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    1. Crushmaster

      YES, ME.

    1. Crushmaster



  1. Crushmaster » MadeFree92

    You need to get Online. Just saying.

  2. MadeFree92

    It's hot. For real.

  3. MadeFree92

    needs to finish reading some books. So many books, so little time!

  4. MadeFree92

    Had a good weekend, how about you guys?

    1. BroMatt

      I had a good weekend too.

    2. Crushmaster

      It was a lot better than I deserve.

  5. MadeFree92 » Crushmaster

    So, up for some powerderpuff football? :-)

    1. Crushmaster

      Oh, yeah. Of course. ;-)

    2. MadeFree92

      Bruddah, I was totally out to catch some waves and saw a rockin' chick on a board with a pink camo parka and a football helmet. RADICAL!

      Okay, you can kill me. :-)

  6. Crushmaster » MadeFree92

    Bodacious avatar. :-P

    1. MadeFree92

      It has to be, I made it right? :-D

    2. Crushmaster

      But of course. :-P

      Everything you say now seems funny...

  7. MadeFree92

    What do you do when you've already prayed? Pray again.

    1. John81

      We need to be in fervent prayer!

    2. HappyChristian

      And again. And again....!

    3. MadeFree92

      @Happy Christian: Exactly.

    4. farouk

      Paul says: 'without ceasing'. 1 Thess. 5

    5. Crushmaster


      Also: great avatar. :-D

    6. MadeFree92

      @Crush: Thanks. :-)

    7. farouk

      So who does the avatar depict?

    8. MadeFree92

      It's a CG Spurgeon, put together by a guy who runs the blog Calvinistic Cartoons. I have asked for some of his material in the past and he said it was fine. I did add the caption though. :-)

  8. MadeFree92

    Sometimes it's the rainy days that really make you see the beauty of God, even when it's dark out.

    1. farouk

      The rain comes from God, too. We certainly need it.

    2. MadeFree92


  9. MadeFree92

    If I ever get Beiber fever, I hope it's terminal.

  10. MadeFree92's Monday....yeah....

    1. Crushmaster


  11. MadeFree92

    is reading a book.

    1. John81

      I try to do that each day.

    2. John81

      I try to do that each day.

    3. BroMatt

      Me too, I have 66 books in my library. :)

    4. MadeFree92

      Nice, I assume it's leather-bound and portable? :-)

  12. MadeFree92

    just finished hibernating this morning.

    1. Crushmaster


  13. MadeFree92

    Is going to hibernate when VBS is over.

    1. Crushmaster

      Where at?

  14. MadeFree92


  15. MadeFree92

    Yep. It's went pretty well, though. Good discussion.

  16. MadeFree92

    Aha! Reformed theology...I've found you out, now!

  17. MadeFree92

    It's not "In the valley God is still good" but rather "God is good because of the valley, and how He uses it for good."

  18. MadeFree92

    Because Christ was forsaken of God, God will never leave us nor forsake us.

  19. MadeFree92

    The Lord's Sovereign mercies are often a mystery to us down here, who see them as dark trials, but these shadowy hours are transformed into pure gold in eternity. He is merciful in allowing suffering for our greater, eternal good.

  20. MadeFree92

    Thanks. So do I.

  21. MadeFree92

    Unfortunately, pretty bad. If my dizziness keeps up, I'll prOBably have to get an MRI.
    So, yeah...Things are absolutely horrible.