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  1. When I was a young preacher, I preached a sermon on this text; during which, I referred to it as a parable. At the time, I was young and green...I thought a parable was simply a story in the Bible; in other words, I thought it was a fancy word for something that happened. I certainly believed it to be a true account, but in my lack of knowledge, I called it a parable...I didn't know the difference. After I finished the sermon, my pastor stood up and quickly set the record straight...that it wasn't a parable; it was a true account. Lessons I learned from that... 1. What a parable is. 2. Preachers aren't infallible; they make mistakes for "whatever reason". 3. Preachers need training before setting them loose...
  2. In this case, the title of the article says enough for me...
  3. What rhymes with orange? No it doesn't.
  4. Hello, and welcome! I'm your neighbor in Georgia!
  5. Looks like I won!
  6. I used to attend a Missionary Baptist Church. Like any independent church, a Missionary Baptist church will more than likely do things their own Missionary Baptist Church may be doctrinally off in some areas, but another one may be doctrinally sound. It depends on the leadership. The one I attended was basically deacon led, but above that, there was one particular family who had way too much control. Oliver B. Greene was a Missionary Baptist.
  7. I have to was quite impressive and puts my pitiful Supracalvinizationoftermisms to shame...
  8. Okay...I'm pulling out the big guns. I'm going to Calvinize it... Take this! Suprasneakyism! If that doesn't win me this game, nothin' will!
  9. FOILED AGAIN! I've tried to sneak in and be sneaky, but my sneakiness proved to be found wanting...I've put forth my best sneakish effort and given my best sneakishness, but even my best veiled and sneakiest post proved to be of no avail. Rigged, I say. This game is rigged... Give it up're playing with the big-boys now. Excuses have no part in such grave matters...
  10. I won't be denied!!!
  11. Enjoy it while you can, because I'm in the lead now sister! Mwu ha ha... MWU HA HA! MWU HA HAAAAA!!!!!
  12. Ah...typing in tongues 'eh?
  13. Now see...a few posts back I tried to sneak one in by not posting anything. I tried to be sneaky, so I quoted Pastor Markle without actually quoting him. I then proceeded not to post anything below his non-existent quote. So there was a non-existent quote with a non-existent post that actually existed despite not existing. Didn't work... This game is rigged...