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  1. Why are Christians voting for Donald Trump?

    Doesn't the Word of God teach you not to yoke with unbelievers Mr. Young? As for Hillary being "socialist lite" that is entirely false. She is now and has always been a hardcore communist. The United States Constitution is her avowed enemy and the people of this nation, according to Hillary, exist to serve the will of the government.
  2. Why King James Only?

    It is indeed from good stock but it wasn't the finished work, the final preservation of God' perfect Word in the English. The Authorized Version is God's preserved Word and since the two are not in complete agreement, the Geneva bible must be rejected for that which has been purified and made perfect. For a short time I was a Geneva bible man, but the Holy Ghost was patient with me and showed me that the King James Bible is God's perfect and preserved Word.
  3. This is just another one of Satan's many corruptions of God's Word to separate man from God. It is a faith destroying bible and a fraud. It's text is based on the Westcott and Hort English translation of the phony Textus Sinaiticus which includes the made up Septuagint. I believe it too is under copyright and that runs counter to God's Word as well. The best use of this work of the devil is as toilet paper in an outhouse or in a burn pile to heat up smores.
  4. Our friend, Luanne Brown, who was a school girl at the time Germany annexed East Prussia, soon had the cross removed from her school and replaced with Hitler's picture. Bible study was replaced with Physical Education. Her nightmare under the invading armies of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union lasted until the 1950s when she was able to escape from Europe and come to America.
  5. This one wonders if he's even heard of the law of first mention. Them evangelicals are not fans of bible doctrine, most of them despise bible doctrine and those who place a premium on learnin' doctrine.
  6. Why are Christians voting for Donald Trump?

    I do not think that Trump is such a diehard to those communists to subject himself and family to the wrath of the politics of personal destruction to help get someone else elected. I believe that over time he's come to realize that America has been headed down the wrong path and honestly wants to do what he thinks is right for the benefit of the majority of the people, not the elitists that he's grown sick of. I also believe that he's ripe for the Gospel if anyone can get it to him. From 2000-2008 the Democrats suffered from BDS. Then they suffered from PDS from 2008-2010 and now already they are exhibiting signs of TDS and the other two never completely go away but their symptoms increase whenever President Bush, Governor Palin or Donald Trump make headlines. As for me and my house, we'll never again vote for a heathen and sin against God's Word. We will however, support our leaders when they honor God and oppose them when they sin against God.
  7. Two blind men in desperate need of the Good News that they have rejected.
  8. Why are Christians voting for Donald Trump?

    The Lord is going to allow this nation the leader she deserves. This nation doesn't want a genuine Christian president and it looks like she's not going to get one this time around. Despite all the baloney coming from newsrooms across the nation, Trump is going to crush whomever the Democrat nominee is. His vote total in Indiana last night equalled both of the Democrat Socialists. All across America Democrats are switching parties to vote for Trump, 80,000 in Pennsylvania alone. Christians can stay home and honor the Lord and Trump will still crush the commie Democrat come November with all those rock-n-roll christians voting for him, Then we can support him when he honors God and pray for his salvation continually, and oppose him when he goes against the things of God.
  9. It's easy to misinterpret God's Word when one does not hold God's Word in their hands but a forgery with the notes of man in the margins.
  10. I found a copy online and from the three minutes of reading, yes, Christians and folks of the Victorian era conducted themselves in this way. The things of God were interwoven through every aspect of life back then with nearly the entire population. My wife I believe would find such a book quite enjoyable. I shall bring it to her attention and ask if she'd like to converse with you about it.
  11. Free Will an Illusion?

    Like C.S. Lewis, the "christians" who love him are not really Christians at all. Most were never scripturally born-again the bible's way. Ignorance also plays a part, people hear that Lewis was a Christian and take such for granted not deeming it important to see what kind of christian he was. A little digging and one will discover that he was not a Christian at all. Today such men as Rob Bell and William Young continue the deception.
  12. *waves*

    Hi chantie and welcome to our nut house! Did your father accurately explain what biblical salvation is and if so, why have you put it off? Do you believe in a literal heaven and hell? Do you believe in sin? Who is God to you? What is your view on the bible?
  13. Why King James Only?

    The differences are not what they seem. Most were to correct printing errors and spelling changes and textual changes. As Sam Gipp says, it's been purified. Most KJV bible's today are based on the 1769 Oxford edition. Mine own happens to be a 1873 Cambridge Paragraph Bible by Scrivener. A little over two years ago there was a fella here whose name escapes me now that was doing a comparison of changes between the two above and modern publishers reprints. Several of us here at OB noticed that the publishers were changing some words to conform with the MVs. I have since been watching David W. Daniels of Chick Publications excellent research regarding the Critical Text and Septuagint. In short, they are frauds which never existed until the 1840s. There is ZERO evidence of the Septuagint during bible times and we know that Jesus and Paul quoted from the Masoretic Text. I am King James Only because the Holy Spirit burdened my heart relentlessly to put God's preserved Word in my hands. Anything else will be found wanting.
  14. Amen Kirk.

    Same here. Our local church has a ministry whereby the members go to people's homes and make repairs, do yard work, put on new roofs, install new windows, rebuild car engines, etc. It provides these services to the general public and to our own members in need. The members hold potluck fellowships in their homes from time to time and the young adult Sunday School Class has been known to hop in one of our school buses and have an appetizer at one elder's home, then drive on over to a deacon's home for the main course and another elder will host them for dessert. This too makes for great memories and fellowship. The church also frequently holds fellowship breakfasts before Soul-Winning Saturdays and dinners for the whole church quite often. We have our own smoker and being southerners, we eat a lot of BBQ! Pastor and some of the elders can cook delicious barbeque anything and the ladies make the greatest sides and desserts, including my wife! People recognize her dishes and they always come home empty. Our church also conducts its own fall festival each year which brings out many thousands from the town and the kids and adults are given the gospel and a great time. When my health permits, I invite the men and their children to shoot my muzzleloaders and invariably we also talk about the things of God. Churches like ours are a remnant. Nearly all of the other IFB and Southern Baptist Churches have jumped on the universal, invisible church bandwagon and have adopted all manner of clearly defined heresies. There's even one that does fire gauntlet things and even while calling themselves Independent Baptists, has brought in the sodomite Presbyterian More Light Ministry into their... bowl of nuts. Can't call that one a church! I didn't just happen upon this church. I prayed and prayed for a biblical church and the Good Lord brought me to this one. Materially, we gave up much, moved 60 miles away from family and our salaries eventually became 1/4 of what they once were and we've endured numerous other hardships. Spiritually, I could not have made a better decision for my family. It's one of the few good decisions I've made in life but the credit goes to the Holy Spirit and Christ for burdening me to search for one of Jesus' New Testament Churches that he built and died for during his earthly ministry. It's close to perfection but counts me in its membership!
  15. Free Will an Illusion?

    This is how atheists justify their position. That we're all programmed animals. In the Soviet Union they held indoctrination classes for christians to teach them that they did not have free will and were little different than monkeys. A pupil in one of those classes picked up a chair and smacked the instructor with it and then sat down. The pupil said he had no free will, the instructor had him shot. Curiously, several years ago I had a short debate with an atheist woman who said that christians were the ones without free will and that she was of the free thinking, free willing, atheistic mindset.