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  1. As I've gotten older my tongue doesn't mind eggplant once in a while! There are many varieties too. Some farmers I once knew grew some pretty neat looking ones, big and round and colorful! Gave me some and my mother cooked them up real good, tasted wonderful. My wife adds bread crumbs and real butter with the olive oil to that recipe Orval, yummy! But I have to admit, it tastes better with chicken! LOL Put some bacon on 'em Wayne, then I bet you'll eat them!
  2. Love the carport (that's what we call them down here), great for working and eating outside under cover from the sun and afternoon showers, besides keeping the autos!
  3. Charming homes fellas!
  4. The angels sing, every saint has at least one about them, they take us to heaven...
  5. I just built a new machine to replace the one I built in 2005. I got Windows 10 Professional and like the speed but am used to Windows 98/XP. Windows 7 went on our old laptop and liked that I could make it look more like XP/98. It's taken some getting used to and using Office products is way slower with all those useless functions being front and center instead of like before. Well, I reckon it's going to take some time to customize it and get used to the new features. There's an awful lot of stuff I'll never use too and one pet peeve, everything is called an "app" not a "program". I like programs not apps! Yeah, I don't like the poor access to files so I've reorganized it like the old way to retain access to everything. Also, I put the OS on a RAID1 with SSDs and my personal files (My Documents) on a RAID 1 with Western Digital drives. Everything is backed up to Carbonite too. This machine is a rocket though, it blasts its way through anything! Bitdefender is great!
  6. The King James is all one needs Ma'am to grow in grace. Just as you learned to walk, to ride a bike, to talk and to write, a regenerated heart will learn to read, and to learn, and to be discipled by the Holy Spirit, with God's preserved Word, the King James Bible.
  7. "So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God" It was not the Lord's main plan that people come to "church" to get saved as it is with the rock-n-rollers. Most folks get saved outside of a New Testament church and then get baptized and join a NT church to get discipled. An unprepared heart will reject the pants and rock-n-roll sermon but a regenerated heart will listen and search the scriptures. By and large we cannot change the law of entropy, that everything is winding down and getting worse with time. Generally speaking, a local church becomes more liberal as it ages until it ceases to be a NT church; of the kind that Christ built and died for during his earthly ministry. Women from three and four generations previous to me would have never contemplated dressing like a man while ladies today make all manner of excuses to do so. Same with their coverings. Our pioneering forefathers cleared a forest and made a homestead from its trees with hand tools, while living without air-conditioning or vacations to Disneyland, while fighting off murderous indians, wild animals and disease. Most of us today, myself included, lack a constitution 1/10 as strong as what they possessed. The Lord Jesus promised that his churches will prevail against the gates of hell. Lord willing, I shall always be a member of one until he calls me home.
  8. We rarely, if ever, clap. We say "AMEN!" and "THAT's RIGHT!"
  9. People of little faith! God said he would preserve His Word and he does not need Riplinger, Ruckman, Anderson, or anyone else to keep it in front of the saints for Him! There is no alternative, one either hold God's preserved word in their hands or a counterfeit.
  10. If it had broke during winter the price would've been half. What does price matter when it's the Lord who provides our daily bread?
  11. Ruckmanites! Ruckmanism is his version of protestant heresies repackaged for the KJV. Same garbage I was taught at Calvary Chapel but that guy took it even further. These fellas have taken the simplicity of the gospel and salvation and made it complex and confusing and wrong. It's no wonder so few get saved these days.
  12. Fat chance of that, check the archives.
  13. Yes he was though he claimed to be against. In practice he was and his followers still are. They tear up the NT into little pieces and do violence to the Word of God with all the heresies of Mr. Ruckman.
  14. That's right preacher! We humans cannot destroy the earth any more than we did because of the consequences of sin in the garden of Eden. It's an inconvenient truth to the poor liberals who know not the Lord.