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  1. What is a "Landmark" Baptist church

    Not so. The Old Testament Saints and John the Baptist are specifically mentioned as being guests at the wedding and they are true believers in Christ. Stick with the Scriptures. http://www.baptistpillar.com/article_073.html http://www.baptistpillar.com/article_983d.html http://www.baptistpillar.com/article_072.html
  2. This is "church" is not now and never was the kind that Christ established during his earthly ministry.
  3. Neither Wine nor Strong Drink

    You're absolutely right Wretched, there's more to this story and it usually involves adultery with these guys.
  4. I would like to take my children there someday soon. Was Bill looking for the masts and rudder?
  5. Preaching the Gospel in Uganda

    So Kurecki, any fair ladies lookin' your way yet?
  6. Neither Wine nor Strong Drink

    Keep reading... Another rock-n-roll pastor falls from grace. Well, maybe he'll get saved now that he's away from that un-scriptural mega-church. One "church" in 17 cities? The board fired him and let the members know later? Such proves this "church" was not the kind that Jesus Christ built and died for during his earthly ministry. The whole thing built on sinking sand. Sad.
  7. Creation or not?

    It is child abuse to send one's child to a government school.
  8. UK Votes Out

    Jesuits I believe were the ones that originally coined the term, "the ends justify the means". Satan runs all of these fools and it would not surprise me in the least to learn of their co-mingling even when they fight each other.
  9. Billy Graham

    I would say that Graham has done more harm than good to the cause of Christ. He's quoted as preaching a false gospel from his earliest days, the world loves him, and when uniting with Catholics, when at his crusades, Catholics came forward to be saved, they would be directed back to the Whore of Revelations 17. How evil and wicked and deceptive is that?
  10. Guidance needed

  11. What is a "Landmark" Baptist church

    Every New Testament Church, of the kind that Christ built and died for during his earthly ministry, will be the Bride. Within each of those local, visible churches, only those who are genuinely born-again will be there. The unsaved ones will be in hell, the Rock-N-Roll Christian might be found standing next to John the Baptist as a guest, as well as might be a Mormon who got saved but went back into error, same with a Catholic but of these, there will be very few, as there will be so very few who take the straight gate anyway. As mentioned previously, not all New Testament Churches have the word Baptist or identifiers as IFB. A hundred years ago they didn't, a thousand years ago they went by other names and if the Lord tarries, they'll have new names again long after we're all gone home to glory. There is a large church a few hours away that ours unites and fellowships with with Landmark in their name. They are not Baptist Briders. I am all for not removing the ancient landmarks of my Baptist ancestors when they are in agreement with God's Word!
  12. Witnessing to a Mormon friend

    “For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.” - Hebrews 4:12 As you grow in grace you'll learn the scriptures and the Holy Ghost will teach you the truth of this verse. Notice that bible study I gave you? Not my words but my Savior's! It matters not what I might say or think, what matters is, what "saith the Lord?" Can I get an Amen from you folks out there? Amen!
  13. Guidance needed

    Read your bible William! God's Word is your assurance, not your feelings.
  14. Witnessing to a Mormon friend

    I used to attend a Calvary Chapel too. Wasted nine months there. One cannot be a member of a Calvary Chapel because they boast of being a universal, invisible church. They are a harlot of the whore of Revelations 17, protestant in doctrine and united with Rome. I could not post in that link you showed us of that nut being happy that the sodomites were murdered by the Muhammaden. I certainly would not darken the door of that place. Through prayer the Holy Spirit burdened my heart to attend a proper New Testament Church of the kind that Christ built and died for during his earthly ministry. The closest one was over an hour away. So I moved my family near the church, which accepted us members and we faithfully serve to this day. The Lord even provided our first home in the neighborhood, we rented from a lady who was also a member of the church. Praise God for answered prayer!
  15. Pastor Leaves New Church Over Gay Marriage Stance

    Rick Warren = “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.” Matthew 7:15