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  1. You have a lot to learn about Mr. Graham sir. Even in the 1930s we have quotes from him preaching an accursed gospel. Having dinner with Graham, President G. W. Bush asked him a question about Christianity and he said some people were born Christians. His fruit is rotten. Franklin is worse, not better. Franklin was dumb enough to foot the bill for a hospital in North Korea, complete with all the latest medical technology and backup generators. Anyone with an ounce of brains knows that this will only be used for Party Members and for propaganda purposes, such as when they hit Graham up for more money or when Michael Moore comes to town for a documentary on national healthcare.
  2. President Reagan also had CFR people in his cabinet (McFarland if memory serves). Is this a case of ignorance or keeping your enemies close? I don't know. As for Syria, we have no business as they are not a threat to our national security (As I see it). At times Syria has cooperated with us even though their government is Marxist-Leninist and a longtime ally of the Soviet Union and today's Russia. North Korea poses a threat to our allies. The USS Pueblo would either be back in our hands or sitting on the bottom of their harbor if I were President. Like the Japanese on Wake Island during WW2, I would let the 7th Fleet use them for target practice.
  3. Jesuits helped to write their bible. Poor saps, all that work to get into heaven with only 144,000 openings... That's what they taught in the late 1980s, not sure what manure they are pushing now.
  4. Bad idea. There's nothing better than holding the printed word in your hand and reading it. Same goes for reading books too. Besides the unreliability and impersonal nature of a bible app, many folks fall into the temptation of doing other things on their devices while the preaching is going on. Facebook and the latest sports scores are nowhere near as important as making God and His Word the center of one's attention.
  5. We are depraved sinners and will make mistakes and do stupid things (sin) when our focus is not on God. In addition, we must maintain fellowship with the Lord so that he will answer our prayers. If we regard iniquity in our hearts, the Lord will not hear us, he literally turns his face away from us. So confess those sins and pray for wisdom and knowledge and read your bible. I've just completed a very trying day, very painful, very adversarial and contentious, and the Lord was with me all the way! I cannot imagine going through life without the Lord anymore.
  6. if you contact them I'm sure the Galyeans can point you in the right direction. Please pray on this, a local new testament church isn't to be chosen without much prayer. It may require you to relocate as it did me.
  7. While turkey hunting many many years ago my buddy and I were traversing a deeply rutted trail in a swamp to get at the gobblers. On point and walking in muck and water, enjoying the scenery, when just as I was to plant my right foot on the ground I hear a big HISS! A 5-foot long Alligator has just surfaced under my boot! He's as startled as I am, he puffs himself up while I very slowly moved my foot back to plant it on the ground and point the muzzle of my shotgun in his direction (it was already in my hands). My buddy comes alongside and covers me with his shotgun too. While I delight in eating tasty Alligators, shooting this little fella was not our goal. A stiff wind carries him away from us and then he climbed out of the water-filled rut and off into the palmettos. We breathed a sigh of relief and continued on after those elusive gobblers. The shotgun in that situation was a tool at my disposal that offered many ways of getting out of that situation should the wind have not provided one. It's a force multiplier, giving women like Salyan a fighting chance against prey much more powerful and alert than she. If she carried a weapon, I reckon the creepy music wouldn't play so much in her head. When I used to dive, sometimes the theme from Jaws would play in my head. As long as it was the slow part of the song, everything was ok, but when the music sped up, boy them sharks sure did come 'round! I hunted in the ocean too and often carried a speargun which surely kept the music slow. That and knowing that I could swim faster than most people in the water kept me from worrying about JAWS! hehehe
  8. I well remember you and often wondered how you were doing. I remember mentioning a few churches in your area but you had trouble traveling at the time. Our local church supports 4 missionaries, their churches are on the islands of Luzon and Leyte. I've met Eddie Galyean and his family if memory serves and they're ministering to Erdaneta City at present. I believe they may have started churches closer or in Manila and Olongapo about 5 years ago. http://www.libertyftpierce.com/mission-board/Galyean.php
  9. I saw Mad Max and you've got them wild donkeys too. No, you're country's citizens are just as depraved and in need of the Savior as America's citizens, The power of the Holy Ghost and the fear of lead poisoning keeps evil at bay.
  10. Guns don't kill, that's liberal speak. England like America is a material society and both worship stuff more than they worship God. You Brits have lived under socialism for so long, most of you have no memory of individual liberties lost when the government took them over for you. Our right to bear arms kept the tyrants at bay until the people turned from God and turned towards the devilish ideology of the tyrants without even realizing it. DaveW: American history seems to have been exported by Hollywood with regards to the wild west. Far from accurate or true.
  11. There are no apparent discrepancies, just my failure to understand. That's how I have to see it to have complete and total faith in God's Word.
  12. Bill Clinton loves nukes. Well, he loves giving the technology to his communist and totalitarian allies in exchange for money. He made a fortune brokering a deal between a former Soviet Republic and America's stockpiles of Uranium. He also gave the W-30 warhead plans to China and the information to successfully fly a ballistic missile. North Korea has benefited from this act of treason.
  13. This is the trouble (if one cherishes personal freedom) of communistic open borders and Muhammaden immigration.
  14. Yep, might be some tasty fowl flying around that chimney! DaveW: Don't feel sorry for me and my fellow Americans. With the Lord's blessings, our guns have secured our freedoms for hundreds of years while most nations' people exist to serve the state and whose governments are marching toward global communism. The Constitution of the United States was the bulwark that kept America from becoming the likes of France, England and Germany for over 200 years. As resident Aussie Steve Lee sings, I like guns.
  15. One might reckon that you fear your car being stolen or sippy cup but not your wife or children. Said another way, you fear and or prepare for one level of threat but not a higher level threat. I live in a fallen world with deviants of all kinds around me and my family. I am too infirm to defend them like Chuck Norris and have deferred to Indiana Jones' method of dealing with those kinds of threats.