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  1. Maybe not...I can't say for sure. I read it as something that I (in my messed up sense of humor) could have said if I were trying to be humorous. I'll bow out now.
  2. I think he was just being humorous. :)
  3. It will definitely be prayed for.
  4. Oh yeah? Well I can one-up you on that...we also have two carbon monoxide detectors. Take that!
  5. ...more like a ninja!
  6. As TheSword has said...all that is said is that he was 8 when he began to reign, and he was 18 when he began to reign. It then gives the length(s) of time that he reigned in Jerusalem. Two sets of information. 1. His age(s) 2. How long he reigned in Jerusalem. If he was 8 when he became co-regent...or...if some other process chose him at that age as the future king, he was seen as reigning. I personally view it as somewhat similar to David. He was annointed king long before he actually held the position. I'm not saying that I'm right in that, but it is me.
  7. Well that's not surprising...
  8. I'm not a fan of Bible Hub, but it seems to be the easiest to use. Go to the link below. Click a book of the Bible that you want to read. Hover your mouse pointer over a word(s) to see the Strong's definition (not really sure if it's Strong's or not...sorry).
  9. I don't think anyone here believes that man has any part in obtaining salvation. I have two questions... Will you please clarify your position regarding whether you are a Calvinist, Reformed, Doctrine of Grace follower, etc., or are you not? When you speak of God's sovereignty, do you therefore believe that God controls everything?
  10. I agree with your "whole book" reference. Thank you for the kind exchange. I need to attend to other I despise pecking out one letter at a time on my phone...
  11. I think that I agree to an extent (verse 18 appears to start a new line of thought); however, if 18 doesn't start a new line of thought, verse 17 lends even more credence and cements the fact... No one (including ourselves) can pluck us from his hand. Yet, if one willingly walks away, they certainly weren't "plucked", yet 1 John is clear that if one walks away, they weren't truly my understanding. As to verse 17...what is the will of God? I'm not asking you to answer...just giving food for thought. :)
  12. Hence my inclusion of the verses from 1 John.
  13. Perhaps I'm too simple-minded in my understanding, reading, and study... If the Lord Jesus Christ said that no man can pluck us from his (or the Father's hand), then "no man" would include ourselves (John 10:25-30). That, together with the fact that if someone "goes out from us", it is proof that "they were not of us". If someone leaves the faith, they were never truly in the faith (1 John 2:19).
  14. Why do people entrust their money to someone called a broker?
  15. Very good, convicting, and...funny point! Certainly, a truly GOOD man would complete the task. However, when the rubber meets the road, one can't dig half a hole...a hole is a hole no matter the depth. Tee hee...