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    swathdiver reacted to heartstrings in Spirit separation service   
    Yes, but how can others know we are "filled with the Spirit"?  They (and we) can know because the Spirit of God is manifested by love. See 1 John 4  the entire chapter
    Now please read Romans 12. If we obey the first two verses, we can walk in the Spirit, and are "not conformed to this world". Then we can do what is in the rest of the chapter,  effective witnesses through love.
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    swathdiver reacted to heartstrings in Spirit separation service   
    Depends on how one defines "separation". The Bible says you can't worship God without "spirit and truth".
    Some emphasize truth with no spirit and others have plenty of "spirit" but no truth. But the two are inseparable. (no pun intended).
    Some are so "separated" they forget how to treat others, even in their own church.
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    swathdiver reacted to Jim_Alaska in One of our sheep had four lambs :)   
    We also had some new arrivals. These two guys arrived about five weeks ago. They are Nigerian Dwarf Goats.

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    swathdiver reacted to heartstrings in One of our sheep had four lambs :)   
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    swathdiver reacted to Salyan in Homeschool Education   
    Well that's mighty specific.
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    swathdiver got a reaction from BabeinChrist in Who are the “sons of God” in Genesis 6?   
    The sons of God are saved men.  That's what the bible teaches.
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    swathdiver reacted to veelas in Soul Mates versus Arranged Marriages   
    I think the reason why arranged marriages also work is because the couple work hard together for the family and for their offsprings. There might not be love at first, but they build love upon the foundations of their marriage,
    To be honest, I am a little bit jealous of people who found love within an arranged marriage. I have put love first before fortifying the relationship and it got me nowhere but heartbreak.
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    swathdiver reacted to Pastor Scott Markle in Who are the “sons of God” in Genesis 6?   
    I have full assurance of conviction that the "sons of God" in Genesis 6 are NOT angelic beings.
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    swathdiver got a reaction from BabeinChrist in Who are the “sons of God” in Genesis 6?   
    The sons of God are saved men.  That's what the bible teaches.
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    swathdiver reacted to Alan in E-book "What About Steve anderson?' by David Cloud   
    David Cloud has a very good book (I am attaching the E-book from David Cloud's website), concerning the beliefs of Pastor Steven Anderson: https://www.wayoflife.org/free_ebooks/downloads/What_About_Steven_Anderson.pdf
    Brother Cloud goes into some detail concerning Anderson's heretical beliefs concerning numerous important subjects in our age (to name a few): Repentance, Quick Prayerism, the Nation of Israel, Replacement Theology, the Coming of Christ for the church (the rapture), and others. Brother Cloud handles the issues involved in a scholarly manner, without rancor, and with a good spirit. 
    Brother Cloud points out that some of the brethren in independent Baptist churches are being swayed by his beliefs.
    I would recommend all of the brethren to read David Cloud's book,"What About Steven Anderson."
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    swathdiver reacted to No Nicolaitans in WHY???   
    I'm tired of it all.
    Maybe I'm in a bad place, but I'm tired of it all...extremely tired of it all.
    I miss people...especially fellow believers...being happy and joyful...enjoying the salvation that the Lord has given us. At one time, I thrived on debate and trying to prove others wrong...it took me a long time to realize how miserable I was. I've read things on here lately that makes me raise an eyebrow and go, "HUH?", but I've long since lost the desire to try to counter it. 
    I'm sorry...I don't claim to be right...and if you look at some of my past postings, you'll see that I've said that quite often. I just don't have it in me any longer to try and continue on. I just need some time to love the Lord and be his child...I've lost that at some point in this journey.
    I no longer post in forums that have to do with anything of dire importance regarding scripture, theology, doctrine, or any other kind of important spiritual significance. I'm tired of the arguing. Of late, I've just been trying to have a little bit of fun in hope of bringing a smile to someone who may be having a bad day or a sad moment. I miss the days when I didn't know all of the crazy "theology" that I know now. Perhaps it's my fault for being where I am now, but I'm just tired of it. I long for the days when I was new to the faith, when I couldn't get enough of Jesus and the bible, and when I (mistakenly) thought that all Christians believed rightly. I'm tired, I'm worn out, and I'm depleted. Make of it what you will...and please pray for me...but I just can't take any more right now.
    Would to God that the blessed Lord Jesus would take us home right here...right now. I want to go home.
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    swathdiver reacted to weary warrior in WHY???   
    I'm sitting right now in my office as the principal of a Christian school. Outside the window of my office is the gym, and I can hear the student on break. They are playing, laughing, running and being children, as children should. On my right hip, covered up by a jacket, is a Kimber Warrior .45acp. On my left hip is a spare mag. At any time during the week there may be in the building as many as three of us with handguns on our person. We are a school with a total of 47 students. These handguns are tucked away behind suit coats or jackets or sweaters, depending on the individual's clothing style. They are never shown, flashed or discussed in front of the students, but the students, at least the older students, are all aware of their presence. Many of them know me from church, where I am head of security, and of course my 16 year old son is a student here as well.
    I wonder how many of these students of mine had the thought flash through their mind as they watch the news unfold about the new school shooting in Florida, "Not in my school, we have Mr. Noel"? I watch as the news tells us of the heroic football coach there in Florida who gave his life shielding his charges, those who were placed in his care, those he undoubtedly loved, just as I love mine. And I ask myself, what if this good, brave man had possessed a weapon tucked behind his waste band? Just a little .38 revolver even? Something. Anything. What if someone had been allowed to be prepared to fight physical evil with physical means? 
    We have sown the wind in this country, and now we are going to reap the whirlwind. Our schools have told the students there is no God, and thus no consequences, no eternal soul, no higher authority. We have fed them a steady diet of humanism, violent movies, games and "music" and all manner of Satanic influences. We have denigrated the Bible, parental authority, the police, the military, the flag, the anthem and our founding fathers. And then we wonder when these monsters start coming out of the woodwork.
    The schools will have to start physically, violently defending themselves from the very hell that they have so foolishly and gleefully created, and the ONLY defense from a bad man with a gun is a good man with a gun. They will not, of course, do this.
    I ask "why", but in truth, I already know the answers.
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    swathdiver got a reaction from (Omega) in Cutting Children off   
    Pray for them unceasingly and do not let them near you until they repent and change their wicked ways.  It's not easy, it breaks one's heart but we have the Lord and obedience and fellowship with Christ is far more important.
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    swathdiver got a reaction from (Omega) in Cutting Children off   
    Pray for them unceasingly and do not let them near you until they repent and change their wicked ways.  It's not easy, it breaks one's heart but we have the Lord and obedience and fellowship with Christ is far more important.
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    swathdiver reacted to (Omega) in Near Death Experiences   
    DO NOT take this as dogmatic. This is just an experience I had several years back and wanted to share my thoughts on this subject. I engaged in a debate with Pastor Howard Storm via email regarding his experience with death and coming back from the "other side". This interested me because I was once pronounced clinically dead from cardiac arrest and had a supernatural experience of my own, like Howard Storm did. He has his own church and preaches on sin and Jesus; but somewhere during our conversation, he mentioned "reincarnation" as a fact, and that the angels taught him that doctrine. . . and I said, wait...hold up. I asked him to show me using the BIBLE where reincarnation is mentioned, and he mentioned something along the lines of John the Baptist was Elijah reincarnated (cf Mal. 4:5; Matt. 11:14; Lk.1:17). I refuted him using simple exegesis and context  from other passages in the bible and he never replied back.
    Now I am not dogmatic on this, but I believe that Paul did have a return from the dead experience (it is described by him at 2 Cor.12:1-10); whether this took place when he was stoned at Lystra (Acts 14:19) is not really possible to say given all of the things that Paul relates as having happened to him on other occasions (i.e., there are other possibilities: 1 Cor.4:8-13; 2 Cor.4:7-12; 6:3-10; 11:16-33; Phil.3:7-11), but it does seem more likely than not. What I always say about such things is this:  God does give all believers experiences which demonstrate His goodness, mercy and grace, and which reinforce the truth they learned from scripture. So if we have an experience, a dream or a miraculous occurrence or any other such thing, which encourages us as to the fact that the truth we have learned is the truth, then we rejoice in the truth we already believed and in the goodness of God who reminds us of that truth by the experience He gives us.  If, on the other, we have an experience, a dream or a miraculous occurrence or any other such thing, which does not accord with the truth we know and believe from the Bible, then either that experience is not from God or else we are not interpreting it correctly.
    When I was clinically dead, I entered a tunnel that was surrounded  with a light that didn't look like any light here on Earth. As I walked down through the tunnel, I saw what appeared to be small lights in the distance, but they became larger as they came closer. They were huge orbs and I could feel a supernatural love emanating from them. Some of them were silver, and some were GOLD, and there was a bond I felt with them as we were ONE. They told me if I wanted to see them in "human form", and I said no. They led me to an area where there were trees that were greener than any trees here on Earth and there were otherworldly music playing non-stop. There were also flowers that almost seemed to be alive and were absolutely beautiful. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I'm a man and don't get excited easily; but when I saw this, lol! Can't really explain it accurately, LOL!!! Why I found this experience interesting was because one of my best friends (a Hebrew Scholar and Pastor) told me that his wife had an experience almost identical to mine, except she saw her relatives and could not tell what age they were for some reason.
    The bible warns us that Satan and his emissaries can shapeshift and masquerade as ministers of God. (2 Cor. 11:14), and we are to test the spirits (1st John 4:1).
    When it comes to other people's experience, well, if it is some times difficult to interpret our own, how are we supposed to rely on that of others? There are no more prophets today that I can think of.  Therefore while we can rejoice with other believers in the encouragement the Lord gives them, we are most definitely NOT to build doctrine or alter our understanding of the Bible in any way however small based upon these experiences of others. Take the one my friend reported to me: 
    1) I did not see/hear/experience this; rather I heard it from friend. 
    2) And he did not see/hear/experience this; rather he heard it from his friend. 
    3) And he did not see/hear/experience this; rather he heard it from his wife. 
    4) Finally, we have no idea what his wife really saw. We can only go by what she said.  All we can say is that we already knew that heaven is wonderful; if the third-hand details are correct we have no way of knowing, but we are certainly not going to accept them as if they are true because we don't know if this is what she saw, he said, he said, he said . . . etc.  And in any case, it's not specifically in the Bible. 
    God Bless!
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    swathdiver reacted to Saved41199 in Cutting Children off   
    My children are grown. They got plenty of deserved discipline as they grew up...they were very strong willed and had all sorts of outside influences in their ears...including my mother. They chose to turn against everything I tried to teach them They lied, cheated and stole from me, including both my grandmothers' wedding bands and my mother's engagement ring (stolen to pawn for drug money) out of MY OWN HOUSE when we took them in while they were homeless. They bought into the world's idea that any form of punishment was abuse. If I said the sky was blue, they'd say it was red and then have a FIT if I told them they were wrong. I truly think I'm better off without them in my life. They can do their own thing. One of them spent 7 years in prison for drug dealing and wire fraud. She thought she was smarter than everyone else...she blames me for losing parental rights to her children. I wasn't the one who went to prison. I wasn't the one who wouldn't follow the reunification plan set out by the girls' father and the courts. My middle child...he owes me about 20 thousand dollars for all the bills I paid for him while he was overseas in the Army. He claimed the Army messed up his allotment to me and like an idiot I believed him until I changed bank accounts and the story started to not add up. So, I took it upon myself to check into the story and exposed his lie. Instead of expressing any remorse, he told me to get out of his life and wished I was dead. My youngest and his "wife" are the ones who stole the jewelry from me. Then they got all bent out of shape when I caught them smoking dope in my house. They dumped their son (my grandson) with my ex-felon daughter who hangs around other ex-felons and went their separate ways. My son is now living in his friend's attic. 
    I pray for them, for their salvation daily. However, I have no intention of letting them back in my life. I may not have been the world's greatest mother and I know I made many mistakes. HOWEVER, no matter how hard it got, or how broke we were, they always had a roof over their heads, clothes on their backs, food in their bellies, talks about God and his goodness, what it takes to be saved. They chose to turn against it all. They are all upset they didn't have the "Leave it to Beaver" childhood. 
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    swathdiver reacted to Ronda in If you're still unsure...   
    It's even worse than that... the evil 'artist' uses bodily fluids in his painting (I will refrain from listing those here).  Besides the fact that it's clearly a push for a race war (as this can also be seen on all MSM - main stream media - as they are now condemning people merely FOR being white)... what's even more telling is the rituals the 'artist' chosen uses. These are luciferian and occult practices.
    Let's also take into account the MSM reaction to Vice President Pence.  They now openly mock Christianity. 
    And this week yet another school shooting (more than a dozen so far this year alone). They use this with mock outrage for guns. Yet American citizenry has ALWAYS had guns... yet we have NOT always had school shootings. What has changed?  In the last 30 (or so) years  the progressive liberal agenda in public schools is what has been force-fed in America..

    God has been ousted from schools (and they then wonder why the devil has walked in and taken over?) The Bible isn't taught.
    Creationism isn't even taught as an option, much less the Biblical truth. Darwinism is pushed (if a person believes they descended from amoeba in pond scum or apes they tend to act that way... to them mankind is 'just another species')
    Human life is not precious to those who value it equally with apes and amoeba. In fact... it's valued LESS by those who scream bloody murder if a turtle or bird egg is destroyed, yet those same people murder their own children in the womb.
    It's even is championed and applauded from the left. 
    Kids are taught (indoctrinated) that there are supposoedly 50+ genders? Even defying the science they claim to love? (1 Tim.6:20 KJV)
    Discipline has been removed, lawlessness is lauded and even praised from every leftist 'progressive' talking head on television.
    Faith is ridiculed on national television. 
    And the most (sadly) amazing part of all of this?
    The 'progressive' leftists can't even see the connection!!!
    (Romans 1:18-32, 2 Tim.3:1-5, et al, explain why... and foretold such would be the case TODAY!)
    God has given every warning shout out to mankind that He did previously before utter destruction. 
    Just as Sodom and Gomorrah were warned (and didn't heed), just as Noah warned for many years before the flood (they didn't heed either), so too have Bible believers been warning of what's to come... SOON!
    Scripture even tells us these days would be "as in the days of Noah", and "as in the days of Lot" (Luke 17).  And so they are... the same rebellion against God, the same sins that have progressed to the point where they revel in them rather than even feel shame!
    Yet they don't even want to know what is foretold of their OWN very near future. THEY (God-rejecting, Christ-hating, rebellious world) will soon endure. It's all foretold, yet they mock (as was also foretold (Jude 1:18, 2 Pet.3:3-4, et al).
    What is that future? Revelation chapters 6-18 give an overview. (They can't even understand the plain words of scripture, even though the symbolism is clearly explained throughout the scripture. Why? 1 Cor.2:14, 2 Pet.3:16-17, 1 Cor.1:18, Rom.1:18-22, 2 Tim.4:3-4 and others explain why).
    Scripture foretold the arrival of Christ prior to His first advent. Yet so few recognized it then.
    Jesus rebuked them because they thought they could predict the weather, but couldn't even recognize their own Messiah standing in front of them as foretold! 
    And how is this generation today much different? Even worse? 
    Not only do most not know prophetic scripture, but they don't know ANY scripture at all. 
    There are no 'modern day prophets'. God's word now holds ALL the prophecies already fulfilled and yet to be fulfilled (Amos 3:7 2 Pet.1:20-21 , Rev.19:10, et al)
    Jesus rebuked those at the first advent for not knowing the prophetic scripture as they should have...
    "Then he said unto them, O fools, and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken" (Luke 24:25)
    And yet here we are today, not only do most professing 'Christians' have no clue what the scripture says (much less of scriptural prophecy), but the unsaved world rejects God's word altogether!
    Those who have studied scripture recognize how near to commencing end time prophecy is NOW!
    Isaiah 17 and Ezekiel 38-39 is commencing NOW. 
    What does this mean??? By the end of Ezekiel 39, Israel will no longer be "blind in part" (Rom.11:25). What occurs PRIOR to Israel having their eyes re-opened? "the fulness of the Gentiles be come in" (Rom.11:25). 
    That will mean nothing to those who reject God's word. But for the believer? It should be a wake-up call!!! 

    Why is the world so focused on the middle east? On Israel, specifically? Because end time Bible prophecy revolves around Israel, NOT the church. Church/grace-age believers are taken up prior to God's dealing with Israel, taking Israel through the foretold 70th week of Daniel (Dan.9, Jer.30:7, Zech.13:8-9, et al), the time of "Jacob's trouble". 
    Sadly, many churches today don't recognize this, they believe God has cast off Israel forever. But scripture proves otherwise! 
    (If YOU are in one of those dead churches that want to pull YOU away from the truth in scripture, I suggest you study Ezekiel 39:27-29, Amos 9:13-15, Jer.30:2-7, Jer.31:10, 33:7, Ez.37:21, and so many others). God's word DID foretell the scattering of Israel, but also foretold the REGATHERING as well! A subject they won't touch. They have to omit huge portions of scripture to come to their erroneous conclusions, not just the scripture listed a few sentences ago, but the entire 11th chapter of Romans (and much other NT scripture).
    The time period we are right now residing in is the age of grace. This time is SOON to end! And with it? Those believers in Christ will be taken up before God's wrath commences on this world (1 Cor.15:49-53, 1 Thes.4:13-18, 1 Thes.1:10, Rom.5:9, 1 Thes.5:9, et al).
    Every forewarning and sign given is now prominent, on display for the world to see... and yet they can't see what's in front of them because they don't believe scripture!
    Nevertheless, God's word will come to pass exactly as foretold, whether they believe it or not (especially because they do not believe it!).
    School shootings? Horrific, and merely one of the outcomes of casting God out of school, casting His word aside, and instead clinging to false science and fables.

    This evil man's portrait done by a man who uses occult rituals in his so-called art? Just another glaring fact they refuse to address. 

    Saddest part? You can show this to liberal 'progressives' and they still don't have a clue. (Rom.1:18-32, 2 Tim.3:1-5 explains why).
    Sadder still? They can come to Christ NOW before God's wrath commences, and yet they won't.

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    swathdiver reacted to heartstrings in If you're still unsure...   
    If you're still unsure about Mr. Obama being an evil man, this is the artist he chose to paint his portrait to be displayed in the Smithsonian.

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    swathdiver reacted to (Omega) in Helping the homeless and the indigent   
    I am elated that the Lord has given me tasks to aid the homeless and the indigent. At times, I would volunteer at food banks here in Oakland, an example would be the Alameda County Community Food Bank (ACCFB). This mainly consists of packaging food (perishables, can foods, meat, fruits, etc.). I also minister to the homeless because I was once homeless myself for over a course of 10 years, so I can understand their plight and suffering, living on the streets of Oakland and San Francisco. San Francisco is a hot spot for homosexuality, it is almost like a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah, and ministering to them is an arduous task because sometimes preaching to them can lead to aggression and violent reactions; but I don't let that stop me. When I preach the Gospel to the homeless. I have a technique which is quite effective in ministering to the homeless. I would first ask them, "are you homeless?" If their answer is Yes, then I would respond by saying, "You know...I was homeless too for 10 years.", This piques their interest leading them to ask me how I got off the streets. I would then tell them about the awesome love of God and how he took a wretched drunk like me, and transformed me into a servant of the Lord. I would then hold their hands and pray over them if they desire. Works almost 100% of the time. I believe holding a persons hand in prayer is more effective than just prayer alone. There are also soup kitchens that are Christian based that I also volunteer at times. There is City Team Ministries here in Oakland, and a plethora of other Christian organizations that help the homeless that I volunteer at. There is no excuse not to minister to the homeless or those who are in need to be fed not just food, but the Word of God. As it is written: "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God." (Matt.4:4) This feeds their souls and incites their curiosity. This also leads to a discussion about the Bible, and we know that "According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue:" (2 Pet.1:3).   There is NO excuse not to preach the Gospel to the lost, and that includes anyone who isn't saved; this also includes our family members. Charles Haddon Spurgeon once said, "Have you no wish for others to be saved? Then you're not saved yourself, be sure of that!" For me, family members are the most difficult to bring to Christ. My family consists of 3 brothers, a half sister, and my mother and father. I have ministered to all of them, and I have seen them grow in Christ over the course of several years, and I thank the Lord for that. Only my mother and my 3rd youngest brother are not saved. My brother Andrew has been brainwashed and put through the wringer by his wife. She is anti-Christian. She believes the bible is sexist and absolutely despises the Word of God. But even so, I pray for her salvation because I care. But God has gave me a promise that He will save my entire family when all is said and done. I was encouraged to share this with my IFB brethren and sisters in Christ here on this forum by another forum member. If you do not have a ministry, I encourage to get involved in one, IF you have the time. We each have a Will that God has planned and purposed in our lives, and it is our duty to fulfill it.    God Bless, Daniel
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    swathdiver reacted to Jim_Alaska in Hunting yummy things   
    OK, to continue on we’ll look at fresh water fishing and harvesting fish for the family. For my family, fish made up a substantial part of our diet. They are plentiful, free and a great source of harvestable food. Most, but not all of the fish we put in the freezer came from my own fishing efforts. But in the salmon season I could go to native fish wheels and buy salmon very cheaply. As I remember I could buy salmon from the native fishermen for $2 per fish. These are whole Salmon that we had to clean and fillet. My wife would can some of this fish and use it just like we do for Tuna. It is great for sandwiches or chowder.
    Some people would consider what I write next as almost a sacrilege. Dog mushing is very popular in Alaska as both recreation as well as a means of transportation. This is where sled dogs are harnessed to a sled and used to transport both people and things like firewood and supplies.
    I mention this because Salmon is a major source of food for these dogs. The dog musher will buy or harvest Salmon, grind it up into twenty pound blocks and cook it in water to be served to the dogs in hot water in winter. It is also favored for taking along the trail when traveling overnight, because they can take a whole salmon and just saw off pieces to throw to the dogs when they camp for the night. Now this has nothing to do with my harvest of fish, but I just thought that it would interest some folks because it is something most people never hear of.

    Where I lived most fishing is done in rivers and lakes. There are many species to choose from in these environments. Some of them are;
    Rainbow Trout

    Lake Trout


    Arctic Char

    Dolly Varden



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    swathdiver reacted to DaveW in Hunting yummy things   
    I like fishing and find it relaxing , rather than boring.
    I actually enjoy the act of fishing more than the catching....... but of course I don't rely on it for food.
    I am actually happy to catch nothing, just so long as I get some quiet fishing in.
    Fishing with kids is NEVER relaxing. 
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    swathdiver reacted to Jim_Alaska in Hunting yummy things   
    OK, now getting back to seasonal harvesting in Alaska, after the long mid-winter wait not much else is harvested until the fishing season. Because of the immense size of the state seasons can vary a lot. For the most part the seasons for fishing are self regulating. That means that you can take them at any time. Weather usually prevents you in winter. So you are limited to Spring, Summer and Fall. Many times seasons are also limited for species like Salmon because they only return to the rivers and bays when it is time to reproduce.
    Some species are year round residents but only accessible after winter is over, unless you like fishing through the ice, which I don't. I didn't do much salt water fishing because the coast was so far away from where I lived. But I usually made a couple of trips per summer. These trips were for Halibut and Silver Salmon.
    Halibut is also call chicken of the sea for its flavor. Not that it tastes like chicken, but because it is so good. probably no other fish can compare to halibut for flavor. They can get very large, but the best for eating is in the 20-30 pound range.

    Silver, or Coho Salmon are more than plentiful and fun to catch for recreational or subsistence fishermen.

    They are also a major source of income for commercial fishermen as evidenced by this net full of Silvers taken by a "Purse Seiner." 

    There are also other salt water fish to be had such as Cod, which are also plentiful. Fishing for Cod and Halibut is interesting and the scenery is spectacular, but the actual fishing is a bit boring. Halibut and Cod are usually taken at tiring depths. 100-150 feet is not uncommon. The changing of tides creates strong currents so you have to use at least a one pound weight to keep the bait on the bottom.  So even if you don't have a fish on yet, but want to check to see if the bait is still there, you have to crank two pounds of lead up 150 feet just to check the bait. This kind of fishing is done from a boat in the open ocean. You can sit there for hours on end with nothing happening, that's why I said Halibut fishing can be boring.
    Fishing for Coho Salmon on the other hand is fast and furious, they travel in large schools and you use artificial lures, not bait.
    I'll make another post in relation to fresh water fishing, which I did  a lot of. My fingers get tired of typing since I only use three of them, I am not an accomplished typist to say the least.
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    swathdiver reacted to Jim_Alaska in Hunting yummy things   
    Just one little point Swath, it' not a Reindeer. Reindeer are semi-domestic and bred for milk and meat. Caribou on the other hand are totally wild.
    Nice picture of the Crane on your lawn.
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    swathdiver reacted to Jim_Alaska in Do Methodist belives they can lose salvation?   
    That's what I mean by Political Correctness Bro. Dave, you hit it on the head.
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    swathdiver reacted to DaveW in Do Methodist belives they can lose salvation?   
    I have heard it explained roughly thus:
    I need to state CATEGORICALLY - that this is not my position, but it is what I have been told.
    Also, it is not specific to the Methodists - I don't recall the association of the person who explained it to me in this way.