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  1. If anyone is interested, and perhaps you've heard of Westcott and Hort...but you don't really know much about them or the controversy surrounding them...this film might interest you. If you don't understand the problems with the Bible version issue...this film might interest you. Even if you do know about Westcott and Hort and the Bible version issue...this film might interest you.
  2. Offline King James Bible Search - July Update

    Great additions Clayton! I really appreciate the additional font choices (using Roboto Slab). The "copy to clipboard" feature is extremely helpful too. The ability to retain the state...that's just absolutely fantastic! :) Your work is greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  3. Software Upgraded

    Sorry for "hating" your post...wanted to use that "Hate" button just once.
  4. The Biblical Tithe: Cash or Crops?

    SFIC has a new book available for anyone interested. The Biblical Tithe: Cash or Crops? https://www.createspace.com/7342426
  5. Last one to post in this thread wins

    I tried my best to match the words with the sounds the cats were making. I was torn between that video and a video of two koala bears fighting. Just for fun though, I might still make one with the koalas...
  6. Last one to post in this thread wins

    Okay...this has taken longer than I thought it would. Trying to time everything perfectly, and it's still not perfect. LOL! Without further ado, here's the Online Baptist Epic Heretic Battle. White = DaveW (and white words = DaveW's words) Black and White = No Nicolaitans (and black and white words = No Nicolaitans' words)
  7. Prayers for someone's salvation

    Samuel, Hello, and welcome. I'm sorry to hear of your troubles and struggles. I see that you said that you want to have faith, but reading scripture doesn't help... The word of God is exactly where faith comes from. (Romans 10:17) So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. There is no magic formula to having faith. When we read God's word (or hear it), the Holy Spirit will work in our heart, mind, and soul to confirm the truth of God's word... I can only guess that you're like many others; in that, when you read scripture, perhaps it doesn't make sense, so you stop reading it? That's what so often happens. There are spiritual reasons for that, but I won't go into that now. If you want faith...true faith...then you will only get it through God's word. What I would suggest is for you to read the Gospel of John. Don't hurry through it. Just read a chapter a day if you're comfortable with that. However, as you are reading it, pause periodically, and think about what you've read. Then think about it again throughout the day. Then, after you've done that, do the same with the book of Romans.
  8. An Eternity At Dire Risk

    Thank you for all that you did for Dorothy. This account has held a special place in my heart, and I'll continue praying for her family. May the Lord bless you.
  9. Last one to post in this thread wins

    I'm working on a final post for our heretic battle...stay tuned, but don't hold your breath. It'll be a few days yet...
  10. Creating a module for theWord Bible software

    'Bout 1/4 of the way through the A's... Don't worry, I won't keep updating...
  11. Offline King James Bible Search Update

    Not sure how I missed that! I'm trying to delete that video in order to make another one with the correct way to return. Not sure if the deletion is working though... Edited to add: By the way, I'm not doing this video to try and make it some type of official video for your work...I'm just doing it to help get the word out. :)
  12. Offline King James Bible Search Update

    Ah...very good! Thank you.
  13. Offline King James Bible Search Update

    Indeed I will spread the word. Also, I've made a short video showing it in action (I hope that's okay with you). Hopefully others will find the video and link others to it. :) https://archive.org/details/offlinekjv_00000#
  14. Last one to post in this thread wins

    Friend, you win on that comment alone! Ah, but then, when I ponder this all again. Of all the women and men, which have so cunningly been, brought to light for their various sin... The icing on the cake was Ben. AKA, Snake Oil Salesman Hinn. And for that my friend, You most certainly win. ...and I never got the chance to counter with a Macarthur...
  15. Last one to post in this thread wins

    Big guns? Pssssh... Is that all you've got? Take THIS!