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  1. "Official Preacher" meaning the Pastor of a Church....
  2. I'd like to share this story with my Online Baptist friends; Not for my own image, but for the image of God. I'm going to tell you, God is still performing miracles today. Why? Because he used me to perform a miracle today. I'm going to share a story that I have not made very open in the last year, due to the stereotype associated with it... But it's pretty incredible, in my opinion. Last July, I donated blood through the Red Cross... They accepted it. Two months later, I donated again... They rejected it and said I tested positive for Core Anti-Bodies for Hepatitis B. Let me clarify this-- having Surface Anti-Bodies is normal; That just indicates that you have been immunized. BUT, having Core Anti-Bodies means that the Virus DID penetrate through your cells, and you ARE or WERE infected at some point... Anyways, I had those Core Anti-Bodies, but I tested Negative for the actual Virus. So anyways, the Red Cross said they couldn't accept blood from someone who tests positive for Core Anti-Bodies (Indicating that at some point, that person was infected), and my Doctor said I would carry those Anti-Bodies until the day I die. It really really upset me knowing that I couldn't help others by donating blood. The tests were very accurate; My blood was tested 3 times at 2 different labs, and the results were all the same. Here's the amazing part! One year later (Yesterday), I decided to get re-tested. I prayed that God would perform a miracle in my life and do what Doctors said cannot be done. I went and got my blood drawn on Wednesday, and on Thursday I went back to the doctor's office to get my results. The Doctor himself actually came into the waiting room and said he needed to talk to me. He pulled me in the patient area, and began to go over my tests with me. I was assuming that everything was the same. I asked him if it had changed, and he said, "Yes, you tested Negative for the Core Anti-Bodies"... I was shocked, I almost cried (I did later on). He told me that if I wanted an explanation as to why I tested Negative, that he was not able to give me an explanation... He said he couldn't explain why the test read Negative, but that God must have worked a miracle in my life. He said that kind of thing is not supposed to happen. All I can say is this: At one point, all the trillions of cells in my body were Core Positive for Hepatitis B (which I have no idea how I ever contracted), and now they are not. The ONLY way to explain that is that God was working in my life and was performing a miracle in me. Now, I *shoulddd* be able to give blood again, and continue to help others in that area God is still here and making Himself known... I have never been so happy before. With God, ALL things are possible!
  3. The bible says nothing about women not being teachers at all. I don't believe they should be official preachers, but teachers of the Word is different. A lot Sunday school teachers are women. I think this guy is placing women lower on the totem pole than men, and that's wrong.
  4. Hello brothers and sisters in Christ. I have one simple prayer request. I have had the desire to go tour Pensacola Christian College, with the intent of possibly going there, for a very long time... Since 7th grade! The Proclaim Ministries group from PCC came to our church this past Sunday and sang and promoted the college.. I really was uplifted by what they shared while they were there! I plan on going to visit the college a time or two in the next year. But heres my prayer request: I would ask that you all pray that God would provide for me to go to this college, if it's His will. See, between the monies I'd have to have to move there, due to debts I have here where I live now, and plus what I'd have to save to pay monthly bills and pay for part of the college, I'd have to save about 18,000-20,000. My "goal" is to enroll in 2 years. I pray God would allow me to do that
  5. Ok, wonderful, thank you! The reason I have trouble is because I have undiagnosed ADD, meaning, I refuse to go to a psychiatrist, but I definitely have all the symptoms. Ha ha! I will look at the link provided above. Thank you again.
  6. Okay, heres my question. Is it okay to use the NIV or NKJV solely to study with? Ive grown up using KJV and I have no intentions on switching the bible that I use. But, the KJV is very hard for me to understand at times (most of the reason being because i have a hard time concentrating). So, is there anything in the bible that says it is wrong? I know what Matthew 5:18 says, but is that referring to other translations or not? Thanks for your help. Shaun
  7. AMEN!!!