Dougherty and it was mispronounced Dirty by a Jamaican Marine...stuck ever since.

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    Thats an interesting handle, Mr. uh...Durty. Provided that isn't your last name of course?!