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  1. I should have graduated Mrs. DuPriest, but I sat out a semester for medical reasons and then had a few classes to make up from transferring. So, Lord willing, I will graduate this spring! I am actually married! To the same guy I was dating while there though. We got married May 27th of this year, so three months ago! =)
  2. Hello everyone! I am from the Peoria area, about an hour from Pontiac. And aww, I do miss you Mrs. DuPriest. I did transfer to a different Bible college. It was a hard decision to make, but I truly felt it was God leading, and I know I am in His will here. I miss the teachers and other people I had to opportunity to serve with in my years at FH though. How is everything? Still teaching in the 3rd grade girl's class?
  3. Hello! My name is Andrea, and I am new to this forum. I have been a baptist all my life, but became and IFB in high school, after my friend invited me to her church. I was saved my Sophomore year of high school at a public school revival my church was hosting. I was baptized shortly after, and began becoming involved in that local church. I moved churches my junior year, to one closer. (the previous one was about 30 minutes, and since I was still living under my parents, who did not attend church, transportation became an issue) I quickly became involved in that church's ministries, and soon went off to Bible college to study Secondary Education (with a math/history emphasis). I am finishing up my senior year of college this spring, and looking forward to being back at my home church full time! I took sewing and learned how to make culottes in my PUBLIC high school's sewing lab. (My teacher was amazing. =) ) I have been making them ever since! (about 7 years now) I would love to be able to help anyone out who may be in need of some culottes. I know there are many places online...but they get kind of pricey! =) I desire to offer a lower cost culotte to ladies/girls who desire to dress modestly! If you are interested, please let me know! I make the kind with the box pleat in the front and back. I can provide pictures if you would like to see some of my work!