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  1. Bro Jim added a topic in Prayer Requests   

    I know I haven't been around for awhile. I need all the prayers I can get. Got a call a couple of hours ago and have been asked to do the funeral for a 21 yr. old mother and her 2 babies (2 and 4 yrs old) all 3 killed in a car wreck Wed. Pray for the family and pray for me that I will preach the right words and can help the family. Preachers please pray a extra prayer for me please.
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    Faith and Finance Peace With or Without Prosperity
    Faith and Finance Peace With or Without Prosperity, by Melissa Schworer

    It was an honor to be asked to review this book, I found it to be a great and easy read, not simplistic but easy to follow and understand the message of the book. What a breath of fresh air to find a book on "prosperity" tied to true Biblical principles and what God expects of us and then how we may be blessed by Him for following His principles. I highly recommend this book to every Christian and especially our youth preparing to enter life and marriage.
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    Hat, boots and spurs (jingle-jangle-jingle)
  4. Bro Jim added a post in a topic Prayer for LWBC   

    Thanks all for your prayers. We are still after the lost and asking for God's guidance in all that we do. We are preparing to do an Operation 10,000, in the fall.That is to invite 10,000 people to church. Maybe you saw my post on

    Being bi-vocational is not helping the ministry,(though it is putting food in our mouths), my prayer is to get back to full time. One of the reasons I have not been on here is been so busy, coming and going.

    My daughters eyes are, as the doctor says, "They are quiet.", in other words the iritus is not flaring up, but we also have her on methotrexsate (spelling?). So please continue to pray for her health, it affects the ammune system, lowers it.

    Now, we just did a homegrown cd of her and my wife, she sang 11 songs and my wife was her pianist.

    We still covet your prayers, and Rick I pray your book makes it.
  5. Bro Jim added a post in a topic Franklin Graham: Trump May Be My Candidate   

    We now have a President that wants to make us a Europeon humanistic socialist country and then we have someone who wants to take us into the gutter, if America doesn't wake up and repent of our sins and turn Back to the God of Heaven and Earth, well we aint seen nothing yet.

    God have mercy on us and guide us back to You, 1Peter 4:17 "For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?"
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    What doesn't everybody have and egg laying rabbit. NOT NOT NOT.

    Up from the Grave He arose, with a mighty triumph over His foes; He arose the Victor from the dark domain, And He LIVES forever with His Saints to reign, He AROSE, He AROSE, HALLELUJAH!!!!!! CHRIST AROSE!!!!!!
  8. Bro Jim added a post in a topic New GOP Presidential candidate supports gay rights, pot legalization   

    Gary Johnson was our Gov. ran a good fiscal ship but he is as Libertarian as they come. Wouldn't get my vote.
  9. Bro Jim added a post in a topic Packed bags   

    It might help if you gave an example of what KDOTC says are copy errors. Some that claim copy errors exist are using two different verses to contradict each other when they don't.
  10. Bro Jim added a post in a topic Church of Christ   

    , " Alas and did my Saviour bleed and did my Sovereign die would He devote that sacred Head for such a worm as I." why does man always want to add something he can do to what what Christ Jesus did for us?
  11. Bro Jim added a post in a topic Biblical Separation   

    Separation is an important part of our Christian walk. Plus it is important what we separate ourselves to, there are many out there that will desire you to follow man and or religion and not the Bible (KJB). We must follow Biblical guidelines for what we are to separate ourselves to. II Cor. 5:17; 6:17.

    Also, caution as to who you separate to, stay with your church and pastor if they are Biblical, don't start listening to the many voices out there, that will claim to have the truth, (Matt. 7:15) that said understand you are asking these questions on a Baptist site so I would think you are looking for Baptist beliefs on this subject. Though the Bible says in many counselors there is safety, (Pro. 11:14), make sure that they are of like faith. If you start listening to many other "faiths", you can become extremely confused.

    If your friend has left the door open to witness to then don't you be the one to close it. Continue to witness as the opportunity arises. What you now do as a Christian will be part of that witness.
  12. Bro Jim added a post in a topic Church of Christ   

    All I can do is tell you what I have experienced and dealt with, I asked one lady why she was that way, and she told me her CoC pastor and a visiting evangelist had instructed the people to be that way, using your statement of "contending for the faith", and then I dealt with her pastor in a business setting, (he did not know i had talked to her), and he upon finding out I was a baptist preacher, became very forward with me, and I didn't even bring up religion. Say what you want, I know what I have dealt with and unless you are a different coc333 than was here around about Nov. & Dec. of last year, you can get pretty forward with those of us that are on a a Baptist discussion board. As last time if I remember right, (correct me if I'm wrong) you got so militant with us and our beliefs/tenets/doctrines, that the Mods locked to thread.
  13. Bro Jim added a post in a topic Church of Christ   

    Amen, as I go out to speak to others there are those who seem to want to stand a argue scripture, versions and religion, I too do the best I can to walk away without slamming a door shut on the hope that later there maybe someone that can reach them with the truth. The two groups that seem to be the most militant on their beliefs when I knock at their door are some Catholics and coc's and th coc,s seem to be the more militant, even to the point I have had some of them to start hollering at me. There also seems to be two groups of coc's and the one is more militant than the other, to the point of confrontation.

    With coc333, it seems to me that coc333 is from that group, he is going to stand and argue his points no matter what scripture we give him to share our beliefs with him, I have seen, saylan post asking to try to understand what the coc believe and and think he must believe this back and forth is counterproductive to his ability to understand the difference. All I can say is pray and study the word of God, KJB, and look at the what it says as a whole.
  14. Bro Jim added a post in a topic Whats for Supper...   

    Stuffed peppers, sweet rice, brussels sprouts and corn.
  15. Bro Jim added a post in a topic Church of Christ   

    coc333 again, , it seems to me you can use the OT when convenient (your reference to Isaiah), and when Paul wrote the book of Romans there were only 5 other NT (he had writen)+/- books written, the Word of God in existence at that time was the OT. Just my