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  1. Suzette added a post in a topic has man really been to the moon   

    I voted yes because it would have to have been a stinkin' huge set-up to fake it. "Hey, let's spend billions of dollars to make everybody believe we landed on the moon! Then half a century later, let the secret out to they'll all feel stupid!" Uh... no.

    Did y'all also know 9/11 is a conspiracy? And the Kennedy Assassination? (I have a college professor that witnessed the moon landing AND the assassination, by the way) And the Civil War? And the holocaust? Pretty soon Obama will be a conspiracy, and the War on Terror, and anything else this crazy world wants to throw out there!

    Nope, I don't buy into this conspiracy stuff. :coolsmiley:
  2. Suzette added a post in a topic Which part of America you're from?   

    I am a proud daughter of DIXIE!!! New England?? The "original" Bible Belt??? Lol... Google "Jamestown"...