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    My name is Josh Owens and my one and only wife Jess and I are members of Pleasant View Baptist Church, of McQuady, KY, where Brother Dale Massengale is our great pastor! Myself, Jess, our two daughters DaMaris Joy and Lydia Grace live in Beaver Dam, KY, where I work as an Assembler. Please pray for us, as our little boy, Daniel Joshua is due to arrive around July 22! also, please check out our website, for our thirty-minute weekly radio broadcast, along with messages from other preachers past and present, which I'm sure will be a help and blessing to you!

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  1. Dr. James Ach, good point there. Iron sharpening always helps, but some stuff put in that category is down-right argumentative and plumb hateful. Yes, stand and contend for the faith, but do it with/on the KJB rightly divided and in the right spirit. I've been guilty of not having things right there, but I sure want to.
  2. You have a point and yes, from the surface is a key phrase in my post. However, said arguments/posters are in the lime light when I've been looking in the past few days. I'm sure if I'd dig a little deeper, I'd find more fellowshipping, but used to be, I wouldn't have had to dig to find it. Maybe, when I have more time to devote up here, whenever that is, I'll start the excavation.
  3. Very true, very true. Just kind of a shock when you haven't been somewhere for a while, you come back and from the surface, looks like there's been a changing of the guard, or at least, a letting down of it, but anyway. WOW, what a run-on sentence!
  4. AMEN Candlelight! I haven't been up here much in a good long while, but a couple bad apples are kinda spoiling it for me. I know they shouldn't, but they are. Looking more like the ol' Triple F than true IFBs, but that's only from observations in recent days. What's happened!
  5. Nah, my wife was born in Springfield, 35 years ago today as a matter of fact!
  6. Well, what ya know 'bout that, my Profile's got it correct after all! Oh and by the way Candlelight, my wife was born in OH. We can't help where we were born though.
  7. Howdy y'all, my name is Josh Owens and my family and I live in Beaver Dam, KY, no matter what my Profile says. I'm not a newby, but I might as well be, because it's been a while since I've been really active up here!
  8. Wow, been a long time since I've posted anything up here. So much been going on and the LORD is blessing!

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    2. HappyChristian


      Good to see you even in a drive-by. Hope you can make it back more regularly and tell us how things have been going!

    3. OFIB Preacher

      OFIB Preacher

      LOL, roger on the drive-by. I updated my Bio with new happenings, thought I was updating my Profile, but it looks the same! I dunno. I do know however, that the Bio is updated, so please check it out! DaMaris Joy will be three on July 1, Lydia Grace will be fourteen months on Sunday and Daniel Joshua is due around July 22! We've moved to a new church, state and public jOB in the past year, so as you can see, a lot's going on!

    4. Bro K

      Bro K

      Will you make it back to the Jubilee here in Kingsport TN this year????

  9. Welcome to Online Baptist! Haven't been up here much in a while myself and glad to see it growing! Enjoy the fellowship.
  10. HMMM, why can't I post or look at anything?

    1. BroMatt


      Try logging out and then logging back in. You should have access to everything.

    2. OFIB Preacher

      OFIB Preacher

      Thanks brother, looks like the prOBlem has fixed itself, without all that! I dunno, but thanks again!

  11. John, you're exactly right! AMEN, from NWGA!
  12. Looks like I should have read a little further down; you're on the right track! Folk have to get lost before the LORD will save them. If they don't see themselves as lost, they don't see their need of their LORD & Saviour. I'll pray with/for you, about the confrentation I'm sure is coming.
  13. It's obvious, by your own words here, that the brand of "soulwinning" that you're using, glorified salesmanship, is empty & you know it. I was in Quick Prayerism for 6 years & it took me a while to get it out of my system, but I let the LORD do His work on me & surrounded myself with men of God that live/preach right! It cost me when I started standing against Quick Prayerism, but it was/is worth it & I don't regret it a bit! Luke 13:3 & 5 Luke 24:45-47 Acts 17:30 KJB
  14. Howdy there & welcome to OB! If you check out the Links section (& more specifically, the Church Directory,) you just might find a church in your area! If not, let me know your location & I'll see what I can do! Glad to help any way I can!