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  1. The Lord has continued sending rain for the last few days! I'm looking forward to seeing how it has affected the river when I get the opportunity.
  2. It's based on Lubuntu which is an official Ubuntu derivative. Lubuntu is designed for older computers but also runs great on newer computers. I used Lubuntu in the past and really liked it. It appears that Xtra-PC has done some modifications to make it easy for someone (like yourself) to use it right away. Since you don't have experience with Linux, this might be a good and easy way for you to get a Linux system up and running. A user can make a portable Linux OS like this, but this just makes it easy for people. If you don't mind spending the money, then it might be a good deal for you.
  3. I'm sure it works; however, if you (or someone you know) are familiar with installing Linux, you can easily make your own much cheaper. Most Linux operating systems are free, so they're making quite a profit...depending on the cost of the USB they're using. However, I guess $25 isn't outrageous. A really good quality USB costs more than that. In looking at the four USBs they offer, the $79 one looks like the Sandisk USB 3.0 stick that I use for my portable operating system. I carry it with me all the time.
  4. I have Duolingo on my phone...but I haven't done the lessons in about 6 months. It was easy and fun to learn...I can't remember how far I got before I stopped, but I'd gone through quite a few of the lessons. Unfortunately, I haven't retained what I learned...
  5. I guess my mind was wandering in the same place as yours, because that's the reason that I "liked" your post...and wanted to "like" it twice. I haven't even read the article...
  6. Here's the picture I took today. The river is still pretty shallow, and you can see the exposed banks of the river. It's definitely in better shape but not anywhere near full-flow. Still very thankful for the Lord's blessings in giving us what rain we received. : )
  7. I guess I don't need to go tomorrow...and apparently I was wrong about the rain having a "filling" effect on the river! This was posted by the Water Plant Superintendent of our local water system earlier this evening! If you look at the picture, immediately above the dam, there was basically nothing but a small one-foot wide trickle before the rains came (at best). They would have to wait about 8 to 10 hours for enough water to build up before they could withdraw water from the river. Even then, once they were able to withdraw, they could only do so for about 4 - 6 hours. The picture doesn't do it justice, because it doesn't show the full width of the river. If you can, imagine what is above the dam as being roughly about three times the width of what's shown. The "intake" for the water plant is located about 50 yards above the dam. According to this picture, the river appears to be full again...or close to it! PRAISE THE LORD! I think I'll still go check it out tomorrow and post a picture though. ; ) Things are looking good right now! However, please continue to pray for us...PLEASE! I'm trusting the Lord that this isn't just a temporary blessing! : ) I absolutely love the Lord! He's incredibly amazing, gracious, kind, and giving. When things look bleak, he's always there to comfort and console. He's my Lord, and I love him! The caption from the picture read... First time the river has flowed over the dam at the water plant since July 20th.
  8. I'll go take a look at it tomorrow. The picture I posted was from the internet, so...unfortunately, I won't be able to give a "before and after" of the same picture. Though we've received about 2 1/2 to 3 inches of rain over the last few days, I'm not sure if it will make a difference in the river yet...but we'll see! The place where I will go will be much wider than the previous picture; however, the water flowing through that section looked very similar to the picture. The last time I looked, the widest part of the section (that I'll go to) looked to be about 2 feet wide and ran that width for about 10 feet in length...with most of it looking like the previous picture. I'll take a picture and post it tomorrow...Lord willing. We're still getting rain, so the Lord continues to bless! We actually had tornadoes in a few places today too...but none in my immediate area.
  9. Hard to tell in the picture, but we're getting more heavy rain today! Heavy rain and wind. Never thought I'd take a picture of rain. : )
  10. I'd "Like" that twice if I could Bro. Jim!
  11. I didn't take it that way at all. I'm grateful for what you posted. : )
  12. I certainly appreciate the videos! Thank you! I guess my sense of humor (or lack thereof) extended even to my guitar playing. On certain occasions (if a guitar was available) when folks would say that they heard that I could play and would ask me if I would play something...I couldn't help it. I would start off picking (one string and one note at a time) the "Jack in the Box" tune, and I would purposely mess it up on the "POP goes the weasel" part. I'd try it again...mess it up...and try it a third time. It was hilarious (to me) to see their faces and think what they were thinking to themselves. LOLOL! Then I'd say something like...Ahhh...forget it! I'd throw the pick down and start playing classical guitar. LOLOLOLOL! Guitar players "might" appreciate that. All of this is making me want to play again.
  13. Drove home from work tonight in a torrential downpour! First rain since late August/early September! Thank you Lord! Thank you for the rain and for letting me make it home safely! ...and thank you to all who have prayed! Please continue... : )
  14. Thank you for squaring this away HC. After further investigation, I've found that this is indeed a "private" thing rather than something issued by the states involved. I'm sorry for giving erroneous information. : (
  15. The Debian Live Build Manual.