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  1. My professor (the one who had the heart attack) went home to be with the Lord. Please pray for his wife, Sue. I will miss my favorite teacher, but there is a hello after goodbye. =)

  2. One of my professors had a massive heart attack; please pray him! He survived, but doctors are unsure of the damage.

    1. Crushmaster


      Prayed for him. I hope all is well.

    2. BroMatt


      Praying, keep us posted so we can pray accordingly.

  3. I am heading back to college this Sunday! Please pray for traveling mercies! Thanks y'all =)

  4. I voted yes because it would have to have been a stinkin' huge set-up to fake it. "Hey, let's spend billions of dollars to make everybody believe we landed on the moon! Then half a century later, let the secret out to they'll all feel stupid!" Uh... no. Did y'all also know 9/11 is a conspiracy? And the Kennedy Assassination? (I have a college professor that witnessed the moon landing AND the assassination, by the way) And the Civil War? And the holocaust? Pretty soon Obama will be a conspiracy, and the War on Terror, and anything else this crazy world wants to throw out there! Nope, I don't buy into this conspiracy stuff. :coolsmiley:
  5. I am a proud daughter of DIXIE!!! New England?? The "original" Bible Belt??? Lol... Google "Jamestown"...
  6. God's hand will not lead you where His grace cannot keep you!

    1. OFIB Preacher

      OFIB Preacher

      I heard that! AMEN! I'll also add, He'll never lead you contrary to His word!

  7. Today was really fun! I went shopping with my boyfriend and future mom, dad, and sister in-law! I am pooped!

  8. I'm so tired but I can't fall asleep because I'm so pumped about going to see the Smithsonian tomorrow!!

  9. Hello out there! =)