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  • Bio I was convicted of my sin on Easter Sunday 2003, I walked the aisle and turned my life over to Jesus that day. I have been serving faithfully at Rough River Baptist Church where I was just recently Ordained as a Deacon. I am a very active soul winner, and really enjoy sharing the Gospel with this lost and dying world!
  1. It happened again....

    Wow sad and wonderful all at the same time! God's Timing is perfect, I continue to be humbled by hearing stories like these. I am an active soul winner and try to encourage Christians to do the same, suppose the people God used did not listen to the Holy Spirit when these opportunities came up. Praise God that they were ready and receptive to His calling. We should all be ready at any time to share the Gospel after all it is not a calling but a commandment to GO! God bless you for sharing the Gospel
  2. Hello

    Hello, I have been a member for some time now, but have been hit or miss with internet service. It is such a blessing to have a site that Bible believing Christians can come together and enjoy a sweet fellowship. I look forward to meeting and getting to know you all. If you are ever in the Rough River Lake area in Kentucky we would love to have you visit our church, you can also visit us on the web. I have been busy trying to add sermons, I have a few months worth that will be going on the site soon!
  3. Prayer needed for our church

    Hello my Brothers and Sisters, I am a deacon of Rough River Baptist Church, we are located in McDaniels Kentucky. Times are tight these days and we are closing the year out with the biggest deficit in the 6 years I have been a member -5,000 for the year. My Pastor has been skipping his pay as often as needed so we can keep the light on. We firmly believe we are still able to keep the doors open because God is allowing us to. We are going to be going into our prayer closets with Fasting and prayer in the coming year. We will be lifting up our financial needs, we are asking for you to pray God will provide the funds needed to pay off all of our debt in this new year, to have us debt free we need approx. $60,000. Please pray for us and this need. We have lots for sale also that we have had on the market for a few years now, please pray God will move on this also as this will get us just about the whole way to our goal. Thanks in advanced
  4. Just sitting here with my Son, thanking God for blessing me so much!

  5. is smoking a pork shoulder for this weekend! Can't wait for the trip!

    1. MadeFree92


      That sounds delicious, hope you have a good trip.

  6. is wishing all the Fathers a Happy day!!!

  7. I had a great time with my family and my friends at the Creation Museum yesterday! Wow is all I can say when it comes to God's creation's.

    1. HappyChristian


      That's great, Jeremy! My hubby and I are going to try and go in August - can't wait!!

    2. BroMatt


      Glad you enjoyed yourself. I've been there a few times and I enjoyed it every time.