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  1. Who was the true author of Genesis?

    Did God give it to Moses to write down directly or did he get it via word of mouth. Years ago an evangelist said God wrote the first chapter and Adam some of the next ones. It made sense at the time but 2 Timothy 3:16 is sufficient for me.
  2. Who are the “sons of God” in Genesis 6?

    The sons of God are saved men. That's what the bible teaches.
  3. is surrender required for salvation?

    I surrendered (quit fighting against) when I made repentance to God and put my trust/faith in Jesus Christ.
  4. WHY???

    We all need revival from time to time NN, it's now your time, AND my time! Thankfully the Lord is sending revival to our church. Looking forward to seeing Evangelist David Corn again soon and his lovely wife. The liberals/lost have created the mess that they are in. Instead of addressing the issues, they project and ignore reality and come after the adults in the room. How many mines does it take to sow a minefield? Answer: One! Murderers like these almost always choose the most lightly defended targets as they want to inflict maximum carnage without being stopped or slowed down by being shot at. If some nut who didn't know about our church came into the auditorium during services, the best thing to do is duck and not get caught in the crossfire! Truth is, he'd never get inside anyway. Parkland is another instance of the lunacy of relying on government. The social workers dropped the ball, the deputies dropped the ball, the school board's policies are crazy and the FBI dropped the ball. When all else failed, the one guy with a gun was yellow. The next couple who showed up joined him. When the city cops from the next town showed up, they went right in but it was too late. Broward County has had at least one and sometimes two policeman/deputies at every school since the 1980s when I grew up down there. Our school had 2 city cops back then. They showed up right around the time Janet Reno took away open carry and we could no longer have guns in our cars. If you watch older movies, every pick up truck had a rifle and shotgun on a rack in the back window for hunting.
  5. That's normal around here, except it the Protestants and Catholics who kick the Baptists out. If you're not a pants wearing woman minister speaking in tongues you're not welcome in the jails 'round here.
  6. Cutting Children off

    Pray for them unceasingly and do not let them near you until they repent and change their wicked ways. It's not easy, it breaks one's heart but we have the Lord and obedience and fellowship with Christ is far more important.
  7. Hunting yummy things

    That's a purty double shovel reindeer Jim and hunting them is for the hardiest of individuals! I'm afraid my constitution would never allow that again! All the hunting I do these days is with a camera:
  8. So they just ignore the verses? I was interested in learning how they explain them away.
  9. Curious as to how these women get past 1st Timothy 3.
  10. Hunting yummy things

    That's them Jim, they are here year round. The ones that discovered the bird feeder also peck at my truck as they see their reflection in the paint. They are always blocking the roads too.
  11. I've watched their sermons and spoken with some people who attend their services and nobody ever mentioned the gospel or getting saved. It was already assumed, like being in a catholic church.
  12. Hunting yummy things

    In my town the sandhill cranes are treated like gods. They are protected, given the right of way, etc. They have no fear of humans and have been eating from my bird feeder as of late. Ever eaten one? People used to eat Ibis and Egrets but they're restricted now too. I enjoy a well prepared duck! Bear oil (black bear) is awesome for lamps and lubricants and does not go rancid. The muzzleloader guys love it.
  13. Hunting yummy things

    I know a fellow on a muzzleloading forum who lives in Australia and hunts regularly and even takes those wild donkeys and mules, forgot what y'all call them.
  14. How would you reconcile this?

    Let's say one builds a house. Part of that house is stone foundation. The house burns down leaving the stone foundation. You build or create new house on top of the foundation. Still new and the same. Just like peeling off that black crust on the marshmallow.
  15. Hunting yummy things

    I'd love to take a bull elk someday on a spot and stalk hunt. Would make use of the cape, meat and antlers. Enjoy eating a tasty alligator now and then. Unseen in the shadows of my avatar are several fish taken while hunting underwater.