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  1. Dear Beloved of God,

    Greetings from Burma! My name is Thaung Ngaih Lian. I'm a nationality of Burma and a missionary in my homeland Burma. I'm a husband of Ciin Lam Ma'an and a father of two sons. Can you envision a land where many pagodas are worshiped, animal sacrifices are a weekly occurrence and human cremations take place daily? I want to share with you a challenging ministry opportunity God has presented to me. Since 2004, I had started a pioneering work among the unreached Buddhist in Burma as church planting ministry. The Lord has been so good and blessed us with many wonderful things spiritual and physical. Church in a village-Mang Sar Just two years ago a Church that has been planted in the village of one of our former members in the city, was dedicated and had their first service together where many people came to celebrate the completion of the church building and worship together in one place for the first time.The testimony of this village is incredible – 3 years ago mission team in our church and young people along with some of our friends of ours went to evangelize and outreach to this village. What they came across was a village full of fear, who worshiped evil spirits, trees, different animals and rocks, sacrificed their livestock and built alters where they worshiped these evil spirits that had been tormenting them. When our team arrived and started ministering the love and presence of God came upon many in the village seeing many freed from demonic spirits, freed from fear, and many disease and sickness are healed by the power of the gospel. One man in particular had been demon possess for many days and had to be with chain in his foot to go anywhere but was fully healed and while preaching the gospel and being prayed for the power of God to get freed from the devils and started talking and received the gospel very well in his heart and is witnessing the gospel to people to this day.Please remember us in your prayer. If you want to know m more of my ministry please kindly visit on our church site Because of lost souls around, Bro.Thaung and family