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  1. Thank you Sir. This looks quite interesting. As to the corrupted version ever has come close in meaning or impact or...anyway. But thats beside the point isn't it. God said not to change it, to add to nor take away from it. Thats enough for me!
  2. hi! i'm hoping this will post cuz tho signing in worked from my validation link in the very first email from here, it also posted an error message and I am clueless. oh well, we'll see. Yesterday I got to lead someone to hte Lord! Isnt that awesome!!! I'm a homeschooling mom who are now all homeschooled, and OUT! out of school that is. I homeschooled them all k-12. We are an IFB family KJV only and do a bit online. It IS a bit dangerous to have internet at home with younger children and I did not have it when tey were younger. Now they are all over 18. All 5 of them. I did not get saved until I was 38, a long time ago. I thank the Lord for my salvation!