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  1. Landmark is listed twice, or is that two different schools? Which is which?
  2. If I walked into a church and saw a stage arrayed like that, I'd turn right around and go to breakfast instead.
  3. When the fools quote Matthew 7:1, I tell them to keep going and quote verse 2! Of course, they haven't any idea what verse 2 is or the fact that they were quoting Matthew 7 anyway!
  4. Ain't seen snow in our parts since the Winter of '77. If our stores ran out of bread and milk, my wife and girls would just keep making their own, tastes better too! As for the milk, besides the gallon or two kept in the fridge, we store, powdered, condensed and evaporated varieties for various recipes.
  5. God is a God of order and a messy home for example would not seem to be Godly. The Catholic version is quite different and of a different context from Proverbs 6:16-19.
  6. Ohh yeah....
  7. A man once committed some grievous sin against another and when caught he lamented, "I don't know what possessed me to do that!?" My prolific soul-winning friend pointed out that he said "possessed" and the man agreed that Satan had hold on the man and his life. Before being lead away in irons he accepted Christ as his personal Lord and Savior. Look forward to watching your videos Kurecki.
  8. I thought his greater sin was in taking so long to get to Canaan? I didn't know he wasn't to take family. Of course he lied and his wife lied to the Egyptians and that was sin too. Tonight our pastor preached on Romans 4 and I immediately thought of my old friends who turned into Ruckmanites and denied that the OT Saints were saved by grace through faith and not of works; thereby denying the truths of Romans 4.
  9. Welcome aboard! My wife and I took the same road.
  10. One hundred plus years of socialism has ruined Great Britain and her education system. It has ruined America too for Christians are the remnant that keeps evil in check via the Holy Ghost. Fewer and fewer Christians means more and more evil and depravity. All citizens of America have the right to bear arms. This is a God given right of self-defense secured by our Constitution.
  11. And I thought government schools were to be religion free? YOGA is an element of the babylonian religion. The fools teach meditation as emptying one's mind which lets the devil in. The Bible teaches that we're to fill our minds with God's Word and meditate (think on) those words.
  12. Just plain scary! Wicked scary!
  13. No, the Bride or Body is made up of every Local, Visible, New Testament Church, not individuals. It is the individual Christians that make up each local, visible, New Testament Church. At the wedding, there will be many Christians standing with John the Baptists as guests, these are the folks who are saved but were not members of biblical New Testament Churches. Such may consist of the Catholic lady who got saved at a Billy Graham revival but never left her church, or the rock-n-roller who got saved at a Calvary Chapel and kept on attending until his ascension.
  14. My sentiments exactly Brother Stafford. I was a political junkie for many years until about 2011 and then put my time and effort on things on high at the leading of the Holy Spirit. Those are things that bear fruit, not watching the news or radio talking heads every day and night. None of them care for the things of God, and that's the folks on our side! BUT! Like Brother Jim explains, we must occupy until he comes. We should support our leaders when they honor God and call them out on it when they sin against God. We should pray for them continually. I've prayed for President Obama's salvation since he became President; sadly the devil is in total control of that fellow, I doubt he's ever heard a biblical gospel presentation as he's always surrounded by communists and muhammadens. Trump hasn't a clue about the things of God but he does love this country and doesn't want to turn it into a communist state for the globalists to continue sucking dry. I believe you too are correct in not voting for such a man who is an enemy to God but you can pray for him to honor God through his deeds and pray for his salvation. In such a short time we have become a remnant in this once great nation. As in the days before the flood, it seems America's citizens' thoughts are only evil continually. Since Obama's election, I have not been able to bring myself to fly the stars and stripes at my home anymore. We've flown our state flag and George Washington's Cruiser's flag mostly and rarely the older national ensigns before they had fifty stars.