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  1. Offline King James Bible Search - July Update

    The offline-kjv works within your web browser. However, it's fully functional whether your computer is connected to the internet or not. The suggested browsers to use are Firefox or Chrome. Just click the link that he gave in his opening post, and it will open the offline-kjv in your browser. Then just bookmark it so that it will always be easily available. If you use Chrome, you can also make a "site specific" window of any website. That will make it open in its own window and appear as a native application on your computer...with it's own entry in the menu and desktop shortcut. :)

    Why did you feel it was needful for you to inform this forum that you're not gay? How old are you? If I came to your house and immediately proclaimed that you were a sinner, and you needed to be saved, and unless you accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior, you were going to spend eternity in everlasting torment and fire...without giving you the opportunity to express your opinion...and basically telling you that whatever you believe about salvation, sinners, and the Lord Jesus Christ didn't matter, because I didn't agree with your point of view...would you appreciate that? Your text language doesn't surprise me, shock me, or offend me. I expect nothing less. What does bother me is that while you expect others to be open-minded, you aren't willing to afford that to others. Here's some text language for you to ponder... YAL, AIYDAJCAS, YD.

    Stop using short initialized text language that infers certain foul words. Those are my words.

    You know what I mean.

    If you want to have the opportunity to discuss something here, you need to stop using foul "text-language". You may not understand or agree with it, but I'm actually trying to help you.

    Once again. Nice language inferences. If you want to make any in-roads, you need to clean up your language. You're not proving anything with what you're doing...other than proving you want to stir up trouble.
  7. Way of Life:Friday Church News Notes

    As an ex-Coastie, I'm flabbergasted by this. I won't go into details, but let's just say there isn't much "privacy" when taking care of normal everyday personal hygiene...unless things have drastically changed since I served in the mid 80s.
  8. Faithful Baptist college

    Friend, I don't know where you stand on the issue of "Baptist Briderism", but I can tell you are excited about the opportunity that the college offers. Don't let anything that has transpired here squelch your enthusiasm for deeper study. My "acquaintance" was well grounded in God's word; therefore, he could separate the good from the bad as far as the courses' contents (which I don't personally recommend). I can certainly understand the draw of a free College; however, there is no Bible college (that I'm aware of) that I agree with 100%. Would I recommend Faithful Baptist College? No. I have a degree from a similar institution (it wasn't free, but it was affordable); in that, it was distance learning. I didn't agree with everything I learned there either. What I learned was this...I didn't learn anything that I didn't already know from my own personal study...except for the things I didn't agree with. Be careful and be wise in your exploration of things like this, but don't let any "bad news" curb your enthusiasm for learning. Nothing...and I repeat...NOTHING...can take the place of personal Bible study with the Holy Spirit's direction. While today's churches may want a pastor (or staff member) who has a degree, that's just the world's influence on the church in my opinion. I'm not ashamed to admit that I got my degree because I felt it was needed in today's "church society". Too many churches have succumbed to worldly influences in demanding such things as this. I don't think the apostles had a college degree , but they had something better...personal teaching from God himself. We have the same opportunity today through the Holy Spirit. I have a degree, but it's inside of the same envelope that I received it in years ago. If you want to pursue a degree, then I think that's admirable...just don't let getting a degree be your end-goal. My beliefs are what I've learned from my own personal study...not from what my college studies taught me. Your end-goal should be to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ, and that is best done through the teaching of the Holy Spirit. Others may disagree with my stance on this, so take what I've said as such. This is my own personal input based on years of my own personal experience. Your experience (and other's) may differ. I just gave this as food for thought. May the Lord bless you as you seek to serve him.
  9. Faithful Baptist college

    To make a long story short, the pastor eventually told me that he was. I also was told by an acquaintance (who graduated from the college and was pursuing his Master's there) that they were Briders. My acquaintance wasn't a Brider, but he enjoyed the classes. Based upon my own personal knowledge and interaction with the pastor, I will retract my previous statement of "They are Briders", and I'll amend it as... The pastor is a Brider.
  10. New Phone

    You also might look into Tracfone. Some people like it, some people hate it, but I personally love it. :) I've been using tracfone for several years now with no problems. Costs me $20 every 3 months, but that's because I don't use my phone much, and 99% of my internet use on it is done on a network rather than using cell towers.
  11. Faithful Baptist college

    They are Briders. Edited to add: I haven't taken their courses, so I can't speak as to whether the courses reflect Briderism.
  12. Hey truck drivers...

    My route to (and from) work takes me through an interstate exit...and you know what's on interstate exits...we have a truck stop and four convenience stores/gas stations (all big enough to handle trucks). It's almost a given that one is going to pull out in traffic every time...but they seem to always target me. I'm a bit understanding of it during the hours when there's more traffic coming through, but at night...when I'm the only car coming through...and it can plainly be seen that there's no car behind me? Happens all the time. Is it really going to mess their log book up to wait a few seconds to let me pass by first? I respect truck drivers for the job they do, but I don't respect how they do the job at times. Easiest way to fix it is for me to take a different route...it's a little further in mileage, but at least I won't be bamboozled by the truckers...who apparently have all conspired together... Breaker 1/9, Breaker 1/9, come back. khhk. Go ahead. khhk. Hey. khhk. Just for future reference, if you're ever leaving the truck stop or one of the gas stations on exit 5, make sure to pull out in front of that guy driving a tan 1998 Ford Escort ZX2. khhk. You'll know him at night, because he's the only guy coming through. khhk. And his right headlight is dimmer than the left headlight. khhk. 10-4! khhk.
  13. Hey truck drivers...

    Whether you believe it or not, you don't own the road. I'm tired of having to slam my brakes on because you see 10 feet of empty space in front of me; in which, you can pull out. You're lucky I'm a Christian and not single...I'd plow into you just to teach you a lesson...I'm tired of it. And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise. You might wanna do that in relation to others instead of others applying it to you. Sorry folks, but my flesh has reared its ugly head.
  14. Sorry friend, but no scriptural references will suffice without further clarification. Has the person asked for God's forgiveness? Has he repented? Is he now married to the mother of the child? Is this only referring to preaching as a layman, or are you referring to pastoring a church? I'm not attacking you...just need more information in regard to the situation. :)