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  1. They lie about everything because their world view is fantasy and the only way to maintain a fantasy in the real world is to make things up; lie.
  2. It's much easier for a rebellious sinner to follow after a man than having faith in God through Jesus Christ. This is why Satan has created so many man-made religions and all are based on a works-based salvation. Some folks just cannot fathom having to answer to their Creator and believe they can establish their righteousness before a Holy God on the day of their judgement! What fools! Instead, they'll be on their knees before a thrice Holy God before being tossed into the Lake of Fire. How terrifying a thought! The most terrifying words in the bible, "...I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.” - Matthew 7:23
  3. There are limits to the Johnson Amendment, such as a pastor may preach on politics or engage in politicking if it does not take up 10% of his time or 10% of his employees, something like that anyway. Whatever it is, you're right, it's not constitutional. In addition, this only applies to 501C3 churches, not 508C1A churches. The 508C1A is established by default without paperwork, the other is established by ignorance and government trickery. So a 508C1A can talk all they want about politics and host fundraisers, etc. I think much of it is wasted time and of little profit. Adults know what to do. A mature christian will size up the best man for the job according to the scriptures and his testimony. In this instance, his testimony includes his character, work ethic, and past statements, in addition to his walk with Christ, if he has one. On another note, I think Americans are going to need to overwhelm the switchboards and tell those losers, McConnell and Ryan, that they need to repeal and replace Obama Care and make those tax cuts, NOW. Gotta get that judge on the bench too, and that other one impeached. Come to think of it, a bunch of them should be impeached.
  4. It's beyond my pea brain too, have at it!
  5. Well, it seems this fella too lacks discernment on some things, like uniting with that church in the first place. CMA, please! He should have run. No man can serve two masters, he will either love one and hate the other or hold to one and despise the other. John R. Rice wrote a great book on this matter, Lodges Examined by the Bible.
  6. We have similar laws as Canada on the books, our politicians just haven't been enforcing them, or they pick and choose which to enforce when convenient.
  7. Amen Chief!
  8. Pray that it secedes or falls into the ocean? If they were to leave the Union, they'd quickly go bankrupt and become another failed communist state. I say let all the American Commies leave the USA and go to Kalifornia, to their utopia and leave us all alone. Fat chance, I know.
  9. In a way it is a shame that such has happened. I imagine that the same thing happened to my Sea Cadets too. You better believe the gay mafia is behind this. The don't breed sodomites, they must confuse/convert normal folks to perpetuate their species. I'm being facetious of course, they are hell bound sinners scheming of ways to attract others to their deviant behaviors. But we have something better for our children, and that is God's Word and the men and women in our local churches to teach them the same things from a Christian viewpoint.
  10. Genesis 1:26 refers to the Trinity. John 1:1-4 teaches us that Jesus was there in the beginning of creation and nothing was made without him. Welcome to the forum by the way, have you formally introduced yourself and shared your testimony? Forgive me if I have missed it.
  11. It is bible to say one man, one woman for life. Not quoted but mentioned earlier, you wanted something to "push" your pastor into doing. Boy, that is prideful sin! You're supposed to submit to your pastor, not him to you! Getting married again is a sin. The Lord knows many will do this and that's why sins are forgiven if you are genuinely remorseful and ask forgiveness. Just don't expect a pastor to partake in your sin or get some rock-n-roll preacher to do it, best get a civil wedding, but that's your business.
  12. Prayed a prayer for this situation and them grand-babies! Any on the way yet? My wife goes back under the knife in a couple of weeks, will post on that later on.
  13. I think this is a bogus site. Cannot verify this anywhere else. Some say the site is bogus, used to plant false stories.
  14. Curiously, how did President Davis respond? How did the Vatican support the Confederacy? I know nothing on this subject.
  15. The CIA didn't come into existence until the conclusion of World War 2. Many of those professing Catholics were also the Communists mentioned earlier; hellbound sinners needing salvation. Well then, you have much to learn on that subject. Might I suggest the book, "Red Republicans and Lincoln's Marxists"?