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    Went to a Vacation Bible School with a friend to a fundamentally sound church that preached the Gospel. First time being told about Jesus I accepted Him as my savior.

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  1. paid4 added a post in a topic: A Supernatural Experience With Christ [Jesus]   

    Do you believe that Jesus Christ is God?
    John 10:30
  2. paid4 added a post in a topic: New From North Carolina   

    Legalistic is the word used to battle convictions. There is nothing wrong with the word legalism. If you're on the right side of legalism then you have what we call standards. Usage of the word legalism today is nothing more than a rebellious spirit. If you would submit yourself biblically then it's more understandable. Don't let the flesh ruin other peoples set of standards. 
  3. paid4 added a post in a topic: ...honour The King,   

    Interesting topic.
    Goes right along with this past Sunday School Lesson
    Take time to read Psalm's not too long.
    Remembering who you are is important as well.
  4. paid4 added a post in a topic: I Want To Leave Home.   

    If something illegal is going on in a house that is in your name you can be the one put in jail.
    Illegal the law.
    If your neighbor knows about drugs being used they would pr OB ably call the law. If you knew your neighbor was dealing with drugs you'd pr OB ably call the law on them.
    Don't be sneaky about it just tell them all together at the same time that illegal drug use will not be tolerated in your house and that you will call the law if you see or smell it again.
    You are called to be submissive to your husband....don't get me wrong.
    If someone breaks into anyone's house on this forum don't think they're quoting "thou shalt not kill"  They are going to protect their family and themselves by whatever means that may be.
    Be proactive. Be the one that goes after things for him and just don't bring the bad stuff back. If your kids are going and getting things remember they're supposed to be submissive to you as well.
    My uncle had cancer and was on oxygen. He smoked as well. One night he fell asleep on the couch and when he woke up he lit a cigarette and the oxygen exploded. He was burnt internally from his lungs out to the tip of his lips. He never came home from the hospital after that.
    You also have the responsibility to do what's right by your children as well. Don't let them play the pity card on you by having cancer. If it really worried or bothered them then they wouldn't be smoking. Some people use a traumatic thing like cancer as an excuse to do whatever they want to sometimes. I truly hope you find the right answer for what you're looking for. In all things seek to honor Christ and let that guide you.
    P.S. try febreze. It's decent about removing smells. They also make special ashtrays that help reduce smell as well.
  5. paid4 added a post in a topic: God The Father?   

    Just a few questions for you to ponder.
    If our actions get us in trouble and out of trouble then what are you blaming God for?
    What exactly is troubling you?
    Who is God?
    If you will be true with yourself in answering these I think they might help.
  6. paid4 added a post in a topic: Nonhuman "rights" Soon To Be A Reality, I Betcha   

    Sometimes I feel a little caged in.......but then they feed me and I forget about it again.
    Come to think of it, I wonder if anyone asked the chimp what his stance was in this whole situation?
  7. paid4 added a post in a topic: Nonhuman "rights" Soon To Be A Reality, I Betcha   

    Kinda like me!!
  8. paid4 added a post in a topic: Nonhuman "rights" Soon To Be A Reality, I Betcha   

    We'll talk animal rights when they stop killing other animals.
  9. paid4 added a post in a topic: Sermon Supoenaes   

    This is how it should be.
    We need to be the cat in this video.
    NO FEAR!!!!!

  10. paid4 added a post in a topic: Sermon Supoenaes   

    Here is the situation
    Gay activists are like the little dog in this video. They could be had at any time if the big dog would just bark back!!

  11. paid4 added a post in a topic: Sermon Supoenaes   

    1 Corinthians 16:13
    Stand up. Load up the jail cells. 3 squares and free cable tv ain't soooo bad....well at least the 3 free meals anyway.  
    Come Get ME!!!!!!!
  12. paid4 added a post in a topic: Sermon Supoenaes   

    If this is a pr OB lem, then how do stores get away with no shirt, no shoes, no service? Isn't that the same principle?
  13. paid4 added a post in a topic: The Never Ending Story...   

    to which the thrushes responded "but if you could fly you would be much harder to catch." So the snali began to run just as fast as he could until he got to.....
  14. paid4 added a post in a topic: Sermon Supoenaes   

    I pray to God that there would be a seperation of church and state. It's high time the church stand up for something!!! Let's get right and get the world out of the church!!!!
  15. paid4 added a post in a topic: Sermon Supoenaes   

    Come to think of it she pr OB ably already owns one of them.
    Let's all email her the same bible verses ( I know these are old testament verses but I don't believe they apply just to the Jews. )
    Leviticus 18:22 Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.
    Leviticus 20:13 If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.


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