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  1. There was no strategic bungling or lack of future considerations with regards to World War II. One has to remember that the Roosevelt Administration was infested with Communist Spies at the highest levels (even in the White House) and that Washington was subservient to Moscow. At a Democrat Party function in Denver, Colorado in 1949, the Truman Administration stated that Korea was outside the area in which the United States would respond to Communist aggression. Going from memory, not exact wording. This gave the Communists the green light to invade South Korea and America was woefully unprepared to respond effectively, immediately. Now, Chinese Communist troops, not volunteers, went up against our Marines and Soldiers during the Chosin Reservoir campaign. The Red Chinese were in direct combat with US forces for about six months before we admitted it publicly and then treated it as is they had just engaged us. US Navy Admirals and Army Generals said back then the war could be won in Vietnam War by 1964. However, they were hampered and dealt with treasonously by the State Department and White House. Johnson himself used to pick out the individual weapon loads, the routes in and out, targets, and all manner of things he and McNamara had no business micromanaging. That's not bad enough, the bum advertised to our enemies when we were coming and made our boys fly the same routes day after day, slaughtering them.
  2. The Mimic Octopus - Fascinating!

    Some of you might know that I used to spend a lot of time underwater. The amount of life and variety of life, even within 1 square foot, is staggering. Only God could have created the little car washes where groupers go and allow small fishes and crabs to climb all over them and in them to clean parasites off of their bodies. Only God could have created the Golden Banded Coral Shrimp which mates for life and stays together like the human married couple. Under the sea and in forests, God created symbiotic relationships between plants and creatures where one could not exist without the other. The fantasy of evolution cannot explain this logically. Thanks for the post, reminds me of days gone by.
  3. During the Korean War, the 7th Fleet kept the free Chinese at bay and protected Communist supply ships coming from Europe with war materials. Taiwan wanted to send those ships to the bottom but the Truman Administration used the 7th Fleet treacherously against his own military and civilians. Do y'all remember the State Department employees disabling hundreds of jeeps and tanks, after they were purchased at more than top dollar, on the docks? Do y'all remember the millions of tons of ordnance, bought and paid for by Taiwan, that was dumped in the middle of the Indian Ocean? When a Democrat comes to the aid of America's enemies, it is only for political expediency. The same goes on today with the Muhammadens. Our military trained the early ISIS fighters and we have equipped them, they are a product of the Obama Administration. The fall of the old Marxist Muhammaden dictators like Quadaffi is also a product of the Obama Administration.
  4. They are making more of them. The sodomites have hi-jacked the term. A REAL transgender person is a boy or girl born with extra parts or missing parts. It is not enough for the sodomites to convert children to have relations with their own kind, they now want them to cross dress so that they may know them too. Perverts. Just like the Communist Fellow Traveler, the sodomites are getting far more mileage from their USEFUL IDIOTS to push their nefarious agenda.
  5. If and when the United States has a President who is the enemy of dictators, then she will prevent China from invading Taiwan, let alone allow the Communists to invade her.
  6. Hi from a Mississippi Author

  7. Taiwan was and is the refuge for free Chinese. Chiang Kai-shek was the valiant leader who fought against the Chinese and American Communists for decades. A friend to freedom and the American Republican Party, an enemy to Communism and the American Democrat Party. The State Department's dealings with Chiang Kai-shek was criminal and un-American and served the interests of Chinese and Soviet Communism. As long as Taiwan stands for freedom and opposes Communism, America should continue to support her, even more than President Bush did. He said we would get them submarines but never did because of Democrat Party/Communist opposition. One should never bow down to evil.
  8. Define for me "Winked At".

    Yea, I reckon God winked at those kings having numerous wives and concubines too.
  9. Amen Kirk.

    My children are not allowed to date. But I will let a young man court them. Our eldest daughter is being courted now. The little fella was so nervous but he did it the right way and asked my permission to court her. Before allowing this I had to pray and consider this youngster's heart as he was not saved. Over dinner I surmised that his heart was ripe for the Gospel and salvation and two weeks later, with no input from me, he spent several hours with my pastor and accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior.
  10. windows 10

    Still running XP on my 2006 vintage laptop. Was running XP Media Center on my 2002 vintage PC until 2014 when I messed up the boot record. Is Windows 10 still the latest and greatest or is there something better coming along soon? I hate Apple but might go Linux if I can get it to run like Windows 98/XP.
  11. Why King James Only?

    I believe you're quite correct. I have in my possession and like my Geneva Bible. However, the Holy Spirit continued to direct me to God's PERFECT and preserved Word in the English, the King James Bible.
  12. Amen Kirk.

    One can only honor their parents when what they are doing is honoring to God. They should separate from those devils as soon as possible. I know an officer who can lead men but refuses to lead his home, his father-in-law, a Catholic, runs his home. They quit attending a New Testament church and go to mass, their children's Christian education was traded for public school and a swimming pool. Tragically, they're going to reap what they've sown. In this household the husband is very likely a false convert, the wife saved and one of the children is saved but not the other. Salyan, until recently, I held to the view that when the kids turned 18 they were out! But the bible and history does not teach that. The young ladies stayed at home until marriage for the most part. Women out on their own are extremely vulnerable to predators of all stripes, most of the episodes of Forensic Files deal with single women living alone or with roommates. So, I've made the decision to keep our girls home until they're married off. This decision has ruffled the feathers of our oldest but the younger ones are fine with it. Several of the elders in my local church wish they did the same thing and are trying to bring their daughters home now as well. The father walking his daughter down the aisle to hand her off to the groom is a picture of her submission transferring from father to husband.
  13. Brother Cloud & RSS Feed

    We discussed this several years ago Salyan, many folks here participated in the discussion then. I do believe you're quite incorrect on both Brother Cloud's attitude and Lordship Salvation and Repentance for salvation. We can all get prideful from time to time and Cloud is not immune from that sin either.
  14. Brother Cloud & RSS Feed

    I have had countless prayers answered through Way of Life's ministry.