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  1. Can anyone tell me why the term "demonic oppression" would be used to describe someone? I'm just curious why that term and not just "backslidden".
  2. I want to thank everyone for their prayers and kind words of encouragement. God has really been working to give me peace. I'm surprisingly strong and positive which I wasn't just 24 hours ago. My husband is set on getting a divorce and being with his new girlfriend so there's no hope of reconciliation now. Ironically enough, this girlfriend is an atheist who he was witnessing to probably just 9 months ago. It's just really weird to watch my husband go from faithful church attendance and soul winning to committing adultery and planning to live with his atheist girlfriend! I want to feel really angry but I just feel really sad for him. Some day he may be feeling terrible pain over all that he's lost but as of now, he is in a really dark place. He honestly looks like there is no life within him. It's very sad to watch especially knowing that he's a Christian and that it doesn't have to be this way. I appreciate all the prayers for all of us.
  3. Please pray for me and my daughter. My husband informed he wants a divorce. He was having an affair before we moved here. (We are overseas). He now wants to move back to be with her. We've only been here 5 weeks. I asked him before we left the states and he denied it but now here we are. We have a 7 year old daughter that I homeschool. Now I'm facing having to give that up and go into the workforce. I haven't been in the workforce in over 10 years and my skills are limited. I just worry about my little girl being a product of divorce and having to put her in school. My husband is a Christian but out of fellowship. Our former pastor thinks he's possibly demon oppressed. He says there's nothing there and he's not even sure prayer works. He's unwilling to go to counseling. We've been married for 20 years. Prayer is really all I have. It doesn't look good but I know God can change hearts. I'm willing to do anything to save our marriage. Please pray for God to work in this.
  4. Hi everyone, I haven't been very active on here in recent years but I need some prayer and thoughts on a situation. We lived overseas for 5 years on a small island. I'll try to keep this short so I may leave out some details. Long story short-it's an army base(he's a contracter) in the middle of nowhere and there's for all practical purposes no church there. We literally can't get to one so traveling isn't an option. There's a non]-denominational chapel with services one time a week. That's not something I agree with and I certainly don't want my 6 year old mixed up with all kind of various doctrines and beliefs. We moved away 8 months ago for the precise reason of getting back into an IFB church. However, my husband wants to move back there. I admit I loved the lifestyle there and I miss it like crazy but it's not where I need to be. I think he won't go if I really don't want to but he's going to be miserable. He's really wanting to go back very badly. I've prayed about this and just asked God to open the right doors and close the wrong ones. It seems doors are opening for our return there so now I'm really confused. It doesn't seem likely that God would lead us back to a place with no church. I guess I'm really wanting my husband to make the decision to stay here but I don't think he will unless I resist the move. As as woman, I feel like if I say I don't want to go that I'm making a huge life decision for the family and somehow, that doesn't feel right to me. My little girl hasn't made a profession. He said there's no guarantee she will even if we're in church. I know that's true but it doesn't help. I can't bear the thought of pulling her out of church. Sometimes I feel like maybe God is seeing if I'll do the right thing. Then, at the same time, I feel like I don't want to cause my husband so much unhappiness and I'll just go along. I realize I need to do more praying and less thinking on my part. Maybe I'm too emotionally wrapped up in this to see it clearly. Am I praying about this the wrong way? Do I just make the decision that we stay? Does anyone have any advice or suggestions?