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  1. Are We Teaching the Bible Well in Our Churches?

    Such as church has left her first estate and turned to entertaining goats and has forsaken the sheep. Goats probably run the place and it is no longer a place for sheep. Goats want to be entertained, sheep want to be discipled. Time to find a New Testament church of the kind that Christ built and died for.
  2. Have you heard this statement?

    That young lady is proud and deceived. Hopefully it won't last long. After a time who shall ask her about the fruit?
  3. Activity on Online Baptist

    Y'all could pass for my daughters! As for me, it's been a tough couple of years health wise and otherwise. I grew sick and tired of the heretics, for a while it seemed i was outnumbered, that I was the heathen so I withdrew to spend time in more profitable endeavors. I miss Jerry Numbers, John81 and Irishman and others.
  4. Poor Bill O'Reilly

    I didn't want to post a link but did see this on Drudge. Poor ole Bill O'Reilly is mad at God for all this grief he's been getting. It's too bad that he doesn't even know who God and His Son are. Despite his books and talk of the "diety", the poor fellow hasn't a clue, still clinging to Mary and Popery.
  5. Closer to the Lord Jesus

    Welcome aboard Donald! Mind telling us how you came to get saved?
  6. New(old) tractor

    Fun! Just look at that grin!
  7. I've decided to join the Masons

    Ask your wife, pretend the concrete is flour.
  8. I've decided to join the Masons

    I saw that title and was about to grab my keys and a hammer! Glad you're going to be the right kind of mason! LOL
  9. So today is my 10 year anniversary...

    I'm glad to count you as a sister in Christ Salyan and miss Jerry and John.
  10. Rifle build kit

    It's impolite to shoot by yourself, you need another for family, friends and guests.
  11. Is A Mohawk Sin?

    Ahh no, God defines right and wrong and the whole world is in rebellion to God. Living a separated life is to live a God-honoring life, it is when Christians stray from holiness and righteousness that the Christian is then in rebellion to God and His Word. Welcome to the forum btw.
  12. A request for rain

    We were in the path of the eye too, but the storm kept moving! No, that's 36 hurricanes that have passed over my head over the years. The number is 58 if tropical depressions and tropical storms are included.
  13. A request for rain

    Well, ironically my county got the most rain but Fort Myers was closer to the eye and got more wind. I believe their cell towers are down as a fella on another forum has yet to hear from his uncle. They are without power in most parts too. This is why we still maintain a landline phone in our home.
  14. A request for rain

    Yep, it was. My 36th hurricane. God is gracious and merciful.
  15. A request for rain

    Lots of wind and rain 'round here today.