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  1. Man-made DNA

    False, this is an outright heresy.     While you might be here during the tribulation, I'll be at home with the Lord.
  2. Most sinful/Least sinful American cities

    Interesting, but we must remember that AFAIK Trulia is a secular organization attempting to judge sin. Not mentioned are places like New York City, where more children are selfishly aborted in the womb than born alive each day.  What is a more heinous act than that? Watching the debate tonight once again makes clear, that righteousness comes not from man but from Jesus Christ, none of those men running for office will acknowledge America's sin problem as they are trusting in the voter, man, rather than God to become head of this nation.  In all likelihood they wouldn't even know what I'm talking about and they were just as clueless into thinking that its ok for our precious women to leave their first estate and defile themselves and reduce the combat effectiveness of our military by serving in even more ratings throughout the armed services.
  3. The Worldwide Flood

    That's not danger, that's Bible man!
  4. The Two Things Justification&Standing in Grace

    You should not concern yourself with those Egyptian bibles as they are frauds, of the devil, designed to separate man from God.  Unlike the manuscripts that make up the Received Text and the King James Bible, the Critical Text has murky and obscure origins, it was supposedly hidden away for centuries and that fact alone exposes that it is not of God.  Sinaiticus in all likelihood did not exist before the 1840s. As for the two verses, the second verse just builds upon the first.  A saved person has peace with God through Christ and therefore has hope in God's glory.  Grace is mentioned here as well, and grace is an unmerited, un paid for gift, the sacrifice of Christ, His shed blood, washing away our sins.  Christ is man's mediator between himself and God.  
  5. The Forum of brotherly/sisterly love

    It is not unkind nor is it unloving to reprove, rebuke and exhort someone with scripture.  In fact, just the opposite is true. As for me, I do not consider an unrepentant sinner or saint my brother or sister.  As for me, I do not consider those promoting another gospel, another Jesus, to be my brother or sister either.  
  6. The Kingdom

    I used to believe as you do until one day I asked my daughter to diagram the sentence for me.  Then miraculously my pastor preached on the topic the very same night and now believe properly.  Giants and the sons of God are not the same and the sons of God then and now always refers to a saved person, one who has trusted in the Savior. Mr. Critical Mass it's testimony time.  On your original introduction post, would you share your testimony with us please?
  7. The Worldwide Flood

    These Ruckman type GAP theorists believe in creation but still try to harmonize it with evolution and its old earth mentality. Such heresy is easily disproven all throughout the scriptures even if one does not take God at his word in Genesis.  When one holds to the Gap Theory, generally speaking, they then hold to many other heresies like the universal church, open communion, the origin of the church, baptism, etc.   
  8. Hebrews 6

    Correct, Hebrews 6 teaches eternal security.  It also teaches that one who professes Christ and runs with the devil was never saved to begin with.
  9. Hello.

  10. The One, True Gospel & God's Saving Grace

    As a Baptist preacher once said, this is an old, old heresy which eventually led to the formation of the Catholic church.  It takes a little knowledge of english grammar if one gets caught up with this verse meaning a work has to be done.  The phrase "be baptized" is a passive act referring to something previously done (verse 21), they are already saved.  A rock-n-roll church I once attended held to this same heresy but added even more works, you had to be good to get the baptism of the Holy Spirit after you were baptized with water.  Nonsense!     “Can any man forbid water, that these should not be baptized, which have received the Holy Ghost as well as we?” (Acts 10:47) "Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord; (Acts 3:19)
  11. The Priesthood of New Testament Believers

    Wow!  We are truly in the last days; such is evidenced by all these heresies being promoted as true. Preacher, John was addressing the seven named churches in Asia.  Most of us know that the church age has ended by the 4th chapter and the saints are in heaven with the Lord.  
  12. My apologies, the last sentence in my previous post, which you highlighted has been corrected.  Sometimes my fingers miss what my brain wanted them to type!  

    I wonder where you are going with this?  Gap Theory? God and heaven exist outside of time, space and matter; it's probably correct to call it eternity.
  14. Sir, Your question was answered in my original reply.  The Roman church and her harlots do not believe that Christ's sacrifice was enough to save a man, works are required.  The Romans and her harlots do not believe that Christ was good enough to forgive man his sins so they set up priests to do so.  This is a few of many examples why their beliefs may seem to be biblical on the surface but a cursory examination will show them to be of the devil.  The babylonian God and Christ is NOT the same as the God and Christ found in the Word of God.
  15. Cainan in Luke 3:36

    Aren't there two men named Cainan? The first had Enos as father and he lived to 910 years.  His great-grand pappy was Adam. (Luke 3:37)  The second Cainan (Luke 3:36) as you say was the son of Sala.  I would not say he was "deleted" from the OT, just that he was never mentioned.